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        FoREST                                                                                                    43rd Street
         HILL                                                                                                   Festival Photos
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                                    THE FOREST HILL          NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER

Hopes for House
Tour Still High;                     5K Event Slated for Valentine’s Day
                                     By Zac and Katie Sheldon          3rd Precinct, Sector 312, who      (Woodland Heights, Westover
Homes Sought                         Event Coordinators                serve to protect our neighbor-     Hills, Stratford Hills, Jahnke,
for 2009 Lineup                         The inaugural I “Heart Tree
                                     5K” will take place on Valen-
                                                                       hood and surrounding areas         Midlothian, and more).
                                                                                                              The cost to participate in
    Many people enjoyed the          tine’s Day (Saturday, February                                       the 5K is $15, which includes
two house tours sponsored by         14, 2009) at 9:00 am. This                                           a long-sleeve t-shirt.
the Forest Hill Neighborhood         event will be a community                                                To make this event a suc-
Association in the past. On the      walk/run race through the                                            cess, we hope you will partici-
first one, residents of 14 hous-     Forest Hill Neighborhood.                                            pate by racing or volunteering.
es opened their homes on a           Proceeds will benefit our                                            If you would like to help or-
beautiful day in the spring.         neighborhood association and                                         ganize this event or volunteer
Attendance was high and the          a portion of the proceeds will                                       on race day (organizers and
association profited, and was        be donated to an employee                                            volunteers will receive a free
able to contribute to projects       appreciation fund for the                                            race t-shirt), please email
to improve the community.            Richmond Police Department,                                
The second one was a lot of
fun, included seven houses,
and was not quite as prof-           Patrick Henry Initiative Ratified:
itable. However, attendees
agreed it was a great event.
    Plans for another house
                                     Charter School is Now Reality
tour have hit a few road-               The Patrick Henry charter      interest from Richmond par-        the weekly meetings (every
blocks. First of all, the commit-    school is now official. The       ents has been extraordinary.       Tuesday at 8:00PM at the
tee chairs were transferred to       Richmond Public Schools               PHSSA held a Volunteer         Berryman Center, 400 W.
South Africa by their company.       Board (RPS) and the Patrick       Rally at the school on Novem-      32nd Street).
Even though there are strong         Henry School of Science and       ber 8th. It was a huge success        The committees range from
committee members, no one            Arts, LLC (PHSSA) signed a        thanks to more than 120 peo-       facilities, to curriculum, to
has stepped forward to take          contract in October 2008          ple who were in attendance.        grant writing. During the next
over the chairmanship.               paving the way for the first      Attendees participated in a        two months, PHSSA is in par-
    Secondly, of the 700             charter school in the city (and   question and answer period,        ticular need of donations as
households in Forest Hill, only      only the fifth in the Com-        had drinks and sandwiches          the school must fund the prin-
six volunteered their homes          monwealth)! So now the real       graciously donated by Cross-       cipal’s salary and fringe during
for a tour. Dave Broocke, who        work begins with the goal of      roads Coffee and Ice Cream,        the first six months of opera-
serves on the committee, said,       getting the school ready for      WaWa, and Sheetz, then sat         tion. That and many start-up
“We really need a strong             students by July 2009.            down to fill more than 20          costs to get the school ready
showing of houses to make               Because such a long period     committees working to open         define the urgent need for
the tour successful and ensure       elapsed during the contract       the school.                        donations.
that subsequent tours are            development phase, RPS in-            If you want to help the           The PHSSA Board of Di-
attended”.                           cluded in the contract an op-     effort, visit the school website   rectors suggests to all that it
    Dave and Amy Broocke             portunity to delay the opening and        will be great to tell your grand
opened their home for the last       for one year if insufficient      click the Get Involved tab. The    children that YOU helped start
house tour. Amy said, “It was        progress is made in prepara-      school needs volunteers,           Richmond’s first charter
very festive and fun. It made        tion or fund raising. But         donations (corporate and indi-     school! Please consider donat-
us take care of projects we          PHSSA has high hopes and          vidual), and participation at      ing and volunteering.
had put off for a long time.”
    To help get the house tour
going again, please contact              Forest Hill Neighborhood Association Holiday Meeting/Social
Grace LeRose at 804-332-                     Wednesday, December 10, 7:00-900 pm at the Stone House
Grace Notes                                                               enjoyed by all. Look for some exciting new bands to entertain
                                                                          us next year! Thanks to our Corporate sponsors who helped us
Association Recap: Notable                                                purchase additional stages for the musicians: Chick-fil-A,
                                                                          Dominion Heating and Air Conditioning, O’Tooles, Cielito Lindo
Achievements Highlight 2008                                               and to our friends at Riverside Outfitters for bringing us the
                                                                          climbing gear. Thanks also to Crestwood Presbyterian church for
               by Grace LeRose, FHNA President                            the fun children’s activities.
   I can’t help it – this time of year is always bittersweet for me.         I hope you all will join us as we celebrate our year and enjoy
The garden heaves its last breath before going dormant, but I             a cup of cheer and a cookie at the Stone House in Forest Hill
love when the berries on the holly turn red. The hummingbirds             Park on December 10th at 7:00 pm for our Holiday Meeting.
go south, but the hawk and owl in Forest Hill Park are still              Come out to say hello to your neighbors or meet a new friend.
around. I get to pull out my favorite beat-up sweatshirt, but I           We have much to celebrate!
can’t swim in the river anymore. It has taken me more years
than I care to say to learn that the sweet in life would not be as
sweet without some bitter. So I believe that next year I will see
my favorite flowers again, marvel at the hummingbirds and dip
my toes in the James.
                                                                                                           Forest Hill’s
   I have a lot to be grateful for this season. Is it just me or has
the foliage been particularly spectacular this year? The oranges                                           Leading
of the maples seem to be brighter and the yellows of the gink-
gos are stunning. Maybe it was because the weather played                                                Real Estate
along and it was warm for so much of the fall and we could be
outside to enjoy the show. Maybe it was that for the first time                                           Company
in my life I planted grass seed and it actually came up!
   The Association has had another successful year – we have
almost doubled membership. This is due to the hard work of                      Phone                  DAN HUNT            CRS, GRI
                                                                             232-6356x701                      Principal Broker

                                                                                  Forest Hill Terrace resident for more than 10 years!

Association members at the South of the James Market. From left, Grace
                                                                              G           A        L       L       E       R        Y
LeRose, Bernard Casey, Susan Winiecki and Roger Clark.                       1412 W. 43RD ST. • RICHMOND, VA 23225 • 233-1758
many people who worked the Association table at the Farmer’s
Market and the 43rd St. Festival and Music in the Park and who                           Shop your local gallery
planned the events we all enjoyed throughout the summer and                            for all your holiday needs.
fall. We almost tripled the number of participants at the June
yard sale and participated and helped sponsor the Good                       Fun, Functional & Affordable Gifts
Shepherd Fall Festival.
    We had a fantastic Mayoral Candidates Forum in October in
conjunction with our neighborhood associations to the East and
West. For those of you unable to attend it was standing room
only! The candidates answered thoughtful questions posed by
the audience and I was awed by the attendance. The night
spoke volumes about the people who live in the 4th district and
their concern for their city and their neighbors. I was proud to
be a part of it. We hope it puts the concerns of our neighbor-
hoods on the map for the folks in City Hall!
    We have some great events planned for next year – including
an “I Heart Forest Hill 5 K” on February 14th. The route goes                      HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE
through our neighborhood (river views are promised) and begins                       Extended Hours in December
and ends in Forest Hill Park. Check out this newsletter for an                    Mon-Fri, 10-6 • Sat, 10-5 • Sun, 12-4
article on how to participate or just come out and cheer on the
                                                                                      “ADOPT A POT” Annual Seconds Sale
    We also plan to keep the Music in the Park series to six con-                        begins Friday, November 28th
certs. The May and October concerts were well attended and

Page 2                                                              Winter 2008                                             Forest Hill Flyer
          FoREST HILL
                                  Good Shepherd Fall Festival

      Flyer Local Support Appreciated                                                                          People enjoyed food from
       Published by the
                                                                                                           local restaurants, thanks to
          Forest Hill
   Neighborhood Association                                                                                Cielito Lindo, Seven Hills
                                                                                                           Market and Maldinis. Live
   2009 Publication Dates                                                                                  music at lunch was fun for
             April 1                                                                                       residents of all ages.
 Ad/Articles Deadline: 03/13/09                                                                                The children truly appreciat-
             July 1                                                                                        ed the incredible Balloon Artist
 Ad/Articles Deadline: 06/12/09                                                                            and Large Slide sponsored by
         September 1                                                                                       the Forest Hill Neighborhood
 Ad/Articles Deadline: 08/14/09                                                                            Association. Both were ex-
          December 1                                                                                       tremely popular and enjoyed
 Ad/Articles Deadline: 11/13/09                                                                            by the crowd.
                                                                                                               The event was a great suc-
                                  Pumpkin Bowling was a popular challenge at the 2008 Fall Festival.
   We are seeking story ideas                                                                              cess for Good Shepherd
    and article submissions          The students, parents,              and the community surround-       School and we truly appreciate
  for upcoming issues. Please     teachers and administrators of         ing it.                           your presence there and sup-
      send suggestions to         the Good Shepherd Episcopal               Children really enjoyed car-   port for this community event.
           flyereditor@           School cannot thank the                nival games such as “find the     All at Good Shepherd School      Forest Hill Neighborhood               turkey in the straw,” “pump-      benefit from the wonderful
                                  Association enough for their           kin bowling” and more tradi-      surrounding community and
  For Ad Sales please contact     collaboration and support. It          tional games like cup cake        park and appreciate all it has
          Phil Licking            was a cold day, but fun event!         walk, basketball shoot, bal-      to offer. We hope Forest Hill          The event was a terrific mix        loon pop, ring toss and knock     residents enjoyed their time at
                                  of Good Shepherd families              the cans.                         the festival as well!

Forest Hill Flyer                                               Winter 2008                                                         Page 3
Forest Hill
to Perform
December 11
    FHASE, otherwise known as
the “Forest Hill Adult String
Ensemble”, just celebrated its
one year anniversary. Not only
does the ensemble meet in
the neighborhood, but also
consists of some of your
neighbors and friends!
    FHASE was started in the
fall of 2007 after Diana Cole
and Suzanne Maerz (both of
the Jan Hampton violin shop)
took the opportunity to “sit-
in” and play with the Short
Pump Sinfonette – a com-
bined elementary/middle
school ensemble directed by
William Raposo and Chris
                                 Photo Brent Tennefoss

Novelli. It was after this re-
hearsal that Diana and Suz-
anne thought there should be
an opportunity for beginning
          continued on Page 12

Page 4                                                   Winter 2008   Forest Hill Flyer
Forest Hill Flyer   Winter 2008   Page 5
                                                                              Who's your human? Keith and Michele MacPhee are my main
                                                                              squeezes, but I love my human sister Annie and brother Daniel
                                                                              very much too.
                                                                              Where and when did you get adopted? I came from Laurel
                                                                              Ridge Goldendoodles in Blacksburg, VA.
                                                                              What's your heritage? I am half Golden Retriever and half
                                                                              Standard Poodle. My parents were both little (40 lbs each) but I
                                                                              grew a little more than my human friends thought I would.
                                                                              What's your favorite toy? I have a stuffed armadillo named
                                                                              "Baby" with shredded ears and tail that I love to squeak, chase
                                                                              Michele and poke her in the behind with it. Outside, I love for
                                                                              Keith to throw the football with me.
                                                                              What's your best trick? If you hide a treat in your hand and
                                                                              let me try to pick which one it is in, I will guess right 50% of
                                                                              the time! If I get 2 guesses, I'll be right 100% of the time.
                                                                              What are your best traits? I am super friendly and I love to
                                                                              play chase with my doggy friends in the neighborhood, Dolly,
                                                                              Ranger, Rasta, Mr. Snoots, Prudie, Lucy, Sonny, Sage, and Darcy
                                                                              to name a few. I love children and I don't jump on them (adults,
                                                                              sometimes I do).
                                                                              What else do you have to say about yourself? I love to go
                                                                              on walks in the neighborhood and in Forest Hill Park. I love
                                                                              going to the Market also because there's nothing better than
                                                                              being around friends, human and canine.
                                                                              To nominate a candidate for the Celebrity Pooch profile please
                                                      Photo Brent Tennefoss   contact Martha Cooper by email:
The Flyer Profile:

Celebrity Pooch                                                                     Sacred Heart
What's your name and age? My name is Django (the 'D' is
silent) Reinhardt MacPhee. I'm named after the famous jazz gui-
                                                                                      Catholic Church
tarist, not Jango Fett the Star Wars villain. I will be 2 years old in
                                                                                     A Catholic Environment
                                                                                        South of the James
                          Westover Hills                                                         1401 Perry Street
                          Library News                                                         Richmond, VA 23225
                                 By Laura Dysart                                              Phone (804) 232-8964
                                                                                 Located in the Bainbridge area between Cowardin Ave and
    Please welcome the new Westover Hills Library children’s                     Commerce Rd on Perry Street 2 blocks east of Semmes Ave
librarian, Carol Tucker! Come back to story time at the Westover
Hills Library!
    Toddler Story Time (18 months to 36 months): Tuesdays at                                     Masses in English
11:00 a.m.                                                                           Satuday 5:30 PM and Sunday 9:00 AM
    Book Babies (up to 17 months): Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.
    Preschool Story Time (ages 3-5): Thursdays at 11:00 a.m.                      Masses in English/Misas en Español
    Westover Hills Library Annual Children’s Winter Fest will take                 Sunday 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM
place on Saturday, January 17th from 10:00 a.m. to noon.                           Domingo 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM y 5:00 PM
Come out of the cold for crafts and entertainment!
    Please stop by the library for a monthly “Check It Out
Brochure” to get the latest information on programming for                          Visitors and those looking for a warm,
that month including Wednesday Movie Nights at the Library.
The Westover Hills Library Advisory Group has purchased a new                        friendly congregation are welcomed!
movie projector and screen for better quality movie viewing.

Page 6                                                             Winter 2008                                                   Forest Hill Flyer
                             Car insurance with
                    PERSONAL SERVICE.
                                No extra charge.
                    At State Farm® you get a competitive rate and an agent
                    dedicated to helping you get the coverage that’s right for you
                    and the discounts you deserve. Nobody takes care of you like
                    State Farm. Contact me. I’ll prove it.

                    Chris Bushong, Agent
                    6970 Forest Hill Avenue
                    Richmond, VA 23225
                    Bus: 804-323-1127

Forest Hill Flyer                             Winter 2008                            Page 7
Meet Your Neighbor                                                                                           20 years. One of the most
                                                                                                             unusual things he does is play
Barnett is                                                                                                   with The Richmond Indigen-
                                                                                                             ous Gourd Orchestra. He not

Drawn to                                                                                                     only plays, but he and the
                                                                                                             other musicians make all the
                                                                                                             instruments out of gourds.
Community                                                                                                    Pippin says it is the only band
                                                                                                             they know of in the world
Aspect of                                                                                                    that plays music with "gourd
                                                                                                             instruments" exclusively.
Forest Hill                                                                                                     Pippin has no favorite type
                                                                                                             of music. “If the musicians
By Martha Cooper                                                                                             have their hearts in it and love
FLYER Editor                                                                                                 what they do, the music is
    The Happy Lucky Combo,                                                                                   usually worth listening to,” he
which plays in different venues     Pippin Barnett at his regular Wednesday night gig at O’Tooles.           commented.
around town, has Forest Hill                                                                                    Music is becoming a family
resident Pippin Barnett as its      Nickel Bridge.                          Barry Bless. It was through      tradition with son Miles study-
percussionist. “Pippin” is a           In addition to his various           Barry that he became involved    ing piano and violin.
nickname he acquired in high        musical engagements, Pippin             in music in Richmond.               You can see Pippin perform
school because his classmates       works as an independent con-               The two of them opened        at O’Tooles at 4800 Forest Hill
thought he was like the Tol-        tractor renovating homes and            up the Main Street Grill for     Ave. with the Happy Lucky
kien character.                     commercial properties, cabinet          evening performances and         Combo on Wednesday nights
    Pippin, his wife Kerry Mills,   making, and other types of              comedy nights and have been      from 8:00-10:30 pm.
and son, Miles, have lived on       woodworking.                            musically involved ever since.      If you want to suggest
West 46th Street for five              Pippin grew up in Nutley,               Pippin also plays with the    someone for this column
years. Pippin says he likes the     N.J., and in Tokyo, Japan,              Ululating Mummies, a band        please contact: martha_coop-
sense of community in Forest        where he took up drums at               that has been around for over
Hill – seeing people on their       the age of 12. Since then has
porches, walking their dogs,        traveled all over the U.S. and
and just meeting your neigh-
bors on a regular basis.
                                    parts of Europe, playing in
                                    numerous bands. In the 80s
                                                                                      Grand Opening
    He also likes crossing the
river everyday. He said it is a
good indicator of the climate,
                                    and 90s he played with the
                                    Orthotonics, Curlew, Nimal (a
                                    Swiss group) and many others.
and makes for a scenic ride,           When he moved to Rich-
especially since he goes across     mond from Detroit in 1973,
the parks at each side of the       the first person he met was

Grace LeRose
president,, 230-9205
Susan Winiecki
vice president, or 232-2847
Roger Clark
                                                                                               & ACCESSORIES
treasurer, 232-6898
Vicky Hamrick                                                                                   Chinese Laundry®
secretary/membership chair
Janet Bowers
                                                                                                 Marc Chantal®
board, social committee, 200-1922                                                                Mad by Design®
Dave Broocke                                                                                            and more!
board, social & house tour committees
Bernard Casey
board, social committee,                                        Come by and welcome us to forest hill!
Rob Jones                                                                            The Richmond Bag Company
board, park improvement,
                                                                                      Forest Hill Avenue & Hathaway Road
Phil Licking                                                                            Stratford Hills Shopping Center
board, webmaster,
Kathyrn Skudlarek                                                                                    (804) 272-0277
board, friends of forest hill park liaison,                 
Brent Tennefoss
board, newsletter co-editor,                                            2801 HATHAWAY ROAD, SUITE A

Page 8                                                            Winter 2008                                                Forest Hill Flyer
               We offer a variety of party trays and boxed lunches
                for pick-up or delivery — the perfect addition
                  to any holiday party at home or the ofÀce.

                                  Visit our location at
                                  7125 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond,VA 23225
                                  Call us at
                                  Order online at

                                                      Store Hours
                              Monday-Saturday 6:30am-10pm, Closed Sunday
                                 *Delivery only available for orders totaling $150 or more

Forest Hill Flyer                      Winter 2008                                           Page 9
                                                                               Local Chick-fil-A On Mission to Foster
                                                                               Relationships within the Community
                                                                               By Sandy Thurston                    tions.” Tricia and her husband
                                                                               Chick-fil-A Marketing Dir.           moved to Richmond and
                                                                                  One of Forest Hill’s favorite     opened the Stratford Hills
                                                                               restaurants, Chick-fil-A, has a      store.
                                                                               long history of community                Tricia loves having the abili-
                                                                               involvement. These connec-           ty to partner with the schools,
                                                                               tions include sponsoring sport-      churches and not-for-profits in
                                                                               ing events, scholarships and         the community by offering
                                                                               neighborhood events. The             food donations, coupons,
                                                                               Chick-fil-A was a sponsor of         fund-raisers and family orient-
                                                                               this years popular concert           ed events at her store.
                                                                               series Music in the Park.                Tricia employs many stu-
A Few Faces at the 43rd Street Festival                                           Tricia Fox, owner and oper-       dents at her store. “It gives
The festival celebrated its 17th anniversary and drew the usual enthusiastic
crowds on Saturday, September 13, 2008. Photos: Brent Tennefoss                ator of Stratford Hills Chick-fil-   me an opportunity to be a
                                                                               A, had no plans to make a life       mentor to the youth working
                                                                               altering career change six           for us.” Chick-fil-A offers
                                                                               years ago. “I became interest-       scholarship programs; the abil-
                                                                               ed in Chick-fil-A because my         ity to have Wednesday
                                                                               Uncle Jeff owns one in At-           evenings off to attend church
                                                                               lanta” Fox said. After working       and are closed on Sundays.
                                                                               at her uncle’s store she was         “Partnering with Chick-fil-A
                                                                               assigned a store in Ohio.            has been extremely reward-
                                                                                  “My husband Carl and I            ing.” Fox said
                                                                               both have family in North                Stop in at Chick-fil-A and
                                                                               Carolina and we wanted to be         enjoy their many fine offerings
                                                                               closer to them. We wanted            and support one of the fine
                                                                               our daughter Madeline to             eating establishments in the
                                                                               have those family connec-            neighborhood!

             Renovation Loans
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             tomorrow’s value.                                                               The Nation’s #1 Renovation Lender

                                                          New kitchens / baths
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                                                         Additions - Complete                                Attend our monthly
                                                       renovations - You name it                                Home Buyer/
                                                                                                             Renovation Lending
                                                                                                             workshops to learn
                                                                                                              more about how to
                                                                                                             save or improve an
                                                                                                                 old house.

                                                                                                               Information at my
              INTO THIS                                                                                        web site and also at
          “The worse the house,
               the better”

                           The Richard Day Renovation Loan Team
                                            804-285-5680 x1003 /

                                                        EQUAL HOUSING LENDER

Page 10                                                                 Winter 2008                                                  Forest Hill Flyer
                                                                Kathy Graziano, 4th District City Council
             KATHY GRAZIANO
               Keeping Promises for the
                                                                Park is Focus of Activity
                                                                    There are three big events involving our parks that will take
                   Fourth District                              place this fall.
                                     The restoration contract for Forest Hill Lake should be signed
                                                                in early December. Five firms were selected as qualified to bid,
                                                                and invitations issued. Two are local, but one is based in New
                                                                England and reportedly has experience in pond/lake restoration.
                                                                The bids should be awarded early in the month with work to
                                                                begin as early as possible.
                                                                    The restoration will probably be done by suction dredging,
                                                                rather than with mechanical equipment.
                                                                    The floors at the historic Stone House are also scheduled for
                                                                some restorative work. The work will be paid for by the last of
                                                                the Council District grant provided by Council Member Kathy
                                                                Graziano almost four years ago, and has been reviewed by a
                                                                representative of Friends of Forest Hill Park. The current floor is
                                                                almost 75 years old.
                                                                    The long-awaited conservation easement to protect James
                                                                River Park from development is almost complete. The document
                    District Office                             should be presented to City Council and the planning commis-
                                                                sion shortly after the first of the year. The easement, the first of
                6948 Forest Hill Avenue
                                                                its kind in the nation, will keep park property from ever being
                 Richmond, VA 23225                             sold, and will prohibit commercial, industrial or residential devel-
                   320-2454 (office)                            opment in the 440-acre James River Park system. The easement
                                                                is the result of work done and a resolution introduced by
                        Council Member Graziano. The three-year long drafting process
                                                                has involved city staffers from Mrs. Graziano’s office, the
   Paid for and Authorized by Kathy Graziano for City Council   Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities and
                                                                the Department of Public Utilities.

                       The Stone House at Forest Hill Park

                                                                                     Please join us Wednesday, December 10th
                                                                                                   from 7:00-9:00
                                                                                    Hosted by the Forest Hill Neighborhood Association

Forest Hill Flyer                                         Winter 2008                                                             Page 11
                                    vide an opportunity for adult    for more                       Artists contribute 20% of
             Community              beginning string players to               information!                                 their gross sales to the
              Calendar              experience a group environ-                   Please attend our upcom-                 Woodland Heights Community
                                    ment in a low-pressure/fun                ing holiday concert on De-                   Association. There will also be
Phideaux Field Party                atmosphere!                               cember 11 at 7:30pm in the                   an on-going art raffle for
   Dogs and their owners are           Membership in FHASE is                 fellowship hall of the Forest                artist-donated items. Each
invited to a holiday party at       open to any adult string player           Hill Presbyterian Church (locat-             total purchase from a vendor
Phideaux Field, Saturday,           who has been playing a mini-              ed at 44th and Forest Hill                   earns you a free raffle ticket.
December 13th at 11 am. We          mum of 6 months and can                   Ave.) The concert is FREE!
will be serving refreshments.       read music in the first position
Location: the dog park of           of their instruments across all
Forest Hill Presbyterian            four strings.                             Woodland Heights
Church, 4401 Forest Hill Ave.          We require a $20/month
Information: 233-4371.              participation fee. This helps us
                                                                              Art Show to run
                                    cover the cost of rehearsal               Dec. 12 and 13
Westover Hills Library              space and acquiring sheet
   Westover Hills Library           music to play.                                Woodland Heights Artists
Annual Children’s Winter Fest          The group rehearses once a             in Residence Holiday Show will
will take place on Saturday,        week on Thursday evenings at              be held Friday, Dec. 12, and
January 17th from 10:00 a.m.        the Forest Hill Presbyterian              Saturday, Dec. 13, at the
to noon. Come out of the            Church. You are welcome to                Historic Stone House in Forest
cold for crafts and entertain-      observe a rehearsal to see if             Hill Park. The show will fea-
ment!                               the group would be right for              ture such works as photogra-
   Weekly story schedule:           you. Please contact us at                 phy, jewelry, stained glass,                 Music in the Park
   Toddler Story Time (18                                                     fiber art, mobiles, cards, knit-             The next-to-last concert in the sum-
months to 36 months):                                                         ted scarves and handbags,                    mer series featured rock-a-billy band
                                                                                                                           Hamburger James (above) on
Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m.                                                        decorative pieces and many,
   Book Babies (up to 17
                                      Join the Forest Hill                    many other seasonal delights.
                                                                                                                           September 14. The music inspired
                                                                                                                           some spontaneous dancing (below).
months): Thursdays at 10:00          Neighborhood Watch                           On Friday night Dec. 12,                 Photos: Brent Tennefoss

a.m.                                     Volunteer to be a Safety             from 6 to 9 pm, there will be
   Preschool Story Time                 Coordinator for your block.           a special celebration including
(ages 3-5): Thursdays at 11:00                                                live music and refreshments
a.m.                                        Increase your sense               for residents and surrounding
                                                 of security.                 communities. On Saturday,
                                         It’s your neighborhood.              Dec. 13, the show is open to
ENSEMBLE                                                                      the general public from 10:00
continued from Page 4
                                              You deserve it.
                                                                              am to 3:00 pm. From 1:00-
adult string students to partici-
                                             For more information             3:00 pm, there will be chil-
pate in a similar ensemble;
                                           contact Shannon D. Taylor          dren’s crafts, face painting
one which was designed
                                       at        with Fluffy the clown and, of
specifically for adults. Our
                                                  or 231-1789.                course, the man himself,
main goal for FHASE is to pro-                                                Santa Claus.

        Get a Groovy                                             Forest Hill Neighborhood Association
         Decal when                                                      Membership Form
          you join.                             Name(s)



                                                Phone                                        E-mail
                                                                                                 Check here to receive FHNA bulletins by e-mail.
                                                                                                 Check here if you want to volunteer for Neighborhood Watch.
                                                   Household Membership $15*
                                                                                      Pay by Cash or Check (payable to Forest Hill Neighborhood Association)
                                                   Corporate Membership $30*
     ADD A LITTLE PIZAZZ                        *Sign-Up Special: Join now for 2008
                                                                                      Forward to:
                                                                                      Roger Clark, FHNA Treasurer, 4216 Stonewall Avenue, Richmond, VA 23225
    TO YOUR CAR BUMPER.                         and your membership will be extend-
                                                ed until December 2009.                         More information at:

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