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                                                                   ubud community. Many famous artists from Ubud
                                                                   village, because ubud kids had been introduced
                                                                   to traditional art bali of early .

                                                                   One that attracts tourists for visit ubud village is
                                                                   the Ubud Traditional Market, located in the south
                                                                   of “Puri Ubud”, precisely in monkey forest road
                                                                   and just a few minutes walk from the “puri ubud”.
                                                                   This region (Central Ubud) became the center of
                                                                   tourism ubud because often held performances

Ubud Traditional Market                                            of traditional Balinese art, the tourists are very
                                                                   pleased to be able to enjoy art performances bali   such as dance and gambelan in the night.

Vacation in Bali island, seems less complete if not                Ubud market operates from 4 am until about
visited ubud village famous as the holywood movie                  11 am, many traditional traders offering wares
location of “eat, pray and love” adaptation from same              such as vegetables, fruits, meat and ceremonial
novel starring Julia Roberts. Beautiful natural scenery            equipment. In addition to selling daily necessi-
and is dominated traditional rice field own local resi-            ties, Ubud Market Traders also sell various linen,
dent to make the tourists to visit Ubud area, Balinese             clothing, and souvenirs of Bali, similar goods are
traditional culture and traditions are still preserved by          sold in Sukawati Art Market.

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         Ubud Traditional Market

The local and foreign tourists are very happy to shopping
at ubud market, bali great selection of souvenirs that re-
ally would make a great gift for friends or family. Along

                                                                  Better Vacation
the monkey forest road was lined with a few modern
stores, but the charm of the traditional ubud market re-

mains attractive for the tourists who visit ubud area. Puri

Ubud is a center of antiquity government still preserved
by ubud people, so that the tourists can see the kingdom
of ubud. Is not wrong if ubud markets made as a tourist
icon in Ubud, because the location is strategic and adjoin-
ing the puri ubud.

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Ubud area have a variety of natural beauty into objects
favorite holidays of the tourists who vacation in bali, ubud
village atmosphere quiet and comfortable being a great
source of inspiration for artists from around the world.
Often the artists from overseas decided to settle in ubud
village since fascinated by the beauty and hospitality of
the people of Ubud, some of them are married to locals

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Description: Vacation in Bali island, seems less complete if not visited ubud village famous as the holywood movie location of "eat, pray and love" adaptation from same novel starring Julia Roberts.