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Applying Finishes


									     Applying Finishes
The really satisfying part of finishing is
  how it accentuates the depth, luster,
 and beauty of wood. It’s here that the
wood you’ve patiently cut and shaped
                           comes to life.
Five steps to wood finishing
1.   Smooth and level wood surfaces
2.   Color the wood with stain
3.   Fill the pores
4.   Apply a finish, sanding between coats
5.   Rub out the finish
Smoothing Wood Surfaces
   Basic sanding technique
   Filling dents & holes
Applying Wood Stains
   Pigment Stains
   Dye Stains
   Staining technique
   Controlling stain penetration
Filling Wood Pores
   Applying wood fillers
Choosing Finishes
   ‘True’ oils
   Varnish
   Oil/varnish blends
   Lacquer
   Shellac
   Which is best?
Applying Finish Topcoats
   Tools you’ll need
   Brushing on a finish
   Sanding between coats
   Applying sanding sealers
   Tips for working with water-based finishes
   Wiping on a finish
   Spraying on a finish
   Rubbing out a finish

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