TUITION FEE DEFERRAL

BCIT policy requires a newly accepted full-time student to pay tuition fees in full 60 days before the first
day of classes. A student accepted less than 60 days before the first day of classes is required to pay tuition
fees in full upon acceptance. Part-time students must pay in full upon registration.

A tuition fee deferral is a request to extend your tuition fee payment due date. Note that if your request is
approved, the fees must still be paid, but at a later date. Tuition fee deferrals are only approved for those
eligible applicants as defined below.

                                         TO BE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY

                     FULL-TIME                                                   PART-TIME
The BCIT Admissions Office must have notified you        You must submit a Specific Course Completion
of your acceptance (or provisional acceptance) to        Contract form to Student Financial Aid and Awards.
an eligible program and the start date.
                        AND                              If approved, you must pay $50 of the tuition for
Your Commitment Fee must be paid to BCIT                 EACH course as a non-refundable commitment fee
before your Tuition Fee Deferral application will be     in order for the remaining tuition to be deferred.

   You must have been approved for Government Student Loans — either through BC or another province.
       If paying from another source such as EI, RRSP, RESP or scholarship, provide proof of funds.

Tuition Fee Deferrals are for one level of study at a time.

All applicants are notified of the decision by letter from Financial Services.

The following is NOT eligible for BCIT tuition fee deferrals:
•	 Airline	and	Flight	Operations	(Flying	School	Fee	Portion)

Apprentice students should contact the Apprentice Services Office (SW1–First Floor, Burnaby Campus)
or 604.456.8100.

                     Student loans do not cover all essential educational and living costs.
                             Students often need additional sources of financing.
           Contact Student Financial Aid and Awards at 432.8555 if you need more information,
                    or if you wish to make an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor.

                                APPLICATION FORM ON REVERSE SIDE.
                                                                TUITION FEE DEFERRAL APPLICATION
                                                                                                                                  Student Financial Aid and Awards
                                                                                                                                           3700 Willingdon Avenue, SW1–2132
                      SEE REVERSE SIDE FOR ELIGIBILITY                                                                                                  Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2
                                                                                                                                            T 604.432.8555 F 604.454.0941
                       PLEASE PRINT                                                                                                       Hours: 0830 – 1600 Monday to Friday
                       Last Name                                                                                  Social Insurance No

                       First Name                                                                                 BCIT Student No.

                       Apt. No.      Street Address                                                               Program

                       City                                            Province                                   Year/Level

                       Postal Code                                     Phone                                      Program Start Date (m/d/y)


                                             INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
                       TUITION FEES AND RELATED FEES (Do not leave blank. For full-time tuition fees check
                       fulltime.shtml. For part-time tuition fees check
                                                                                                                                     Total Tuition Fees: $______________
                                                                                          Plus: UPass fees for full-time students (if applicable) + $______________

                       ¡      Part-time Commitment Fee              I agree to pay $50 per course towards my tuition        $50 x ___ (no. of courses)     – $_____________

                       ¡      Full-time Commitment Fee              I confirm the Full-time Commitment Fee has been paid in the amount of                  – $_____________

                       ¡      Additional payment                    I also made additional tuition fee payments                                            – $_____________

                                                                                                      (DO NOT LEAVE BLANK) Outstanding Fees: = $_____________

                       PAYMENT SOURCES

                       ¡      I applied for my student aid through the province of ____________ and the application number is: 2012__________________
                              (If applied for funding from outside BC, attach copy of notification of award)
                                                                    Name of Case Worker                                     Telephone
                       ¡      I am EI sponsored

                       ¡      I am paying my tuition from another source (ie: RRSP, RESP, scholarship). You must attach documentation.

                      I have read and understand the warning on the reverse side of this application. I understand: If this deferral is granted I am responsible for the full
                      amount of fees; If an extension of payment date is required I must contact Student Financial Aid and Awards before the due date; my failure to
                      arrange an extension will result in deregistration from classes and a re-instatement fee of $200. I hereby authorize Student Financial Aid and Awards
                      to obtain any pertinent information required to process this Tuition Fee Deferral application. The personal information collected on this form is used
                      to evaluate requests from students to defer payment of fees in accordance with BCIT policy and procedures. I hereby declare that the information I
                      have provided is correct and complete.
                       Student Signature   (PLEASE REMEMBER TO SIGN THIS FORM)                        Date

                       OFFICE USE ONLY (AUTHORIZATIONS)                                                                                           PLEASE NOTE ALL DATES ARE M/D/Y

                       Total amount deferred                                                           Due
                       SFAA                                                                            Date
SFAA-5_V4 (2012:07)

                       Denial Reasons        ¡ Commitment fees not paid      ¡ Student loan insufficient or denied  ¡ Fee deferral application incomplete
                                             ¡ Other ______________________________________________________________
                                                       PLEASE READ ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION ON REVERSE SIDE.
                                                                                                                                                                RESET FORM
                                                                       Copy: Financial Services

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