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Meetings Committee Conference Call Notes


									                                          NASC Meetings Committee
                                            Conference Call Notes
                                                June 10, 2009

In Attendance:
Christopher Ackerman, PA Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau
Alex Alston, Gainesville Sports Commission
John Bisignano, Disney Sports Attractions
Demp Bradford, Greensboro Sports Commission
Jim Dietz, Columbus Area Visitors Center
Tammy Dunn, Snohomish County Sports Commission
Joel Everts, Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitor Bureau
Kindra Fry, Bryan-College Station Convention & Visitors Bureau
Terry Hasseltine, Maryland Office of Tourism Development (Office of Sports Marketing)
Rick Hatcher, Lexington Area Sports Authority
Jim Hilb, Associated Premium Corporation
Jack Hughes, Gainesville Sports Commission
William Knox, Hamilton County Sports Authority
Linda Logan, Greater Columbus Sports Commission
Ralph Morton, Seattle Sports Commission
Steve Saxlund, Fargo-Moorhead Athletic Commission
Aaron Soroka, GWN Dragon Boat
Tammy Stout, Augusta Sports Council
Marc Zimmerman, Central Florida's Polk County Sports Marketing
Beth Hecquet, Staff
Lori Gamble, Staff
Elizabeth Chaney, Staff

2009 Recap
By the numbers, staff provided a recap of the 2009 conference:
     560 total attendees (104% of goal)
     393 host organization attendees (97% of goal)
     60 event owner organizations (75% of goal)
     109 event owner representatives (121% of goal)
     58 supplier representatives (138% of goal)
     Registration fee income was 91% of goal
     Sponsorship income was 112% of goal

John Bisignano recapped the survey results using the methodology that Disney uses. He started by state the
surveys show the number one reason why our members attend is networking, second is sales (i.e. the Sports
Marketplace) and third is education/professional development. He then continued by sharing the “Symposium
Satisfaction” matrix:

 Expected                                         Strengths
     Pre & Onsite Registration                        Welcome Reception (3.8)
     Marketplace Appointments                         General Sessions (4.0, 3.9)
     Networking                                       Keynote & Award Luncheon (3.6 / 3.8)
     Education Sessions                               Education - Case Study (4.3-4.6)
     Marketplace (Sales)                              Education - Workshop (4.0 - 4.8)
     Professional Development                         Education – Breakout (3.9 – 4.7)
     Market Segment Meetings
 Secondary Opportunity                            Primary Opportunity
     AV (From CSEE Survey)                            Marketplace – Length of Appointments,
     Food & Beverage (3.2)                              Appointment Schedule, # of appointments
        Overall Satisfaction (3.5)                           (3.0,3.1,3.1)
        Golf Scramble, Silent Auction, Raffle               Opening Ceremonies/AGMM (3.3)

Next, the committee provided their comments:
    The common “this didn’t apply to me” wasn’t heard much, if at all this year
    Market segment/best practices roundtables were missed and need to be back into the mix in 2010
    Opening Ceremonies/Annual General Membership Meeting still needs some “jazz”
    Marketplace continues to be fine tuned:
            o Challenges included not having time to travel from one appointment to the next and scheduled
               appointments being interrupted by other attendees
            o Suggestions included have open appointment sign up sheet at exhibitors booths, having the first
               hour be non-appointment time allowing for introductions and signing up for open appointments,
               visual clues to keep appointments on schedule (i.e. large clocks projected onto walls, traffic light
               signals at booths, Do Not Disturb signs at booths)

The next call will focus more on the Sports Marketplace including prioritizing what is important (i.e. maximizing
# of appointments or giving travel time which will cut back # of appointment opportunities).

2010 Sponsorship Opportunities
Staff shared with the committee the first draft of the sponsorship opportunities and benefits for the 2010
conference and asked for feedback. The first comment was to make sure the costs do not exceed the value of the
sponsorship – which they do not. Another point of concern was that marketplace booths are not provided for
sponsorships $7500 and under. Staff confirmed this is the case due to the number of booths that would be
occupied if it was added to those two levels of sponsorship.

Staff was asked to provide the breakdown of the costs of the sponsorships from 2009 to 2010 to act as a reference
point. This has been provided below, and the committee is asked to keep in mind in those instances where the
price has been increased more than expected, the benefits have also been increased.

 Silver Sponsorships                   2009                   2010
 Breakfast                       $     4,000.00      $        7,500.00
 Event Owner Gift                $               -   $        7,500.00
 Event Owner Education           $     5,000.00      $        7,500.00
 General Session                 $     4,000.00      $        7,500.00
 Health and Wellness             $     6,500.00      $        7,500.00
 Lanyard                         $               -   $        7,500.00
 Name Badge                      $     5,000.00      $        7,500.00
 Networking Reception            $     5,000.00      $        7,500.00
 Pocket Schedule                 $               -   $        7,500.00
 Opening Ceremonies              $     5,000.00      $        7,500.00
 Gold Sponsorships                     2009                   2010
 Transportation                  $     7,500.00      $       10,000.00
 Tuesday Keynote Luncheon        $     5,000.00      $       10,000.00
 Platinum Sponsorships                 2009                   2010
 Extra Innings                   $     9,000.00      $       20,000.00
 Cyber Café                      $   10,000.00       $       20,000.00

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