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									               Final Program

The Sixth International Conference

 Environmental Science
    and Technology
                Sponsored by
        American Academy of Sciences


                June 25-29, 2012
         Hilton Houston North Hotel
       Houston ● Texas ● USA
                                CO-SPONSORS AND EXHIBITORS

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      International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology 2012
                                                  Table of Contents
    General Information ……………………….…              1                         Program at a Glance……………………               4
    Plenary Session Schedule ………………….            2                         Platform Presentation Schedule………         5
    Conference Floor Plan……………………….              3                         Poster Sessions ………………………..               14
    Exhibit Hall ………………………..…………..               3                         Advisory Committee for ICEST2012 …        18
    Co-Sponsors and Exhibitors ………………..          3                         ICEST2013 …..………………………....                19


                         WELCOME TO ICEST2012
                                   Welcome to the Sixth International Conference
                                  on Environmental Science and Technology 2012

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this unique, international environmental science and technology conference. There
will be technical presentations from scientists from around the world on a broad range of environmental topics: i.e.,
surface water quality, drinking water, wastewater treatment, soil remediation, air quality, water resources, recycling,
restoration of ecosystems, bio-accumulation, microbial degradation, modeling, metals, global topics, remote sensing,
analytical techniques, education and sustainable development. The plenary speakers are outstanding scientists with
international recognition: Dr. Katherine Bennett Ensor, Professor and Department Chair at Rice University,
Houston, TX, USA will make a presentation on Data Driven Estimates of Air Quality in Houston with Continuous Spatial
and Temporal Resolution; Professor Zheng Zheng, Head of Basin Pollution Control Research Center at Fudan
University, China will present Challenges, Strategies, and Practices of Watershed Pollution Control in China; Dr. A.
Mark Ibekwe, USDA-ARS U.S. National Salinity Laboratory, Riverside, CA, USA will present Analysis of Escherichia
coli O157:H7 Survival in Major Leafy Green Producing Soils based on Topological Data; and Dr. Farid Benyahia,
Professior and Dearptment Head at Qatar University, Doha, Qatar will answaer the question: The Carbon Conundrum:
One or Multiple Solutions?
      Conference attendees will have a unique opportunity to communicate with world-class scientists about research
ideas, to exchange environmental management experience with international peers, to seek project partners, to discuss
possible collaboration with other delegates, and to build solid long-term partnership relations with worldwide
professionals face to face.
      We wish to extend our thanks to all people in the conference team and our session chairs, advisory committee
members, for their support and dedication to making this conference a success. We hope you enjoy the Conference
program and your stay in Houston.

George Sorial
Conference Chair

                        GENERAL INFORMATION
                                                                   all Conference activities. Registrants will receive the Final
Location and Schedule. All sessions, exhibits, and all             Program, Paper Abstracts, tote, pen, name badge, and
other events will be held at the Hilton Houston North Hotel.       payment receipt. Name badges for walk-in registrants may
See the floor plans for the location of Conference events          not be immediately available.
and the Program at a Glance for a summary of the
schedule.                                                          Exhibits. Exhibits will open Tuesday, June 26, 2012, in
                                                                   the Registration Hall, concurrent with the conference. The
Registration. The Registration Desk will be open from              exhibits will continue through Friday, June 29.
1:00 PM Monday, June 25, 2012 and available throughout

Plenary Meeting. The program will open formally at 9:10                       The hours of operation for the speaker ready room will be
AM Tuesday, June 26, in the Raphael Ballroom for the                          from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM Tuesday through Friday. The
plenary session.                                                              speaker ready room is located in Salon 9.

Platform Schedule. Technical sessions will begin at 1:30                      Information Board. An information/message board is set
PM Tuesday, June 26, and will be conducted in three or                        up at the registration area.
four concurrent tracks through Friday. Sessions, titles, and
presentation times for all papers have been listed in the                     Luncheon/Diner Tickets. Registration Desk will be
program. This schedule reflects the data as of June 20,                       responsible for event tickets provided during the
2012. Revisions that become necessary after June 5 will                       conference. Registrants may purchase meal tickets for
be marked on the overview sheets posted in the                                their families at the Conference Registration Desk.
Registration Area. Presenters should contact the chairman
and technicians 20 minutes prior to the meeting at the                        Tuesday Luncheon Buffet and Thursday Dinner. The
presentation room and connect their laptop computers to
                                                                              luncheon buffet will be provided on Tuesday (June 26)
the slide facilities. If a scheduled speaker is absent in a
                                                                              from 12:00 PM to 1:30PM in the registration hall, the
session, speakers in the waiting list with a reference
                                                                              Atrium Lobby area. A dinner will be provided on Thursday
number (listed beneath the scheduled speakers) will
                                                                              (June 28) from 7:00-9:00 PM
replace the absent presentation at the residing session
chair’s discretion. Presenters are encouraged to use the
laptops provided by the conference for presentations,                         The Hilton Houston North Hotel and Marriott Hotel
although presenters may use their own computer if they
wish. Projectors are provided in each meeting room.                           The Conference will be held at the Hilton Houston North
                                                                              Hotel (12400 Greenspoint Dr. Houston, TX 77060, USA)
Poster Schedule. All posters will be displayed and                            adjacent to the Greenspoint commercial/ business center
presented in the Atrium Lobby. Posters I will be displayed                    and shopping mall. It is only minutes from the Sam
from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Tuesday evening (June 26),                            Houston Racepark, and twelve minutes from Bush
while Posters II will be displayed from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM                    International Airport with complimentary transportation.
Wednesday evening (June 27). Poster numbers are                               Conveniently located on Grennspoint Drive, the hotel is
marked on each poster board.                                                  located just northeast of the intersection of I-45 and the
                                                                              Sam Houston Parkway, 25 minutes from the George R.
                                                                              Brown Convention Center.
During the two-hour evening sessions, presenters will be
standing at their posters to discuss their work with visitors.
Presenters are responsible for removing the poster                            The Marriott Houston North is a sister hotel of the Hilton
materials after the session ends at 9:00 PM.                                  Houston North. The distance of two hotels is about 960
Paper Awards. Paper Awards will be announced in the
Hilton Conference Center at 6:30 PM on June 28, 2012.                         Shuttle Serivce. Hilton’s shuttle service is from 5 am to 11
                                                                              pm every 30 minutes. The shuttle direction is Hilton Hotel
                                                                                Marriott hotel Bush International Airport Houston
Speaker Ready Room. To assist you in your presentation,
                                                                                Marriott Hotel  Hilton Hotel.
the conference will provide a Speaker Ready Room with
projectors. We recommend that presenters come to the
speaker ready room the day BEFORE their presentation to                       Proceedings. The proceedings will be published after the
check for connectivity and resolution. We further                             Conference and mailed to all registrants who paid
recommend that authors conduct dry runs of their entire                       registration fees. Others can order the proceedings
presentation prior to the scheduled talk. This dry run                        (books@aasci.org) after October 15, 2012. Proceedings
should be conducted in a location other than the speaker                      will only be available as PDF file (CD) this year.
ready room.

                                                    Raphael Ballroom, Tuesday, June 26, 2012

9:10 A.M. – 9:15 A.M. Welcome and Opening Remarks. Professor George Sorial, Ph.D. (University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA), Conference Chair
9:15 A.M. – 9:50 A.M. Data Driven Estimates of Air Quality in Houston with Continuous Spatial and Temporal Resolution. Dr. Katherine Bennett Ensor,
            Professor (Rice University, Houston, TX , USA)
9:50 A.M. – 10:25 A.M. Challenges, Strategies, and Practices of Watershed Pollution Control in China. Professor Zheng Zheng (Fudan University,
            Shanghai, China)
10:25 A.M. – 10:40 A.M. Break/Coffee
10:40 A.M. – 11:15 A.M. Analysis of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Survival in Major Leafy Green Producing Soils based on Topological Data Analysis. Dr. A.
            Mark Ibekwe, (USDA-ARS U.S. National Salinity Laboratory, Riverside, CA, USA)
11:15 A.M. – 11:50 A.M. The Carbon Conundrum: One or Multiple Solutions? Dr. Farid Benyahia, Professior (Qatar University, Doha, Qatar)
                                CONFERENCE FLOOR PLAN*
                                 *Rooms 1 ~ 12 are located in the second floor

                       Speaker Ready Room,                                          Presentation Room
                       Salon 9; 2nd Floor                                         Salons 1, 2, 3; 2nd Floor



                                                                                                       Registration Area


                                   Lunch and Dinner                            Presentation Room

                                    Address of Co-Sponsors and Exhibitors

Aquatic Informatics, Inc.           1100-570 Granville St., Vancouver B.C. V63 3P1, Canada. http://www. aquaticinformatics.com
Trinity Consultants, Inc.           12770 Merit Drive, Suite 900 , Dallas, TX 75251, USA. http:// www. trinityconsultants.com
Kisters North America, Inc.         777 Greenback Ln, Ste 209, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, USA. http://www. kisters.net
EcoAméricas                         Fourth Street Press, 3 Ellis Square, Beverly, MA 01915, USA. http://www.ecoamericas.com
Extrel CMS.                         575 Epsilon Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238, USA. http://www.taylorandfrancis.com
Global Water Group, Inc.            8601 Sovereign Row, Dallas, TX 75247, USA. http://www. globalwater.com .com
Rimbach Publishing Inc.             8650 Babcock Blvd, Pittsburgh PA 15237, USA. http://www.rimbach.com
Green Mountain Energy Company       4900 Woodway Dr. Ste. 970, Houston, TX 77056, USA. http:// www.greenmountain.com

                                                                        6th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology 2012
                                                                                            June 25-29, 2012 - Hilton Houston North, Houston, Texas, USA
                                                                                                                         Presentation Schedule
Date/Time                        Raphael Ballroom B                              Raphael Ballroom C                               Raphael Ballroom D                                         Salon 1                                       Salon 3
                                         B                                               C                                                D                                                     E                                             F
Monday, 6/25
1:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.                                                     Registration
Tuesday, 6/26
Morning                                                                            Plenary Meeting
9:10a.m. - 11:50a.m.                                                           (Raphael Ballroom BCD)
                       B3 01-16 Reactions and Degradation of            C3 02-02 Air Quality Assessment (a)             D3 03-04 Solid Waste Managemnt (a)                  E3 05-04 Microbiology and Microbial
Afternoon              Wastewater Contaminants /                                                                                                                            Degradation (a)
                                                                                                                                                                            E4 05-04 Microbiology and Microbial
                       B4 01-15 Physico-chemical Wastewater Treatment C4 02-02 Air Quality Assessment (b)               D4 03-04 Solid Waste Managemnt (b)
                                                                                                                                                                            Degradation (b)/
1:30p.m. - 6:05p.m.                                                                                                                                                         05-02 Bio-response and Ecotoxicology
7:30p.m. - 9:30p.m.    Poster I (Sessions 01-01~01-10, 02-1~02-4, 03-1~03-4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16). Location: Atrium Lobby
Wednesday, 6/27
                       B5 01-14 Adsorption/Desorption for Wastewater C5 02-05 Air Pollutant Monitooring               D5 03-03 In-Situ Remediation; 03-05 On-site and       E5 05-01 Human Exposure                      F5/F6 11-02 Water Quality Modeling (a)
                       Treatment (a)                                                                                  Off-site Remediation; 03-08 03-08 Waste Fuel Site     05-03 Bioavailability and Bio-accumulation
Morning                                                                                                               Remediation
                       B6 01-14 Adsorption/Desorption for Wastewater C6 02-06 Hazardous Gas Biofiltration; 02-07      D6 03-03 In-Situ Remediation; 03-05 On-site and       E6 01-04 Groundwater                         F5/F6 11-02 Water Quality Modeling (b)
                       Treatment (b); 01-12 Municipal Wastewater Catalysts for Reducing Emission; 02-08 Fuel Gas Off-site Remediation; 03-08 03-08 Waste Fuel Site
8:00a.m. - 12:10p.m.   Biotreatment                                  DeSOx, DeNOx, and Metal Removal                  Remediation
                       B7 01-17 Nanotechnology Applications (a)      C7 02-01 Aerosol; 02-03 Transport of Pollutants; D7 03-06 Landfill                                     E7 01-01 Rivers, Lakes and Estuary Systems   F7 11-01 Environmental Simulation (a)
                                                                     02-04 Waste Gas Control Techniques; 02-09 Air 03-11 Phytoremediation of Organic Pollutants
                                                                     Pollutant Prevention and Management
                       B8 01-17 Nanotechnology Applications (b)         C8 08-01 Global Warming and its Impacts         D8 03-09 Waste Recycling                     E8 01-03 Water Resources and Assessment             F8 11-01 Environmental Simulation (b)
                                                                        08-02 Carbon Discharge Reduction                03-10 Radioactive Waste and Land Pollution
1:30p.m. - 6:05p.m.                                                                                                     03-12 Polymer Waste Recycling and Management
7:30p.m. - 9:30p.m.    Poster II (Sessions 01-11 ~ 01-17, 02-5~02-9, 03-5~03-12, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10). Location: Atrium Lobby
Thursday, 6/28
                                                                                                                        D9 12-01 GIS for Environmental Assessment; 12-
                       B9 01-08 Drinking Water (a)                      C9 04-1 Ecosystem Assessment (a)                                                               E9 01-02 Watershed Management; 01-09              F9 15-01 Environmental Quality and Planning
                                                                                                                        02 Data Management and Statistics; 12-03
                                                                                                                                                                       Water Quality Assessment/Management (a)
Morning                                                                                                                 Environmental Remote Sensing Applications
                       B10 01-08 Drinking Water (b); 01-10 Nitrogen-    C10 04-1 Ecosystem Assessment (b)               D10 06 WetlandS; 07 Sediments; 09-04                E10 01-09 Water Quality                      F10 15-03 Environmental Policy and Management
8:00a.m. - 12:10p.m.   Phosphorus Wastewater Treatment (b)                                                              Phytoremediation                                    Assessment/Management (b)
                       B11 01-11 Sludge Treatment                       C11/C12 04-01 Ecosystem Assessment (c)          D11/D12 09-01 Metal Distribution                    E11 01-05 Non-point Sources                  F11 15-02 Energy-related Environmental
Afternoon                                                                                                               09-02 Metal Removal and Remediation                 01-06 Wastewater Discharge Management        Problems; 16-04 Bio-fuels (a)
                       B12 01-10 Nitrogen-Phosphorus Wastewater         C11/C12 04-01 Ecosystem Assessment (c)          09-03 Speciation, Biovailability and Accumulation   E12 01-07 In-Situ Measurement and            F12 16-04 Bio-fuels (b)
1:30p.m. - 6:05p.m.                                                                                                                                                         Monitoring
Evening                                                                                                                                                                     Paper Award Announcement (Raphael B)
7:30p.m. - 8:30p.m.                                                                                                                                                         Dinner (Raphael A)
Friday, 6/29
                                                                        C13 10-01 Characterization of Organic Pollutants D13/D14 (B13/B14)                                  E13/E14 13-01 Environmental Analysis         F13 14-1 Society and the Environment
                                                                        10-02 Degradation of Persistent Organic          01-13 Industrial Wastewater Biotreatment           13-2 Field Measurment Technologies           14-2 Environmental Ethics and Laws
Morning                                                                 Pollutants                                                                                          13-3 New Method Applications                 14-3 Environmental Education
                                                                        C14 04-1 Ecosystem Assessment (d); 04-2                                                             13-4 Environmental Monitoring                F14 16-02 Wind Energy
                                                                        Nutrients and Functions of Ecosystems; 04-03                                                                                                     16-03 Solar Energy
8:00a.m. - 12:10p.m.                                                    Restoration of Ecosystems; 04-04 Urban                                                                                                           16-05 Special Energy Development
                                                                                                                         Conference Schedule
                                          25-Jun                                         26-Jun                                            27-Jun                                           28-Jun                                        29-Jun
Morning                                                                              Plenary Meeting                                 Platform Sessions                                Platform Sessions                             Platform Sessions
Noon                                                                                      Lunch
Afternoon                                                                          Platform Sessions                                 Platform Sessions                              Platform Sessions
Evening                                                                             Poster Session I                                 Poster Session II                      Paper/Poster Award Announcement
8:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.           Registration (from 1:00p.m.)                       Registration / Exhibition                         Registration / Exhibition                     Registration / Exhibition  Registration / Exhibition (end at
                                                               Heavy Metal and Organic Chemicals. Indumathi          5:15 1085. Indoor Air Quality Survey of Boston Nail
                                                               M Nambi, and Ambika M,                                     Salons. Meda Kisivuli, Liza Ansher, Ariana
    Tuesday Morning, June 26, 2012
                                                         4:25 808. Dechlorination Treatment of Wastewater                 Berlin, Jenny Cheng, Deena Kanopkin, Anna
                                                               Containing         Trichloroethylene        and            Khazan, Molly Lortie, Emily Peterson, Laura
                                                               Tetrachloroethane by Fe-Ni Alloy Powder, Aibin             Pohl, Sam Porter, Vivian Zeng, Tiffany
Plenary Session                                                Zeng                                                       Skogstrom, Joseph Allen, Matt Fragala,
                                                         4:50 847. Study on the Desalination and Concentration            Theodore Myatt, James Stewart, Laura Goldin
Tuesday, June 26 | Raphael Ballroom BCD                        of Dye from Wastewater by Nanofiltration. DONG        5:40 1323. Lichen Biomonitoring along A Potential
Chair: Dr. George A. Sorial ( University of                    Hang, DAI Xingguo, ZHOU Zhijun, ZHANG Lin,                 Pollution Gradient in South West Western
      Cincinnati, USA)                                         CHEN Huanlin, XIE Lin.                                     Australia. Meenu Chathurika Vitarana, W.D.
                                                         4:25 1175. Colour and COD Reduction of Synthetic                 Stock, A. Hinwood
9:10 A.M. – 9:15 A.M. Welcome and Opening.                     Reactive Dye Wastewater using Thermolysis.
     Professor George A. Sorial (University of                 Ruchika Agnihotri and Pradeep Kumar                   961. Near-road Black Carbon Emissions at an Urban
     Cincinnati, Ohio, USA), Conference Chair            5:40 1278. Kinetics of Phosphate Removal from Hot                 Campus Intersection. Jiangchuan Hu, Shuang
                                                               Effluents   Using    Batch    Electrocoagulation            Liang, Mingming Lu, Tim C. Keener, Zhuo Yao,
9:15 A.M. – 9:50 A.M. Data Driven Estimates of Air                                            *
                                                               Reactor. Ahmed H. El-Shazly ; Abdulraheem A.                and Heng Wei,
     Quality in Houston with Continuous Spatial and            Al-Zahrani; Yahia A. Alhamed                          1082. Ambient Ozone in Georgia: Implications of a
     Temporal Resolution. Dr. Katherine Bennett                                                                            Stricter 8-hr Standard, 2008-2011. André J.
     Ensor, Professor (Rice University, Houston, TX,     860. Comparative Evaluation of Pre- and Post-                     Butler and Kerry Hicks.
     USA)                                                     Ozonation    on the Biological Treatment of            1342. Impact of Fujairah Power Plant-UAE on Air
9:50 A.M. – 10:25 A.M. Challenges, Strategies, and            Distillery  Spent     Wash.      Namasivayam                 Quality . Muthanna Abdulwahab Al Omar, Fadi
     Practices of Watershed Pollution Control in              Vasudevan, and Ramalingam Kanimozhi                          Al Jallad and Santosh K.L
     China. Professor Zheng Zheng (Fudan                 537. Removal of Dyes from Textile Effluents by              763. A Study on Effect of Almahdi Aluminium Factory
     University, Shanghai, China)                             Electrocoagulation. C M Bindu Nath, C M                      of Bandar Abbas on Environment Status of the
                                                              Vivek Vardhan, Vasudevan, and Ramalingam                     Region with Emphasizing on Measuring of Some
10:25 A.M. – 10:40 A.M. Break/Coffee                          Kanimozhi                                                    Scarce Metals Existing in the Air (Atmosphere).
                                                                                       2+  3+
                                                         1029. Redox Mechanism of Fe /Fe During Fenton’s                   Maryam Ehsanpour,Maryam Malekpour.
10:40 A.M. – 11:15 A.M. Analysis of Escherichia coli                                                   *
                                                              Oxidation of P-Nitorphenol. Gao Yingxin and            521. The PCDD/Fs Characteristics in Ambient
     O157:H7 Survival in Major Leafy Green                    Zhao Yun                                                     Particles near a MSWI in Guangzhou, China. Bo-
     Producing Soils based on Topological Data           1213. Using Organic Modified Bentonite on Treatment               Guang Wang, Chun-Lin Zhang
     Analysis. Dr. A. Mark Ibekwe, (USDA-ARS U.S.             of Banknote Printing Wastewater. Geng Qiao, Yi         569. Air Pollution Impacts on Children Health in Indian
     National Salinity Laboratory, Riverside, CA,             Xing, A Erman, Fei Ran, Peng Guo                             Cities: Challenges Ahead. Surendra Kumar
     USA)                                                                                                                  Yadav
11:15 A.M. – 11:50 P.M. The Carbon Conundrum: One        C3                                                          600. Indoor Air Pollution by Nicotine A Major
     or Multiple Solutions? Dr. Farid Benyahia,          02-02 Air Quality Assessment (A)                                  Constiuent of Tobacco Smoke and Influence of
     Professior (Qatar University, Doha, Qatar)                                                                            Nicotine on Adolescent Students. Jyotsna Lal
                                                         Tuesday, June 26 | Raphael Ballroom B                       637. Green Concrete Technology. D B Raijiwala, H S
   Tuesday Afternoon, June 26, 2012                      Chair: Dr. Mingming Lu (University of Cincinnati,                 Patil, I U Kundan
                                                               USA)                                                  642. Air Pollution in Albania. Pal Nikolli
__________________________________                                                                                   957. Environmental Effect of Road Development on
B3/B4                                                                                                                      Some Air Quality Parameters in Niger Delta,
01-16 Reactions and Degradation of Wastewater            1:30 541. Vehicular Pollution in Kurnool - A Case                 Nigeria. John U. Akpabio, Mandu A. Essien-
     Contaminants /                                            Study. C.V.Rajeswari                                        Ibok, Anthony W. Akpan
01-15 Physico-chemical Wastewater Treatment              1:55 548. Comparison of            PM2.5 by Different
                                                               Instruments in a Midwestern US City. Carlos           __________________________________
Tuesday, June 26 | Raphael Ballroom B                          Pacas, Mingming Lu, Xianlie Wan, Anna Kelley          D3
Chairs: Prof. Ahmed Elshazly (King Abdulaziz             2:20 561. Radon & Chemical Contaminants in Indoor           03-04 Solid Waste Managemnt (A)
      University, Saudi Arabia)                                Air & “Soil Gas Safe” Communities. Henry John
     Dr. Kuo-Lin Huang (National Pingtung University           Schuver, Jalbert, P., Steck, D., Siegel, L., Nicol,   Tuesday, June 26 | Raphael Ballroom D
     of Science and Technology, Taiwan)                        A., McKenzie, A., and Blewett, C.                     Chair: Dr. Vasil Diyamandoglu ( The City College
                                                         2:45 770. Characteristics and Ship Traffic Source                 of New York, ,USA)
01-16                                                          Identification of Air Pollutants in Shanghai Port.
1:30 789. Sulfate Radical-Based Advanced Oxidation             Yan Zhang, Minjiang Zhao, Weichun Ma and
      Technologies for the Decomposition of Triclosan.         Limin Chen                                            1:30 545. Development and Implementation of a
      Prince A. Nfodzo, and Hyeok Choi                   3:10 873. Role of Carbonaceous Aerosol in Visibility              Recycling Program in an Elementary School.
1:55 828. Sludge Retention Time (Srt) Effects on               Impairment in A Tropical Mega-City. P. S.                   Vasil Diyamandoglu, Miriam N. Ward, and Blake
      Landfill Leachate Treatability by Membrane               Khillare, Sayantan Sarkar and Darpa Saurav                  Wells
      Bioreactor. Rouhallah Mahmoudkhani, Ali                  Jyethi                                                1:55 551. Factors Affecting the Selection Between
      Torabian, Amir Hessam Hassani and Seyed                                                                              Demolition versus Deconstruction in Building
      Mehdi Borghei                                      3:35 Break/Coffee                                                 Removal. Vasil Diyamandoglu, Bishoy Takla
2:20 853. Electrochemical Treatment of Trace                                                                               and Wojciech Bzdyra
      Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals by A Novel          C4                                                          2:20 558. Effectiveness of Material Recovery During
      Granular Electrode. Huu Cong VO and Yutaka         02-02 Air Quality Assessment (B)                                  Complete Deconstruction of Wood Frames
      SAKAKIBARA                                                                                                           Houses – A Case Study. Vasil Diyamandoglu,
2:45 997. Electron Spin Resonance Analysis of Bio-       Tuesday, June 26 | Raphael Ballroom B                             Bishoy Takla and Wojciech Bzdyra
      Fenton Process. Shoichi NAGAHASHI and              Chair: Dr. Anuj Kumar (New Mexico State University,         2:45 811. Site Evaluation for Olive Mills Waste
      Yutaka SAKAKIBARA                                        USA)                                                        Composting Facility. Mervat El-Hoz, and Amal
3:10 517. Comparative Assessment of Photocatalytic                                                                         Iaaly. Mervat El-Hoz
      Degradation of Azo, Triphenyl Methane and                                                                      3:10 917. Characteristics Changes of By-Products
      Thiazin Dye. A. K. Gupta, C. Sahoo, Indu M. S.     4:00 890. Estimation of Historic Black Carbon                     Origin Sand-Alternatives in Sea Water and
                                                              Reduction Co-Benefit from PM Control in                      Sediment. Tetsuji Okuda, Satoshi ASAOKA,
743. Kinetics and Photodegradation Study of Acid Red          Mainland China. Wei Wei Song, Ke Bin He and                  Hitomi YANO, Satoshi NAKAI, Wataru
      88 Using Visible Light. Padmini.E and Lima              Jeremy Schreifels, Yu Lei                                    NISHIJIMA, Kenji SUGIMOTO, Yorihide
      Rose Miranda                                       4:25 952. Toxicity and Chemical Composition of                    ASAOKA, Mitsumasa OKADA
                                                              Ambient Particulate Matter from Aachen,
3:35 Break                                                    Germany. Sabrina Michael and Wolfgang Dott.            3:35 Break/Coffee
01-15                                                    4:50 1015. Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds           __________________________________
4:00 586. Sustainable Treatment Technology Using              from Green Waste Composting: An Overview.              D4
      Nanostructured Iron fCombined Removal of                Anuj Kumar                                             03-04 Solid Waste Managemnt (B)

Tuesday, June 26 | Raphael Ballroom D                   E4                                                       __________________________________
Chair: Dr. Juliet M. Yakubu (Federal University,        05-04 Microbiology and Microbial Degradation             B6
     Nigeria)                                           (b)                                                      01-14 Adsorption/Desorption for Wastewater
                                                        05-02 Bio-response and Ecotoxicology                          Treatment (b)
                                                                                                                 01-12 Municipal Wastewater Biotreatment
4:00 985. The Use of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps in            Tuesday, June 26 | Salon 1
      Modeling     Regional     Waste     Management    Chair: Dr. Abigail Ogbonna (University of Jos,           Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom B
      Systems. Adrienn Buruzs, and Miklós Bulla               Nigeria)                                           Chair: Dr. Ashraf Aly Hassan (EPA Natonal
4:25 1265. Study on Characteristic of Electrolysis                                                                     Laboratory, USA)
      Manganese Slag. Chang Bo Zhou, Bing DU and
      Qianqian PEI                                      4:00 1211. Biodegradation of N, N-dimethylformamide
4:50 1291. Technology Devoid of Human Aproach                 by Pseudomonas putida MBDM-S4 and                  10:05   1011. Performance Study of Adsorption
      Brings Misery for Masses: A Case Study.                 bioaugmentation in SBR system. Liwei Chen*,             Properties of Laterite Soil in Removing Oil and
      Binayak Rath,                                           Tianming Cai, Shu Cai and Shiyang Liu                   Grease from Wastewater. H.        Ajith Hebbar,
5:15 1315. Evaluation of Bacteria and Metals in         4:25 1314. Effects of Amino Acids on the Growth and           JAYANTHA K. S.
      Sewage Dump Site in Jos-Nigeria. Yakubu,                Microcystin     Production   of     Microcystis    10:30 518. Sorption of Chromium (VI) from Real
      Juliet M and Agarry, O. O.                              Aeruginosa. Ruihua Dai, Yan Liu                         Wastewater Using Iron Impregnated Calcined
5:40 1343. A New Concept of Technology of Mineral-                                                                    Bauxite. A. K. Gupta, Krishnadas P. and Indu M.
      Organic Fertilizers from Wastes. Helena           5-2                                                           S.
      Górecka, Radosław Wilk*, Henryk Górecki,          4:50 921. Hormesis Induced by Mixtues of Ionic           1-12
      Katarzyna Chojnacka                                    Liquids with Sigmoid Dose-Response Curve. Jin       10:55 788. Application of Cascade Dielectric Barrier
                                                             Zhang, Shu-Shen Liu, Jing Zhang and Hui-Ping             Discharge Plasma Atomizers for Waste Water
530. Improvement in Bottom Ash Recycling Potential           Deng.                                                    Treatment. Mr. Wameath S. Abdul-Majeed,
      through Washing and Macro-Porous Cryogels         5:15 923. Time-dependent Hormesis Effects of 1-               Esther P. John Karunakaran, and William B.
      Treatment. AAMIR ILYAS, Linda Önnby and                Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Bromide on Photo-              Zimmerman
      K.M. Persson                                           bacterial. Luminescence, Oxidoreductases and        11:20 962. Effect of Seed Sludge Type on Aerobic
686. Vermitechnology for Recycling of Waste Biomass          Antioxidases. Jing Zhang, Shu-Shen Liu, Jin              Granulation and Treatment Efficiency of
      of Citronella Plant (Cymbopogon winterianus            Zhang, Zhen-Yang. Yu and Hai-Ling Liu                    Granules. Yusuf Çağatay Erşan, , İrem
      Jowitt). H. Deka, S. Deka, C.K. Baruah, J Das     5:40 988. Arsenic Genes Cluster Analysis of                   Kocatürk, Tuba Hande Erguder
      and P. Sarma                                           Streptomyces sp. F2 and the Application on          11:45 611. Full-scale Experiment on Domestic
920. Coal Waste Management by Oil Agglomeration              Phyto-Remediation. Ping Fang, Jing Chen,                 Wastewater Treatment by Combining Artificial
      Technique. G. H. V. C. Chary and M. G.                 Guangyao Jia, Guangjun Zhang, Jianfu Zhao,               Aeration Vertical Flow and Horizontal Flow
      Dastidar                                               Yimin. Zhu, Meijuan Shen, Zhongjun Qin,                  Constructed Wetlands System. Jizheng Pan,
987. Experimental Study on Anaerobic Thermophilic            Xiaoyong Liao, Tongbin Chen                              Houhu Zhang, Wenchao Li,Fan Ke
      Digestion of Pre-Thickened Waste Activated
      Sludge. Zifu Li, Fubin Yin, Lei Xun, Xuan Liu,    1186. The Influence of Iron Reducing Bacteria (IRB)      773. Electrochemical Treatment of Industrial
      Shikun Cheng                                            on the Corrosion of API 5l X52 Linepipe Carbon           Electroplating   Rinse Waters.       Meyyappan
1136. Implementation of Global Product Classification         Steel. Faisal Mohammed Alabbas, John R.                  Revathi, Kaliyan Hemampujavalli, Manickam
      by the Reuse Sector in New York City. LORENA            Spear2, Anthony Kakpovbia1, David L Olson3,              Velan and Chiya Ahmed Basha .
      FORTUNA*,      DAVID    HIRSCHLER**,      VASIL         and Brajendra Mishra                               925. Adsorption of Dye on Pyrolysed Residue (Bio-
      DIYAMANDOGLU *                                    723. Identification of Sea Cucumber Species around             Char) of Non-Edible Oil Seedcake Vaibhav
1220. Biogas       Production from     Enzymatically          Hengam Island (Persian Gulf). Majid afkhami,             Bansal and M. G. Dastidar
      Pretreated Mexico City’s Organic Waste.                 Maryam Ehsanpour                                 606. Prospect of Iran Natural Gas Export Projects.
      Rosalinda Campuzano, and Simón González-          5-2                                                            (Prospect and Environmental Protection of Iran
      Martínez                                          727. Effects of Atrazine and Chlorpyrifos on                   Natural Gas Export Projects). Hedayat Omidvar
1262. The Effects of Socioeconomic Parameters on              Acetylcholinesterase and Carboxylesterase in       610. Adsorption of Toxic Metals by Water Hyacinth in
      Household Solid Waste Generation and                    Rainbow Trout Zahra Khoshnood, Reza                      Mono-Component and Multi-Component Aquatic
      Composition in Developing Countries (Case               Khoshnood                                                Systems. Mahamadi, C and Nharingo, T
      Study: Iran). Farzaneh Fakheri Raof, Ali          1035. Metabolic Changes Due to Endocrine                 613. Adsorption Kinetics for the Removal of Chromium
      Khoshraftar                                             Disruptive Chemical on O.Mossambicus.                    (VI) from Aqueous Solution by Plantain Peel
__________________________________                            J.Yasmin, P.S.Navaraj                                    (Musa paradisiaca) Biomass. Idowu O.S.,
E3                                                      1149. Fate of Biotoxins in the Environment and Its             Adejumo A. A. Oni S. O.
05-04 Microbiology and Microbial Degradation                     Health Implications. Anju Agrawal               627. Potential Biosorbents for the Removal of
(a)                                                     __________________________________                             Malathion from Aqueous Samples. Gurijala
                                                                                                                       Ramakrishna Naidu, Tharakeswar Yadamari,
Tuesday, June 26 | Salon 1                                                                                             Kalyan Yakkala, Gangadhar Battala
Chair: Dr. Juliet M. Yakubu (Federal University,                                                                 649. Adsorption Kinetics for the Removal Of
       Nigeria)                                                                                                        Hexavalent Chromium Using Low Cost
                                                           Wednesday Morning, June 27, 2012                            Materials.
                                                                                                                        Khaldoun Al-Sou'od, Ahmad Abrishamchi, and
1:30 641. Occurrence of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in     __________________________________                             Massoud Tajrishy
     Bovine Manure from Farm and Abattoir               B5                                                       758. Adsorption Using Laterite Material for Effective
     Environments. Itelima Janet, and Agina Samuel      01-14 Adsorption/Desorption for Wastewater                     Removal of Oil and Grease From Wastewater –
1:55 819. Species of Yeast Associated With Some               Treatment (a)                                            A Case Study, K.S.Jayantha and Ajith Hebbar
     Nigerian Fruits. Ogbonna, Abigail I., Ogbonna,                                                              762. Research on Removal of Carbon Tetrachloride by
     Chike I. C. and Onyimba, Isaac A                   Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom B                        Activated Alumina in Water. He Chundong, Liu
2:20 1111. Estrogenic Endocrine Disruptors are          Chair: George A. Sorial (University of Cincinnati,             Hanhu
     Substrates of Antibiotic Pumps in Wastewater             Ohio, USA)                                         790. Adsorption of Phenol & O-Cresol from Aqueous
     Bacteria.    Xinhua Li, Andrew Madsen, and                                                                        Solution by Activated Carbon. Mohammed
     Otakuye Conroy-Ben                                                                                                Hussain Essa
2:45 1158. Production of Extracellular Α-Amylase        8:00 786. Silica-Alumina Adsorbents for Removal of       1022. Removal of Organic Pollutants from Leachates
     Enzyme by Thermophilic Bacillus sp. Isolated             Dissolved or Dispersed Oil from Wastewater.              by Organically Modified Clays. Vandana
     from Rajasthan, India. . Deeksha Gaur, Pankaj            Alessandra De Folly D’Auris, R. Bagatin, M.              Sreedharan and P.V. Sivapullaiah
     K. Jain and Vivek Bajpai.                                Tagliabue, A. Carati                               1056. Palm-Shell Activated-Carbon Modified with Ionic
3:10 1185. Characterization of Microbial Communities    8:25 851. Novel Production of Activated Carbon for             Liquids for Removal of Mercury from Water
     Associated With Crude Oil Pipelines Corrosion            Hampering      Oligomerization    of    Phenolic         Samples. Ahmed Abu Ismaiel, Mohamed
     Products. Faisal Mohammed Alabbas, Charles               Compounds. Liang Yan, and George A. Sorial               Kheireddine Aroua and Rozita Yusoff
     Williamson2, John R. Spear2, Anthony               8:50 983. Synthesis and Surface Modification of          1132. Process Design of Column for Metal Removal
     Kakpovbia1, David L Olson3, and Brajendra                Ordered Mesoporous Carbons for Resorcinol                by Rubber Tire Mesoporous Adsorbent. Brij
     Mishra                                                   Removal. Ruixuan Guo and Dianel Dianchen                 Bhushan, Arunima Nayak and V. K. Gupta
                                                              Gang.                                              1147. Emerging Pollutants: Use of Adsorbents in
3:35 Break/Coffee                                       9:15 986. Breakthrough Curves for Heavy                        Drinking Water Purification. Krishna Gopal, And
__________________________________                            Metal Removal from Aqueous Solutions                     Amarendra Dhar Dwivedi.
                                                              using a Cation Exchange Resin. M.                  1226. Toxicity of Adsorbent Treated Tannery Effluent
                                                                         a         a             b
                                                              Hamdzah , Z. Ujang , M.M. Nasef , H.                     on Biochemical Quality of African Catfish.
                                                              Hassan                                                   JATAU- Emeagha, G. E. Ladidi,         Bakare S.
                                                                                                                       Omotola and Wade J.Wokton
                                                        9:40 Break/Coffee
1290. Photocatalytic Chromium (VI) Reduction Using                                                                      9:15 1107. Cytotoxic Effects of Mycotoxin in Human
     Nano/Micro Structured Novel Semiconductor              __________________________________                               Monocytes and Mechanisms. Ruoting Pei, and
     Materials.                      Manickavachagam        D5                                                               Jun Liu
     Muruganandham*, Ramakrishnan Amutha,                   03-01 Contaninants in the Subsurface                        15-3
     Mika Sillanpaa                                                                                                     9:40 1341. Effect of Active-Packaging Color and
1292. Modeling Competitive Biosorption of Cadmium           Tuesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom D                            Oxygen Permeability on Salmon Oil Quality.
     (II) and Zinc (II) Ions by Protonated Citrus Peels.    Chair: Dr. Chiu-Shia Fen ( Feng Chia University,                 Muhammad Javeed Akhtar, Muriel Jacquot and
     Abhijit Chatterjee, and Silke Schiewer                       Taiwan)                                                    Stéphane Desobry
1332. Using Bamboo Based Bio-Adsorbent Evacuation
     of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) from Textile                                                                       696. Study of Izozyme Polimorphism in Natural Scots
     Waste Water. Bharat Jain, Keyur J Vaghasiya,           8:00 753. Assessment of Heavy Metal Leaching Rates               Pine Populations Developing under Chronic
     Pradipsinh K Raulji                                          from Topsoils on Regional Scale. J. Schmidt, A.            Radiation Exposure. Volkova P., Geras’kin S.,
                                                                  Steinz, M. Schindewolf                                     Prytkova J., Novikova T.
907.  Analysis of Pharmaceutical and Estrogen               8:25 839. Experimental Study on Dense Gas Transport         697. Database "Effects of Ionizing Radiations on
     Contaminants from a Rural Wastewater                         in Porous Media. Chiu-Shia Fen, and Yuen                   Agricultural Plants". Dubynina M.., Oudalova A.
     Treatment Facility. Xiaolin Li, Wei Zheng,                   Cheng                                                 915. Integrated Radon/Thoron Exposure Studies in
     Walton R. Kelly                                        8:50 1112. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons                      Some Areas of South-Western Punjab, India,
883. Study on Domestic Wastewater Treatment by                    Degradation Model in the Marsh Wetland                     Using Nuclear Track Detectors. Surinder Singh,
     Combining Artificial Aeration Constructed                    Sediment. Doorce S. Batubara, Ronald F.                    and Sanjeev Kumar
     Wetland. Jizheng Pan, Wenchao Li, Houhu                      Malone, and Donald D. Adrian                          1084. Some Biochemical Parameters of Young
     Zhang                                                  9:15 1178. Geotechnical Properties of Soils Affected             Parkinsonian Patients from Niger-Delta Region of
                                                                  by Acid Mine Drainage from the Goldfields of               Nigeria. C. C. Osubor, N. G. Idemili
__________________________________                                South Africa. Stephen O. Ekolu, Ronald F.             5-3
C5                                                                Malone, and Donald D. Adrian, Vivek Madhav,           1340. Physiological and Biochemical Effects of
02-05 Air Pollutant Monitooring                             9:40 776. Fate of Arsenate Adsorbed on Nano-TiO2                 Sodium Fluoride ( NaF) on Pisum Sativum Var
                                                                  with Sulfate Reducing Bacteria. Chuanyong                  AZAD P-1. T.I.Khan
Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom C                           Jing, Ting Luo, and Suqin Liu
Chair: Dr. Harmonie A. Hawley (California State                                                                         10:05 Break/Coffee
      University, USA)                                      673. Evaluation of Pollution Level of Soils of Ecological   __________________________________
                                                                  Volnerable Areas around Agarak Town.                  E6
                                                                  Ghazaryan K.A                                         01-04 Groundwater
8:00 524. Monitoring the Kinetics of the Photo-
      degradation of Benzene with Hydroxyl Radicals.        10:05 Break/Coffee                                          Tuesday, June 27 | Raphael Salon 1
      Aubrey A. Heath, Franz S. Ehrenhauser, Kalliat        __________________________________                          Chair: Dr. Mansoor A. Baloch (National Centers
      T. Valsaraj                                           D6                                                                for Disease Control and Prevention, USA)
8:25 818. PM2.5 / PM10 Characters during Meji               03-03 In-Situ Remediation
      Burning in the Brahmaputra Valley (India).            03-05 On-site and Off-site Remediation
      Pratibha Deka, R.R. Hoque and Ratan Baruah            03-08 03-08 Waste Fuel Site Remediation                     10:30 877. Development of a Watershed Based
8:50 1033. Development and Application of Thermal                                                                             Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment Tool.
      Desorption Method for Airborne Polyfluorinated        Tuesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom D                             Mansoor A. Baloch, Liora Sahar
      Alkyl Substances. Yaoxing Wu, and Victor W.-          Chair: Dr. Arun D. Pophale (Visvesvaraya                    10:55 984. Hydrogen Dissolution Rates in
      C. Chang                                                    National Institute of Technology, India)                    Hydrogenotrophic     Denitrification   Process
9:15 1198. Spatial Variability of Particulate Matter on a                                                                     Equipped with Solid-Polymer-Electrolyte (SPE)
      California University Campus.            Harmonie                                                                       Membrane Electrode. Ryosuke Mine, Masahito
      Hawley and Diep Vu                                    3-5                                                               Komori, and Yutaka Sakakibara
9:40 875. Particulate Matter Flux Deposition in the         10:30 750. Remediation Efforts at Saudi Aramco.             11:20     990.    Bioremediation     of    Endosulfan
      Vicinity of A Coal-Fired Power Plant. M.L. Dinis,          Ramzi Hejazi, Humoud Al-Utaibi                               Contaminated Groundwater Using Natural
      J. Góis, A. Fiúza, J.S. de Carvalho, A.C.M.           10:55 1098. Ex-Situ Measurements of Dioxin                        Zeolite Supported Biobarrier. Selim L. Sanin,
      Castro                                                     Bioavailability in In-Situ Remediated Deep Fjord             Ayla Bilgin
                                                                 Sediments.      Cand.      real Morten   Thorne        11:45 1222. Applicability of the Spanish Standards
501. Spatio-Temporal Bio-Monitoring of Urban Dust of             Schaanning, Ian Allan, Sarah Josefsson,                      ROM 5 for Port Bourgas Sea Water
     Allahabad City, India. Munmun Chakarvorty*             3-8                                                               Environmental Assessment . Jordan Marinski ,
     and J.K. Pati                                          11:20 609. Experimental Investigation of Free                     Magdalena Korsachka, Elitza Angelova, Rumen
529. Effects of Climate on Real Time Monitoring                  Hydrocarbon Recovery in Layered Porous                       Marinov, Stefan Tsakovski.
     Pollutants Emitted from Cement Factory. Yasin               Media. M.S. Al-Suwaiyan, Sangchul Hwang* and
     AlZubi, Jarrah AlZubi, Indira Al-Dahabi                     Rafael Montalvo, M.H. Essa and S. Lukman               550. Reuse of Saline Groundwater Enhances the
559. Ammonia Emissions from a Representative In-            11:45 615. Drilling Wastes Management Case Study in              Quality of Landscape. Ghazi Abu Rumman
     use Fleet of Vehicles in Guangzhou. Boguang                 Southern Tunisia. Houcine Mejri, and Moncef            779.   Physical,    Hydrochemical   and     Isotopic
     Wang, Hao Wang, Jun Yang, Lei Zhou, Jurong                  Saidi                                                       Characteristics of Spring Waters of Beijing,
     Shuang, Qing Huang, and Shaofeng Zhong                                                                                  China. Wang Jinsheng, andZhai Yuanzheng*
                                                            3-3                                                         1117. Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Urban
10:05 Break/Coffee                                          1196. Emerging Engineering Technologies for Insitu               Water Provision at Taifa, A Township in the
__________________________________                               Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage. Stephen O.                 Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Afua
C6                                                               Ekolu, Zvanaka Mazhandu, Firehiwot Azene                    Anyankwabea Nyarko, K. D. Kessey and
02-06 Hazardous Gas Biofiltration                           603. Biodegradation of Crude Oil by Fungi Isolated               James H. Ephraim
02-07 Catalysts for Reducing Emission                            from Gulf of Mexico. Hussein Al-Nasrawi                1183. Overview of Membranes Technologies for
02-08 Fuel Gas DeSOx, DeNOx, and Metal                                                                                       Remediating Brackish Water. Naglaa Eid
     Removal                                                __________________________________
                                                            E5                                                          __________________________________
Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom C                     05-01 Human Exposure                                        F5/F6
Chair: Dr. C.V. RAJESWARI ( Govt. Degree                    05-03 Bioavailability and Bio-accumulation                  11-02 Water Quality Modeling
      College, India)
                                                            Wednesday, June 27 | Salon 1                                Tuesday, June 27 | Raphael Salon 2
                                                            Chair: Dr. Juliet M. Yakubu (Federal University,            Chair: Dr. Ulrike Hirt (Leibniz-Institute of
2-8                                                                Nigeria)                                                   Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries,
10:30 582. Simultaneous Mineralization of Coal                                                                                Germany)
     Combustion Flue Gas CO2, SO2, and Hg with Fly
     Ash. Brandon Reynolds, and KJ Reddy                    8:00 622. Cellular Phone Exposure Effect on Brain and
10:55 1338. Mercury Adsorption by a Modified                      Testicular Pattern of Wistar Rats. Kavindra           8:00 585. Modelling Spatial and Temporal Dynamics in
     Activated Carbon. Jinjing Luo, and Qiang Niu,                Kumar Kesari and J. Behari                                  Floodplains: Extent, Nutrient Loads and
     Zhongye Wang                                           8:25 798. Mitigation of Power Lines-Produced                      Retention. Stephanie Natho, Markus Venohr
2-6                                                               Magnetic Fields by Optimized Active Shielding.        8:25 664. Oil Spill Transport in the Wave Channels
11:20 721. Anaerobic Removal of Chloroform Using                  Hussein Anis, and Ayman Aboud, Hussein Anis                 using Two- Phase Lagrangian Model. Hanifeh
     Trickling Bed Gas Biofilters. Bineyam Mezgebe,         8:50 1093. A Hydrologic Approach to Radioactive                   Imanian, Mahsa Jannati and Morteza
     and George Sorial, Ashraf Aly Hassan,                        Substance in A Human Body – II. Syota Sasaki,         8:50 772. How Can German River Basins Contribute
11:45 855. Benefit of Alternate Use of Hydrophilic                Hayase Yoneda, and Tadashi Yamada, Tomohito                 to ReachtThe Nutrient Emission Targets of the
     VOC in Biofiltration of Hydrophobic VOCs.                    Yamada                                                      Baltic Sea Action Plan? U. Hirt, J. Mahnkopf, M.
     Abderrahman Zehraoui, and George A. Sorial                                                                               Venohr, P. Kreins, C. Heidecke
9:15 813. Robust Modeling of Nutrient Dynamics in           540. Carbamazepine Removal from Groundwater                     Carbon Dioxide. Guang Lu, Hui Wang, and
     Large Water Bodies (Gulf of Finland). Safeyeh               Using TiO2/UV and Fenton Processes. Elham                  Zhaoyong Bian.
     Soltani, and Benoît Dessirier                               Shirazi Aghchari, Ali Torabian, and Gholamreza       5:15 1089. Carbon Abatement Cost of China based on
                                                                 Nabi-Bidhendi                                              Co-Benefits Analysis. Zhou Wei, Mi Hong
9:40 Break/Coffee                                           965. Crop Plants Possess Potential to Generate and        5:40 1038. Impacts of Climate Change on Water
                                                                 Release Nanaoparticles of Precious Metals.                 Requirements of Main Crops in the Eastern
                                                                                            3              1
10:05 844. Water Quality Planning Using A Risk-                  Yamal, Tanuj Peddisetty, P. Sharmila, K.S.                 Province, Saudi Arabia. . Yousef Y. Al-Dakheel
                                                                      2                       1
      Based Programming Model. Qin Xiaosheng                     Rao and P. Pardha-Saradhi                                  and Samhan A. Addosari
10:30 1057. Fate and Transport Modeling of PCBs in          1050. Optimization of Zirconia Nanoparticle Suface
      the Houston Ship Channel. Nathan L. Howell                 Area     in   Hydrothermal     Synthesis    under    647. Impact of Climate Change On Agriculture In Sub-
      and Hanadi S. Rifai.                                       Supercritical Water Condition. A. Golzary and S.           Sahara Africa. Elemide Oyebola Adebola
10:55    1059.     Hydrograph,    Pollutograph,    and           Gitipour                                             __________________________________
      Thermograph Analysis of Deiced Highway                1133. Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue        D7
      Drainage. David W. Ostendorf, Erich S. Hinlein,            Using Newly-Developed Modified Inorganic             03-06 Landfill
      and Camelia Rotaru                                         Phosphors and Nano Zinc Oxide-Laponite               03-11 Phytoremediation of Organic Pollutants
11:20 1173. Application of a Fully Distributed Washoff           Composites. S. A Bak, M. S. Song, J. C. Joo, J.
      and Transport Model for a Gulf Coast                       K. Kim, L. Campos.                                   Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom D
      Watershed. Aarin Teague                               1190. Sb2O3 Nanoparticles: Growth and Morphology.         Chair: Dr. Ashraf Aly Hassan ( EPA National
11:45 691. Investigation of Optimal Operation on                  I.A.Shah                                                  Laboratory, USA)
      Improved Irrigation System in Nile Delta. Ahmed
      M. ALY, Yoshinobu KITAMURA, Katsuyuki                 __________________________________                        1:30 821. Quantification of Water Adsorption Capacity
      SHIMIZU, Taleet EL-GAMEL                              C7                                                              of Biologically Active Soil and Woodchips. Sagar
                                                            02-01 Aerosol                                                   Chitre, Berrin Tansel
 Wednesday Afternoon, June 27, 2012                         02-03 Transport of Pollutants                             1:55 1125. Emission of Formaldehyde in Air and
                                                            02-04 Waste Gas Control Techniques                              Leachate from MDF Buried in Landfills. Min Lee,
                                                            02-09 Air Pollutant Prevention and                              Sung Phil Mun, Lynn Prewitt, and Hamid
                                                                 Management                                                 Borazjani, Sung Phil Mun
01-17 Nanotechnology Applications (a)
                                                            Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom C                   2:20 785. Phytoremediation of Diesel Contaminated
Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom B
                                                                Chair: Dr. George Sorial (Tulane                            Soil with Dracaena Reflexa and Podocarpus
Chair: Dr. Shu-Chi Chang ( Ntional Chung Hsing
                                                                University, USA)                                            Polystachyus Using Organic Wastes as
      University, Taiwan)
                                                                                                                            Supplement. Agamuthu A, P Pariatamby, and
                                                                                                                            Dadrasnia A.
1:30 666. Synthesis of V-TiO2 nanoparticles and
                                     2+                     1:30 1242. A Study of Live Bacterial Pathogens in         2:45 994. Biological Fenton’s Degradation of
     Application for Reduction of Cd from Aqueous
                                                                  Airborne Particles. Rajasekhar                            Chlorinated Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals by
     solution. Reyad A. Shawabkeh, Musab Mirgani
                                                                  Balasubramanian, R. Kaushik                               Aquatic Plants. Andre Rodrigues dos Reis*,
1:55 781. TiO2-Based Photocatalytic Oxidation of
                                                            2-4                                                             Yukako Kyuma, Masaki Atarashi and Yutaka
     VOCs: Coating to Reactor Performance and
                                                            1:55 928. Novel Regenerable Sorbents for Mercury                Sakakibara
     Design. Mukesh Sharma, Tarun Gupta, Suraj
                                                                  Retention in Energy Power Plants. Diego             3:10 1020. Phytoextraction of Polychlorinated
     Agarwal and Rajesh Mohan
                                                                  Ballestero Fernández, M.T. Izquierdo, R. Juan,            Biphenyls (Pcbs) from Contaminated Soil by
2:20 799. Protection of Stainless Steel Surfaces
                                                                  E. García-Díez, C. Gómez-Giménez, C. Ruiz, B.             Chromolaena Odorata (L) King and Robinson.
     Against Biofilm Formation and Corrosion by
                                                                  Rubio                                                     Raymond Anyasi and Harrison Atagana
     Nanocomposite      Coatings.   Farid   Ahmed*,
     Catherine M. Santos, Rigoberto Advincula and
                                                            1:20 1209. Three Interactive Texas State Regulatory       3:35 Break/Coffee
     Debora F. Rodrigues
                                                                  Programs to Decrease Ambient Air Toxic Levels.      __________________________________
2:45 843. Photocatalytic Degradation of 17β-Estradiol
                                                                  Susana Hildebrand, Tara Capobianco, Michael         D8
     under Solar Irradiation. Cheng-Ling Hu*, Wei-Fu
                                                                  Honeycutt, Jong-Song Lee, Darrell McCant, and       03-09 Waste Recycling
     Wang and Yung-Hsu Hsieh
                                                                  Roberta L. Grant                                    03-10 Radioactive Waste and Land Pollution
3:10   846.     Looped     Carbon   Capturing    and
                                                            2:45 1274. Modeling Evaporative VOC Emissions from        03-12 Polymer Waste Recycling and
     Environmental Remediation: Case Study of
                                                                  Passenger Cars. Michael Tschantz,           Heidi         Management
     Magnetic      Polypropylene    Nanocomposites.
                                                                  Davidson and
     Zhanhu Guo, Jiahua Zhu, Hongbo Gu, Sowjanya
     B. Rapole and Suying Wei                                                                                         Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom D
                                                            1082. Ambient Ozone in Georgia: Implications of a         Chair: Dr. Baohong Guan (Zhejiang University,
                                                                 Stricter 8-hr Standard, 2008-2011. André J.                 China)
3:35 Break/Coffee
                                                                 Butler and Kerry Hicks. (Session 02-02)
                                                            623. Charring and Oxidative Water Soluble Organic         4:00 805. FGD Gypsum Utilization for Preparation of
                                                                 Aerosols Released from Coke Oven. Puja                     Αlpha-Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrates with
01-17 Nanotechnology Applications (b)                            Khare, BP Baruah                                           Solution Method. Bao Kong, Li Yang, and
                                                            650. Effect of Variable Diffusivity and Reaction Rate           Baohong Guan.
Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom B                          on the Dispersion of Air Pollutants from an Area     4:25 899. Mineral Fiber Generated from Incinerator
Chair: Dr. E. Sahle Demessie (EPA Ntional                        Source. VP Saxena & Bhavana Ayachit                        Ash Using the Thermal Plasma Technique –
      Laboratory, USA)                                      880. Energy and Environmental Analysis of Gas                   Constructing A Pilot Plant and Application as
                                                                    Flaring in Iranian Oilfields: Ilam Province.            Fireproof Material. Sheng-Fu Yang, To-Mai
4:00 849. Environmental Transformation of Multi-                    Amir Bagheri                                            Wang, Wen-Cheng Lee, Kin-Seng Sun and
      walled Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nano-
                                                                                                                            Chin-Ching Tzeng
      Fiber Composites Using Thermal Analysis and
                                                            3:10 Break/Coffee                                         4:50 902. Comparative Study of Concrete Mixes by
      Related Hyphenated Techniques. E. Sahle               __________________________________                              Replacing Natural Aggregates with Slag
      Demessie, Amy Zhao,
                                                            C8                                                              Aggregates. Arun Pophale, and Mohammed.
4:25 1025. Photocatalytic Degradation of Chlorinated
                                                            08-01 Global Warming and its Impacts                            Nadeem
      Organic Compounds Using Newly-Developed
                                                            08-02 Carbon Discharge Reduction                          5:15 1137. Development of A Methodology To
      Nanoporous Zinc Oxide-Laponite Composites. J.
                                                                                                                            Transpose Commercial Products to Materials.
      C. Joo, J. Kim and L. Campos, M. Song
                                                            Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom C                         Lorena Fortuna, david hirschler, Vasil
4:50 1046. Degradation of Refractory
                                                            Chair: Kelly A. Burks-Copes (US Army Engineer                   Diyamandoglu
      Pollutants Using Carbon-Iron Modified
                                                                  Research and Development Center, USA)               3-12
      Titania under Natural Sun Light. Dr. K.
                                                                                                                      5:40 1176. Use of a Cardboard Recycling Facility’s
      Palanivelu, and R. Jeevitha Raji
                                                                                                                            Mixed Plastic Waste: Characterization of Initial
5:15 1298. Diatomaceous Earth Modified by Magnetite
                                                                                                                            and Wood-Amended Properties. Tova Sardot,
      Nanoparticles for Contaminants Removal.
                                                            3:35 703. Quantifying Climate Change and Sea Level              Armando G. McDonald, Garon Smith,
      Xinchao Wei, and F. Andrew
                                                                  Rise Risks to Naval Station Norfolk, Kelly A.
5:40 926. Application of a Microbial Inhibition Assay for
                                                                  Burks-Copes and Edmond. J. Russo.                   1188. Recycling of Styrofoam Waste: Synthesis of
      Monitoring Treatment Effectiveness of Quinoline
                                                            4:00 706. Resource Allocation in the Brassica Juncea           Pheny thiosemicarbazone Surface (PTS). Ali
      in Water Using TiO2 Catalysis. Sui Yi Zhu,
                                                                  Exposed to Elevated CO2. Neha Sharma, Pooja              Nawaz Siyal
      Mingxin Huo※ and Wu Yang
                                                                  Gokhale Sinha, S. D. Singh and A. K. Bhatnagar      583. Crushed Concrete Waste Stabilized Reclaimed
                                                            4:25 1199. Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment             Asphalt Pavements as Highway Pavement
511. Treatment of Oil Contaminated Waters Using                   by Outranking Methods: Heat Stress in Sydney.            Materials. Edeh, Joseph Ejelikwu, and Arigi
     Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Membrane.                 Fahim Nawroz Tonmoy, and Abbas El-Zein                   Abraham S.D., Eberemu, Adrian Oshioname
     Amir Abedin Maghanaki, S. Ahmad Mirbagheri,            4:50 936. Decorating Graphene Sheet with Palladium
     Asghar Kazemzadeh, Hamidreza Kamalan                         Nanoparticles for Electrochemical Reduction of
  701. Evaluation of Waste Concrete Materials for Use      651. Integrated Water Resources Management in                Prediction. Md Monirul Islam, M. I. Hossain, and
         in Oyster Aquaculture. Dong Hee Kang, Kelton            Ghezelozan-Sefirdrud Basin. Keyvan Kimiaie,            Md Rafiul Hassan.
         L. Clark, James G. Hunter, Z. Andrew Farkas             Abdolrahim Salavitabar                            837. Modeling the Fate and Transport of Residual
  757. Study on Preparation of Composite Materials of      702. Identification of Techniques to Meet pH Standard        Chlorine and Chlorine By-Products (CBP) in
         Montmorillonite. Fu Gui-zhen,Liu Hong,Gong              During In-stream Construction. Dong Hee Kang,          Coastal Waters of the Arabian Gulf. Venkat S.
         Wenqi                                                   Mark M. Bundy, James G. Hunter, Z. Andrew              Kolluru
630. Interactions of Ionic Liquids with Uranium and its          Farkas                                            958. Mercury Fate and Transport in Hunza and Gilgit
         Bioreduction. Chengdong Zhang, Arokiasamy J       741. Hydro Chemical Research of «Yerevan Lake»               Rivers, Northern Areas, Pakistan - A Numerical
         Francis                                                 Reservoir. Tatevik Derdzyan, Gevorg Pirumyan           Modeling Approach. Kivanc Biber, Shuhab
                                                           884. New Microbial Flocculant ETYBF for Seawater             Khan, Shams Ul-Hadi, Mohammad Tahir Shah,
  __________________________________                             Treatment. Tianxiang Jiang, Yushan Zhang and           Shahina Tariq
  E7                                                             Jing Wang.                                        1142. Modelling Habitat Requirements of the Critically
  01-01 Rivers, Lakes and Estuary Systems                  1207. Study on Calculation Methods of Agricultural           Endangered Arabian Leopard Panthera pardus
                                                                 Water Supply Cost in the Plain Irrigation Area of      nimr in Saudi Arabia M. Zafar-ul Islam,
  Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom e                        the Yellow River. Guo Rui, and Cao Shengle             Alexander Gavashelishvili, Ahmed Boug and
  Chair: Dr. Dongxing Yuan (California State               1245. Estimating Depth of Watertable Using Radar             Abdullah Shehri.
        University, USA )                                        Imagery Technique. Roger Numetu                   1223. Residence Time Distribution Determination in A
                                                           1335. Selecting Most Appropriate Wastewater                  Submerged Biological Filter with and Without
                                                                 Treatment Technologies for Small Arid                  Aeration. Yazmín Lucero Cobos-Becerra and
  1:30 976. A Parametric Study for Investigating the             Communities. Emad Imam, Omar Abu- Rizaiza,             Simón González-Martínez
        Effect of Input Parameters on Bacterial                  and Haitham Elnakar
        Concentration in Surface Water from Bridge         1339. Some Environmental Impacts of Water Management
        Nesting     Birds.   Manjura     Maula      Md.          and Utilizing Farm Waste at the Western Desert of
                                                                                                                       Thursday Morning, June 28, 2012
        Nayamatullah and Sazzad Bin-Shafique                     Egypt. M. H. Aboul-Nasr, M. A. Gamea, Dalia M. T.
  1:55 1086. Spatial Grouping and Temporal Trends in             Nassef and M.A. Abd El-Gaid
        Otolith Chemistry of an Estuarine Fish. Ana                                                                B9/B10
        Judith Giraldo, Bronwyn Gillanders, Travis         __________________________________
        Elsdon                                             F7
                                                                                                                   01-08 Drinking Water
  2:20 1134. Physico-Chmical Parameters and Plankton       11-01 Environmental Simulation (a)
                                                                                                                   01-10 Nitrogen-Phosphorus Wastewater
        Diversity of Ghanpur Lake, Warangal, Ap. India.                                                                 Treatment (b)
        T. Ravinder Reddy, D. Balakrishna, K.              Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom f
        Vasumathi Reddy and D.Samatha.                     Chair: Dr. Aarin Teague (EPA National
                                                                                                                   Thursday, June 28 | Raphael Ballroom B
  2:45 1166. Sea-air Transfer of Mercury in Post-                Laboratoty, USA )
                                                                                                                   Chairs: Dr. George Sorial (University of
        desulfurization Seawater Discharged from Coal-                                                                  Cincinnati, USA)
        fired Power Plant, Dongxing Yuan, Lumin Sun,
        Shanshan Lin and Lifeng Feng                       1:30 796. A Numerical Approach to Quantify Selective
  3:10 1281. Water Quality in Utah Lake Tributaries over         Sorting of Heavy - Mineral Assemblages.
        40 Years. Brett Borup, Gordon Killarney                  Gerhard Bartzke and Katrin Huhn
                                                                                                                     8:00 535. Performance Attributes of Modified Biosand
        Liljenquist, Woodruff Miller, Gustavious P.        1:55 922. Evaluating Combined Toxicity of Multi-
                                                                                                                           Filter with Brass. Banu Sizirici Yildiz
        Williams                                                 component Mixture Using a Comprehensive
                                                                                                                     8:25 628. Using Smart Grid Technologies as a Public
                                                                 Model. Li-Tang Qin, Shu-Shen Liu, and Qing-
                                                                                                                           Health Protection Tool. Trevor Hill and Graham
  826. Water Quality Response to the Increasing Human            Sheng Wu.
       Activities in Fuxian Lake. Fei Xiong, Fan Ke and    2:20 1013. Estimation of Missing Values with Different
                                                                                                                     8:50 800. Health Risk of Disinfection Byproducts in
       Jizheng Pan                                               Missingness Mechanism. Fadhilah Yusof, Ho
                                                                                                                           Recycled Water in Abu Dhabi. Aina Daniel,
  948. Seasonal Consideration of Some Environmental              Ming Kang and Ismail Mohamed                                                  2
                                                                                                                           Maren Mieseler , Juan-Rodrigo Bastidas-
       Variables of a Tropical Tidal Creek. Medina         2:45 1032. Regional Data Hub and Time Services to                          3
                                                                                                                           Oyanedel , Farrukh Ahmad
       Kadiri                                                    Support Flash Flood Situational Awareness.
                                                                                                                     9:15 857. Adsorption Mechanisms of Copper on
  1319. A Comprehensive Comparison between OSE II,               Stefan Fuest, Matt Ables, Phil Stefanoff, David
                                                                                                                           Functionalized Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes:
       Mechanical        Methods       and     Chemical          Maidment
                                                                                                                           Chemical Structures. Shirley Rosenzweig,
       Dispersantsin Laymen’s Terms. Steven Pedigo                                                                         George A. Sorial, E. Sahle-Demessie and Todd
                                                           3:10 Break/Coffee
  3:35 Break/Coffee                                        __________________________________
                                                                                                                     9:40 872. Application of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles
  __________________________________                       F8                                                              to Remove Arsenic from Natural Groundwater.
  E8                                                       11-01 Environmental Simulation (b)                              Ajaya K. Sankara Warrier, and K. J. Reddy
  01-03 Water Resources and Assessment
                                                           Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom f                   10:05 Break/Coffee
  Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom e                  Chair: Dr. Yongson Ooi (Multimedia University,
  Chair: Dr. Peter E. Black (SUNY ESF, USA )                     Malaysia )                                          10:30   906. Modelling the Transport of Fecal
                                                                                                                          Microorganisms in Norwegian Drinking Water
                                                                                                                          Sources (Lakes). Torulv Tjomsland, Ingun
                                                           3:35 1068. Numerical Modeling on Toxin Produced                Tryland and Dag Berge
  4:00 668. Characterization of Resistance Pattern of            under Nutrient Limited Dominant Cyanobacteria       10:55 959. Role of DO, pH and Activated Carbon on
       Bacillus to Various Heavy Metals and Antibiotic.          in Lake Kasumigaura, Japan. Md. Nazrul Islam,            the Oxidation of As(III). T. Angele Ngantcha-
       Yamini sisodia, Vivek Bajpai, Pallavi Sharma              Daisuke Kitazawa, and Ho-Dong Park.                      Kwimi, Anjuman I Islam, and Brian E. Reed.
       and Pankaj Kumar Jain                               4:00 1127. Numerical Modeling of the Performances         11:20 981. Effect of Calcium Ion Concentration on
  4:25 692. Performance Assessment of Government                 for Horizontal Axis Tidal Stream Turbine.                Monomer Distribution of            Alginate. Çiğdem
       Managed at Main Irrigation Network in Nile                Yongson Ooi, Ai Choong Loh, Dirk Rilling, and            Kıvılcımdan Moral , Özdemir Doğan, F. Dilek
       Delta. Ahmed M. ALY, Yoshinobu Kitamura,                  Mohd. Zulkifly Abdullah.                                 Sanin
       Katsuyuki Shimizu, ARIF Alam, Talaat El-Gamal       4:25 1336.Socioeconomic Based Design Peaking              1-10
  4:50 982. Nutrient Limitation of Phytoplankton in the          Factors for Sewerage Systems. Haitham               11:45 838. Stability of the Nitrifying Granules under
       Taihu Lake of China. Jiajia Liu, Peifang Wang             Elnakar, Emad Imam, and Khaled Nassar
                                                                                                                          High Loading Rate. Fang-Yuan Chen, Yong-
       ,Chao Wang and Jin Qian.                            4:50 804. One Dimension Diffusion-Reduction Kinetic            Qiang Liu, Joo-Hwa Tay, Ping Ning
  5:15 1047. The U.S. Flood Control Program at 75.               Model for Exterior Phosphorus Pollution into
       Peter E. Black                                            Submerged. Ke Fan, Li W. Ch, Pan J.Zh, Zhao         1162.      Ammonia-oxidizing       Bacteria-Comamonas
  5:40 1065. Importance of Diversion of Water from               H. G,, Xiong F                                            Aquatic LNL3 and its Partial Nitrification
       Major River to Irrigation Reservoirs for Bird       5:15 1023. Methodologies and Tools for the Estimation           Characterization. Zhengkui Li, Ling Zhao, Tao
       Density and Diversity in Semi-arid                        of Mass Fluxes of Xenobiotics at Different Scales         Zhou, Ningmei Wu
                                                                 in Urban Areas - The Cities of Halle/SaaleaAnd      578. Fabrication of a Lanthanum Based Candle Type
  815. Cleaner Production Potentiality Analysis of               Leipzig (Germany). Frido Reinstorf, Gerhard               Filter for Removal of Fluoride from Water. C M
                                                                          2               3
        Electrolysis Manganese Production in China.              Strauch , Mario Schirmer                                  Vivek Vardhan. M.Srimurali and J.Karthikeyan,
        Fan Wang, Xiaojuan Gao                             5:40 1174. Studyingand Comparing Different Types          760. Impact of Small Amount of Chlorine Dioxide on
  591. Management Strategy for Improving Barley                  Ofleaching Modeles. Forough Allahyari Pour,               Chlorine Disinfection Efficiency. Wu Yang, Sui-yi
        Productivity and Nutritional Value in a World of         Ebrahim Pazira, Gary Sands, Abbass Habibi, Ali            Zhu and Ming-xin Huo, Jun-wen Li
        Water Shortage. Tawfik, M.M.; Maha, M.                   allahyari pour                                      885. A New Arsenic Renediation Process with
        Tawfeek; A. T. Thalooth; M. O. Kabish ,E.M. Abd                                                                    Treament of Residual (ABRS). Akshoy Kumar
        El Lateef and Amany, A. Bahr.                      519. Hybrid Computational Intelligence Techniques for           Chakraborty
                                                                Accurate Surface Temperature Analysis and            905. A Comparative Study for the Adsorption of
                                                                                                                           Trichloroethylene in the Presence of TiO2
     Nanoparticles under Two Scenarios. Hafiz Salih,      Thursday, June 28 | Raphael Ballroom C                          Temperature and Building Types in Urban Area
     2                  1
       George A. Sorial, Craig L. Patterson               Chair: Dr. Farid Benyahia (Qatar University,                    of Syzhou and Zhangjiagang. Wang Yue,and
1066. Health Risk Assessment from Uranium                       QATAR)                                                    Cheng Dan
     Measurements in Drinking Water .Komal
     Badhan, Rohit Mehra, R.G.Sonkawade                                                                            9:40 Break/Coffee
1067. Development of PCR protocol for detection of        10:30 700. Inter-Sectoral Policy Coordination in the     __________________________________
     Escherichia coli in drinking water. Jawairia              Forestry and Agricultural Sectors of Ghana. Yaw     D10
     Imtiaz, Imran Hashmi , Ishtiaq A. Qazi and                Amo Sarpong, Daniel K. B. Inkoom, K.A.              06-1 Wetland Conservation
     Muhammad Arshad                                           Kocharyan, L.S. Tadevosyan, A.A. Aristakesyan,      06-2 Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
1100. An Economic and Environmental Valuation of               A.Z. Asatryan                                       07-1 Assessment of Sediments
     Drinking Water Usage in India. S. Chinnammai         10:55 711. Health hazards of urban metal                 07-2 Remediation of Contaminated
1217. Drinking Tap or Bottled Water? Walaa Hazzah,             contamination to wildlife in an arid environment.        Sediments
                                                                                    12                   1
     Asmaa Rageh, Aleya Abbass                                 Khadiga G. Adham* , Nadia A. Al- Eisa , Manal       09-04 Phytoremediation
_________________________________                              H. Farhood
C9                                                        11:20 759. Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment of Three     Wednesday, June 27 | Raphael Ballroom D
04-1 Ecosystem Assessment (a)*                                 Insecticides Using An Epigeic Earthworm. Anilava    Chairs: AL-Oud S.S. (King Saud University,
                                                               Kaviraj, Rupa Dasgupta and Partha Pratim                 Saudi Arabia); Dr. Meri Barbafieri (Institute
Thursday, June 28 | Raphael Ballroom C                         Chakravorty                                              of Ecosystem Study, Italy)
Chair: Dr. Prem Kumari Gupta (Indira Gandhi               11:45 817. An Investigation into Crude Oil Evaporation
      National College, India)                                 from Arid Soils for Oil Spills Remediation. Farid
                                                               Benyahia                                            10:05 687. Conservation Threats Towards the Water
                                                                                                                        Birds of Deepor Beel Wetland. Jyotismita Das,
8:00 967. Urban Ecosystems are Amalgamations of           717. Histopathological Effects of Heavy Metals in             Hemen Deka and P.K Saikia, Hemen Deka
      Eco-Friendly & Adverse Facades: Case Study,               Pampus Arjenteus and Parastromateus Niger.         10:30 671. In situ Remediation of Contaminated
      India. Prem Kumari                                        Reza Khoshnood. Zahra Khoshnood.                        Sediments – Active Capping Technology. Anna
8:25 572. Role of Organic Materials in Desert             726. Adverse Effects of Ocean Acidification on Marine         Sophia Knox
      Greenification to Improve the Arid Environment.           Life. Zahra Khoshnood. Reza Khoshnood.             9-4
      Ali A. AlJaloud and Ghulam Hussain                  797. An Analysis of the Ecological Health Considering    10:55 754. Enhanced Phytoremediation of Heavy-
8:50 629. A Gap and Delphi Analysis of Small                    Fragmentation as a Disturbance Indicator.               metal Contaminated Soils by Functional
      Businesses and Environmental Assistance                   Saeideh Rasouli                                         Endophytic Bacteria. Liang Chen, Sheng-lian
      Programs. Terry L. Polen,                                                                                         Luo*, Chen-bin Liu, Yong Wan and Jue-liang
9:15 659. Proximity to Airports and Cancer Incidences.    * Other reference numbers within the Session 04-01            Chen
      S. N. Senkayi, B. Glenn, T. Bateson, M.                  can also replace the vacancy at Session 04-01       11:20 1170. Do Rhizospheric Processes Link to P
      Sattler, V. Chen                                         B.                                                       Nutrition Participate to Soil U Phytoavailability?
9:40 681. Assessment of Agricultural Ecosystem            __________________________________                            Antoine Tailliez, and Pascale Henner,
      Services via Economic and Spatial Simulations.      D9                                                            Catherine Keller
      Yenlan Liu, Jun-Wen Hsiao                           12-01 GIS for Environmental Assessment                   11:45 1246. Phytoremediation as Bioavailable
                                                          12-02 Data Management and Statistics                          Contaminant Stripping Tool: A Case Study of Hg
514. Measurement and Estimation of Forest Water           12-03 Environmental Remote Sensing                            Contaminated        Soil.    Meri       Barbafieri,
      Retention Capacity along The Forest Transect.               Applications                                          Gianniantonio Petruzzelli, Francesca Pedron,
      Xuyong Li, Fei Mo and Xiaoxue Wang.                                                                               Eliana Tassi, Virginia Giansoldati, Irene Rosellini
573. Screening of Salt Tolerant Plants for Promoting      Thursday, June 28 | Raphael Ballroom D
      Greenery in Saudi Arabia. Ali A.ALjaloud ,          Chair: Dr. Amina Rangoonwala (National                   06-1
      Ghulam Hassain                                           Wetland Research Center, USA)                       749.   Bayesian Decision-Making Framework for
596. Holistic Approach as A Necessary Condition of                                                                      Environmental Flow: Case study in Shadegan
      Urban Planning. Natalya Shakaryan, Karen                                                                          Wetland, Iran. Sepideh Khorshid, Ahmad
      Berberyan, M.A.                                     8:00 1216. Protected Areas in a Dynamic Forest                Abrishamchi and Massoud Tajrishy.
601. Ecological evaluation of the Voghchi and                   Landscape: A Large Scale Connectivity Analysis.    916. Destruction of Traditional Rural Wetlands in Rural
      Meghriget Rivers by Hydrochemical and                     Arvid Bergsten, and Örjan Bodin, Frauke Ecke            India Is A Widespread Phenomenon. Prem
      Hydrobiological Parameters. Gevorgyan G. A.,        8:25 1155. Desertifaction Assessment in North Sinai           Kumari Gupta
      Danielyan A. A., Grigoryan K. V., Minasyan S. H.          Using Remote Sensing and GIS. Elsayed Said         06-2
625. Comparison of Damage Caused to the Forest by               Mohamed, Belal A.A., Saleh A.M.                    657. Phyto-Technological Method for Treatment of
      Pit and Chain Sawing. Nambasa Hawah                 8:50 941. Quantification of Percent Shrub Canopy with         Sewage through Constructed Wetland. B. L.
632. Structure, Diversity, Carbon Stocks and                    Landsat Across the Conterminous United States.          Chavan, V. P. Dhulap
      Component Management of Trees in Parkland                 George Xian, Collin Homer, Debbie Meyer,           1218. An Investigation of Plants Effects on the
      Agroforestry Practices in the Central Rift Valley         Brain Granneman, Jon Dewitz.                            Treatment of Nutrient Elements from the
      of Ethiopia. Worku Belayhun                         9:15 1297. Coastal Resource Monitoring With Radar             Secondary Effluent in Constructed Waste Water.
643. Crop Yield of Phaseolu s Vulgaris as                       and Optical Satellite Sensor Data. Amina                Xiang Xuemin, Zhou Xiaobai, Wang Xiaokun,
      Effected by Amelioration of Microclimate                  Rangoonwala*, Elijah Ramsey III, Yukihiro               Zhou Jiti
      through       Intercropping.      Chamandeep              Suzuoki and Terri Bannister                        07-1
      Singh, and Devender Singh Jakhar                                                                             1000. Spatio-Temporal and Chemical Variability of
645. The Impact Structure of Leboudi and the 1930         566. Geoinformatics: A Novel Tool for Groundwater             Anthropogenic Spherules from Allahabad, India.
      Nkol Nyara Catenae. *B. Njom; M. Abossolo; P.            Pollution Modeling and Management – A Case               Ambalika Niyogi* and J.K. Pati
      Moussango Ibohn; S.P. Mbog Bassong; J.B.                 Study in Palakkad District, Kerala, India. S.       1250. Chromium Contamination in Sediments from
      Onana.                                                   Rajendran, Subin K. Jose, R. Jayasree, R.                Northern Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan. Cheng-Di
660. Environmental Risk Management of Kish                     Santhosh Kumar                                           Dong, Chih-Feng Chen, and Chiu-Wen Chen.
      International Airport Using Topsis,Entropy,Ahp      570. Remote Sensing Based Approach for Ground
      and       Conditional Probability. Mohammad              Water Management: A Case Study. Surendra            __________________________________
      Haghollahi,                                              Kumar Yadav                                         E9
698. Assessment of Possible Impact of Industrial          607. Large Scale Mapping (1:5000 Vector & Raster)        01-02 Watershed Management
      Activities and the Use of Agrochemicals on the           Using High Resolution Satellite Images. Ali E.      01-09 Water Quality Assessment/Management (a)
      Levels of Toxic Chemicals in the Natural                 Said, Hadi M. Omar Shandoul; Yekhlef Z.
      Environment, El-Mukhtar A. Belgasem and                  Yekhlef                                             Thursday, June 28 | Salon 1
      Ramadan I. Damja                                    752. Environmental Impact Assessment of Liquid Gas       Chair: Dr. David M Oliver (University of Stirling, UK)
699. El-Mukhtar A. Belgasem and Ramadan I. Damja.              Pipeline by Using Map Overlay and GIS
      Pesticide Residues in Medicinal Herbs of North           Methods. Nematollah Jafarzadeh, Marzeih Rasti,
      Africa. Ramadan I. damja and EL Mukhtar A.               Reza Khoshnood.                                     8:00 784.       Understanding Farmers’ Perceptions
      Belgasem                                            974. Towards a Better Understanding of Surface                 towards Water Pollution Control in the Yangtz
                                                               Deformation in Houston, Texas. Shuhab Khan,               Delta, China. Xiaoying Yang, Xingzhang Luo,
* Other reference numbers within the Session 04-01             Maisam Otoum, Zheng Huang, Ayca Karacay,                  Xingzhang Luo, Zheng Zheng
     can also replace the vacancy at Session 04-01             Xu Han                                              1-9
     A.                                                   1311. Biomass Loss in the Encroached Forest Areas        8:25 597. Artificial Neural Networks for Localization of
                                                               of Western Ghats of Karnataka, India. R.K.                Contamination Sources in Drinking Water
10:05 Break/Coffee                                             Somashekar, P. Ravikumar, G.R. Pramod                     Distribution Systems. Diogo Costa, Luís Melo
_________________________________                              Kumar and B.C. Nagaraja                                   and Fernando Martins
C10                                                       912. Satellite Monitoring of Snow and Ice Cover in       8:50 679. Evaluation of the TMDL for the East Canyon
04-1 Ecosystem Assessment (b)                                  Southern Ontario. Elena Shcherbenko                       Reservoir Using Remote Sensing. David A.
                                                          1194. Discussion on Relation Between Land Surface              Fayol, M. Brett Borup
9:15 693. A New Hybrid Aerator Combining A Bubble        Chair: Dr. S. Somashekar (S. J. College of                 Chair:    Dr. George NKeng (Ecole Nationale
      Generator and A Surface Mechanical Aerator.              Engineering, India)                                           Supérieure des Travaux Publics Yaoundé
      Ajey Kumar Patel and Achanta Ramakrishna                                                                               Cameroun, Cameroon)
9:40 751. E. coli Burden to Land and Delivery to Water   8:00 852. Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Road
      at Headwater Catchment Scales. David M                   Traffic Noise Pollution in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.      3:35 533. The Microbe Community and Diversity on
      Oliver, Louise Heathwaite, Trevor Page, Ting             A. O. Al-Jasser, Saad M. Mogren                            Anammox Bioreactor. Qin Yujie, and Zhou
      Zhang, Keith Beven, Gareth McShane, Heather        8:25 1058. Vulnerability to Storm Surge of the Houston           Shaoqin
      Carter, Patrick O’ Keenan & Philip M. Haygarth           Ship Channel in Texas. Daniel W. Burleson and        4:00 842. Optimization of Ammonia-N Oxidation by
                                                               Hanadi S. Rifai                                            Nitrosomonas Europaea Using Experiment
10:05 Break/Coffee                                       8:50 1060. Green Building- for Sustainable                       Design. Bao yingling, Ye Zhengfang
__________________________________                             Development. C.V.R.Vaishnavi                         4:25 876. The Effects of Silver Ions on Enhanced
E10                                                      9:15     1241.    The      Empathy,    Understanding,            Biological Phosphorous Removal. Hong Chen,
01-09 Water Quality Assessment/Management (b)                  Empowerment (EUE) Model of Engagement in                   and Yinguang Chen
                                                               Environmental     Decision Making. Ducker,           4:50 989. Phosphorus Removal and Recovery from
Thursday, June 28 | Salon 1                                    Daniel, and Kepa Morgan                                    Wastewater     by Electrochemical      Process.
Chair: Dr. Mey Jurdi (American University of Beirut,                                                                      Hiroaki Yoshino, and Yutaka Sakakibara
      Lebanon)                                           9:40 Break/Coffee                                          5:15 1144. Aged Refuse Bioreactor - A Novel Process
                                                                                                                          on Nitrogen Removal of Mature Landfill
                                                         10:05 1160. Partnership Approach in Environemntal                Leachate. Bing, Xie
10:30 1097. Quality Assessment of the Upper Litani            Management: A Strategy to Solving Urban               5:40 838. Stability of the Nitrifying Granules under
        River Basin in Lebanon. Mey Jurdi, Nora               Problems in Lafia Town, Nigeria. Bashayi                    High Loading Rate. Fang-Yuan Chen, Yong-
        Karahagopian and Khalil Kriedieh                      Obadiah and Barau Daniel                                    Qiang Liu, Joo-Hwa Tay, Ping Ning
10:55 1103. Sourcing Dioxin from the San Jacinto         10:25 1237. A Missed Dimension of the Neglected
        Waste Pits into Galveston Bay. Taft Y.                Pillar: The Case of Social Sustainability. Tina       1162.    Ammonia-oxidizing       Bacteria-Comamonas
        Tucker and Hanadi S.Rifai.Taft Y. Tucker              Pujara                                                     Aquatic LNL3 and its Partial Nitrification
11:20 1197. Assessing the Impact of Wastewater           10:50 1288. Measurement of Sustainable                          Characterization. Zhengkui Li, Ling Zhao, Tao
        Expenditures on Bacterial Water Quality.              Development with Reference to A Backward                   Zhou, Ningmei Wu
        Roger Miranda                                         Mining Region, India. Basanth Kommadth and            1016. Biodegradation Efficiency of Bacterial Isolates
11:45 634. Water Quality Surveillance in Hyderabad            Binayak Rath                                               from Wastes of Pesticide Company (case study).
                                                                                                                                            1                          2
        City. Syeda Azeem Unnisa and S.Bhupatthi         11:15 1055. Assessment of Cleaner Production Options            Ayman H. Mansee and Manal R. Montasser
        Rav                                                   for Electrolytic Manganese Metal Industry of China.   (Some presentations in the waiting list can be also
                                                              ZhiGang Dan, Xiuling Yu and Fan Wang                       found at the session “01-10 Nitrogen-
571. Sub-Watershed Based Prediction of N and P                                                                           Phosphorus Wastewater Treatment B”)
       Loads from Diffuse Sources to Receiving
       Water. Mustafa Sait Yazgan, Cevdet Bicer          908.    Environmental Planning and Sustainable             __________________________________
1088. Water Environment Protection and Ecological               Development of Azerbaijan Cities. Emir              C11/C12
       Rehabilitation Technology in Inland River                Huseynov, Akif Aliyev                               04-01 Ecosystem Assessment C
       Basins, Northwest China, GAO Qian-zhao,
       FENG Qi, HAMID·Yimit, WANG Shun-de and                                                                       Thursday, June 28 | Raphael Ballroom C
       QIAN Ju                                                                                                      Chair: Dr. Guangzhi Sun (James Cook
                                                            Thursday Afternoon, June 28, 2012
1-9                                                                                                                       University, Australia)
512. A Survey of Fluoride Concentration in the Surface
         and Ground Water of Maligoan Area of
                                                         01-11 Sludge Treatment
         Guwahati City of Assam, India. Angur                                                                       1:30 782. Losses of Ecosystem Services Value in
         Begum, Aminul Ahmed
                                                         Thursday, June 28 | Raphael Ballroom B                              Taihu Watershed from 1979 to 2010. Hui Zhang,
567. Water Quality Mapping of the Coastal Aquifers,
         Central Kerala, India – A GIS Approach. S.      Chair: Dr. George A. Sorial ( University of
         Rajendran, and R. Santhosh Kumar                      Cincinnati, USA)                                              Yan-Song Wang, Qiao Wang
592.    Assessment       of    Future   Socioeconomic                                                               1:55 913. The Concept of Ecosystem Manipulation:
                                                         1:30 745. Degradation and Microbial Profiles in Single-
         Development Impacts on Water Quality: A                                                                         What Is It, and How Does It Work in
         Case Study. Nomessi Kuma Kokutse, Pham                Stage and 2-Phase CSTR Sludge Digestion.
                                                               Guo ChengHong, Maspolim Y,, Xiao K K,, Zhou               Bioremediation? Guangzhi Sun, and Kirsten
         Thi Thu Ha, Sophie Duchesne and Jean-                                                                           Heimann
         Pierre Villeneuve                                     Y, Ng W J,, Zhai B, and Yeo K C
                                                         1:55 834. Toxicity Formation and Distribution in           2:20 938. Systematic Conservation Pattern for the
620. Impact of Arsenic contaminated ground water in                                                                      Ecosystem in QinBa Region, China. . Ya-nan
         Bhagalpur, India. Ashok Kumar Ghosh,                  Activated Sludge Treating Bisphenol A (BPA)
                                                               Wastewater. Xiurong Chen*, Na Yang, Wenlu                 Tian, Hongqi Wang, Jingwen Sun, and Zeqing
         Nupur Bose.                                                                                                     Hou.
                                                               Xu, Yuanyuan Hu
634. Water Quality Surveillance in Hyderabad City.                                                                  2:55 967. Urban Ecosystems are Amalgamations of
         Syeda Azeem Unnisa and S.Bhupatthi Rav          2:20 1130. Utilization of Untreated Sewage Sludge for
                                                               the Production of Sustainable Construction                Eco-Friendly & Adverse Facades: Case Study,
695.    Mapping       and     Modeling   Chlorophyll-a                                                                   India. Prem Kumari
                                                               Materials. Alaa A Hamood and Jamal Khatib.
         Concentrations in Utah Lake Using Landsat-7                                                                3:10 970. Mapping and Analyzing Tradeoffs between
         ETM+ Imagery. Victor Nii Afum Narteh, M.        2:45 1151. Removal of Acid-Gases from Digested
                                                               Sludge Using Microbubble Generated By Fluidic             Ecosystem Services under Landscape Change.
         Brett Borup                                                                                                     Tao Huang and Yu-Pin Lin
                                                               Oscillation. Mahmood K. H. Al-Mashhadani,
1072. The Role of Water Quality Index - Case Study in
         Iran. Farzam Babaei Semiromi, and Zohreh              Stephen J. Wilkinson, and William B Zimmerman
                                                                                                                    3:35 Break/Coffee
1076. Greywater Reuse in High Rise Residential           3:10 Break/Coffee
                                                                                                                    4:00 1042. Diversity of Aquatic Insects of Urban Lake
         Buildings: A Case of Patna City. Nityanand                                                                       During Restoration, Gulbarga District, Karnataka.
                                                         1231. Mechanisms of Utilizing Cationic Surface-Active
         Singh Maurya, Ran Vijay Singh                                                                                    K. Vijaykumar
                                                               Agent in the Dehydration of Excess Sludge. Yi
1121. A Study on Spatial Distribution of Water Quality                                                              4:25 1064. Strategic Environmental Assessment of
                                                               Xing*, Chen Hong, Fan Zhao, Wei Chen
         and the Behavior of Do Concentration in Tidal                                                                    Zero Waste to Landfill in Thai Paper Mill.
         Area of Urban Rivers. Shunya Kojima, R.         1080. The Effect of Natural Substances in Upgrading
                1            1                                 of the Sludge Drying Bed’s Performance. Elmira             Chotiwan Seangprasertkij, Yutaka Sakakibara
         Asami , K. Sakurai , T. Yamada                                                                                   and Takehiko Murayama
1122. A Study on Water Quality in Urban Rivers. Kazuki         Tarverdizadeh, Ali Torabian and Aliakbar Azimi
                            1          1                 1263. Combining Chloride Salts and Thermal                 4:50 1346. Acid Mine Water Quality – The Cause of
         Sakurai, R. Asami , S. Kojima , T. Yamada                                                                        Deterioration Observed in Field Concrete.
1219. Coliphage As Indicator of Water Quality in               Treatment to Improve Sludge Settleability and
                                                               Dewaterability. Jie Yu, and Baohong Guan                   Firehiwot Azene, Stephen O. Ekolu, Jacob
         Alexandria. Hoda Ahmed El Shamy, Aleya                                                                           Ikotun
         Abbass, Mona Hashish, Ola Essa                  644.
                                                         Excess Sludge Minimization Using Ultrasonic                5:15 996. Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emission
1256. Monitoring the Effects of Water Pollution on                                                                        Potential of A Eutrophic Lake. Selim L. Sanin,
         Freshwater Fish in Mine Pit Lakes. Jatau-       Waves in Conventional Activated Sludge Pilot
                                                         Plant. Arezoo Nejaei and Shaghayegh Sadr                         and Ezgi Ogun and Aysegul Aksoy
         Emeagha, G. E Ladidi, and Wade J.Wokton                                                                    5:40 1156. Integrated Assessment for the Health of the
                                                         ______________________________________                           Mississippi Canyon, N. Gulf of Mexico. Y. S.
__________________________________                                                                                        Soliman, T. L. Wade, and G. T. Rowe
15-01 Environmental Quality and Planning                 01-10 Nitrogen-Phosphorus Wastewater
                                                              Treatment (b)                                         797. An Analysis of the Ecological Health Considering
15-03 Environmental Policy and Management                                                                                Fragmentation as a Disturbance Indicator.
                                                         Thursday, June 28 | Raphael Ballroom B                          Saeideh Rasouli
Thursday, June 28 | Salon 3
975. Enhanced Evaporation of Brine Springs and             919. Heavy Metal Bioaccumulation of Rice upon             15-2
      Inland Desalination Concentrates. Sami Al-                Exposure     to    Single   and   Combined           1:30 598. Peak Oil: Knowledge, Attitudes, and
      Haddad, W. Shane Walker, and John Walton                  Contamination. Yizong Huang, Ying Hu and                   Programming Activities in Public Health. Sammi
1041. Impact of Fungal Endophyte AR29 Infection in              Yunxia Liu                                                 L. Tuckerman, J. Mac Crawford, Robyn S.
      Diploid Perennial Ryegrass under Water Stress.       969. Protection by Clerodendrum Phlomidis against               Wilson, W. Berry Lyons
      M Hasinur Rahman, Shamima Sabreen, Atsushi                Manganese Toxicity. Ram Prakash                      1:55 943. Modeling Adoption of Energy Efficient
      Okubo, Wayne R and K Rafiq Islam                     1324. Copper and pH Dynamics in the Bulk Soil and               Devices in Indian Urban Households. S.
1145. Lessons from Contemporary Urban Growth                    Rhizosphere Soil. Prabha K Padmavathiamma,                 Somashekar, N. Nagesha. S. Somashekar
      Theories: An Approach Towards Achieving An                ), Loretta Li, Mohammed Abdul Mohsen Ali             2:20 1034. Learning from Vernacular Architecture of
      Integrated Sustainable Urban Development.                 Salem                                                      Cities in Iran to Save Energy. Shahryar
      Jayprakash Chadchan                                                                                                  Shaghaghi , Eshagh Rasuli S., Hamidreza
1164. Effect of Soil Solarization and Some                 __________________________________                              Zamani
      Nematicides on Controlling the Root-Knot             E11                                                       16-4
      Nematodes Meloidogyne incognita Infected             01-05 Non-point Sources                                   2:45 520. Water Use in Cellulosic Ethanol Production,
      Grapes Seedlings. Asmaa, A. Mokbel, El-Saedy         01-06 Wastewater Discharge Management                           Morten Moeller Klausen and Gert Holm
1172.     Assemblage     Structure and    Ecological                                                                       Kristensen
      Determinants of Termites’ Foraging Intensity in      Thursday, June 28 | Salon 1                               3:10 544. A Feasibility Study of Making Biodiesel from
      Semi-Arid Ecosystems. Mugerwa Swidiq                 Chair: Dr. Peter E. Black (SUNY ESF, USA)                       Trap Grease. Qingshi Tu, Jingjing Wang,
                                                                                                                           Mingming Lu, Ming Chai, Bluegrass Biodiesel,
(Some presentations in the waiting list are also                                                                           Ting Lu
    included at the sessions on June 29)
                                                           1:30 513. Street Dust and Its Potential Heavy Metal
                                                                Contamination to Runoff. Xuyong Li, Hongtao          3:35 Break/Coffee
                                                                Zhao and Xiaoyan He
D11/D12                                                                                                              __________________________________
                                                           1:55 1012. Evaluation of Best Sampling Time for
09-01 Metal Distribution                                        Measurement of Oil and Grease. Zulkifli Yusop        F12
09-02 Metal Removal and Remediation                             and Chow Ming Fai                                    16-04 Bio-fuels (b)
09-03 Speciation, Biovailability and                       1-6
        Accumulation                                       2:20 507. Industrial Wastewater Management in             Thursday, June 28 | Salon 3
                                                                Vietnam - Current Status and Solutions. Le           Chair: Dr. Rajasekhar Balasubramaniam,
Thursday, June 28 | Raphael Ballroom D                          Tuyet Minh, Nguyen Phuong Quy and Tan Soon                (National   University of Singapore,
Chair: Obulisamy Parthiba Karthikeyan (National                 Keat                                                      Singapore)
      University of Singapore, Singapore)                  2:45 824. Fluorescence Fingerprint Properties of the
                                                                Wastewater of an Industrial Park. C.B. XIE,
                                                                J.WU*, Z.P.CAO, D.D. YIN                             4:00 638. Availability and Production Costs of Pine-
1:30 769. Enhancement of Heavy Metals Movement             3:10 942. The Effects of Water TMS and Future                   Based Biomass as a Feedstock for Bioethanol
      by Capillary Forces by Addition of Chelate                Directions in Korea. ByungKook Lee, S.H. Kim,              Production. Gustavo Perez-Verdin, Donald L.
      Solution in Polluted Soil. AL-Oud S.S.                    TaeJoo Park                                                Grebner, and Jose Navar-Chaidez
1:55 831. Solidification, Immobilization and Separation    3:35 1083. Onsite Wastewater Treatment System             4:25 841. Performance and Microbial Profiles of 2-
      of Heavy Metals in Soil with Nano-Fe/Ca/CaO               Failure in the Dickinson Bayou Watershed.                  Phase Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste
                                                                                                                                                                1,2        1
      Dispersion      Mixtures.      Srinivasa   Reddy          Aaron Forbis-Stokes, Clyde Munster, Bryan                  Leachate. Huang Wenhai, Wang Z Y , Zhou Y
      Mallampati, Yoshiharu Mitoma, Tetsuji Okuda,              Boulanger, and Binayak Mohanty                             and Ng W J
      Shogo Sakita, and Mitsunori Kakeda                                                                             4:50 1105. Carbon Footprint Analysis for Algae Grown
2:20 934. Microwave-Assisted Pre-Treatment of Black        4:00 Break/Coffee                                               in a Photobioreactor. Jennifer Matczak, Stephen
      Shale for Removal of Carbonaceous Matter.            _________________________________                               Duda, Cody Edley, William Riddell, Tobey
      Obulisamy Parthiba Karthikeyan, Raghu                                                                                Kinkaid, (AlgaeDyne)
      Betha, A. Rajasekar, S. Manivannan and R.            01-07 In-Situ Measurement and Monitoring                  5:15     783.     Promoting     Jatropha    Plantation:
      Balasubramaniam                                                                                                      Opportunities for Biofuel, for Soil Conservation
2:45 1087. Migration Behavior of Arsenic and Copper                                                                        and Water Management. Tessema Bekele
                                                           Thursday, June 28 | Salon 1
      during    Quick      Electrokinetic    Remediation                                                             5:40 1171. Enhancement of Lipid Accumulation in
                                                           Chair: Dr. Arun D. Pophale (Visvesvaraya
      Process. Hafiz Ahmad, Danuta Leszczynska,                                                                            Dunaliella Salina in Response to CO2 Aeration
                                                                 National Institute of Technology, India)
      Korhan Adalier, and Mario Oyanader.                                                                                  for Biodiesel Production. Hanaa H. Abd El Baky,
3:10 768. Speciation of Heavy Metals in the Sediments                                                                      Gamal S. El-Baroty and Abderrahim Bouaid
      of Former Tin Mining Catchment, Muhammad
                                                           4:25 523. Real Time Monitoring of a Sequencing Batch
      Aqeel Ashraf, Mohd. Jamil Maah and Ismail                                                                      807. Intensification of Biogas Generation by Ultrasonic
                                                                 Reactor with In-Situ NIR Spectroscopy. Nídia
      Yusoff                                                     Dana Lourenço, Cláudio Fernandes de                       Treatment of Agro- Waste. Chandrika Samal and
                                                                                                                           Dibakar Panda
                                                                 Almeida, João Almeida Lopes,
714. Assessment of Heavy Metals Pollution in Iranian                                                                 1159. Methane Production from Mesophilic Co-
                                                           4:50 1078. A Microfluidic Platform for Multi-Parametric
     Harbours (The Persian Gulf Coast). Reza                     Water Quality Analysis. John Cleary, Damien               Digestion of Sugar-Beet Processing Wastewater
     Khoshnood. Zahra Khoshnood.                                                                                           and Beet-Pulp. Goksel N. Demirer
                                                                 Maher, Deirdre Cogan, and Dermot Diamond
892. Using Supercritical Fluid with Dispersant to                                                                    1275. Anaerobic Co-digestion of Municipal Biomass
                                                           5:15 1113. Portable Lab-On-A-Disc Wireless System
     Prepare Zero-valent Iron for Decontamination.                                                                         Waste in China: Effect of Organic Loading Rate.
                                                                 for In-Situ Multiparameter Water Quality
     Min-Hsin Liu*, Shi-Han Tang and Sheng-Yao                                                                             Xiao Liu, Wei Wang, Lulu Chen, Shuang Hu,
                                                                 Analysis. Monika Czugala,
     Yang                                                                                                                  Liying Zhang
                                                           5:40 1326. Azo Dye Binding Interactions with
                                                                 Freshwater and Treated Wastewater Dissolved
4:35 Break/Coffee                                                Organic Matter. Tanveer Ahmed, Keiichi Ohta
                                                                 and Masahiro Maruo
3:00 1259. Removal of Chromium (III) and Lead (II)
      by Using Yarrowia Lipolytica: Yeast-Metal
                                                           910. Development of Novel instrument for In-situ
      Interactions.   Ashok      Bankar,     Soumitra
                                                                  Monitoring of Micro-pollutants in Water
      Marathe, Ameeta Kumar and Smita Zinjarde,                   Environment. Hanchang SHI, Feng LONG
      Balu Kapadnis, Mark Winey
                                                                  and Baodong SONG
4:25 1061. Arsenic Intake from Water, Rice and
                                                           939. Dissemination of Decentralized Wastewater
      Vegetables    in     Bangladesh.      Mohammad
                                                                  Treatment     System    in   Rural   China:
      Mahmudur Rahman* and Ravi Naidu
                                                                  Opportunities and Challenges. Shikun Cheng,
4:50 969. Protection by Clerodendrum Phlomidis
                                                                  Zifu Li, Heinz-Peter Mang
      against Manganese Toxicity. Ram Prakash
5:15 822. Metal Toxicity in Terrestrial Organisms in an
      Ecologically Sensitive Island. Govindasamy
      Agoramoorthy, and Minna J Hsu
                                                           15-02 Energy-related Environmental
5:40 944. Plants Generate Nanoparticles to Detoxify
      Auric and Excess Iron Ions. P. Pardha-Saradhi,
             2                   3             1      4    16-04 Bio-fuels (a)
      Yamal, Tanuj Peddisetty, P. Sharmila, Jyoti ,
                           4              2
      Rajamani Nagarajan and K.S. Rao
                                                           Thursday, June 28 | Salon 3
536. Heavy Metal Accumulation by Bacteria Under            Chair: Mr. Morten Moeller Klausen
     Various Environmental Conditions. Fouzia              ( Urban & Industry Department, Denmark)
     Tanveer and Azra Yasmin
                                                                                                                             Friday Morning, June 29, 2012
                                                              and Zai-gang Wang
B13/B14 (D13/D14)                                        10:05 Break/Coffee (10 min only)
01-13 Industrial Wastewater Biotreatment                                                                            __________________________________
                                                         __________________________________                         F13
Friday, July 29 | Room: Raphael Ballroom D               C14                                                        14-1 Society and the Environment
Chair: Dr. George A. Sorial ( University of              04-1 Ecosystem Assessment (d)                              14-2 Environmental Ethics and Laws
      Cincinnati, USA)                                   04-2 Nutrients and Functions of Ecosystems                 14-3 Environmental Education
                                                         04-03 Restoration of Ecosystems
                                                         04-04 Urban Ecosystems                                     Thursday, June 29 | Salon 3
8:00 608. Assessing Acute Toxicity of Black Liquor                                                                  Chair: Dr. Robin Saha (University of Montana,
     Generated from Refined Cotton Production. Xu        Thursday, June 28 | Raphael Ballroom C                           USA)
     Zhao, Quanlin Zhao, Zhengfang Ye                    Chair: Shirley Rosenzweig (University         of
8:25 712. Phenanthrene Biodegradation by Isolated              Cincinnati, USA)
     Strains: Kinetic Studies. M. Brinda Lakshmi and                                                                8:00 584. A Socio-demographic Analysis of Biomass
     Manicakm Velan                                                                                                       Energy and Waste Incinerator Facility Locations
8:50 767. Assessment of Phytoextraction Efficiency of                                                                     in the United States. Robin Saha, Mike Ewall,
     Naturally Grown Plant Species in the Former Tin     10:15 1347. Interventions to Better Manage the                   Glenn S. Johnson, and Robert D. Bullard.
     Mining Catchment, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf,                 Carbon Stocks in Australian Melaleuca Forests.        8:25 1039. Protected Area and Livelihoods of Ethnic
     Mohd. Jamil Maah and Ismail Yusoff                       Da B. Tran, Paul Dargusch, Patrick Moss, John               Community: Experience from Bangladesh. Kazi
9:15 835. Two Phase Biodegradation of Phenol in a             Herbohn                                                     Kamrul Islam and Noriko Sato
     Hollow Fiber Membrane Bioreactor. Prashant          10:40 573. Screening of Salt Tolerant Plants for           8:50 1079. Regulating the Use of Plastic Packaging: A
     Praveen and Kai-Chee Loh.                                Promoting Greenery in Saudi Arabia. Ali                     Case Study in the Philippines. Raquel Rosario
                                                              A.ALjaloud , Ghulam Hassain                                 A. Reyes and Emelita C. Aguinaldo
9:40 Break/Coffee                                        11:05 867. Cost Effective Environmental Magnetic           14-3
                                                              Field Mitigation by Active Loops near Power           9:15 565. Study of the Role of Non-governmental
10:05 924. Biosorption of Cu, Zn and Ni by Growing            Lines, Hussein Anis, and Ayman Aboud,                       Organizations         in       Non-governmental
     Aspergillus sp. in Cheese Whey. Reena Pundir             Hussein Anis*                                               Environmental Educations in Iran. Seyyed
     and M. G. Dastidar                                                                                                   Mohammad Shobeiri
10:30 1325. Linking Nutrients, Metals and Productivity   713. Industrial Ecology for Local Productive               9:40 1247. Study of the Potential of Political Measures
     in Gulf of Mannar Mangrove Islands, India.                Arrangements. Adriana Valélia Saraceni, and                on Citizen Participation in Waste Recycling and
     Nabeel M. Alikunhi and Kathiresan Kandasamy               Pedro Paulo de Andrade Júnior                              Reduction. Yasuhiro MATSUI and Haruka ITOH
                                                         736. Non-Indigenous Ascidians Phallusia Nigra
766. Decentralized Domestic Waste and Waste Water              Savigny, 1816 (Tunicata: Ascidiacea) in Persian      605. Communicating Climate Change in Africa through
     Treatment through Vermifiltration. Ankur Rajpal,          Gulf Coast of Iran. Aida khazaali, Maryam                 the Theatre for Development Process. Ubong
     Renu Bhargava, and A. K. Chopra                           Ehsanpour, Majid Afkhami                                  Nda and Faith U. Ekong
862. Pretreatment, Enzymatic Hydrolysis and                                                                         1333. Redefining Affordable Housing through
     Bioethanol Production Using Concentrated                                                                            Sustainable Practices. OLUSOLA Oladotun. M,
     Cotton Stalk Hydrolyzate. Narsi R. Bishnoi          _______________________________________                         Harrison Deborah.
931. The Design Research for the Advanced                E13/E14                                                    1021. Utilizing Drama in the Teaching of Environmental
     Treatment Of Coal Mining Water In GUQiao            13-01 Environmental Analysis                                    Issues to Primary School Pupils. Ubong S. Nda
     Mine. PAN Lingxiao, and LIU Hanhu                   13-2 Field Measurment Technologies                         531. Investigation of Environmental Attitudes among
1040. Degradation of Polycylcic Aromatic                 13-3 New Method Applications                                    Elementary School Teachers : Case Study in
     Hydrocarbons in Crude Oil Contaminated Saline       13-4 Environmental Monitoring                                   Iran-Ahvaz, Forouzan Farrokhian, Mohammad
     Water by a Halotolerant Bacterial Consortium.                                                                       Hosseinpour and Atousa Soleimani
Namasivayam Vasudevan, P. Aulazhagan, King               Friday, July 29 | Room: Salon 1                            631. The Role of Natural Light on Learning, Speaking
     Abdulaziz                                           Chair: Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Banaras Hindu                         and Writing and Health on Pupils in Primary
1182. A New Bioaugmentation Method in Bio-fluidized            University, India)                                        School. (Case study in Glasgow (Scotland) and
     Bed to Enhance the Removal of Recalcitrant                                                                          Isfahan (Iran)). Mohammadreza Nilforoushan ,
                                                                                                                                       2                          3,
     Organic Compounds in Industrial Coke Plant                                                                          Raid Hanna , Hassan Sadeghi Naeini Farhang
     Wastewater, S.Q. Li, F. Zhu, Y.J. Hao, G.H.         13-3                                                            Mozaffar

     Xiong, D.Q. Cang, G.H.Xiong                         8:00 683. Overview and Validation of the Training          1168. Community Participation to Disaster Mitigation
                                                               Range           Envirionmental          Evaluation        and Sustainable Management - A Case Study of
                                                               Characterization System. Mark S. Dortch and               Pakistan. Yameen Memon, Naureen Nazar
__________________________________                             Billy E. Johnson                                          Soomro and Aashiq Jhatial
C13                                                      8:25 998. Rapid Lysis of Bacterial Cells in a              1255. Creating and Implementing Environmental
10-01 Characterization of Organic Pollutants                   Microfluidic Chip, Tsung-Ju Yang and Shu-Chi              Education Curricula that Encourages Creativity
10-02 Degradation of Persistent Organic                        Chang,                                                    in Rural India. Tara Adiseshan
     Pollutants                                          8:50 1244. Development of Molecular Imprinting
                                                               Polymers for Environmental Phthalate Esters        10:05 Break/Coffee (10 min only)
Wednesday, June 28 | Raphael Ballroom C                        Analysis. Ta-Chang Lin and Yu-Yin Liu                 __________________________________
Chair: Dr. E. Sahle Demessie (EPA National               13-4                                                        F14
      Laboratory, USA)                                   9:15 874. Assessment of Heavy Metals in Soils in the        16-02 Wind Energy
                                                               Surroundings of A Coal-Fired Power Plant. M.L.        16-03 Solar Energy
                                                               Dinis, A. Fiúza, J. Góis, J.S. de Carvalho, A.C.M.    16-05 Special Energy Development
8:00 806. The Role of Methanogens in Degradation of                                                                  Thursday, June 27 | Salon 3
      Chlorophenols under Acidic Condition. JIANG        9:40 Break/Coffee                                                 Chair: Dr. Serdar Yaman (Istanbul
      Xie, ZHOU Y. and NG W.J.                           10:05 1135. When One Groundwater Monitoring Well                  Technical University, Turkey)
8:25 859. Enhanced Biodegradation of Endosulfan and            is Enough. Neil S. Shifrin, and Aaron C. Chow
      its Metabolite-Endosulfate by a Biosurfactant      10:30 1150. Development of Database for Marine Oil
      Producing Bacterium. Greeshma Odukkathil and             Pollution Study, Nguyen Kim Anh, Nguyen Dinh
      Namasivayam Vasudevan                                    Duong. Nguyen Kim Anh                                 10:15 1101. Effects of Biofuel Productions in the Ohio
8:50 865. Degradation of Carbon Tetrachloride Using      10:55 1102. Remote Sensing of On-Road Motor                      River Basin’s Water Resources and Quality.
      the Modified Persulfate Oxidation. . Yong-jae            Vehicle Emissions by Doas and Tdlas                        Yonas Demissie, Eugene Yan, and May Wu
      Kwon, Moon-ho Kang, Su-jin Bang, Sil-hee                 Techniques, Jianguo Liu, Wenqing Liu, Pinhua          10:40 1283. Photo Activity of Nickel- Cuprous-Oxide-
      Hong, and Sung-ho Kong.                                  Xie, Yujun Zhang and Ruifeng Kan                           on-Copper Electrode for Hydrogen Generation.
9:15 945. Ozonation of Tertiary Treated Municipal                                                                                     #
                                                                                                                          Sangeeta, , Ashok N. Bhaskarwar
      Wastewater for the Removal of Persistent           947. Comparing Economic-Environmental Efficiency            11:05 848. Production of Fuel Pellets from Carbonized
      Organic Pollutants. Results and Toxicological            Analysis in Electricy Genaeration in Iran.                 Biomass and Lignite. Serdar Yaman, Hanzade
      Evaluation. Norbert Kreuzinger and Heidemarie            Foroogh Shadman Lahiji, and Khalid Abdul                   Haykiri-Acma, Fulya Ulu
      Schaar                                                   Rahim
9:40 935. Toxicity of Nonylphenol Compounds in           868. Fate and Transport of Tetracyclines in Selected        1126. Enhanced Evaporation of Brine Springs and
      Anaerobic Digesters. Hande Bozkurt and F.                Swine Farms in China. Min Qiao, , Bing Zhang &             Inland Desalination Concentrates. Sami Al-
      Dilek Sanin                                              Cai Zhang, Wangda Chen, Jianqiang Su                       Haddad, Tejaswini Anand, W. Shane Walker,
                                                                                                                          and John Walton
1128. Kinetics on Ofloxacin Oxidation by Potassium                                                                   1229. Preliminary Design: Combined Solar CSP/Gas
     Permanganate. Yongpeng Xu , Xiaohui Wan,                                                                             Driven Water Desalination for GCC and MENA
     Countries. Youssef Ahmed Elgendy, M. A.                    Velocity. M. K. Bhatt, B. M. Sutaria,                       Mahbub Husnain-Al-Bustam, Md. Nurul Absar
     Darwish                                                    S.N.Gaderia, S.A.Channiwala                                 Chowdhury
                                                           1321. Importance of Carbon-Based Solar Cell for
16-2/16-3                                                       Clean Energy and Environment. Dilip Chandra
1235. Dust Affects the Design of Solar Collectors               Ghimire, Sudip Adhikari, Heideo Uchida and
      Operating in GCC and MENA Countries.                      Masayoshi Umeno
      Youssef Ahmed Elgendy                                1327. Combined Solar Power and Cooling System
1267. Design of a Solar Energy Utilizing Water Purifier         Using an Organic Cycle. Adel Akair, Tony
      for the Rural Areas of Bangladesh, Husnain-Al-            Roskilly and Yaodong Wang                              __________________________________
      Bustam, Md. Zakaria Mahbub , Prof. Dr.Md.            1334. Catalytic Transformation of Biomass to Biofuels
      Nurul Absar Chowdhury                                     and Chemicals. Basudeb Saha
1320. Experimental Study on Solar Flat Plate Collector     1268. Natural Gas Crisis and its Solution through
      for Losses under Different Heat Input and Wind            Renewable Energy in Bangladesh, Md. Zakaria

                                    POSTER SESSIONS
                                                          11. 1264. Development of a Wetting Technique of           595. Impact of Idol Immersion on the Physico-Chemical
                                                               Carbon Electrodes in Capacitive Deionization and           Properties of Water of Upper Lake of Bhopal.
                                                               an Evaluation Method. Hsin-Lan Hsu and Yu-Tzu              Charanjeet Kaur, Arti Patel
   POSTER SESSION I                                            Chen                                                 614. Modeling Chronic Effects on Life History Strategies
   Atrium Lobby                                           ______________________________________                          of Ceriodaphnia Dubia: A Multigenerational Study.
   7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.                                  01-09 Water Resources and Assessment/                           Kiran Lamichhane, T.W. La Point
   Tuesday, June 26, 2012                                      Management                                           617. Study on Precipitation of Chloranion and Chlorite
                                                                                                                          Anion. Yan Li, and Chongwei Cui
                                                           12. 502. Strategies for Sustainable Development of 621.           Water Shed Management in Rural India:
01 Water Pollution and Water Quality Control                     Hydrographic Ecosystems in Western and Central           Traditional Wisdom - Modern Tools. Ashok
_______________________________________                          Romania. Aurel Ardelean, Dorina Ardelean,                Kumar Ghosh, Nupur Bose,
______________________________________                           Violeta Turcuş, and Iulian Octavian Stana          748. Routine Water Resource Monitoring Network for
01-02 Watershed Management                                 13. 503. Nonylphenols and Their Ethoxylates in Rivers          Eskom. Kaajial Durgapersad
                                                                 and Harbor Area of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Bing- 869. Corrosion in the Auxiliary Cooling System of Power
1. 1304. Management Multi-Objectives of Water                    Jung Ku, Wei-Hsien Wang, Shu-Hui Lee                     Plants and Providing Suitable Solutions for the
      Functional Zone in China. Lingling Bin,              14. 732. Measure Determination and Zoning of Oil               Problem. Mohammad Shokouhian, Farzad Piadeh,
      Chengzhong Pan, Xinyi Xu, Aizhong Ding                     Pollution (TPH) on Costal Sediments of Bandar            and Rouzbeh Shad
______________________________________                           Abbas (Hormoz Strait) and Proving Control          927. Spatial-Temporal Variations of Water Footprint in
                                                                 Strategies. Maryam Ehsanpour,Majid afkhami.              Hebei Province, 1995–2008: An Implication for
 01-03 Water Resources and Assessment                      15. 739. Investigation of Antibiotics in Long-Term             Water Security Assessment. Liu Mei, Wang Feng
                                                                 Wastewater Irrigation Soil in Tianjin, China. Yali 972. Study on Nitrogen Existence and Transformation in
2. 1047. The U.S. Flood Control Program at 75. Peter E.          Shi Lihong Gao Wenhui Li Yaqi Cai                        an Urban River. Yaping ZHANG, Xiaohong
      Black                                                16. 740. The Occurrence and Tissue Distribution of             RUAN, Hua RONG
3. 1225. Ulaanbaartar, Mongolia – Sustainability for the         Perfluorinated Compounds in Farmed Freshwater 973. Odor Composition Characteristics of Urban
      Fast Development with Limited Water Resources?             Fish. Yali Shi Jiming Wang Yuanyuan Pan Yaqi             Landscape Rivers and its Key Control Indexes. Yu
      Naranchimeg Batsaikhan, and Nam C. Woo                     Cai                                                      Wan, Xiaohong Ruan, Xinguang Wang
4. 1233. Analysis of China’s Construction Water            17. 809. China's Reward Mechanism for Reclamation of 993. Research on the Ecological Shelter Zone Design
      Shortage Based on Fuzzy Matter-Element Model.              Sewage and Reusing of Reclaimed Water. Xinxin            Method in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area,
      Yuan Liang, Xinyi Xu,Bo Pang and Jun Gao                   Huang*, Xinyi Xu, and Hongrui Wang                       China. Nan Shan, and Xiaohong Ruan.
_______________________________________                    18. 1181. Research of a New Combined Technological 995. Trends in Runoff Variations of Huaihe Basin during
01-04 Groundwater                                                Process Used for Micro-Polluted Water Treatment.         the Last 50 Years. Zarong Pan, and Xiaohong
                                                                 Xin Da, Xu Xinyi, Liu Xin and Zhang Xin.                 Ruan
5. 1104. Bioremediation of Pentachlorophenol               19. 1228. Comparison of Seawater Parameters in the 1200. Study on the Ecological and Environmental Issues
      Contaminated Groundwater Using Bacterial                   Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Fadi                  of Mining Rare Earths in China. Famin Liu,
      Communities. Vaibhav V. Joshi, M. Lynn Prewitt,            Abdallah Al Jallad, and Muthanna Al Omar                 Weishou Shen and Changxin Zou
      H. Borazjani, Ken Willeford, D                       20. 1258. Analysis of Effects on Water Quality Factors 1293. Quantitative Detection and Characterization of
6. 1266. Synthesis of Oily Nanoscale Zero Valent Irons           Using Developed Algae Blooms Forecasting                 Human Adenoviruses in Buffalo River, in the
      and their Dechlorination Reactivity in the                 Model. MI EUN KIM, , Young Su Jang, Ji Ye Im,            Eastern Cape. Vincent Nnamdigadi Chigor,
      Nonaqueous Phase. Hsin-Lan Hsu, Chien-Yi Liao              Tae Seok Shon and Hyun Suk Shin                          Timothy Sibanda and Anthony Ifeanyi Okoh
_______________________________________                    _______________________________________                  1300. Effective Use of Water from Karingalichal. Zubin
                                                           01-10 Nitrogen-Phosphorus Wastewater                           Joseph, Abhilash A, Balagopal V and Dysan Das
01-05 Non-point Sources                                          Biotreatment
7.    840. Phosphorus Content, Sorption and Saturation 21. 510. Nitrogen Removal Performance in A Combined             02 Air Pollution and Air Quality Control
      of Topsoil in Chaohu Lake Watershed, China.                                                                   _______________________________________
                                                                 Bioreactor. Junling Gao, Yanling He and Cuiping
      Huiping Zhou, Chao Gao, Hecang Zhao                        Zhang                                              02-01 Aerosol
_______________________________________                    22. 863. Application of Magnetite Modified with
01-08 Drinking Water Management                                  Polyacrylamide to Adsorb Phosphate in Aqueous 23. 1019. Characterization of Size Resolved Air
                                                                 Solution. Yi-Chen Chen, Ya-Fen Lin, and Chyow-           Particulates in the Vicinity of Electric Arc Furnace
8.    812. A New Treatment System for Generating                 San Chiou, Hua-Wei Chen                                  Steelmaking Facility. Kazi Mohiuddin, V.
                                                                                                                                  a           b              a              a
      Potable     Water      from     Municipal/Industrial _______________________________________                        Strezov , E. Stelcer A. Morrison and P. Nelson
      Wastewater. Yanguo Ma, Mike Musial, Kenneth Sessions 01-01 ~ 01-10, self-numbered for poster:                 _______________________________________
      Wilson,                                                                                                       02-02 Air Quality Assessment
9. 955. Chemical and Bacteriological Quality of Some 527. Bacteria Load in Surface Water Resources in
      Cameroon Bottled Drinking Waters. George                   Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria. Maduabum Anthony 24. 534. Effect of Varıous Bıowastes on Emıssıons in
      Elambo Nkeng, Andrew Ako Ako, Stephanie                    I.V. , and Okpala Chukwura                               Combustıon of Lıgnıte Coal in A Cırculatıng
      Abonoje Oyebog and Emmanuel Cheo Suh                 543. Singular Spectrum Analysis to ENSO and PDO                Fluıdızed Bed Combustor. Aysel Atimtay* and
10. 1210. Community Characteristics of Biofilms Formed           Influences on Rainfall in West of Iran. Monireh          Murat Varol, Hayati Olgun, Ufuk Kayahan, Alper
      on Water Distribution Pipe Materials. Sung-Chan            Biabanaki and Seyed Saeid Eslamian, Julio                Unlu, Hüsnü Atakül
      Choi, Hun-Joo Cha, Jung-Chul Suh, and Yeong-               Cañón, Jahangir Abedi Koupai                       _______________________________________
      Kwan Kim
                                                                                                                    02-04 Waste Gas Control Techniques
                                                               Tae Seok Shon, Ji Ye Im, Sang Gu Lee, Hyun                               Measurements
25. 777. Toluene and N-hexane Adsorption on Almond             Suk Shin, Bong Gwon Kang, Bong Gwon Kang
     Shell Based Activated Carbons. Alicia Martínez      37. 1280. EVO: A Virtual Observatory to Bridge
     de Yuso, Mª Teresa Izquierdo, Begoña Rubio and            Environmental      Disciplines      Using      Cloud 13-1 Environmental Analytical Technologies
     Mª Rosa Pino.                                             Computing. Yehia El-khatib, Gordon S. Blair,
_______________________________________                        Alastair Gemmell, Robert Gurney, John W. 42. 787. Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Detection
Sessions 02-01 ~ 02-04, self-numbered for poster:              Watkins, Gwyn Rees                                          of Environmental Pollutants Using Fe3O4@Ag
                                                         _______________________________________                           Nanoparticles. Jingjing Du, S. Q. Liu, C. Y. Jing
742. Chemical Composition and Real-Time                                                                              43. 858. A New Global Contamination Generated from
                                                         11-2 Water Quality Modeling
      Characterization of Urban Fine and Coarse                                                                            Marine Debris Polystyrene. Katsuhiko Saido,
      Particles. Yan CHENG, and S. C. Lee                                                                                  Hideto Sato, Akifumi Okabe, Seon-Yong Chung,
                                                         38. 691. Investigation of Optimal Operation on
793. Levels of Sulphur Dioxid and the Correlation to the                                                                   Yasushi Kamaya, Naoto Ogawa, Kazuhiro Kogure,
                                                               Improved Irrigation System in Nile Delta. Ahmed
      Total Suspended Particulate Matter in Polluted Air                                                                   and Takashi Kusui.
                                                               M. ALY, Yoshinobu KITAMURA, Katsuyuki
      Samples. El mukhtar Belgasem and Ramadan                                                                       44. 1116. Study on Extreme Weather Events in Japan.
                                                               SHIMIZU, Taleet EL-GAMEL
      Damja                                                                                                                Masato Okabe, and Tadashi Yamada
794. Analysis of Suspended Particulates for Their Trace                                                              _______________________________________
                                                         Sessions 11-1 ~ 11-2, self-numbered for poster:
      Element Contentes. Ramadan Damja and                                                                           Sessions 13-1 ~ 13-4, self-numbered for poster:
      Elmukhtar Belgasem
                                                         554. Hydroeconomic Modeling for Water Efficiency with
1201. Sea Surface Microlayers and Resultant Aerosol                                                                  1131. Telemonitoring in Medicine and Environmental
                                                               Motorpump Irrigation Systems in Kou Basin.
      Favor Branched Perfluorinated Surfactant Isomers                                                                     Protection. Mihaela Badea, Monica Florescu,
                                                               Rivaldo A. B. Kpadonou, Bruno Barbier, Joost
      Enrichment. Xiaodong Ju                                                                                              Liliana Rogozea
                                                               Wellens, Elie Sauret
                                                                                                                     1302. Flow Injection Analysis Spectrophotometry
                                                         778. Spatially Distributed Simulation of Nutrient and
  03 Soil (Soil, Solid Waste) Pollution and                                                                                Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand in
                                                               Pollutant Transport into Surface Waters on
                     Remediation                                                                                           Waste Water Sample. Kavita Tapadia
                                                               Regional and Catchment Scales. M. Schindewolf,
______________________________________                                                                               1322. Trace Element Concentrations in Nails Using
                                                               P. Käpermann, J. Schmidt
                                                                                                                           Atomic Absorption Spectrometry. Fathi A.El-Amri,
03-03 In-Situ Remediation                                977. Research on Eco-coupled Model of Pollutants
                                                                                                                           Ramadan I. Damja
                                                               Removal in Integrated Vertical-flow Constructed
26. 1163. Phytoremediation of Arsenic Contaminated             Wetland. Tianhai Ma, and Xiaohong Ruan
      Soil by Fungi Inoculated Rudbeckia Hirta. Haydn    1118. A Proposal for New Approaches to Estimate 14 Society and the Environment
      A. “Chip” Fox* and Beth Felix                            Parameters in the Rainfall-Runoff Analysis. _______________________________________
27. 1193. Demonstration of In-Situ Remediation Using A         KAZUHIRO YOSHIMI*, KEI AOKI, MASATO
                                                                                                                     14-1 Siciety and the Environment
      Low Concentration Surfactant in A Shallow                OKABE, TADASHI YAMADA
      Aquifer. Lee, G.S., Uhm, J.Y., Kim, Y.I. Kam, S.I. 1119. A Study on Physical Soil Properties in Runoff
                                                                                                                     45. 810. The Implementation of “Three Red Lines”
______________________________________                         Phenomena. Kunihiro Yamagami, Kazuhiro
                                                                                                                           Water Management System in Beijing. Xinxin
                                                               Yoshimi and Kei Aoki, and Tadashi Yamada
03-04 Natural Attenuation of Contaminants                                                                                  Huang*, Xinyi Xu, and Hongrui Wang
                                                         1120. Effect of Sea-Level Rise Volume As Initial
                                                               Condition of Tsunami on Tsunami height.
28. 792. The Effect of Composting on the Survival of                                  1
                                                               Sousuke Tada, , C.Qian T.Yamada
                                                                                                                     14-3 Environmental Education
      Escherichia Coli O157:H7 in Bovine Manure.
                                                         1123. Standing Wave Existence Condition in 46. 689. Educating Students about Computing
      Itelima Janet, and Agina Samuel                          Experimental           Channel.             Yuichirou       Applications in Environmental Technology. Anu A.
29. 951.                                                                                                                   Gokhale
                                                               Kasama*,Masato          OKABE*,Chao             Chao
      Degradation of Lignosulfonate by a Sphingobacter                                                               47. 814. Step, or How to Integrate the Sustainability in
      ium sp. strain HY-H. Dongqi Wang, Yanling He,            Qian*,Tadashi YAMADA
                                                         1124. Characteristics of Heavy Rain around the Tokyo              Technological Degrees. Antoni Grau and Yolanda
      Jidong Liang, Wenjing Du and Guanfei Huang                                                                           Bolea
30. 1114. Assessment of Rural Alaskan Solid Waste              Area. Keisuke Yasuda, Kazuhiro Itokawa ,
                                                               Kenichiro Uehira and Tadashi Yamada                   48. 878. The Uranium Fuel Cycle and Renewable
      Leachate. Edda Mutter                                                                                                Energy Alternatives from A Pedagogical Point of
31. 1187. Effect of Straw Return on DOC and Cadimium 1129. Hydraulic Experiments on River Bed Figration in                 View. Antoni Grau, and Yolanda Bolea
      Behavior in Polluted Soil. Bai Yanchao, Shan
                                               ,               River Mouth. KOYU NAKAMURA, MAKOTO
                                                               AIKAWA, CHAOCHAO QIAN, TADASHI YAMADA _______________________________________
      Yuhua and Feng Ke                                                                                              Sessions 14-1 ~ 14-3, self-numbered for poster:
                                                         1349. A Pseudo-Continuous Neural Network Approach
32. 1351 Potassium Silicate Drilling Fluid as a Land                                                                 532. Prioritization of Factors Contributing to
      Reclamation Amendment. Linjun(Marteya) Yao               for Developing Water Retention Pedotransfer
                                                               Functions with Limited Data. Amir haghverdi and             Environmental Attitudes Among Teachers in Iran-
      and M. Anne Naeth                                                                                                    Ahvaz, Forouzan Farrokhian, Mohammad
                                                               Bijan Ghahraman
_______________________________________                                                                                    Hosseinpour and Atousa Soleimani
Sessions 03-01 ~ 03-04, self-numbered for poster:        1350. Simultaneous Application of SaltMod and ANN
                                                               Models for Estimating Soil Salinity Profile Using
                                                               Easy Collected Data. Amir haghverdi and Bijan
555. Reduction of Lead Paint Bioavailability in Soil                                                                 15 Environmental Planning and
      through Addition of Apatite II. A. Hunt, D.S.            Ghahraman
      Alkandary, and R.W. Brown                                                                                      _______________________________________
556. Apatite II Immobilization of Lead in Soil – A New      12 GIS, Statistics, and Remote Sensing
      Orleans Field Trial. A. Hunt, B. Shirtcliff, D. _______________________________________                        15-01 Environmental Quality and Planning
      Alkandary, R.W. Brown                                                                                          49. 1161. Nigeria Urban and Reginal Planning Law and
                                                         12-1 GIS for Environmental Assessment                             Problems of Urban Governance in Lafia Town,
1253. Management of Municipal Hazardous Wastes in
      Kuwait. Eng. Thekra S. Behbehani                                                                                     Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Barau Daniel and
                                                         39. 538. West Nile Virus Disease Prediction Modeling              Bashayi Obadiah
1254. Solid Waste Management in Kuwait. Nadia Al-
                                                               Using GIS Techniques. Abhishek Kala, Samuel _______________________________________
                                                               Atkinson, and Armin Mikler.
1286. Anaerobic Digestion of Thermally Pre-Treated
                                                         40. 1348. New Technique in Flood Mitigation in Urban 15-3 Environmental Policy and Management
      Municipal Biowaste by A Pilot ASBR. Yingjun
                                                               Area, Example from Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Farhan 50. 891. A Suitable Food Waste Disposer System in
      ZHOU, Masaki TAKAOKA, Zhou XIA, Wei WANG,                                                                            Korea. Yong-Woo JEON, Hae-Min YOO, Jong-Woo
                                                               AlJuaidi, Ibrahim Almejadeah
      Xiangyang QIU and Wei LU.                                                                                            KANG, Dong-Hoon LEE
                                                         12-3      Environmental     Remote       Sensing            51. 929. Integrated Safety and Environmental Risk
                  11 Modeling                                  Applications                                                System for CIPs in China. Yu Qian, Jun Bi, Qiang
_______________________________________                                                                                    Fang
                                                                                                                     52. 1287. Endocrine Activity of Domestic Sewage
11-1 Environmental Simulation                                                                                              Effluent Following Indirect Potable Reuse
                                                         41. 901. Geochemical Assessment of Groundwater
                                                               Quality, Integrated with RS&GIS in Part of                  Treatment. Elizabeth Lawton, Edwin Routledge,
33. 904. A Novel Mathematical ‘Sustainable University                                                                      Susan Jobling, Eve Germain and Martyn Tupper
      Model’. The Barcelona Industrial Engineering             Western Assam, India. Ravi Prakash Singh, Rina
                                                                        1          2           1               1
      School Case. Yolanda Bolea, and Antoni Grau              Kumari, C.K.Singh S.Shashtri , VikasKamal S.
34. 1106. Modeling Hydrological Impact of Climate _______________________________________                            16 Renewable Energy Development
      Change in Different Climate Zones. Fasil Ejigu Sessions 12-1 ~ 12-3, self-numbered for poster:                 _______________________________________
      Eregno, Chong-Yu Xu
                                                                                                                     16-01 Water Energy Nexus
35. 1138. Developing A System Dynamic Model of 1289. GIS-Based Urban Watershed Quantity And
      Ecosystem Services for Assessing Conservation            Quality Integrated Regulate And Control. Weihua 53. 836. A Water Turbine Generator at a Wastewater
      Scenarios. Yu-Pin Lin, Wei-Chi Lin, Li-Chi Chiang,       Zeng, Rongchang Chen                                        Treatment Plant. Jonathan Gorman, Denis
      and Yen-Lan Liu.                                   1294. Effects of Surface Roughness on Radar                       Guleiof, Ashley Rivera, Theresa Perez, Arnoldo
36. 1257. Analysis of LID Technology Efficiency in             Backscattering Characteristics. Roger Numetu                Ramirez, Daniel Guerra, Jianhong Ren, and Lee
      Urban Sub-Watershed Using SWMM-LID Model.                                                                            Clapp
                                                                 13 Environmental Analysis and
                                                                 Perchlorate in Water. Dong Suk Han, Bill              20. 845. Toxic Metals from illegal Open Burning and
16-04 Bio-fuels
                                                                 Batchelor, Chunwoo Lee, Sung Hyuk Park, Ahmed               Source Apportionment of PM2.5. Jin-Hong Lee,
                                                                 Abdel-Wahab.                                                and Jin-Hee Jeong, Jong-Myoung Lim, Ki-Hyun
54. 549. Complete Utilization of Spent Coffee to
                                                            9. 1204. Advanced Reduction Process for Degradation              Kim
      Biodiesel, Bio-Oil and Biochar. Brajendra K
                                2                3               of Chlorinated Aliphatic Compounds Using Sulfur       21. 1070. PCDD/F and PBDE Emissions from Co-
      Sharma, Derek Vardon , Bryan R. Moser , Wei
             1               1                   3               Compounds and UV Light. Sun Hee Yoon, Dong                  combustion of Woodchip and Wastewater. Shun-
      Zheng , Katie Witkin , Roque Evangelista , and                                                                                          *
                                  1                              Suk Han, Bill Batchelor, Ahmed Abdel-Wahab.                 Shiang Chang , Wen-Jhy Lee, Lin-Chi Wang, and
      Nandakishore Rajagopalan                                                                  2+      2+     +
                                                            10. 1205. Effect of Heavy Metals Cd and Cu on K                  Guo-Pin Chang-Chian
55. 553. Renewable Bio Crude Oils from Thermo-
                                                                 Transport through NSCCs. Feng Ke, Shan                22. 1091. PCDD/Fs in the Ambient Air of Taipei City,
      chemical Conversion of Waste Lipids. Brajendra K
                                                                 Yuhua, Wang Xiaoli and Wang Yuqian.                         Taiwan. Shun-I Shih*, Shun-Shiang Chang, Wen-
      Sharma,       Derek Vardon,2 and Nandakishore
                                                            _______________________________________                          Jhy Lee, Yi-Chieh Lai, Lin-Chi Wang, and Guo-
                                                            01-16 Reactions and Degradation of                               Ping Chang-Chien
56. 648. Ethanol Production from Food Crop Wastes by
                                                                 Wastewater Contaminants                               23. 1221. First results of Air Monitoring in South East
      Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation
                                                                                                                             European Port of Bourgas. Jordan Marinski ,
      Process. Itelima Janet,        Ikpe Charles and
                                                         11. 577. Catalytic Wet Decomposition of Dimethyl                    Ekaterina Bachvarova, Hristomir Branzov, Anna
      Pandukur Sunday
                                                               Phthalate. Chia-Chi Chang, Shih-Yun Chen ,
                                                                                                                     1       Jordanova, Svilen Borisov
57. 950. Effect of Heat-, Alkali-, and Ultrasonic-
                                                                                                              Chiang , 24. 1318. Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories in
                                                                                       1                             1
      Pretreatment on Anaerobic Digestion of Chicken           Ching-Yuan Chang *,           Sheng-Wei
                                                               Chiung-Fen Chang , Yi-Hung Chen                               Company        Environmental     Reporting.    Nina
      Manure. Funda Şentürk, Hasret Sahin, Tuba H.
                                                         12. 911. Degradation Kinetics and Mechanism of                      Braschel and Alfred Posch
      Ergüder, Eray Esendir
58. 1071. Butanol and ABE Solution as the Alternative          Conjugated Steroid Estrogens in Dairy Lagoon _______________________________________
      Fuels in the Diesel Engine. Yu-Cheng Chang
                                                       *       Wastewater. Wei Zheng, Xiaolin Li, Yonghong 02-06 Hazardous Gas Biofiltration
      and Wen-Jhy Lee, Sheng-Lun Lin and Lin-Chi               Zhou, and Michael L. Machesky
      Wang                                               _______________________________________                       25. 856. Scenarios for Improving Hydrophobic VOCs
59. 1139. Energy Densified Solid Fuel Production: An 01-17 Nanotechnology Applications                                       Elimination        in     Trickle-Bed-Air-Biofilters.
      Alternative Approach for Biomass Utilization.                                                                          Abderrahman Zehraoui,
      Ganesh K. Parshetti, Akshay Jain, Rajasekhar 13. 791. Reductive/Oxidative Decomposition of _______________________________________
      Balasubramaniam and M. P. Srinivasan                     Perfluorooctane Sulfonate Using nZVI Conjugated Sessions 02-5 ~ 02-09, self-numbered for poster:
60. 1312. Crude and Bio-oils Production from                   With Oxidants. Wasiu A. Lawal and Hyeok Choi
      Application of Liquefaction with Plant Residues. 14. 999. Microcystis Aeruginosa Removal Using Natural 1230. Measurements of NO2 mixing ratios with
      JoungDu Shin, Seung Gil Hong, Woo Kyun Park              Clay Nanomaterials, Chen-Hao Li, Yu-Han Yu and                Topographic Target Light Scattering-Differential
      and Hyun Seon Shin                                       Shu-Chi Chang,                                                Optical Absorption Spectroscopy System in China.
_______________________________________                  15. 1069. Development of CNT-TiO2 Photocatalysts                    Wang Yang, Li Ang, Xie Pin-Hua, Liu Wen-Qing.
Sessions 16-1 ~ 16-5, self-numbered for poster:                Using Separation of Carbon Nanotube. Hyukmin
                                                               Kweon, Thuy-Duong Nguyen-Phan and Eun Woo                 03 Land (Soil, Waste Solid) Pollution and
1017. Co-Digestion of Degradable Waste and Cow                 Shin                                                                          Remediation
      Dung for Methane Production. Leila Amiri, Edris    16. 1296. Synthesis of Tungsten-Doped Titania _______________________________________
      Madadian and Mohammad Ali Abdoli                         Nanoparticles and Applications for Photo- 03-06 Landfill
                                                                                                         2+         2+
                                                               Degradation of Methylene Blue, Zn and Pb
                                                               from Aqueous Solutions. Naim M. Faqir                   26. 563. Selective Monitoring of Groundwater
                                                         17. 1337. Effect of Annealing on Physical                           Parameters for Post Closure Care Monitoring at
    POSTER SESSION II                                          Characteristics       and      Photoelectrochemical           Closed Landfills. Banu Sizirici Yildiz, Berrin
    Atrium Lobby                                               Response of Nanostructured ZnO. Pushpendra                    Tansel
    7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.                                      Kumar, Vidhika Sharma, Nirupama Singh, Babita 27. 1308. Modeling of Different Landfill Daily Cover
    Wednesday, June 27, 2012                                   Kumari, Shailja Sharma, Sumant Upadhyay,                      Using Hydrus- 2D/3D –Jordan. Mohammad
                                                               Surbhi Choudhary, Vibha Rani Satsangi , Sahab                 Aljaradin, Kenneth M Persson and Tarek Selim
                                                               Dass and Rohit Shrivastav                               _______________________________________
    01 Water Pollution and Water Quality                 Sessions 01-11 ~ 01-17, self-numbered for poster:             03-09 Waste Recycling
_______________________________________                  633. Synergistic Technology of Modified Photocatalyst 28. 576. Autoclaving Treatment of Municipal Solid
                                                               with Plasma for Toluene Decomposition. Zhu Tao,               Waste for the Recovery of Biomass and Its
01-13 Industrial Wastewater Biotreatment                                                                                                                                 1
                                                               Wan Yandong, Li Hairong, Chen Sha, Liu Haibing                Reutilization. Chia-Chi Chang, Y.C. Wang , Z.S.
                                                                                                                                   1               1         2        2
                                                         656. Photocatalytic Oxidation of Antibiotic Norfloxacin in          Hung , S.W. Chiang , J.L. Shie , Y.S. Li , Y.H.
1. 653. Biosorption and Bioaccumulation of                                                                                         3         4
                                                               the Irradiation of Visible Light. Meijuan Chen, Wei           Chen , C.F Ho , C.Y. Chang
      Chromium(III) from Aqueous Solution Employing
                                                               Chu                                                     29. 900. The Study of Using Temperature-Phased
      Aspergillus lentulus. Abhishek Mishra and
                                                         731. Removal of Toxic Cadmium from Wastewater                       Anaerobic Digestion for Biofertilizer Production.
      Anushree Malik
                                                               Using Green Algae Ulva Lactuca. Zahra                         Wen-Hsing Chen, Wei-Lun Jhuang, Jih-Gaw Lin
2. 677. Biodegradation of highly Contaminated
                                                               Khoshnood, Reza Khoshnood                               30. 1063. High Strength Concrete by Recycled
      Pentachlorophenol (PCP) Processwater. Kimberly
                                                         733. Investigation of Antibiotics Removal from                      Aggregate and Mixing Blast Furnace Slag. Seong
      Wallace Walker, H.Borazjani, and S. Langroodi
                                                               Pharmaceutical Wastewater by Marine Algae and                 Uk Hong, Yong Taeg Lee, Young Sang Cho, Back
3. 1014. Start-Up of an Aerobic Granular Sludge Non
                                                               Evaluation of Kinetic Model. Maryam Ehsanpour,                Sang Ki, Jang Hyun Seok
      Tubular Reactor. Ana M. T. Mata, Nídia Dana
                                        1                      Majid Afkhami                                           31. 1094. Leaching Characteristics of Scrap CRT
      Lourenço, Helena Maria Pinheiro
                                                         801. Enhancing Selective Oxidation of TiO2                          Glasses and Lead Separation by a SHS Process.
                                                               Photocatalysts for Decomposition of Target                    Jianxin Zhu and Yu Wang
01-14 Adsorption/Desorption for Wastewater                                                                             32. 1234. Kinetic Study of Dual-core Oxygen Carriers
                                                               Pollutants. Abolfazl Zakersalehi and Hyeok Choi
      Treatment                                                                                                              Using Sol-Gel for Chemical Looping. Jie Zhu*,
                                                         1075. Thermoeconomic Optimization of a Polymer
                                                               Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Stack, Hossein                 Wei Wang, Shoudu Wang, and Yue Hu
4.    1292. Modeling Competitive Biosorption of                                                                        _______________________________________
                                                               Esmaeilzadeh, Hoseyn Sayyaadi
      Cadmium (II) and Zinc (II) Ions by Protonated                                                                    Sessions 03-5 ~ 03-09, self-numbered for poster:
      Citrus Peels. Abhijit Chatterjee, and Silke 1284. Synthesis of Ag Doped TiO2 Powder-Coated
                                                               Surfaces      and    Its   Ability To        Inactivate
                                                               Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Bacillus Subtilis. 864. Adsorption of Hazardous Petroleum Constituents
_______________________________________                                                                                      by Ordinary and Modified Bentonites. Mohammad
                                                               Saman Khan, Mamona Noureen and Ishtiaq Qazi
01-15 Physico-chemical Wastewater Treatment                                                                                  Ali Hosseinpour, Hossein Ghoreishi, Mona
                                                                                                                             Jafarnejad, Saeid Gitipour, Mina Mohebbi
                                                            02 Air Pollution and Air Quality Control                   1277. Methane Recovery from Landfill Gas: A Case
5.    830.      Fe-Mn2O3       Composite:   Preparation,
                                                         _______________________________________                             Study in China. Lei ZHENG, Wei WANG, Zhou
      Identification and Characteristics in Fenton-Like
      Reaction. Si-Hyun Do, Su-Jin Bang, and Yong-Jae 02-5 Air Pollutant Monitoring                                          DENG, Hong CHEN, Bo QU, Juan DU, Jidong
      Kwon.                                                                                                                  CHEN
6. 866. Simultaneous Removal of As(III) And As(V) by 18. 802. Relationship Between Air and Water                       1307. Espousal of Flyash+Clay as Innovative Backfill
      Advanced Oxidation. Sil-hee Hong, Young-hoon             Temperature in the Ebro River (Spain). Mª Rosa                Material for Construction of Reinforced Bridge
      Jo and Sung-ho Kong.                                                                           (2)
                                                               Pino Otín, Hugo Saiz Bustamante , Jonatan Val                 Embankment. Vashi Jigisha M., Desai Atul K.,
                                                                      (1)                         (1)
7. 1024. Electro-regeneration of Ce(IV) in Real Spent          Pulido , Cecilia Español Latorre                              and Solanki, Chandresh H.
      Cr-etching Solutions: Comparison of Separators. 19. 803. Nerium Oleander as Biomonitor Tool for
      Kuo-Lin Huang, Te-San Chen, Shui-Jen Chen,               Mapping Heavy Metal Immission in Cities. Ana
      and Yi-Min Ding.                                         Martín Alcober, Mª Rosa Pino, Mercedes García,                   04-1 Ecosystem Restoration
8. 1202. Electrochemistry and Aqueous Chemistry of             Enrique Navarro                                         _______________________________________
      Zero-Valent Titanium        for Degradation of
                                                                                                                       04-1 Ecosystem Assessment
                                                              44. 820. Antimicrobial Activity of Some Species of         ______________________________________
33.   514. Measurement and Estimation of Forest Water               Microorganisms Isolated from Waste Oil Polluted      Sessions 08-1 ~ 08-02, self-numbered for poster:
     Retention Capacity along The Forest Transect.                  Mechanic Workshops. Ogbonna Abigail, Sila,
     Xuyong Li, Fei Mo and Xiaoxue Wang.                            Micheal                                              728.  Global Warming and Aquatic Ecosystems,
34. 1177. Effect of O3 Enrichment on Microelements in         45. 1165. Functionality of the Probiotics Fermented Rice        Challengs and Alterations. Zahra Khoshnood.
     Wheat and Soil. Xiaozhi Wang, Xianchen Zhang,                  Straw and Soybean Meal Hydrolysates. Li-Jung              Reza Khoshnood
     Weiqin Yin, Yuhua Shan, Haitao Zhao and Ke                     Yin, Huei-Hung Lee, Shann-Tzong Jiang                1272. Combating Climate Change and The Banes of
     Feng, Jianguo Zhu                                        46. 1206. Degradation of Histamine by Bacillus Polymax          Developments in Nigeria. Gabriel, Francis Akpan
35. 1180. Survey of the Impacts of Acid Mine Drainage               Isolated from Salted Seafood Products. YI-CHEN       1273. Repairing the Stratospheric Ozone Layer
     on Infrastructure. Stephen O. Ekolu, Firehiwot                 LEE, CHUNG-SAINT LIN , YU-RU HUANG , AND                  Depletion. Gabriel, Francis Akpan, Udoessien,
     Azene                                                          YUNG-HSIANG TSAI                                          Etim Isaac, Akpan, Uduak Sylvester
_______________________________________                       _______________________________________                    1316. CO2 Adsorption from Gas mixture by Commercial
Sessions 04-01 ~ 04-04, Self-numbered:                        Sessions 05-01 ~ 05-04, self-numbered for poster:               Palm Shell Activated Carbon Impregnated with
                                                                                                                              Amine-based Chemical. Saad Hashim Khalil,
635. Environmentally Induced Migrations: Theoretical          661. Bioremediation of Oil Pollution. Bini Samal, Parul         Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua and Wan Mohd
      Frameworks and Current Challenges. Bogumil                    Kotiyal, Mridulla Negi                                    Ashri Wan Daud
      Terminski                                               715.       Bioremediation and Biotransformation of
654. Eutrophication Assessment of the Changjiang River              Environmental Pollutants Using Microorganisms.
                                                                                                                                        09 Metals
      Estuary Based on Water Quality and Ecological                 Reza Khoshnood. Zahra Khoshnood
                                                 2                                                                       _____________________________________
      Symptoms. Zhiming Yu, Chao Chai , Xiuxian               716. Estimation of THQ for Metals by Fish Consumption
            1            1                      1
      Song , Xihua Cao and Yongquan Yuan                            in Iranian South Coast. Reza Khoshnood. Zahra        09-01 Metal Distribution
705. Accumulation of Radionuclides in Water-Soil-Plants             Khoshnood.                                           51. 724. Determination of Heavy Metals (Cd, Pb, Hg,
      in Zones of the ANPP. L.M. Ghalachyan, K.A.             729. Heavy Metals Health Risk Assessment in Sea                  Cu, Fe, Mn, Al, As, Ni And Zn) in 6 Important
      Kocharyan, L.S. Tadevosyan, A.A. Aristakesyan,                Food. Zahra Khoshnood .Reza Khoshnood.                     Commercial Fish Species in North of Hormoz
      A.Z. Asatryan                                           730. Heavy Metal Concentrations in Marine Molluscs               Strait. Majid afkhami, Maryam Ehsanpour, Zahra
718. Study of Industrial Pollutions Effect on Thannus               from the South Coastal of Iran. Zahra                      Khoshnood
      Tonggol in Persian Gulf. Reza Khoshnood.Zahra                 Khoshnood. Reza Khoshnood                            52. 734. Surveying Mercury Rate in Four Organs (Liver,
      Khoshnood.                                              894. Health Risk Assessment of Organic Pollutants in             Kidney, Wing and Muscle) of White Chin Shark
                                                                                                         *         2
725. Health Risks Evaluation of Heavy Metals in Sea                 Urban Landscape River. Jing AO, , CAI Mei ,                (Carcharhinus Dussumieri) in North of Hormoz
      Food from Persian Gulf. Majid afkhami, Maryam                 RUAN Xiaohong                                              Strait. Aida khazaali, Reza khoshnood, Zahra
      Ehsanpour, Reza khoshnood                               1095. A Hydrologic Approach to Radioactive Substance             khoshnood, Maryam Ehsanpour.
771. The Productivity of Ocimum Basilicum L. in                     in A Human Body – I. Hayase Yoneda, Syota            53. 887. Trace Metal and Dioxin Deposition History in
                                                                             1                1                 2
      Conditions of the Water Stream Hydroponics. Kh.               Sasaki , Tadashi Yamada , Tomohito Yamada                  Hurricane Katrina Impacted Marsh Sediment.
      S. Mairapetyan, Kh. S. Mairapetyan, J.S.                1115. Compounds with Antimicrobial Activities for P.             Gopal Bera, and Alan Shiller, Kevin Yeager
      Alexanyan, A.H. Tadevosyan, A.H. Tovmasyan,                   aeruginosa and A.baumannii. Yu Wu, Cong-gui          _______________________________________
      B.T.Stepanyan, H.M.Galstyan, S. Kh. Mairapetyan               Zhao and Ruoting Pei
                                                                                                                         09-02 Metal Removal and Remediation
1031. The Impact of Kiwifruit Management on                   1270. Hormonal Disrupters and Their Effects Laying
      Allophanic Soil Quality: Physical, Chemical and               Emphasis on Sex Hormones. Okoi, Benedette
                                                                                                                         54.  581. Biological Leaching of Heavy Metals from
      Hydrological Properties. M Hasinur Rahman,                    Leko, Gabriel, Francis Akpan
                                                                                                                              Contaminated       Sediment     by   Heterotrophic
      Kathrine Pellowe, Pip Mills and Hamish Cameron,                                                                         Microorganisms. Shen-Yi Chen* and Sheng-Ying
      Allister Holmes
                                                                            06 Wetlands                                       Wang
1054. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using AMBI
                                                              _______________________________________                    55. 636. Extractability of Heavy Metals in Bottom Ash
      and M-AMBI for Evaluating Coastal Ecosystem
                                                                                                                              and Fly Ash from a Multi-Fuel Boiler Using
      Status in Xiamen, China. Li-Zhe Cai                     06-01 Wetland Conservation
                                                                                                                              Artificial Sweat and Gastric Fluids. Risto Pöykiö,
1249. Phytosociological Studies of Forest of Dhamtari
                                                                                                                              Kati Manskinen, Olli Dahl
      District of Chhattisgarh State of India. Acharya V.,    47.  747. Wetland Index for the Assessment of
                                                                                                                         56. 709. Removal of Arsenic by Coprecipitation With
      Sharma V.L. , Naik M.L. & Kanungo V.K. ,                     Wetlands on Eskom Properties in Mpumalanga.
                                                                                                                              Iron in Vertical Flow Wetland Columns. Katherine
      Acharya J.J.                                                 Kaajial Durgapersad, P. Oberholster, P. McMillan
                                                                                                                              Lizama Allende, Timothy Fletcher, and Guangzhi
1269. Transformation of Ecosystem Restoration: Urban          _______________________________________
      Farming Program in Surabaya Indonesia. Aluisius         06-02 Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
                                                                                                                         57. 1260. Removal of Chromium (VI) Ions by Using
      Hery Pratono,                                                                                                           Biofilm-Biomass of Yarrowia Lipolytica. Ashok
                                                                                                                              Bankar, Prajakta Vishe, Priyanka Mitra, Ameeta
                                                              48. 708. Nitrogen Dynamics and Microbial Community              Kumar and Smita Zinjarde, Mark Winey
                                                                   Compositions in Six Vertical Flow Wetland             _______________________________________
    05 Bio-Assessment and Toxicology                               Columns. Guangzhi Sun, Yafei Zhu, and Tanveer
                                                                                                                         09-3     Speciation,       Biovailability   and
______________________________________                             Saeed
_______________________________________                       _______________________________________
                                                              Sessions 06-1 ~ 06-02, self-numbered for poster:
05-2 Bio-response and Bioavailability
                                                                                                                         58. 1303. Arsenic Mobilization and Uptake by Pteris
                                                              505. Water Quality Variability and Eutrophic State in
36.     539. Protection of Arsenic-Induced Thyroid                                                                            Vittata from an Industrial Contaminated Soil in
                                                                     Shadegan Marshes in Iran, Forouzan
        Oxidative Stress by Melatonin. DAMORE DIMPLE                                                                          Tuscany (Italy). Meri Barbafieri, Virginia
                                                                     Farrokhian. Forouzan Farrokhian                                       1                   1
37.   882. Comparison of Acute Toxicity of Six Different                                                                      Giansoldati , Francesca Pedron , Gianniantonio
                                                              1048. Constructed Wetland in Tlapa, México as                              1                 1                 2
        Chemicals with Eisenia Fetida Bioassay. Laura                                                                         Petruzzelli , Irene Rosellini , Roberto Bagatin ,
                                                                     Wastewater Treatment Alternative in Mexican                                 3
        Lomba, Diego Ballestero, Jonatan Val, Beatriz                                                                         Elisabetta Franchi
                                                                     Cities. Guillermo Cardoso-Landa
        Giner and Mª Rosa Pino Otín,                                                                                     ______________________________________
38.     886. Inhibitory Effects of Α, Β-Unsaturated                                                                      Sessions 09-1 ~ 09-04, self-numbered for poster:
        Aldehydes on Algal Photosynthesis Reaction.                        07 Sediments
        Chung Yuan Chen, and Sy-Hong Lin                      _______________________________________                    557. Geospatial Assessment of Widespread Soil Pb
39.   895. Ecotoxicity Testing of Two Estonian Shale Fuel                                                                        Contamination in Memphis, TN. R.W. Brown,
                                                              07-01 Assessment of Sediments
        Oils . Liina Kanarbik, Irina Blinova                                                                                     D. S. Alkandary, A. Hunt
40.    1279. Novel Methods To Explore The Immune-                                                                        655. Application of Soil Flushing for Removal of Arsenic
                                                              49. 1215. Sediment Quality Assessment in Bourgas
        Effects of Pollution on Parasite-Host Interactions.                                                                      from Soils. Saeid Gitipour, Edris Madadian
                                                                   Bay, Black Sea. Jordan Marinski, Elitza
        Adam Lynch, Edwin Routledge, Leslie Noble                                                                                and Amir Asad Koushki
                                                                   Angelova, Zvezdimira Tzvetanova, Magdalena
                                                                                                                         704. Distribution of Heavy Metals in Water-Soil-Plant
                                                                   Korsachka, Roumen Marinov, Anelia Kenarova
_______________________________________                                                                                          System in Ararat Valley. L.M. Ghalachyan, K.A.
                                                                                                                                 Kocharyan,        L.S.     Tadevosyan,      A.A.
05-4 Microbiology and Microbial Degradation                                                                                      Aristakesyan, A.Z. Asatryan
41. 662. Acquired Resistance Enhancement against               08. Global Change
     Plasmopara viticola Using Different Biotic _______________________________________                                  735.   Mercury     Concentration    in    Mudskipper
     Inducers. Muneera D.F. Alkahtani,                                                                                          (Periophthalmus    Waltoni)    and   Common
42. 719. The Occurrence of Multidrug - Resistant 08-1. Global Warming and its Impacts                                           Stingray (Dasyatis Pastinaca) in Bandar-E-
     Bacteria in Polychlorinated Biphenyl Polluted Soil-                                                                        Emam and Qeshm Island. Aida khazaali,
     Groundwater System. Natasha Bhutani, Satish 50.      881. Climate Change Scenarios for Aragon                              Pooyan Nikeghbali, Majid Afkhami.
     Walia, Sandeep Walia, Sonia Rana                     (Spain) Using A Two-Step Analog/Regression                     737. Cadmium Determination in Fishes from Fishery
43. 780. Study on the Decomposition Process of Lignin     Downscaling Method., Jayme Ribalaygua , Mª                            Regions along the Iranian Coastline. Aida
                                                                            (2)            (1)
     by Domesticated Anaerobic Bacteria. Wenjing Du,      Rosa Pino Otín , Luis Torres , Javier
                                                                  (1)            (1)                                            Khazaali, Reza Khoshnood, Zahra Khoshnood.
     Jidong Liang*, Dongqi Wang, Jian Lin                 Pórtoles , Emma Gaitán , Esther Roldán

1157. Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated        10-1 Characterization of Organic Pollutants             ______________________________________
        Soil Using Chromolaena Odorata and Lantana                                                                Sessions 10-1 ~ 10-02, self-numbered for poster:
        Camara. Fati Aziz, and E. J. D. Belford
                                                          59.  506. Chemical composition of essential oils from
1208. Chromium Hyperaccumulation by Spirodela                                                                     1030. Characterisation of Biosolid and Biochar Used As
                                                               the leaves of Mentha longifolia. O. O. Okoh and
        polyrrhiza.(L.)   Schleid.    from      tannery                                                                   Soil Conditioners: Chemical Properties. M
                                                               A. J. Afolayan
        wastewater. Piyush Malaviya, and Asha                                                                             Hasinur Rahman, Kathrine Pellowe and Pip
        Singh.                                                                                                            Mills, Allister Holmes
                                                          10-2 Degradation of Persistent Organic
1271. Effect of Combined Pollution of Chromium and                                                                1295. Evaluation of Dechlorination/Polymerization
        Benzo (A) Pyrene on Seed Growth of Lolium                                                                         Pathway of HCB by Low-Temperature
        Perenne                                                                                                           Dechlorination Treatment with Calcium Oxide.
        Chigbo Chibuike, and Lesley Batty                 60. 832. A Simple and Convenient Dechlorination of              Keqing YIN, Wei WANG, Yan ZHANG and Pin
                                                               PCDD/Fs in Soil using Nano-Size Calcium                    HAN, Lu WANG
                                                               Dispersing Agent. Yoshiharu Mitoma, Tetsuji
     10 Persistent Organic Pollutants                          Okuda, Shogo Sakita, and Srinivasa Reddy
_______________________________________                        Mallampati.

  Advisory Committee for ICEST 2012
Dr. S. S. AL-Oud (King Saud University, Saudi                  College, India)                                     Dr.   Abigail Ogbonna (University of Jos,
     Arabia)                                              Dr. Harmonie A. Hawley (California State                      Nigeria)
Dr. Rajasekhar Balasubramaniam (National                       University, USA)                                    Dr. David M Oliver (University of Stirling, UK)
     University of Singapore, Singapore)                  Dr. Ulrike Hirt (Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater         Dr. Yongson Ooi (Multimedia University,
Dr. Mansoor A. Baloch (National Centers for                    Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Germany)                   Malaysia)
     Disease Control and Prevention, USA)                 Dr. Jim Hong (American Academy of Sciences,              Dr. Arun D. Pophale (Visvesvaraya National
Dr. Meri Barbafieri (Institute of Ecosystem                    USA)                                                     Institute of Technology, India)
     Study, Italy)                                        Dr. Kuo-Lin Huang (National Pingtung University          Dr. C.V. Rajeswari ( Govt. Degree College,
Dr. Farid Benyahia, Professior           (Qatar                of Science and Technology, Taiwan)                       India)
     University, Qatar)                                   Dr. A. Mark Ibekwe, (USDA-ARS U.S. National              Dr. Amina Rangoonwala (National Wetland
Dr. Peter E. Black (SUNY ESF, USA )                            Salinity Laboratory, USA)                                Research Center, USA)
Dr. Kelly A. Burks-Copes (US Army Engineer                Dr. Mey Jurdi (American University of Beirut,            Shirley Rosenzweig (University of Cincinnati,
     Research and Development Center, USA)                     Lebanon)                                                 USA)
Dr. Shu-Chi Chang ( Ntional Chung Hsing                   Dr. Obulisamy Parthiba Karthikeyan (National             Dr. Robin Saha (University of Montana, USA)
     University, Taiwan)                                       University of Singapore, Singapore)                 Dr. S. Somashekar (S. J. College of
Dr. E. Sahle Demessie (EPA Ntional Laboratory,            Morten Moeller Klausen (Urban & Industry                      Engineering, India)
     USA)                                                      Department, Denmark)                                Dr. George A. Sorial (University of Cincinnati,
Dr. Vasil Diyamandoglu (The City College of New           Dr. Anuj Kumar (New Mexico State University,                  USA)
     York, USA)                                                USA)                                                Dr. Guangzhi Sun (James Cook University,
Dr. Ahmed Elshazly (King Abdulaziz University,            Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Banaras Hindu University,                  Australia)
     Saudi Arabia)                                             India)                                              Dr. Aarin Teague (EPA National Laboratoty,
Dr. Katherine Bennett Ensor, Professor (Rice              Dr. Mingming Lu (University of Cincinnati,                    USA)
     University, Houston, USA)                                 USA)                                                Dr. Serdar Yaman (Istanbul Technical
Dr. Chiu-Shia Fen (Feng Chia University,                  Dr. William Lyon (American Academy of                         University, Turkey)
     Taiwan)                                                   Sciences, USA)                                      Dr. Juliet M. Yakubu (Federal University, Nigeria)
Dr. Baohong Guan (Zhejiang University, China)             Dr. George NKeng (Ecole Nationale Supérieure             Dr. Dongxing Yuan (Xiamen University, China)
Dr.     Ashraf Aly Hassan (EPA Natonal                         des Travaux Publics Yaoundé Cameroun,               Dr. Zheng Zheng (Fudan University, China)
     Laboratory, USA)                                          Cameroon)
Dr. Prem Kumari Gupta (Indira Gandhi National

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