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   SINCE 1910                                                                      DISTRIBUTION: 31,000                                                                            FALL 2006

Claude Rosenberg , Jr., Jan ’46                                                                        Amy Hansen Takes
Businessman, Author,                                                                                   Over as Principal
Philanthropist                                                                                                     By Terence Abad ’76

                                                                                                               lthough efforts to find a new Lowell

          laude Rosenberg’s picture is in the                                                                  principal began immediately after
          main hall of the school, surrounded                                                                  Paul Cheng announced his decision
          by happy children in the Rosenberg                                                           to transfer to Thurgood Marshall High
Early Childhood Center at the Jewish                                                                   School earlier this year, it wasn’t until late
Community Center in San Francisco.                                                                     summer that Interim Superintendent of
    The same Claude can be seen in his 1946                                                            Schools Gwen Chan (Lowell ’63) selected
Red & White, albeit a blonde, gregarious                                                               Amy Hansen to serve as Lowell’s interim
Student Body President with Block L’s in                                                               principal for the 2006-2007 school year.
baseball and basketball. The hair is gone but                                                              Ms. Hansen has more than two decades
the engaging smile and pleasant personality                                                            of experience in public education, including
remain to endear him to all who know him.                                                              15 years as a science teacher and adminis-
    The keen intellect and work ethic honed                                                            trator at Berkeley High School and, most
at Lowell gained him acceptance to Stanford                                                            recently, as principal from 2002 to 2006 at
where his exceptional social skills were rec-                                                          Oakland’s prestigious Skyline High School.
ognized as a student “Sponsor” responsible                                                             At Berkeley High, Hansen was instrumental        Principal Amy Hansen
for overseeing the academics and activities                                                            in designing the school’s two-year biotech-      ods in order to boost student achievement.
of 35 students in the freshman dormi-                                                                  nology curriculum in partnership with Bayer          Some of Hansen’s actions have generated
tory. Claude’s application to the Graduate                                                             Corporation. As an administrator, Hansen’s       friction with faculty members who feel she
School of Business was accepted. His major                                                             professed passion is for curriculum develop-     is trying to implement significant chang-
studies were Economics and Investments              Claude Rosenberg , Jr.                             ment.                                            es to the school’s culture without having
(1946-1952). Upon graduation he entered                                                                    From her first day on campus, she has        first obtained a solid understanding of this
the Navy (Korean War) and served for two            Performance Standards” that governs indus-         shared her strong conviction that “the most      admittedly complicated institution while
years.                                              try performance today. In 1992, the com-           important thing that goes on in this school      other complaints have been raised regarding
    His business career began with J. Barth         mittee chair was awarded The Daniel J.             happens in the classrooms.” In support of        Hansen’s approach to teacher evaluations.
& Co., an old line (1850) San Francisco             Forrestal III Leadership Award.                    that belief, Ms. Hansen tries to spend a         Given that Hansen is new to both Lowell
investment management firm. As a portfolio              As head of his own firm, he continued          portion of each day visiting classes to better   and the San Francisco public schools, it’s
manager, he received much of the training           his interest in philanthropy that had been         understand the quality and variety of teach-     not unusual to experience some “growing
and research skills that were to stand him in       nurtured at Barth’s where public service was       ing methods at Lowell. As she explained          pains” while working to forge a positive rela-
good stead in his business career. After three      part of the firm’s culture. His efforts to raise   during her visit to a recent Lowell Alumni       tionship with the varied constituencies that
years with the firm, he became the youngest         funds for non-profit clients led him to a star-    Association board of directors meeting, she      make up the Lowell community. Although
partner in Barth’s history.                         tling discovery – many people he knew who          recognizes that Lowell is a high-performing      she has a good deal of work cut out for her,
    As an account executive he became               were very well-off financially were either not     school but still hopes to be able to engage in   Hansen gives every indication of being up
increasingly aware of his responsibility            philanthropic at all, or were donating well        a dialogue with the Lowell faculty concern-      for the challenge.
toward his clients and their finances. To this      below levels they could afford. Why such           ing ideas for improving instructional meth-
end, he wrote his first book (typed by him-         under-giving, and what, if anything, could
self during evenings and weekends), the
Stock Market Primer, published by Prentice
                                                    he about it? He began reading books and
                                                    articles on philanthropy, analyzing I.R.S.
                                                                                                       Andrew Kluger
                                                    data, and seeking personal interviews to
                                                                                                       Wings of Mercy over Hawaii
Hall in 1961. Its main theme was to help
people learn how to be smarter in their             assist him in future soliciting for worthy
investing and to be aware of the trading            causes.
pitfalls in the investment marketplace. The             His research established that charitable

book eventually sold more than a half mil-          giving was based mainly on income (tithing)                ndrew Kluger ’69                                             where he received his B.A.
lion copies in several languages. Two other         with little regard for wealth in the form of               was the last Student                                         and then a J.D.degree
books followed dealing with common-sense            stocks and bonds or other marketable assets                Body President in                                            from the University of
investing in the stock market.                      that should be critical factors in judging the     a school that was modeled                                            San Francisco School of
    In 1969 he left Barth to form his own           potential of generous philanthropic giving.        after the Old Lowell with                                            Law. Andrew served as
investment management firm, Rosenberg                   The combination of Claude’s judgment           a seven-period day, 50-min-                                          law clerk for Superior
Capital Management (RCM). The firm grew             and research educated countless individuals,       ute periods, study halls, and                                        Court Justice Leland
quickly with high quality performance for its       as well as non-profits and private founda-         loud passing bells. That fall,                                       Lazarus, before attending
clients and was soon considered among the           tions, to the promise of increased philan-         Andy’s Lowell was trans-                                             the Johnston Graduate
very best and respected firms in the invest-        thropy in America.                                 formed by the Lowell Plan                                            School at Cornell. His
ment management business. In keeping                    While Chrm/CEO of his own firm, he             with a commission-type stu-                                          interest in health-care
with its owner’s innate altruism, RCM was           decided to publish his findings. After four        dent governance, modular                                             management began there
a happy place to work, inviting employees           years of authorship he published Wealthy           scheduling, resource centers,                                        and was to become the
to share in the city’s rich cultural and artistic   and Wise, subtitled, How You and America           self-scheduled time, and no                                          focus of his business and
life. RCM oversaw institutional, individual,        can get most out of Your Giving. Constantly        study halls.                                                         philanthropic careers.
family, and other clients with considerable         encouraged by his good friend, John W.                 A visit to Kluger and Andrew Kluger                                  A summary of his
success. The firm’s very first account was the      Gardner, Chairman of Common Cause, and             Associates in San Rafael                                             accomplishments proved
joint trustees of the “ILWU, P.MA.” Pension         HEW Secretary, Claude finally convinced            turned back the clock thirty-seven years as      to be elusive. One seemingly has all the bases
Fund.                                               Little Brown to publish the book that pro-         Andy and I reminisced about those turbu-         covered when an annual report surfaces
    CR was dismayed to find that there were         posed that many Americans, especially the          lent days in the late Sixties. Fortunately for   describing yet another of his business or
no investment manager standards at the              wealthiest, could – and should – be con-           him and his schoolmates, Lowell remained         charitable ventures.
time, hence clients and prospects had little        tributing more than they had been donating         a relatively quiet haven for young scholars          A prime example is his Bluegrass Assisted
protection from misleading or deceptive             to charity. This groundbreaking analysis of        so they could look back with pride at the        Living Facilities, established in 1998,
advice. He met this head-on by writing copi-        charitable giving drew praise from many            quality of their high school education. He       where he is managing partner. The com-
ously about the lack of ethics and standards        national leaders including former President,       remembers with gratitude a galaxy of excel-      pany constructs and operates senior assisted
in the business. His book, Investing With           Jimmy Carter.                                      lent teachers like Peter Gamble, Don Baker,      living facilities at five sites in Kentucky:
the Best; What to Look for, What to Look out            In 1995, a complimentary article about         Anne Wallach and Jo Ann Stewart who              Elizabethtown and Bardstown are currently
for in Your Search for a Superior (investment)      Wealthy and Wise appeared in the Wall              prepared him so well for Cal. Joe Ehrman         in operation and Shelbyville, Harrodsburg
Manager, caught the attention of industry           Street Journal eliciting a positive response       came to mind as the Dean of Boys with the        and Bowling Green are on the drawing
leaders (AIMR) and he was asked to put              to the thesis that asset ownership along with      unenviable task of overseeing the behavior       board. All are/will be equipped to handle the
together a group that would do what he sug-         income should be the basis for charitable          of 1200 boys constantly roiling the campus       special needs of Alzheimer’s sufferers.
gested in his book , meaning the creation of        giving. Soon, the letters and phone calls          scene. He has a fond spot for golf coach             Book Bank USA is another Kluger enter-
ethical standards that would protect inves-         were coming in from around the country             Graham Knox and seventh period PE when           prise serving citizens on the periphery of
tors. Chairman Claude formed a five-mem-            with requests for speaking engagements.            the golf team would be teeing up at Lincoln      our society: It is a non-profit organization
ber committee of respected fellow-managers          This national interest led to the creation of      Park Golf Course when the rest of us were        founded in 1966 by Andy’s Father, Sydney,
who produced a tough, sensible set of rules         the “Newtithing Group,” a nonprofit orga-          just getting out of school.
that became the highly-regarded “AIMR                                       continued on page 15           The young graduate opted for UC Davis                              continued on page 14
Page 2                                                                           Lowell Alumni Association                                                                        Fall 2006

Caught in the Headlines Reunion CalendaR
            By Terence Abad ’76
                                                     Take a Bow: After 10 years as Artistic        Classes of January & June 1943 and February 1944 – 65-Year Reunion

        here’s lots of news to catch up on,      Director of the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay
        with Lowell alums popping up every-      Freedom Band, Jadine Louie ’78 is moving             Tentatively scheduled for April/May, 2008 – location TBA
        where you look. First off, how about     on to new, but as yet unspecified, pursuits.         Contact Alan Orr at (408) 354-1806
a loud “Bravo” to John Trasviña ’76 who has      As she told the SF Chronicle, “Ask me in six      Class of June 1952 – 55-Year Reunion
been named President and General Counsel         months. . . . The creative energies, they ooze       Saturday evening, October 27th, 2007 – St. Francis Yacht Club
of the Mexican American Legal Defense and        in different ways. Nothing is ever destroyed.        Please save the date.
Educational Fund (MALDEF). In his new            It just takes on new forms.”                         Contact Ray Perkins at (415) 479-2544 or barbaraperkins@yahoo.com
role, John has been traveling the country,
including a recent appearance on CNN’s               Aftershock: Looks like I omitted some         Classes of January & June 1957 – 50-Year Reunion
“Lou Dobbs Tonight” show, broadcast from         important 1906 earthquake centennial news            Saturday, November 3, 2007
a town hall meeting on immigration in San        in the last issue. As part of the San Francisco      Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco
Antonio. John more than held his own with        Giants’ opening day festivities this past            Save the date! Make plans now to join your classmates for a beautiful dinner in the
Dobbs during the rather heated debate.           April, a group of ’06 quake survivors helped      elegant Empire Room at the historic Sir Francis Drake as we celebrate our 50-year reunion.
                                                 throw out the first pitch, including our own      More information to come next year.
    Sports Page: Another newsmaker is            John Violich ’21. At the age of 103, John            Contact the Lowell Alumni Association with any questions
Lowell’s longtime baseball coach, John           looks great in a photo with Barry Bonds
Donohue, who was honored in Sacramento           taken that day and reproduced in newspa-
                                                                                                   Class of June 1967 – 40-Year Reunion
this past June as the high school baseball       pers around the country.                             Date/Venue TBA
coach of the year by the California Coaches                                                           A steering committee is being formed in order to plan our 40-year reunion in 2007.
Association. Family, friends and a number of         Serious Business, Important Service: Just     Please contact us if you are interested in being the chairperson or on a committee for this
current players were on hand to celebrate JD’s   learned that Lowell alumna Elaine Mar ’90         event.
selection for this great honor. Interestingly    has been playing a critical role in helping          Contact Claudia Wolf Eshoo at (650) 991-2077
enough, the CCA’s Hall of Fame includes          to deal with the aftermath of the 9/11 ter-       Class of 1977 – 30-Year Reunion
three great Lowell coaches (Ben Neff, Mike       ror attack on New York City. As a member
Voyne and Ernst Feibusch), along with            of the New York City Office of the Chief             Thanksgiving weekend 2007
Lowell alum Bob Troppmann ’41.                   Medical Examiner, she has supervised that            Plans for the class of 1977 reunion are well under way. Please save the date for
                                                 office’s World Trade Center DNA identifica-       Thanksgiving weekend 2007! In order to make this a success, we need your help in locat-
   Political Whirl: Plenty of Lowell con-        tion unit for the past five years, helping to     ing our “lost” class members. Please visit the Lowell Alumni Association website at www.
nections at a recent political fundraiser in     bring closure to grieving families by help-       lowellalumni.org for more details in the coming months.
San Francisco, featuring the red-hot Senator     ing to positively identify more than 1,500           Contact Cecilia Trotman at (510) 459-4474 or ladycct@yahoo.com
Barack Obama from Illinois. The cocktail         victims.                                          Class of 1997 – 10-Year Reunion
party portion of the event was hosted by
                                                                                                      Date/Venue TBA
Markos Kounalakis ’74 while Mark and                For the latest news about Lowell alums,
                                                                                                      Committee members needed! Please come and be a part of this momentous occasion.
Susie (Russell) Buell (both class of ’60) put    keep an eye on the Alumni Spotlight section
                                                                                                   Stay tuned for more info.
on the intimate dinner party afterwards.         of our website at www.lowellalumni.org.
                                                                                                      Contact Lauren Choi-Dea at (415) 710-8710 or lchoidea@yahoo.com

Alum Classmates Still in the Swim                                                                  Southern California Alumni Luncheon
                                                                                                       Saturday, April 21, 2007, 11am to 3pm
              By Jack Truby ’42                  took fifth in the 100m and 200m free and              The Castaway, 1250 Harvard Rd, Burbank
                                                 sixth in the 50m free. For both of us the             Alumni and friends from throughout Southern California are invited to join us for our

        s careful readers of this newsletter     stamina required for the six-day meet was         biennial gathering. Expect more information by mail in early 2007.
        may remember, Frank Grannis ’42          indeed a significant challenge.                       Contact Helen Wax at (805) 445-4740 ext. 127 or helnwax@aol.com or Nancy Albrecht
        and I have been training to compete          While the glory in this competition           at (661) 252-7280.
in the world masters swimming champion-          is always very limited or nonexistent, the
ships for a number of years. This training
has also involved consistent practice and
participation in local and national meets.
                                                 real value was best summed up by Frank:
                                                 “It gives you purpose to stay in reasonable
                                                 shape, a better chance to maintain good
                                                                                                   Reunion Report
   This August the world masters cham-           health, and to have something to look for-                 he Class of 1986 held its 20-year reunion at the San Mateo Marriott on Saturday,
pionships were held at Stanford University       ward to, as well as to strive for – even though            October 14th. It was a great success! Over 240 classmates and guests mingled and
and we both swam well with rewarding             it sometimes means hard work.”                             danced to ‘80s tunes
results along with 5,500 other men and               While competitive swimming is not for         throughout the night! We’ve
women from 74 countries. We competed             everyone, its real basis is consistent lap        posted some pictures from
in the 80-84 age group along with over 50        swimming, which is available to most. This        the reunion on our website:
highly qualified, dedicated and focused male     is an ideal way to maintain good health over      www.lowell86.com. If class-
athletes. Frank was the silver medalist in the   many years, reduce the risk of injury dur-        mates have photos that they
50m butterfly and a freestyle relay. He was      ing workout and to slow inevitable muscle         would like to upload, please
the bronze medalist in the 50m backstroke,       atrophy.                                          follow the directions on the

      t!The Feibusch Years, 1966-Present
                                                                                                       For those who weren’t
              SOCCER REUNION
                                                                                                   able to attend the reunion

 A        Saturday, May 19, 2007 – Lowell High
                                                                                                   or have not yet included an
                                                                                                   update on our website, please Members of the Lowell ’86 Reunion Committee: Back Row (L
                                                                                                   include a short blurb about to R): Maureen Gauthier, John Chin, Burton Siu, Michelle
                                                                                                   what you’ve been doing the (Tom) Kaneshiro, Evelyn (Achuck) Yue, Virginia (Herrera)
                             Direct mail notice to follow                                          past 20 years. We would love Schuler, Rowena (Tong) Gee, Jeanette (Hom) Wong and
                                Mark your calendar                                                 to hear from everyone!            Esther (Whang) Im. Front Row (L to R): Gigi (Katz) Orta,
                                                                                                       Thanks to everybody, Christina Ng, Janet (Law) Hee, Carole (Lam) Chin, Gigi
                                                                                                   especially the Reunion (Imperial) Marania and Sonia Gomez-Rexelius.
                         LOWELL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION                                                 Committee, for helping make this evening an exciting and memorable one. In no time at
                Paul A. Lucey                              Lisa Coughlin Clay ’74                  all, it will be our 25-year reunion!
               Executive Director                                 President                            Sincerely, Evelyn (Achuck) Yue & Michelle (Tom) Kaneshiro

               Jim Rosenthal ’50                           Claudia Wolf Eshoo ’67
                 Vice President                                   Secretary                                                   Reunion Committees
              Alan Wendroff ’50                              Terence Abad ’76                                        Your Lowell Alumni Association Will . . .
                Vice President,                                   Director,                                3 Mail you address labels for all your class members who have a
           Planning & Development                      Alumni Relations & Development
                                                                                                             current address
                               BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                          3 Mail or e-mail you 3 different lists of class members
 Jack Anderson ’50                Patricia Pivnick Levin ’67    Wendy Drefke Shinbori ’68                    1. Known grads
 Roberta Bleiweiss ’65            Christine Linnenbach ’89      Bruce Spiegelman ’68
 Leon Blum ’52                    Emily Moto Murase ’83         Paul Tam ’82                                 2. Lost grads
 Mike Bower ’67                   Anita Payton ’74              Mike Ugawa ’76                               3. Deceased grads
 Cathryn Brash ’43                Georgene Poulakidas           Dawn Stephens Walker ’74
 Joseph Ehrman III ’41               Kromydas ’88               Rita Yee ’73                               3 Tip Sheet on how to keep track of your class and how to find
 Dave Hagerman ’72                Geraldine Rosen-Park ’77                                                   lost grads
                                                                                                                                     Just ask!
 Helen Louie Wax ’66, Southern California Representative;           Amy Hansen, Principal                 Phone 415/759-7830 or send a message through our website:
          PUBLISHED BY THE LOWELL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION                                                                         www.LowellAlumni.org
Fall 2006                                                                         Lowell Alumni Association                                                                                 Page 3

Day on Campus Unites Alumni, Students, Faculty
             By Terence Abad ’76                   Director and resident historian Paul Lucey.
                                                   Various Lowell music groups performed in

     t may not have been typical Lowell            the Carol Channing Theater while other
     weather, with temperatures in the 80s         students put on a special poetry reading. An
     on Saturday, October 7th – one alumna         historic panel discussion brought together
complained, in jest, that she needed some          former principals Barton Knowles and Paul
foggy gloom to properly rekindle her memo-         Cheng with current principal Amy Hansen
ries of the current campus – but the spirit        to share their varying thoughts and experi-
was definitely cardinal and white all over as      ences about the institution.
more than 400 alumni and friends joined               Many Lowell faculty members, assist-
more than 200 current students for a very          ed by scores of current students, opened
special campus open house to celebrate             their classrooms to highlight programs in
Lowell’s 150th birthday.                           the World Languages, Biology, Physics,
    From the varsity football game that lit-       Ceramics, Yearbook and Journalism, while
erally kicked off the day’s schedule, with         student government officers held their own
a lopsided 60-0 Lowell victory over the            open house. At lunch, a hardworking volun-
Marshall Phoenix, to the final strains of the      teer crew of alumni and students manned
Lowell Hymn in the late afternoon, alumni          the barbecue grills and did their best to feed
from the 1930s through the 1950s enjoyed           a hungry but generally upbeat crowd.
the chance to visit the campus (some for the          Given the positive comments from many
very first time) while more recent grads got       of those who attended, the Lowell Alumni
to re-visit their old haunts, some searching       Association hopes to offer future Day on
for their old locker or the room that was          Campus events, perhaps as frequently as
their reg.                                         every other year. In the meantime, if you        LAA Executive Director Paul Lucey and Secretary Claudia (Wolf ) Eshoo ’67, along with James
    Special events were scheduled throughout       would like to visit campus during the school     Russell Lowell and other memorabilia displayed during the Day on Campus event
the day, including an impressive display of        year, please contact the Lowell Alumni
Lowell memorabilia in the Meyer Library,           Association to make arrangments.
thanks to the hard work of our Executive

                                                                                                       Campus News Briefs
                                                                                                    JROTC Fight Continues
                                                                                                        Despite a recent decision by the Board of Education to phase out the Junior ROTC
                                                                                                    program in the city’s public high schools, current students and alumni of Lowell’s JROTC
                                                                                                    have vowed to continue their efforts to save the program. The controversial decision has
                                                                                                    been praised by some as an important step to prevent military recruiting in our schools and
                                                                                                    as a symbolic rejection of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. On the other side of the
                                                                                                    issue are those, including some openly gay and lesbian students, who have benefited from
                                                                                                    the discipline and leadership skills promoted by JROTC.

                                                                                                    Lowell Still Top Northern California High School
                                                                                                        Based upon the latest Academic Performance Index scores compiled by the California
                                                                                                    Department of Education, Lowell continues to outperform every other public high school
                                                                                                    in Northern California. With a score of 947 (out of a possible 1,000, with 800 considered
Alumni and friends share lunch in the courtyard under sunny skies.                                  to be the target for all schools), Lowell trailed only three other high schools in the state:
                                                                                                    Gretchen Whitney High (Cerritos), Oxford High (Anaheim) and California Academy of
                                                                                                    Math & Science (Anaheim). It is worth noting that Lowell serves a larger student body than
                                                                                                    all three of those schools combined.

Welcome Bloomies!                                                                                   Admission Policy Under Review Again
                                                                                                        Under the terms of a proposal currently awaiting action by the Board of Education,
                                                                                                    Lowell’s admission policy may be reviewed as part of a district-wide effort to address diversity
                                                                                                    in the public schools. There is data indicating that a number of San Francisco schools have
                By Marc Troy                       Bloomingdale’s store. The salon, with its 82     less diverse student populations since the school district eliminated race/ethnicity as a factor
                                                   talented and ambitious stylists, was a mecca     in student assignment several years ago. The Lowell Alumni Association will participate in
    Thank you New York for bringing                for the most interesting clients who shopped     any review of the admission policy and keep our members apprised of important develop-
Bloomingdale’s to San Francisco, and I as          at the newly renovated store which found a       ments.
a native son, one-time employee of both            new birth after they tore down the old rails
the old Emporium department store and              system outside its doors. Like Harrods of
Bloomingdales in New York, am absolutely           London, it was reborn, making it into the           An Apology
thrilled.                                          fabulous “Bloomies”.                                    In the most recent issue of our eNewsletter, I wrote a rather poorly worded item
    When as a young student at Lowell High             Prince Aly Khan would sit in our salon          regarding the anticipated review of Lowell’s admission policy implying that achieving
School, I took “sales classes” under the           reception area waiting for his love at that         greater diversity at Lowell would require lowering the school’s academic standards.
beautiful, fashion high-style teacher, Mrs.        time, actress Gene Tierney, while the great         This certainly does not reflect my personal opinion or the opinion of the Lowell
Lightner, nee Kestner, wife of a Stanford          Garbo would shop just outside the salon in          Alumni Association. My intention was to point out that efforts to increase diversity at
University professor. You were lucky if you        the shoe department and the sales girls would       Lowell should not be limited to adjusting the admission policy, but should include an
were accepted into her class, did well, and        call me outside and whisper, “Garbo’s here          effort to better understand why relatively few African-American and Latino students
loved the field of salesmanship, which of          Troy, Garbo’s here”! The ever elusive Garbo         enroll at Lowell so that any barriers (whether real or perceived) can be reduced or
course included fashions, fashion stores,          loved to shop at Bloomingdale’s, as did most        eliminated. I apologize for anyone who was offended by the wording of the eNewslet-
and buying. I was the protégé child student        of the celebrities in Manhattan. Broadway           ter item.
whose term books went into the school              actress, Nancy Kelly, would scold me for                                                                                    Terence Abad
library and I , of course, was the first in line   leaving her half done while I disappeared                                                      Director, Alumni Relations and Development
to gain one of the much sought-after holi-         into the shoe dept. to see Garbo, and Mrs.
day season jobs in our various department          Nicharos Sr. would berate me in Greek for
stores, fashion shops, and family-owned            leaving her while I dashed to another floor
retail goods shops about town. I landed            to see a cinema favorite. I was young and in
                                                                                                    Lowell Athletes Continue to Shine
the plum job on the second floor of the            love with Manhattan, Bloomingdale’s, and             Once again this year, Lowell teams are dominating the AAA league, racking up league
Emporium in the better suits and ladies            all that which New York held in its hands        championships in Varsity Football, Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, Varsity and Frosh-Soph Girls
dresses – I was the mark-up kid from Lowell        before a young man from San Francisco.           Volleyball and another clean sweep in Cross Country (Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls and Frosh-
HI who always had a summer or winter                   I welcome Bloomingdale’s to San              Soph Boys). The only titles eluding the Cardinals’ grasp so far this year have been Boys
vacation job offered. I knew I was good, bet-      Francisco, my home town! When my father          Soccer, where coach Ernie Feibusch’s squad took an impressive 12-2-1 record into the play-
ter than most, and was always asked back to        and his brothers owned the famous Imperial       offs but lost in the semi-finals to O’Connell, and Frosh-Soph Football, where we finished
one of our leading stores -- Livingston Bros.,     Grill restaurants on Market Street, it was       with a respectable 4-2 record.
Joseph Magnin’s, Macy’s, the White House,          the “great white way” with over a million            Not only did the football team win the AAA title, but they recorded Lowell’s first perfect
and one day in 1957, Bloomingdales of New          white lights blazing each day and night.         AAA regular season (no losses, no ties) since 1969. The Cardinals then knocked off Mission
York City – The Big Apple.                         Bloomingdale’s will light-up Market Street       in the semi-finals, 22-14, but fell to Lincoln on Turkey Day at Kezar Stadium 29-22.
    Living in New York during the 50’s and         once again! Welcome to Market and Mission            For complete schedules and information about Lowell sports, visit the new Lowell athlet-
early 60’s was a great time to be employed at      Streets, and to San Francisco!                   ics website at www.lowellathletics.com or the AAA website at www.cifsf.org.
Page                                                                              Lowell Alumni Association                                                                          Fall 2006

Legacy of Teaching Excellence Honored at Gala Banquet
             By Terence Abad ’76                  from around the country. The Lowell class        faculty with her delightfully unvarnished         Sherman, Andrew Vose and Yael Wartens,
                                                  of 1976 added an especially festive touch to     comments. Lowell’s great teachers were also       directed by Othello Jefferson ’90, presented

        s the centerpiece event in our year-      the evening by holding its 30-year reunion       the subject of a short video presentation fea-    a medley of excerpts from the musical
        long celebration of Lowell High           as part of the banquet.                          turing comments taken from the hundreds           “Smile” that, as Jack Anderson noted, would
        School’s Sesquicentennial, the gala           With the inimitable Jack Anderson ’50        of tribute cards submitted by alumni.             not have been out of place on any Broadway
banquet on June 3rd at Moscone Center             serving as the evening’s emcee – truly the           President Lisa Clay of the Lowell Alumni      stage. The musical capstone of the evening
West managed to exceed nearly every               perfect choice, given his background as a        Association, along with PTSA President            came when Lowell’s Visual and Peforming
expectation. With the theme “A Tribute to         Lowell alumnus, distinguished former fac-        Nancy Cutler and Student Body President           Arts department head, Michele Winter,
Teachers,” the banquet featured the larg-         ulty member and long-time director and           CJ Mourning ’06, honored Principal Paul           accompanied by Mr. Jefferson, led the entire
est gathering of current and former Lowell        officer of the Lowell Alumni Association         Cheng with some special remarks and pre-          group in singing Bob Anino’s special com-
teachers ever, with the 200-plus teachers in      – the evening’s formal program featured a        sented him with an American flag that had         position “How Many Years Has Lowell Been
attendance spanning more than five decades        trio of speakers selected to recognize Lowell    been flown over the U.S. Capitol, provided        Around?” and the Lowell Hymn.
of Lowell history. Several hundred alumni         teachers of various stripes. Don Iglesias ’66,   courtesy of Representative Nancy Pelosi.             Once the formal program had ended,
and other friends of Lowell were on hand          Superintendent of Schools for the San Jose           Of course, the evening wouldn’t be com-       alumni took full advantage of the opportu-
to recognize the significant and varied con-      Unified School District, offered some very       plete without the participation of some of        nity to seek out former teachers in order to
tributions these dedicated educators have         thoughtful remarks on behalf of the many         Lowell’s most talented students. The Junior       offer personal thanks for their efforts. And
made to the tens of thousands of students         Lowell alumni who are professional educa-        ROTC’s Drum Corps kicked things off               those small gestures were worth at least as
who have learned from them.                       tors. Later on, Lowell counselor May Choi        with an appropriately boisterous march into       much as all of the other aspects of this gala
    During the cocktail hour, guests mingled      ’68 spoke as a representative of the current     the banquet room, followed by the formal          celebration of Lowell’s first 150 years.
in the spacious Moscone West lobby while          Lowell faculty, and then was followed by the     presentation of the colors and pledge of
enjoying swing music and viewing hundreds         completely unique and irrepressible Flossie      allegiance to the flag. Students Lily and
of teacher tribute cards submitted by alumni      Lewis, who ably represented the retired          Michelle Drexler, Erica Edwards, Amanda

                                                                                                   Celebrating their 30-year reunion were Lowell ’76 classmates (from left) Mike Ugawa, Lewis
Posing with the sesquicentennial slide show playing the background are, from left to right, for-   Rose and Ross DeHovitz
mer teachers David Madfes and Steve Hirabayashi with Eric Blasko ’76

Retired teachers (from left) Barclay Bates and George Moore enjoy a chance to catch up             One of the many tribute boards, crowded with fond memories of great Lowell teachers

      The Lowell Alumni Association Thanks the Generous Sponsors Who Helped Make the Lowell Sesquicentennial Cocktail Party Possible:

    GRAND SPONSORS                                   BENEFACTORS                                   Diana Kazubowski                                 SPONSORS
                                                                                                   Robert L. Knox
    Joseph Breall, Sophie Breall and                 Michael Becker                                Gary & Patricia Pivnick Levin                    Terence Abad
       Breall & Breall, LLP                          Kenneth & Gail Berry                          Michael Maddan                                   Allan Alcorn
    Vicki DeGoff                                     Linden & Carl Berry                           Harvey & Eve Masonek                             Jerry Ambinder
    Joan DeHovitz & Aaron Braun                      Louis Buchbinder                              Marie Matthews                                   Gwen Chan
    Donald Fisher                                    Hon. Gerald Buchwald                          Kurtis Mayer                                     James Gazaway
    Warren Hellman                                   James & Inge Byrnes                           Peter Meeks & Linda Kazares                      Robert Glasson
    Robin Leland                                     James Carmack                                 Susan Murray                                     Bonnie Goldman
    Dr. David Lieu                                   Lee Cheng                                     Patrick Quan                                     Joseph Handlon
    Carlton W. Linnenbach                            Don & Lisa Coughlin Clay                      Adolph Rosekrans                                 Stanley G. Hilton
    Christine A. Linnenbach                          Jay & Nancy Cutler                            Catherine Rossi-Roos                             Bert Horn
    Peggy & Rick Nederlof                            Donald W. Davis                               Namdar Saleh                                     Sandra Dyer Joseph
    Dr. Thomas Park                                  Sandra Eggers                                 John Schwabacher                                 Dr. & Mrs. Jetson Lee
    Jim Plessas                                      Diane & Joseph Ehrman                         Richard Shrieve & Yvonne Don                     Paul Lucey
    Dr. Sol & Betty Silverman                        Dr. Allan Gold                                Dr. Samuel & Ruby So                             Alan C. Mendelson
                                                     Dave Hagerman                                 Audrey Sterling                                  Dr. Emily Murase
                                                     Jonathan Hoff                                 Milton Vucinich                                  Christine Reynolds
                                                     Stephen & Adrienne Horn                       Helen Louie Wax                                  Jim Rosenthal
                                                     Rod & Anne Hughes                             Merla Zellerbach                                 Michelle Schulz
                                                     Thomas & Marily Johnson                                                                        Alexandra Vuksich
                                                     Bonnie Jones                                                                                   Alan Wendroff
Fall 2006                                                                       Lowell Alumni Association                                                                              Page 

                                                                                                 City Hall Cocktail Party
                                                                                                            ith its dome and rotunda awash in red and white lights, City Hall was
                                                                                                            the elegant venue for Lowell’s Sesquicentennial kickoff event on Saturday,
                                                                                                            February 28th. Nearly 500 guests socialized, danced, ate and drank the
                                                                                                 night away. Special musical performances by Lowell’s jazz band, advanced choir and
                                                                                                 string quartet were the highlights of the evening.

The downtown skyline served as a backdrop to the pre-banquet cocktail party.

                                                                                                 LAA President Lisa Coughlin Clay ’74 (left) with Marcus Pon ’86 and Honorary
                                                                                                 Sesquicentennial Committee member Kimiko Burton ’82

Lowell students wow the crowd with their medley from the musical “Smile”

                                                                                                 LAA Secretary Claudia (Wolf ) Eshoo ’67         Mom and daughter, Esther Koch ’69 and
                                                                                                 and husband Bob pose beneath the City           Esther Riecks Koch ’37, were one of many
                                                                                                 Hall dome                                       alumni families in attendance

Jack Anderson ’50, the evening’s outstanding
master of ceremonies                            Flossie Lewis shows off some fancy moves
                                                                                                 Lowell teacher Steve Granucci with his wife (far left) are joined by (from left to right)
                                                                                                 teachers (and alums) Alice Kwong-Ballard ’80 and Jim Carmack ’62 as well as LAA
   Letters                                                                                       director Emily Moto Murase ’83

Dear Lowell Alumni Association,                 would not have seen any of them again.
    Thank you for Saturday’s wonderful             I know how much time and work goes
celebration and dinner. It was a sweet          into the preparation and execution of
reflection of my memories of my Lowell          such an event. So again – to you and all            Special Thanks to the Generous Sponsors of the
students, their parents, my colleagues, and     the others who contributed to its success
the support organizations that make Lowell      – thanks very, very much.                                Lowell Gala Sesquicentennial Banquet
                                                                              Barclay Bates
so special. Your hard work is appreciated.                                                                      “A Tribute to Teachers”
                               Jeannie Gallo
                                                Dear Friends,                                                                       Grand Sponsors
                                                   Thank you so much for the wonderful                                               Donald Fisher ’46
Dear Committee Members,                         evening we all enjoyed last Saturday. It                                              Jim Plessas ’49
                                                was the thrill of a lifetime to find oneself
   Please accept my very sincere thanks         among so many beloved former students
for organizing the Lowell Sesquicentennial
                                                and colleagues. What a rare opportunity to
Dinner. I am most grateful for the tributes     be reunited. Thank you from the bottom                                               Dr. Allan Gold ’63
– old buzzards need love too – and even         of my heart for creating the opportunity.                                            Dr. David Lieu ’73
more for the opportunity to see former             And what an unexpected treat to find
students such as Terry Abad, Flora Burger,      myself honored in the video. It felt like the                                            Sponsors
Beverly Epstein, Tom Childers, Natasha          validation of my life’s work. How nice to                                            Terence Abad ’76
Litt, Sarah Hudson, Ross DeHovitz, Susie        be eulogized when one is still around to see                              Joan DeHovitz ’79 & Aaron Braun ’77
Kim, Stephanie Joe, Mas Handa, Marilyn          and hear. Mille fois merci!                                                Peay Vineyards and Vanessa Wong ’87
Rosenberg, and others whom my ancient                                                    Love,                                Paul Tam ’82 & Rhonda Kwok
and feeble memory cannot at the moment                                     Joan-Marie Shelley
recall. Without your dedication I probably
Page 6                                                                                      Lowell Alumni Association                                                                                          Fall 2006

    Keeping in TouCh…
1931                                       JUN              When contacting the Alumni Office, always give                                                             had a great time and especially enjoyed Ann’s sur-
                                                                                                                                                                       prise of a delicious Birthday Cake for all.”
ANDREW H. TRICE announces “I finally
retired in 2005 after 20 years of substituting as I
                                                            graduating class and maiden name, if applicable                                                            The Sept/Oct 2006 issue of UCB Class Notes
                                                                                                                                                                       stated that RICHARD BLUM U.C. Regent,
entered my 92 year. This culminated earlier years                                                                                                                      has given $15 million to the University for a
as a college professor and economic consultant in       competitions — ranked in the top ten in the             DON FEINSTEIN was honored by the Norris                major new multi-disciplinary campus initiative
California and in several foreign countries.”           50,100 backstroke, 50 breast and freestyle. Also        Cancer Center at the Keck School of Medicine at        to improve the quality of life for impoverished
                                                        coaching a master team at the Canyons A. C. in          USC, Division of Hematology, for 40+ years of          people by helping them develop their full eco-
1933                        JUN & DEC                   Hamilton, Mt. Have about 45 Tri-athlete, swim-
                                                        mers training for different events. In case you
                                                                                                                service and academic excellence. Lowell graduates
                                                                                                                in attendance were: Doris Lieb Blum ‘29, Mark
                                                                                                                                                                       nomic potential.

HAROLD SHERMAN ’33 compliments the
LAA paper and shares “My ‘lady friend’ Helen
                                                        didn’t remember I was a National competitor in
                                                        the 100 backstroke, breaking the American record
                                                                                                                Blum ‘65, Donald Gold ‘50, Lonette Schepps
                                                                                                                Rappoport ‘47, and Gayle Berelson Leventhal            1954                           JAN & JUN
and I have just completed two (2) cruises – one         for that event in 1945, time 1:16:8, record set at      ‘58. Don and wife Jackie Goldber Feinstein ’51         GEORGE L. BREWSTER updates “Catching
to Mexico and the other to the island of Maui,          Fleishacker pool while I was a senior at Lowell.        enjoyed every minute of the Class of ’50 reunion       up, . . . probably finished with law practice for
Hawaii for almost 2 weeks. I’m scheduled to par-        Didn’t make the 1948 Olympic Team until after           on May 20, 2006 at Merced Country Club.                now. Am teaching el school in South Central Los
ticipate in my nephew’s wedding on September            I graduated - graduated at the age of 16. Went          Kudos to Don Green ’50 and crew for the best           Angeles, a much bigger challenge and a harder
2 at a beautiful ceremony in Wisconsin. I’m the         on to Lux College for Women and received my             reunion ever.”                                         job, and learning my math basics. Daughter
groom’s ‘best man’ which was very wise choice.          A.A. degree so I could continue my training in                                                                 Laurel, the third grade teacher suggests I should
                                                                                                                ROBERT ‘BOB’ MILLER reports “I am mar-
Doctors here have given me a good health report         San Francisco. Swam for Crystal Plunge until                                                                   be happiest as math teacher, and amateur poet
                                                                                                                ried to Rochelle Lynn Abers Miller ‘57. This is
for someone who just passed 90 year of age (I           1952. Returned to college and graduated in 1970                                                                and painter. Could be! My bio days are over,
                                                                                                                the second marriage for both of us and we have
can’t believe it!).”                                    with my BA and teaching credentials at the age                                                                 as I have schooled, careered, mated, and raised
                                                                                                                a blended family of five adult children and 6
                                                        of 40, and 4 children later. Member of Phi Rho                                                                 my two daughters to adulthood. Next is the big
                                                                                                                grandchildren. Lynn works in the finance depart-
1936                          JAN & JUN                 Kappa at Lowell—loved Lowell, couldn’t always
                                                        take part in everything, due to heavy training
                                                                                                                ment of an acquisition company and I have been         adventure. Involuntary changes plague us. Soon,
                                                                                                                                                                       we all won’t have any mirrors in the house, lest we
                                                                                                                practicing law for 46 years. My practice is lim-
JANE SANCTUARY WENDELL informs “My                      schedules. A very happy time of my life. Thank                                                                 see ourselves and jump, frightened of some home
                                                                                                                ited to Family Law matters and I am a Certified
husband and I have moved into a wonderful               you again for keeping me informed---have a 77 yr                                                               invasion by a monster.”
                                                                                                                Family Law Specialist, Certified by the State Bar
assisted-living facility and are very happy there!”     Birthday this Friday.”
                                                                                                                of California. I am a Fellow of the American
EVERETT WITZEL recounts “Enjoyed the class
reunion Oct 22. A good turn out and visited with        1947                          JAN & JUN
                                                                                                                Academy of Family Lawyers, whose member-
                                                                                                                ship consists of approximately 1,600 Family Law
                                                                                                                                                                       1957                           JAN & JUN
some ‘old’ classmates!”                                                                                         attorneys throughout the United States. I have         ROCHELLE LYNN ABERS MILLER news
                                                        ROBERT ‘BOB’ LINCOLN exclaims “Still                                                                           – see class of 1950.
                                                                                                                limited my practice to Family Law Mediation
                                                        keeping busy with my expanding business and
1938                        JUN & DEC                   traveling. Been on Queen Mary II twice – ship
                                                        too big! My wife Iris and I are expecting our 12th
                                                                                                                and Private Judging in Family Law matters. I
                                                                                                                work only three days a week. The rest of the time
                                                                                                                                                                       JULI STAIGER POSTOL greets “Still traveling:
                                                                                                                                                                       Provence and Belgium in April. Looking forward
                                                                                                                is spent trying to play the game of golf well. I am
EARL HORWITZ comments “I am still hav-                  grandchild on June 11, 2006 – adopted 7-month                                                                  to our 50th class reunion in 2007.”
ing fun with my second career playing piano at                                                                  working on the 55th reunion committee for our
                                                                                                                Class of 1950 and am looking forward to seeing
retirement homes. It is especially gratifying at
the Alzheimer homes seeing the response when I          JANET CHILJIAN-FOX cheers “Great to be in               all of the youngsters who show up.”                    1959                           JAN & JUN
play all the old time favorites. What a wonderful       touch by e-mail and visits with Janette Biagini
                                                                                                                JOAN FEISEL ROBSON posts “We continue to               VERA AU POON notes “Old friends Toyoko
experience! Looking forward to 2008 for the 70th        Barroca ‘47, Greta Smith Gregory ‘47, Charlotte
                                                                                                                enjoy living in Alaska during retirement. A trip       Sumida ‘59 and Vera Jane Au lost their husbands
year reunion!”                                          Marie Ludemann ‘47, and Barbara Freeman
                                                                                                                in the late fall and early spring is all we need to    on exactly the same day in Nov. 2005. Toyoko
                                                        Pratt ‘47.”
                                                                                                                remind us of crowded civilization. Our favorite        and Wes Doi had been married 43 years, Vera J.
1940                          JAN & JUN                 JOE LYON inquires “When and where does the
                                                        Chicago LHS alumni group meet?”
                                                                                                                vacations are sailing on the Tall Clipper Ships.
                                                                                                                We have been around most of the world on
                                                                                                                                                                       and Robert C. Poon had been married 42 years.
                                                                                                                                                                       Toyoko, in San Rafael, hasthe comfort of her 3
GLORIA YAFFEE BURT replies to Evelyn                                                                            them. Our daughter Bonnie continues to live in         sons and 5 grandchildren; Vera, in San Francisco,
Zinkand Owens ’40 “Yes, you’ve found a 1936
Jeffersonite!!! Living in Diamond Bar, California       1948                          JAN & JUN                 Anchorage. She is a lead legal consultant work-
                                                                                                                ing on gas & oil for the state legislature. Lauri
                                                                                                                                                                       has 3 daughers and 4 grandchildren.”
                                                                                                                                                                       KAREN PASTORINO EAGAN hails “How
91765”                                                  LEONE ALBERT POLLARD praises “Enjoyed                   is a mechanical engineer managing revitalization
                                                                                                                                                                       pleased I was to hear that one of my students
                                                        the Spring issue! Keep hem coming!”                     projects for the palm Desert area. I read that
1941                          JAN & JUN                 HUBERT C. MARCUS declares “Retired at
                                                                                                                Kathryn Rice Blum ‘50 is as involved in gar-
                                                                                                                dening as I am. I manage our 16 acre volunteer
                                                                                                                                                                       in the Graduate Counseling Program at Saint
                                                                                                                                                                       Mary’s College was appointed to a counseling
MARILYN ADAMS KAUFFMAN happily                          last!!”                                                                                                        position at Lowell, funded by the Parent Teacher
                                                                                                                community park at the library; as well as our own
reports “Just recently in touch with Aldean                                                                                                                            Association. I well remember being inspired to
                                                        WILLIAM ‘BILL’ H. MORGAN sends                          five acres. We’d love to hear form some who plan
Ruggeri Simi ’40 – good friends at Lowell and                                                                                                                          reach beyond my own expectations by my coun-
                                                        “Greetings from Fresno to all who remember              to visit Fairbanks, and possibly be tour guides.
ever since.”                                                                                                                                                           selor and teachers at Lowell. Besides teaching at
                                                        especially the ’47-’48 football team. I was in the      joanrobson@gci.net”
                                                                                                                                                                       Saint Mary’s College, I play with my four grand-
                                                        1948 graduation class. I now live and doing busi-                                                              children as often as possible.
1943                          JAN & JUN                 ness in Fresno, California.”
                                                                                                                1951                         JAN & JUN                 JOAN METZNER GOSLINER inquires “Hi to
DAVID SHELDON recounts “Fulfilling a life-
long dream! In 1992, I solo-sailed under the            1949                          JAN & JUN                 JACKIE GOLDBERG FEINSTEIN news – see
                                                                                                                class of 1950.
                                                                                                                                                                       my fellow classmates from the Jan ’59 class. How
                                                                                                                                                                       can our 50th be only 3 years away? Is there any-
Golden Gate Bridge, south, to join the cruising         RITA FRANK NEER updates “Lived in San Jose                                                                     one else who would like to have a reunion of just
world of blue-water, off-shore sailors. My plan         for thirty-five years – spend summers in Hawaii                                                                our small class? I’d love to hear from you. Please
was to sail to San Diego and join a cruising group
heading for Baja. We cruised from La Paz to the
                                                        and Tahoe/Donner. Have two daughters, three
                                                        grandchildren and 2-year old great-granddaugh-
                                                                                                                1952                         JAN & JUN
                                                                                                                                                                       contact me at joangos@comcast.net”

Sea of Cortez for about a year. Later I sailed to the
mainland coast of Mexico to Mazatlan and later
                                                        ter. Having known Leah Boehm before ever
                                                        attending Lowell, I shall miss her great advice and
                                                                                                                JOANNE BERRY OTT writes “Enjoying our
                                                                                                                home at Sun City Lincoln Hills and the activities
                                                                                                                                                                       1960                           JAN & JUN
Puerto Vallarta. Eventually I sailed from Panama        wonderful spirit!”                                      here. Still doing lots of traveling, will include a    TONY IVELICH reflects “Hard to believe we’re
via Honduras, Cancun and to Havana Cuba.                                                                        cross Atlantic cruise this year. Also go to our time   sixty four years old; and to think Miss Lorigan
In1994, I cruised from Cuba to my destination,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I spent later years liv-      1950                          JAN & JUN                 shares in Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas. Our triplet
                                                                                                                grandchildren keep us busy too, they turn 6 this
                                                                                                                                                                       said I’ve never grow up. Horse on her!”
                                                                                                                                                                       JOAN SKANCE PORTELLO sends “Currently,
ing on my boat, ‘Quark’, in Sausalito. Sandman                                                                  year. Keep in touch with Gail Hurley Ruxton
                                                        DEBBIE ‘RUTH’ KINSLEY DITMAN sends                                                                             I am taking classes in preparation to open my
was my next boat, a Beneteau 305. I sailed her                                                                  ’52. Hi to all!”
                                                        “My husband had family reunion in Holland.                                                                     own business on the Mendocino Coast. I have
out of San Francisco, heading for San Diego, my
                                                        Afterwards took Globus Tour of the northern             IRENE ENSTROM KAUS greets “Hi Friends,                 been here about three years. Summers are espe-
next home port. I have lived at the Southwestern
                                                        capitals. It was a great trip.”                         My husband Jack and I celebrated our grand-            cially nice with cool coastal breezes and sunny
Yacht Club located in Pt. Loma for the last five
years. I have a new partner in life, Barbara, co-       ERNIE MALAMUD writes “I have just been                  daughter’s first birthday this month and are           days. The fog has been accommodating. It waits
owner of our Williard Classic Trawler named ‘Isle       appointed Chair of the Clair Tappaan Lodge              delighted with our new roles as grandparents. We       until evening to creep inland.”
of View’ (say it fast several times). I missed the      Committee. This Sierra Club lodge at Donner             are both well and very happy. We bought a new
last reunion, as I had a commitment to sail in an
Ensenada race, but I’ll see you at next reunion
                                                        Pass was built by volunteers in the 1930s, and
                                                        is an excellent base for year-round recreation:
                                                                                                                boat last year and we will be cruising in the San
                                                                                                                Juan and Gulf Islands for 3 months this summer.
                                                                                                                                                                       1961                           JAN & JUN
with Barbara.”                                          hiking, biking, swimming, rock climbing, winter         We will then bring it to SF to enjoy bay and local     RUTH GOUDIE MURRAY-ABREO updates
                                                        sports. My role, along with a few dozen enthusi-        cruising. Great way to play!”                          “It is nice to read some of the notes from class-

1944                          FEB & JUN                 astic volunteers is to preserve this beautiful rustic
                                                        mountain retreat by increasing occupancy and
                                                                                                                                                                       mates in the Alumni news. Since graduation, I’ve
                                                                                                                                                                       lived a varied life — waitress, office assistant (state
RAFAEL PISCITELLI KASTL shares “We                      raising money. (websit: ctl.sierraclub.org.) The        1953                         JAN & JUN                 employment), secretary (Mare Island, Computer
                                                                                                                                                                       Applications, CA 1972-1974), Correctional
Amtrak to WWII vets’ reunions. The groups get           friendly, casual atmosphere and affordable rates
                                                                                                                ANN BARNARD MUZINICH recently orga-                    Officer (Department of Corrections) and finally
smaller but the greatest generation is still lively…    (including family-style meals) make the Lodge
                                                                                                                nized a “Celebration of Being 70” luncheon             retiring as a Correctional Sergeant. Have two chil-
Their ‘war stories’ get better each year!               the perfect getaway to the beautiful Tahoe/
                                                                                                                in Vacaville for Joanne Alioto Casaudoumecq            dren, four grandchildren and one great-grandson.
                                                        Donner area with its many beautiful and his-
                                                                                                                ’53, Frances ‘Fran’ Berger Tischbern ’53, Judy
1946                          JAN & JUN                 toric attractions. I’d love to hear from Lowellites
                                                        who want more information. Email: malamud@
                                                                                                                Kelleher Rigas ‘53, Sharlene Klein Wachs ‘53,
                                                                                                                Gail Messina Meblin ‘53, Barbara Murphy
                                                                                                                                                                       Since graduation and outside of the school’s
                                                                                                                                                                       125th celebration, I have only met two classmates
BARBARA JENSEN JACKSON sends                            foothill.net. I live in Nevada City with my wife,                                                              wherever I have lived - San Francisco, San Bruno,
                                                                                                                Turner ‘53, Joan Prendiville Daniels ‘53, and          Santa Rosa, Sonora, South Lake Tahoe and for
“Currently still swimming Master Swimming               Olivia Diaz.”
                                                                                                                Barbara Scalabrino Moriel ‘53. Ann shares “We          the past 18 years Vallecito (in the Gold Country
Fall 2006                                                                                   Lowell Alumni Association                                                                                             Page 

of Calaveras Co.) I was very glad to see the recent
                                                      1967                           JAN & JUN
note from Linda Agnone ‘61 - do you remember
the Girls Drill Team? And I remember Mr. Lucey        PATRICIA THOMAS FRIEDLANDER posts
                                                                                                                          Don’t miss our new eNewsletter!
well as our homeroom teacher.”                        “Just moved after 32 yrs. from San Mateo to
                                                      Redwood Shores. Henry and I are both retired
                                                                                                                               To subscribe, just send your name and
1962                         JAN & JUN                and enjoying our new town home on the water.
                                                      Daughter Emily is married and teaching in San
                                                                                                                                       e-mail address to us at
JON LEONG updates “Married to Pam Sakai
(George Washington High Summer Class of
                                                      Diego. Son Thomas is a student at CSM.”                                      lowellaa@lowellalumni.org
1963) for 38 years. Two children and three grand-     LINDA LEE FONG AND VINCENT FONG
children living one block and ½ mile away from        send “Vince retired in 2004 from Levi Strauss &
our new home in Elk Grove. Lived in Mill Valley       Co. where he was V of Taxes. We have been doing
for 35 years, retired from Local 38 Plumber’s         a lot of traveling and spending time in our homes
                                                      in Los Altos Hills, Lake Tahoe, and Las Vegas.            Program at the University of Washington School         lifetime evening for honoring teachers and recon-
Union in August 2006.”                                                                                          of Nursing. Three sons and married for 32              necting with faculty and alums. In other news,
                                                      Our two daughters are attorneys practicing in
LYNN GOK sends “I retired after 39 years              Los Angeles and San Francisco; and our son just           years. Owe all my success to my beginnings at          I am approaching my 10th year with Williams-
as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist for Kaiser         graduated from Yale University.                           Lowell.”                                               Sonoma. Most of my career has been in inven-
Permanente. Dan and I have moved to Hawaii.”                                                                                                                           tory management. A couple years ago, I made

STEPHEN LENT informs “Retired from the                1968                           JAN & JUN                  1971                         JAN & JUN                 it trough the city’s labyrinthine TIC-to-condo
                                                                                                                                                                       conversion process, so I am now a contented flat
Army after 32 years as a Major in 2002. Took                                                                    RACHEL DAGOVITZ invites “I would love to               owner in the Inner Sunset. Most years I vacation
a leisurely 5 month chemotherapy tour shortly         RONALD REISS lists “Since graduating from
                                                                                                                hear from some of my friends from Lowell. It has       in Europe – most recently to Paris and Burgundy.
thereafter. I’ve just started a new career in the     Lowell: US Navy 1971-1975; B.A., San Francisco
                                                                                                                been a very long time. Please contact me to chat       Ah, the good life!”
Veterans Administration this month while enjoy-       State University 1980; M. Arch, University
                                                      of Texas at Austin, 1986; J.D., Golden Gate               and I’ll give you a call next time I’m in the Bay
ing my five year old daughter and eight year old                                                                                                                       FRANK McGILL shares “Living in Gilroy with
                                                      University, 1993. Licensed architect: California,         Area or if you’re in the D.C. area. (202)468-9653
son another daughter in high school, and three                                                                                                                         wife of sixteen years and three kids. Come on by
                                                      Utah, Idaho, Ore., Wash. Member of the Bar:               or racheldagovitz@hotmail.com”
in college.”                                                                                                                                                           and smell the garlic. Missed many of you at the
                                                      California, Colorado, Utah, all federal courts                                                                   reunion. Hope all are well.”
“Still on the planet! Married to musician Joseph
                                                      including US Supreme Court. Currently
                                                      Director of Architecture, Designers Collective,
                                                                                                                1972                         JAN & JUN                 BEVERLY EPSTEIN sends “Great things with
Joseph from St Lucia. Our daughter is almost 27.      Inc. Lafayette, CA. Currently residing in San             BEVERLY R. LEWIS expresses “I’m a physician            my daughter – Northern California State Level
We live on a farm in Sebastopol. I retired from       Francisco.”                                               currently in private practice specializing in child,   7 Champion for gymnastics 2006 – Amanda
Social Security at age 55. I am still in touch with                                                             adolescent and adult psychiatry in Minneapolis,        Wallbridge.”
Gretchen Meyer ’62, Andrea Brown Gourdine             FRED HINNERS jokes “Still ridin’ bronc on the             Minnesota. I continue to be a member of the
                                                      senior rodeo circuit and livin’ in Reno. No, wait, I                                                             KATHERINE ‘KAI’ TAMARA SHAING HARE
’62 and Randee Herting Goodrich ‘62.”                                                                           University of California, Berkeley alumni associa-
                                                      just retired after 25 years as a public affairs officer                                                          greets “Hello All! Our youngest has 2 more weeks
                                                                                                                tion. I love visiting the San Francisco Bay Area on
JAMES D. POSNER says “Hi, all! I’ve just              for the State of Nevada. Wow, that was pretty far                                                                to finish 6th grade at Hong Kong International
                                                                                                                a regular basis. Lowell certainly was the founda-
moved from the Bay Area to the Northwest.             off. Maybe I DID take one to the head.”                                                                          School. The principal, Dr. Wil Chan, is also a
                                                                                                                tion of an esteemed career. You have my deepest
Enjoying fabulous weather and scenery! Still con-                                                                                                                      Lowellite (can you believe that!!). We moved last
                                                                                                                gratitude and thanks.”
                                                                                                                                                                       year to Hong Kong and are enjoying the expatri-
sulting in the high-tech areas and enjoying flying
around here and to Palo Alto in our plane. Hope       1969                           JAN & JUN                                                                         ate life again. The opportunity for our children to
to attend a reunion one of these days!”               JENNIFER BAKER announces “As an Associate                 1974                         JAN & JUN                 immerse themselves in a foreign culture, especially
                                                                                                                                                                       one that is a gateway to the mighty China econ-
                                                      Professor of Arts and Sciences, I am now Chair            DOUGLAS RYAN condoles “I was surprised and
1963                         JAN & JUN                of the Dept. of Visual and Performing Arts in my
                                                      12th year of teaching at Green Mountain College
                                                                                                                sorry to hear of the sudden passing of Richard
                                                                                                                Alan Snell ’74. That was too young to leave
                                                                                                                                                                       omy, is rewarding. However, we have had some
                                                                                                                                                                       intense and memorable family trips throughout
JILL SCHOENFELD WHITE shares “My hus-                                                                                                                                  Asia taking advantage of Hong Kong’s transporta-
                                                      in Poultney, VT. All 3 sons (18, 19, and 25) are          here and a wife with twin daughters behind.” A
band Roger, retired SFUSD, and I are enjoying                                                                                                                          tion hub. I would highly recommend Myanmar’s
                                                      attending College at GMC, I have returned to              contribution in Richard Snell’s memory was sent
living in beautiful Oakmont in Santa Rosa where                                                                                                                        lake area, Lao’s Luang Prabang, Malaysia’s Bintan
                                                      my maiden name, and I am happily together with            with the note.
our backyard borders a vineyard in Kenwood.                                                                                                                            Island, Singapore’s foodie paradise, Cambodia’s
                                                      the love of my life. After almost 30 years in the
                                                                                                                                                                       Siem Riep, Thailand’s Chiang Mai, Phuket,
Also enjoying our 3 grandchildren – Joy, Gracie,
and Caleb Thorstad. I do genealogy and have
                                                      East, I still think of Lowell days and remember
                                                      good times! Would love to hear from those “spe-           1975                                       JUN         Malaysia, China (Suzhou, Hanzhou, Xian,...)..
                                                                                                                                                                       If you are in this area definitely look us up!!! uh..
found quite a number of lost relatives who are        cial few”: bakerj@greenmtn.edu”                           DIANA SCHWARTZ BODELL reflects “I’ve                   except in summers, we are always with the in laws
Lowell Alumni! I have made genealogy books for
                                                                                                                been very blessed with a wonderful career both         in France. Have a super blow out 30th reunion!
my Levy/Levin/Jacobs & Schoenfeld/Rosenberg/
Blumenthol families and am contributing some          1970                                   JAN & JUN          in business (software) and as a mosaic artist,
                                                                                                                as a wife and mother of 3 phenomenal kids (2
                                                                                                                                                                       ps. Peter H. - we still have the house on the other
of my research to the 150th Celebration of our                                                                                                                         side of the park!!! pss – Sue, I can’t believe we have
                                                      DEBORAH ‘DEBBIE’ GELLER wonders “I                        boys and a girl). It’s been a long road since the
high school.                                                                                                                                                           teen age kids and still lookin’ good?!
                                                      have a tremendous curiosity about so many of the          days I spent at Lowell, but a road I have enjoyed
                                                      people who were at Lowell when I was, 1967-70             taking. Wonder if any of my old friends are still      MARGARET FORBES MACDONALD e-
1964                         JAN & JUN                and am way beyond any emotional or mental
                                                      damage that might occur finding out “what
                                                                                                                around?”                                               mailed to announce that her recently released
                                                                                                                                                                       CD, “Rain on the Roof,” includes 11 original
DINAH EISON ROBERTS reflects “Lowell                  happened to......” I’ve done a lot since graduat-         CARLTON OLER declares “I’m back in the                 songs “with wide appeal to audiences who enjoy
was very ambitious during the 1960’s. Work was        ing early in January 1970 and working for the             Bay Area after a total of 22 years away. Our 30th      artists like Joni Mitchell and Sara McLachlan.”
hard; teachers were hard; I am not convinced          telephone company before going to Berkeley. My            reunion last October was great and affirmed my         She credits her lyric-writing ability to Flossie
they really cared but they tried. Comparing them      professional life hasn’t strayed too far from the         resolve to come home. I plan to look many of you       Lewis and AP English! You can find the CD at
to teachers of today, I must admit, we had the        interests I had when I was at Lowell. Since about         up. Feel free to contact me at choler75@hotmail.       www.margaretmacdonald.com.
best; however, we did not appreciate them then.       1982 (after a decade of not doing too much of             com or (831)630-1659.”
It was during the 60’s that Lowell had to meet a
racial quota — I was a part of that quota. Good
                                                      anything) I have written and made documenta-
                                                      ries about popular music topics. One of them,             1976                                                   1977
times, bad times; hard times — smart times            about Brian Epstein the Beatles’ manager, won                                                                    SUSAN ELAINE YEE-ENG requests “Hi every-
— interesting times — looking back now, prog-         a British academy award and has been shown                MICHAEL JACOBS sends “It’s been 30 long                one, I’m looking for people to communicate with
ress was made, but racial makeup still horrible. I    in SF a few times. And I try to stay as involved          years since I left Lowell and headed out into          before our 30th high school reunion next year. I
benefited? Probably!!”                                as I can in opposing the current political trends         the wild and woolly world. Plenty of water and         have been a microbiologist for over 20 years - just
                                                      we’re, ahem, now afflicted by. High school for            snow under the bridge. I have lived in Northern        recently moved out of SF and to Vallejo, CA. I
1965                         JAN & JUN                me, after getting a boyfriend who was especially
                                                      cool looking for the time, was full of music and
                                                                                                                Finland for 17 years, am married with two chil-
                                                                                                                dren, Tuuni (8) and Aaron (4). I am a lecturer
                                                                                                                                                                       currently work at Queen of the Valley Hospital
                                                                                                                                                                       in Napa, CA. I went to school at Hoover Jr. High
GLEN FAHS emails “Lynne and I met in ’66              politics. I like to regale all the young people I         in photography at the University of Lapland,           and as you know – on to Lowell. If you like, you
and have been happily married 32 years. Our           meet about the bands I saw at the Fillmore or             faculty of art design. I miss my city by the bay       can contact me at e-mail SYEEENG@STJOE.
son and daughter are college grads. I am Director     Avalon Ballroom and the thrilling marches and             but Lapland has 50,000 people in it (maybe) and        ORG or call me at 707-644-1545. Thanks and
of Training and Organization on Development           demonstrations I attended. I also had a few               it’s more than one third the size of California. No    hope to hear form you!! It’ll be fun!”
at Cascade Employers Association in Salem,            political run-ins with teachers and administrators        traffic jams excepting for the reindeer and moose
Oregon, serving 485 member organizations              at Lowell which now seem so fueled by bratty              on the roads. Warmest regards from the arctic.         FLORENCE CHEN WOHLGEMUTH reflects
with leadership and team training, coaching and       adolescent self righteousness, I can barely stand         P.S.: I haven’t seen San Francisco in 3 years and,     “It is with fond memories when I think of my
mediation. I also teach Leadership of Training &      to think about it. Personally, things have been a         unfortunately, I’ll be missing the reunion by 3        Lowell High School days. These days, I’m 46
Development for Portland State University. Hope       mixed bag. I’m divorced, not that there’s anything        days. All the best for a successful reunion.”          years old and still feel as young as I did when
to visit in summer ’07.”                              wrong with that, and although I’ve managed to                                                                    I was a J.V. Song Girl in 1976. Today, I am
                                                                                                                LINDA CHEUNG LAU updates “Our son is a                 an Executive Account Representative for SIA
                                                      take care of myself, I wish life could be a little        junior in UC Davis, and our daughter is a sopho-
1966                         JAN & JUN                easier in the way that it can be when there’s two.
                                                      I could go on and on. I live in New York after
                                                                                                                more at Galileo Academy. Life is good – almost
                                                                                                                empty next and more time to pursue other hob-
                                                                                                                                                                       Professional Services which is a marketing com-
                                                                                                                                                                       pany. I love my job. It allows me to network with
Published in the Sept/Oct 2006 issue of UCB           living in London for about twelve years. I try to                                                                many business owners and let my sales abilities
                                                                                                                bies such as dancing and golf. I will be the incom-    flourish. For the past 20 years, I sold fine jewelry
Class “ALAN C. MENDELSON ‘66, was                     come to SF as much as I can. My brother lives in          ing Galileo PTSA President. So, I’ll be busy.”
named one of the “100 Most Influential Lawyers        my mother’s old house in Park Merced (or what-                                                                   in practically all the malls in the Sacramento
in America” by the National Law Review Journal        ever it’s called now, Costa del Stonestown maybe)         BETSEY MAR HO claims “I am spawning a                  area, starting in Redding, CA and ending up
in June. Noted as the “Johnny Appleseed of            and when I look out the guest bedroom and the             Lowellite dynasty: daughter Clarrissa Ho ’05 is        at Jared the Galleria of Jewelry across from the
Silicon Valley’s emerging biotechnology compa-        fog isn’t too dense, I can see the top of Lowell          attending UCSB, daughter Jennifer Ho ’07 will          Arden Fair Mall. I’m loving my life and enjoying
nies,” Alan is a partner in Latham & Watkin’s         High School and wonder what’s happened to it              be a senior and son Christopher Ho ’09. Happily        all the seventies fashions that have come back in
Silicon Valley office and the global co-chair of      and us over all these many, many years.”                  married to Stephen for 21 years. I am presently a      style. I’ll always be a 70’s city gal. Lots of Love
their Venture & Technology Practice Group.”                                                                     semi-retired C.P.A.”                                   to you all!”
                                                      DOROTHY FROWNFELTER COOPER sends
exclaims “Looking forward to our 40th reunion
                                                      “Adult and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner,
                                                      currently living and practicing in the Puget
                                                                                                                RACHEL JAHNSON exclaims “WOW! I had
                                                                                                                a wonderful time at the Sesquicentennial Gala          1980
in Oct.”                                              Sound area. Starting second year as Director of           at Moscone. Hats off to Terry Abad ‘76 and the         JENNIFER EGAN will publish a fifth novel,
                                                      the Adult and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner           rest of the committee for organizing a once-in-a-      “The Keep” this fall. It will follow four others

                                                                                                                                                                                     continued on page 10
Page                                                                             Lowell Alumni Association                                                                             Fall 2006

The Crisis Of ’61 – An Academic Question
       By Paul Lucey and Peter Dahl              editorials in 1921) surfaced once more with        courts, an ROTC rifle range, music rooms,             A San Francisco Examiner article explored
                                                 the formation of the Committee for a New           a 1,000-seat auditorium, off-street parking,      the contention that an academic high school

     t’s 2006 and we of the Lowell family        Lowell. In March of that year, fifty alumni        and even an elevator in their new home            like Lowell, designed only for college bound
     are celebrating the 150 years of prestige   and faculty met at the home of drama               near Lake Merced. Little wonder they failed       students, is undemocratic…
     Lowell has earned as the first public       teacher, Sam Polland, for a meeting that           to pay much attention to the implications             “That such a school provides an intel-
all-academic high school on the entire West      proved to be historic for Lowell. Mr. J. Max       of the resolution. At a November 4, 1961          lectual elite with a quality of education
Coast.                                           Moore ‘36 was elected chairman and Judge           Board meeting, Superintendent Spears pre-         not available elsewhere in the city’s public
    But many of us reading this may not          John Molinari ‘27 became vice-chairman.            sented the plan for the partial districting of    school. Those who must attend other high
know how close we came in 1961 to los-           Later in the year, committee members pre-          the school based on that Board resolution         schools are therefore denied equality of
ing the school’s all-academic curriculum         sented a petition to School Board President        authorized four years earlier.                    opportunity.
and its ability to draw its students from        John Levison and the other Commissioners.             Dr. Spears unexpectedly had stepped                The counter argument is that all young
all over the city. Superintendent Harold         The petition asked that a new Lowell High          into a mine field because a rancorous debate      people have a right to an equal opportunity
Spears, tired of teachers and administrators     School                                             erupted that reached the pages of Time            for an education. But this means an oppor-
in comprehensive high schools complaining        (1) be located on the District’s Lakeshore         Magazine. He had been negotiating with the        tunity to as much education as they can
that Lowell was stealing their best students,       property.                                       Lowell Alumni Association leadership who          absorb. It doesn’t mean that the boy whose
recommended the school be moved into its         (2) be an academic school.                         reluctantly accepted the superintendent’s         abilities fit him only for a manual occupa-
new Lakeshore campus furnished with a            (3) be a non-districted school.                    60-40 plan as the best compromise they            tion is discriminated against when denied
comprehensive curriculum. Sixty per cent            Early in 1954 the Board moved as fol-           were going to get. The superintendent may         access to an advanced academic subject.
of the students would come from homes            lows: “It is the sense of this Board that there    have been thinking “Home Free” when the               The survival of our country may well
nearby and only 40 per cent from elsewhere       should be a new Lowell high school located         prestigious alumni spokesmen were brought         depend upon developing its ablest young
in the city.                                     on the Lakeshore property.” The motion             into the fold. On the contrary, not only did      minds to the fullest. What could be more
    Surprisingly, none of the city’s various     passed unanimously. A second motion read:          the plan cause discussion, it sparked a debate    undemocratic than to risk democracy’s exis-
teachers’ and parents’ groups seemed very        “It is the sense of the Board that a new           that became so volatile that the Board post-      tence by stunting its superior intellects?”
upset about the plan, not even those at          Lowell be continued as an academic high            poned its final decision until the December           During this debate to determine Lowell
Lowell.                                          school.” This motion also passed.                  meeting. That postponement provided time          High School’s future, the school was blessed
    Had it not been for an editor at the            In 1956 an Education building program           for pro-academic forces to organize in a          by two passionate advocates for an academic
city’s largest newspaper and a determined        bond issue was proposed to San Francisco           burst of energy and conviction that saved         high school in San Francisco: S. F. Examiner
housewife who teamed up with him to fight                                                                                                             columnist Ron Moskowitz and Mrs. Ruth
the recommendation, Spears’ plan might                                                                                                                S. Kadish, an eleventh-hour entrant into the
well have been adopted by the Board of
Education. But Examiner Education Editor
                                                                 Ruth and Morris Kadish,                                                              contentious controversy.
                                                                                                                                                          For his part, Moskowitz was consis-
Ron Moskowitz was mystified that there                along with Ron Moskowitz were honored guests                                                    tent in his support for the academic ideal
was no one to speak up for the best school                                                                                                            from the beginning of the superintendent’s
in the city so he did. He wrote column after               at the LAA Directors’ holiday dinner                                                       avowal of the 60-40 plan for Lowell. It
column urging the public and the board to                                                                                                             was his unwavering belief that ambitious
keep its honored school intact and try and                           on December 7.                                                                   young San Franciscans deserved the option
raise the other schools to its level. And Ruth                                                                                                        of a rigorous college-preparatory education
Kadish who had appeared at Moskowitz’                                                                                                                 consistent with their intellectual abilities.
office door one day asking how she could                                                                                                              That the city’s public academic high school,
help, could be seen all over the city organiz-   voters. A new Lowell at the Lakeshore site         Lowell High School as academic and non-           unique in the West, had done just that for
ing volunteers to help gather the thousands      was advertised as part of the bond issue. It       districted.                                       over 100 years was justifiable reason to stay
of names on her petitions to retain Lowell as    was passed on Nov. 6, 1956 by a vote of                First, the teachers were not to be per-       the course. On Nov. 11th, he wrote “If the
it had been for more than a century.             85% yes.                                           suaded so readily. As the new building arose      new high school designated Lowell opens in
    How their campaign ended is quite a             The seeds of the Crisis of ‘61 were sown        with its special wiring and piping for shops,     southwest San Francisco next fall under the
story. More than a thousand people in            at a School Board meeting, June 3, 1957            homemaking, and commercial rooms, the             Superintendent Harold Spears plan, it will
Nourse Auditorium applauded wildly               with a resolution concerning the make-up of        teachers awoke to the reality of a Lowell that    be a major tragedy for this city.”
after many tedious hours of debate when          the new southwest high school (Lowell) that        was to be partially comprehensive and par-            The Examiner education editor referred
the Board of Education turned down the           read: “Approximately half to three-fifths of the   tially academic. The ensuing problems with        to an earlier report made by a team of pro-
Superintendent’s recommendation by a vote        student body would be districted into the school   a two-tiered instructional program were not       fessors from Stanford University and the
of 6-1.                                          from an attendance area between Balboa and         lost on the staff.                                University of California to the Board. In
    The fight about Lowell’s status had begun    Lincoln High School. Approximately 40% of              At the next monthly meeting of The            their report were specific suggestions regard-
in earnest eight years earlier                   the students would come from the entire city.”     Teachers Association of San Francisco, mem-       ing Lowell, “San Francisco already possesses
    In 1953 the recurring drive for a mod-          During the late Fifties, Lowell teach-          bers voted 62-2 to maintain an academic           a high school which is specialized to a high
ern school plant (first heard in The Lowell’s    ers had visions of playing fields, tennis          high school in San Francisco. This organiza-      degree. Without prejudice to the general
                                                                                                    tion represented teachers from entire school      principle of the comprehensive high school,
                                                                                                    district.                                         we recommend that such specialization be
                                                                                                        Other entrants in the pedagogical brou-       continued and perhaps extended.”
                                                                                                    haha joined the debate. The San Francisco             Enter the Moskowitz Plan. “This plan
                                                                                                    Chronicle reported that NAACP president           would have Lowell High School remain in
                                                                                                    Terry Francois urged, “that the new Lowell        its present Hayes Street building (completely
                                                                                                    be kept entirely open to college-bound stu-       remodeled and modernized) in the center
                                                                                                    dents from throughout the city. He stated         of the city as a solely academic high school
                                                                                                    that it is the only city school where residence   which draws its students from the entire city
                                                                                                    does not affect the selection of students and     on a best-grades basis. We picture Lowell as
                                                                                                    that should be maintained. School counsel-        a place where students of the highest caliber
                                                                                                    ors should encourage all eligible students        can gather together from all over the city,
                                                                                                    throughout the city to apply for Lowell.”         regardless of race or social or cultural back-
                                                                                                        The Abraham Lincoln High School               ground which varies from neighborhood to
                                                                                                    PTA favored restricting Lowell to students        neighborhood.”
                                                                                                    from the adjacent area: “Lowell is a public           The Examiner writer continued his cru-
                                                                                                    school financed by public funds just like         sade for an academic high school right up
                                                                                                    any other school, and not a sort of special       to the crucial December 5th Board meet-
                                                                                                    school for special groups.” At their request,     ing. Meanwhile, the Chronicle stated in a
                                                                                                    the influential citywide Executive Board of       December 4th article, “We deem the Spears’
                                                                                                    the Parent-Teachers Association took up           plan to be as able a solution for a complex
                                                                                                    the matter and voted 55-11 in support of          problem as can be achieved and think that
                                                                                                    restricting a comprehensive Lowell to stu-        the Board would be wise to adopt it.”
                                                                                                    dents from its neighboring areas.                     The Lowell Alumni Association’s execu-
                                                                                                        A Chronicle article summed-up arguments       tive board, represented by its President J.
                                                                                                    of some near-by high schools for making           Max Moore, went on record for the Spears’
                                                                                                    Lowell a district school. “Any other course       60-40 Plan. Judge Molinari, VP of the
                                                                                                    will draw bright students away from neigh-        Lowell Alumni Association, said when they
                                                                                                    boring schools, impose second-class status        took that vote, they never thought it would
                                                                                                    upon other schools, and give non-Lowell           be feasible to keep the old Lowell until
                                                                                                    students a sense of inferiority.”                 the Moskowitz Plan was brought up. “We
                                                                                                        At this point Lowell principal J. A. Perino   thought it was a situation where we had
                                                                                                    supported a centrally located academic high       to move out because the building was con-
                                                                                                    school for gifted youngsters. He maintained       demned. We didn’t know Spears planned on
                                                                                                    that Lowell was not truly an academic school      remodeling it. At the time, I was interested
                                                                                                    because there were no citywide entrance           in keeping it as an academic high school and
                                                                                                    examinations for admissions. Students were        I still am, but I thought that was all we could
Ruth Kadish and Constance Reed presenting the petition to Board president Claire Matzger.           admitted upon the recommendation of               get and I said ‘Let’s get it.’ I’m sure I’m not
                                                                                                    junior high school counselors and teachers.       the only one who has changed his mind.”
Fall 2006                                                                       Lowell Alumni Association                                                                                    Page 9

                                                                                                  coming up the aisle. What was that trailing
                                                                                                  behind her? She walked slowly and deliber-
                                                                                                                                                         “Although I have
                                                                                                  ately, her face solemn. As she reached the
                                                                                                  front of the room and began climbing the
                                                                                                                                                     achieved many honors in
                                                                                                  short flight of stairs to the speaker’s platform
                                                                                                  on stage, I was able to make out what was in
                                                                                                                                                     my work in journalism,
                                                                                                  the pathway behind her and began to smile              government and
                                                                                                  for the first time that evening. Ruth took the
                                                                                                  microphone from its stand and proceeded            education, I have always
                                                                                                  past the podium, going directly to the long
                                                                                                  series of tables, behind which the Board of          counted helping save
                                                                                                  Education sat.
                                                                                                      She ignored the superintendent and               Lowell as the greatest
                                                                                                  instead went directly to the President of the
                                                                                                  Board. ‘I present to you tonight this petition      accomplishment during
                                                                                                  signed by thousands of parents in this school
                                                                                                  district,’ she said, handing the president the
                                                                                                                                                           my career…”
                                                                                                  few remaining papers in her hand.                              — Ron Moskowitz
                                                                                                      Hundreds more sheets of paper trailed
                                                                                                  behind her from the back of the auditorium,
                                                                                                  up the center aisle, up the steps to the stage,        An email from Ron Moskowitz summed
                                                                                                  and in front of the board members right            up his feelings, “Although I have achieved
Ruth and Morris Kadish                                                                                                                               many honors in my work in journalism,
                                                                                                  to the seat of the president of the board.
    After reading Spears’ proposal and some      of the alumni’s executive board endorsed the     The dramatic effect of seeing all of those         government and education, I have always
of Moskowitz’s columns, Morris Kadish, a         compromise. Mr. Moore emphasized the             names stretching from the rear of the audi-        counted helping save Lowell as the greatest
painting contractor, said to his wife, “Ruth,    need for a new building.                         torium to the table in front of the board          accomplishment during my career. The rea-
you should do something to keep Lowell               As the December showdown approached,         was unforgettable. There is a picture extant       son is simple: it has had a lasting and hope-
academic”. He was thinking that his chil-        Lowell’s counterpart in college-prep edu-        of Ruth, assisted by Mrs. Constance Reed,          fully unending benefit for generation after
dren might want to get an academic educa-        cation offered its support. Saint Ignatius       presenting to school board president, Mrs.         generation of the brightest students in the
tion - indeed, Johanna Kadish did graduate       Principal Thomas A. Reed, S.J. and his           Claire Matzger, a petition, with petitioners’      city. Regardless of their race, their address, or
from Lowell in 1966. Ruth agreed and went        Parents Advisory Council unanimously             signatures, for an all-city, academic high         family wealth, they have been able to get the
to see Ron Moskowitz to see how she could        endorsed the Lowell faculty and PTA in           school... and by a 6-1 vote, they got what         highly challenging education they deserve at
help. He replied that it would help to have      their stance to retain the college-prep nature   they wanted.”                                      Lowell and might never have received at a
a well-organized group of parents fighting       of Lowell High School.                               Local newspapers reported that some            comprehensive high school. Many will go on
against the Superintendent’s proposal. She           It was a momentous December Board            Board members indicated that they had              to become leaders here and throughout the
said that she would rally the troops!            meeting. The partisan crowd was remi-            changed their minds while hearing the long         world, as they have for 150 years, thanks to
    In the middle of November a brand-new        niscent of a similar historic confrontation      line of those who presented their views            a decision Ruth and I helped our Board of
Citizens Committee for an All-City               in 1924 when an earlier superintendent           that night. The News-Call Bulletin reported,       Education make nearly half a century ago.”
Academic High School entered the fray.           had a better idea for the academic Lowell        “Other board members frankly admitted                  Thank You, Mrs. Ruth Kadish and Mr.
The Examiner reported, “Nearly 1,000 San         High School. Nourse Auditorium was filled        they were impressed by the forceful cam-           Ron Moskowitz, on behalf of those genera-
Franciscans have banded together to fight        with an standing room only crowd, mostly         paign of the preserve-Lowell group.”               tions of Lowell students who have benefited
School Superintendent Harold Spears’ plan        Lowellites, including students, teachers, par-       Ruth Kadish is now a nonagenarian and          from that fateful decision. Please accept a
for Lowell High School. Mrs. Ruth S.             ents, alumni, and friends of the academic        still relishes the memory of that feverish         rightful place among Lowell High School’s
Kadish, chairman, said the aim of the group      ideal. A series of speakers addressed the        burst of creative energy, nearly half a century    Pantheon of Heroes for your priceless gift to
is simple: to keep in the center of the city     Board, most of them extolling the vir-           ago, that saved an academic Lowell High            the young people of San Francisco.
an academic high school which can draw           tues of the all-city school. The crowd was       School — her lasting legacy to the young
its students from throughout San Francisco.      overwhelmingly pro-academic Lowell in its        people of San Francisco .
The city needs, can support, and must have       sentiments. Few spoke in opposition to the
an all-city academic high school.” The new       Lowell supporters, and those that did were
committee would have a scant three weeks         booed and hissed.
to gather support and signatures for its pre-        Especially impressive was U.S. Attorney
sentation to the Board on December 5.            Cecil Poole, representing the NAACP, who
    Ruth Kadish, on behalf of the Citizen’s                                                          Commencement 2006
Committee, wrote the Board of education
and suggested                                                                                        Birth of a New Lowell Tradition
    1) That uniform and objective standards
                                                                                                         As a very special part of this year’s       carried the Class of 1936 placard in the
of admission be set combining results of
                                                                                                     Sesquicentennial celebration, alumni            commencement procession to the delight
standard achievement and intelligence tests
                                                                                                     from classes celebrating major anniver-         of the 2006 graduates and their family
with Junior High School grades and recom-
                                                                                                     saries this year participated in Lowell’s       and friends.
                                                                                                     commencement exercises this past June.               Following the conclusion of the offi-
    2) That standards for continuing atten-
                                                                                                     Donning caps and gowns and marching             cial ceremony, many of the alumni par-
dance at Lowell be set up – again uniform
                                                                                                     with the class of 2006, the alumni con-         ticipants enjoyed an informal luncheon
and objective – and that the child who does
                                                                                                     tingent provided tangible proof of the          at a Civic Center restaurant where they
not meet these standards be reassigned to his
                                                                                                     special bond many of us feel with today’s       shared memories spanning nearly 75
district school.
                                                                                                     students.                                       years of Lowell’s 150-year history.
    The above to be determined by a rotating
                                                                                                         Without a doubt, the true stars of               For graduates from 1932, 1937, 1947,
faculty admissions committee.
                                                                                                     the alumni group were Audrey Cannon             1957, 1967, 1977, 1982, 1987 and 1997,
    3) Continue Lowell as a four year high
                                                                                                     Kuperstein ’36 and her husband, Abner           it’s not too early to make plans to join us for
school. In a four year high school, the period
                                                                                                     Kuperstein ’35, celebrating a combined          next year’s commencement, to be held on
of adjustment, admittedly difficult for all
                                                                                                     total of 141 years since their own Lowell       Friday, June 8, 2007 at Bill Graham Civic
pupils, takes place naturally and efficiently
                                                                                                     graduations. Mrs. Kuperstein proudly            Auditorium.
in the 9th year rather than in the more
rigorous tenth year. We also mention that        Ron Moskowitz
in San Francisco we have a special need for
a four year academic high school because         urged rejection of the 60-40 plan. He said,
of the large numbers of denominational           “Let us keep this school the splendid institu-
and independent elementary schools which         tion it has been for many many years.” He
feed a great many university preparatory         said, “District schools carry on all of the
pupils into the public school system at the      evils of residential segregation.” The 60-40
end of the eighth year. Without a four year      compromise, Poole said, was “an awkward
academic high school, these children must        shotgun marriage of an academic and a com-
spend a single year in a junior high school      prehensive high school.” Poole was inter-
before going on to a high school.                rupted by applause when he said, “Lowell
    The above suggestions were prophetic:        has never been just for the right families
all were eventually implemented, except that     with the right backgrounds from the right
the admissions committee is not composed         neighborhoods.”
of anyone from Lowell.                               Mr. Cipriano Salazar, president of
    The Examiner of November 28, 1961            the Community Service Organization, a
reported, “A wildly-applauding Lowell PTA        Mexican-American group agreed. He said
voted unanimously last night to keep the         Lowell should remain entirely academic.
school as an academic, non-districted high       “This is of special importance for equal
school.” Irate parents and faculty members,      educational opportunity for all minor-
represented by Mr. Norval Fast and faculty       ity groups.” He was supported by Ephraim
council president, Dr. Ruth Howard, spoke        Margolin of the American Jewish Congress.
out against the compromise plan. Principal           Mr. Moskowitz recalled the dramatic
Perino, the PTA president and Mr. Moore          December 5 meeting: “Ruth Kadish was
Page 10                                                                                       Lowell Alumni Association                                                                                        Fall 2006

    Keeping in TouCh…                                                                                                           continued from page 7

including “Look at Me”, a National Book Award            Winder ’87 on her new baby! Allan and I will be          again with my new job as a large deal negotiator
finalist, published in 2001. Author Jennifer was
featured in the Style section of the 7/23/2006
                                                         in Africa this Fall. Email me if you would like
                                                         to be involved with the Paddling for Parkinson’s
                                                                                                                  for IBM Business Consulting. My significant
                                                                                                                  other will be graduating from Cornell next May
                                                                                                                                                                           Deadline for Spring
Sunday issue of Chronicle.                               event for Michael J. Fox Foundation! Elizabeth_
                                                                                                                  and will be back in SF. I hope to follow when my
                                                                                                                  ‘tour of duty’ ends around the same time. Still
                                                                                                                                                                         Keeping In Touch items is
                                                                                                                  have the real estate business I started after gradu-        April 2, 2007
1983                                                     ANTOINETTE DEMPSEY reveals “Just wanted
                                                         to let my entire fellow Lowellites know that I was
                                                                                                                  ating from Lowell and it is being managed better
                                                                                                                  than I could have by some fellow Lowellites. Keep
KIMBERLY DEA YEE says “Finally left full-                accepted into the Department of Labor’s Senior
                                                                                                                  in touch!”                                             June 17th 2006. They perform around the coun-
time work in the corporate sector and truly living       Executive Service (SES) Candidate Development
                                                                                                                                                                         try as Dan Chan the Magic Man and Kat the
life. Residing in Burlingame surrounded by men.          Program (CDP) in Washington, DC. The SES                 SASHA HOPE DRESSLER relates “I was surf-
                                                                                                                                                                         Acrobat. August 2005 — Dan and his assistant
My husband, Bennett and two sons, Ryan (6) and           CDP is geared towards training mid-level manag-          ing the Lowell website and saw that I was a lost
                                                                                                                                                                         Kat the Acrobat were invited to Maryland to
Justin (4). Just starting teaching fitness classes and   ers to be executive level managers. The SES grade        alumnus. Just want to say, “hello,” to all the
                                                                                                                                                                         perform at Caroline Summerfest. Immediately
doing project based work in event planning. Love         level is an entirely different pay system reserved       alumni of 1989. I graduated from U.C. Davis
                                                                                                                                                                         after the event, the client invited them to come
running into Lowell alum wherever I go ! Keep in         for the highest level executives in the government.      and went on to get my teaching credential at S.F.
                                                                                                                                                                         back again in 2006.September 2006 — Dan is
touch- bkyee@comcast.net”                                The 18-month program that I was accepted                 State. I have taught elementary school for 7 years
                                                                                                                                                                         invited to perform at the world famous Magic
                                                         into will help me develop the core competencies          now. I just moved to San Mateo and loving how
                                                                                                                                                                         Castle. Dan is the only variety entertainer to
                                                         needed for appointment to an SES position. I will        quiet it is.”
1984                                                     keep my same job as district director of the Office
                                                         of Labor-Management Standard’s San Francisco
                                                                                                                                                                         bring high level juggling, magic, pick-pocketing
                                                                                                                                                                         and acrobatics to the show, ending the show with
ROSE CHANG greets “Wishing everyone a
wonderful 2006. I’m a staffing consultant with
                                                         District Office, but I will devote more than 50          1990                                                   a handstand pushup while a yo-yo spins from his
                                                                                                                                                                         mouth! Video online now at http://danchanmag-
                                                         percent of my time to the program through
PG&E now. Check out our website at www.pge.                                                                       LLOYD ARRIOLA hails “Just letting you know             ic.com/Videos2.asp and http://danchanmagic.
                                                         formal training and rotational assignments in
com/careers if you are looking for work!”                                                                         that I have been performing all around the             com/Videos3.asp”
                                                         other agencies. The end result is that I will be put
                                                         on a non-competitive SES list that will make it          world, and will be a pianist and conductor for an
COURTNEY MARES JEFFERS news – see class                                                                           international tour of West Side Story. Also, just
of 1986.                                                 possible for me to be selected for SES positions
                                                         within the federal government without competi-           performed my first RHAPSODY IN BLUE with               1996
                                                         tion. Over 244 managers applied to this pro-             the One World Symphony of New York City in
                                                                                                                                                                         KEVIN ANGSTENBERGER sends “It’s been a
1985                                                     gram; there were only 20 available slots. My first
                                                         assignment in Washington, DC begins on July
                                                                                                                  March of 2006. Finished my doctorate in piano
                                                                                                                  from Juilliard—Othello Jefferson knowsall the
                                                                                                                                                                         while, but I’m back! After graduating from UC
                                                                                                                                                                         San Diego, I returned to San Francisco to attend
CYNTHIA IKEDA recounts “Great seeing every-              3rd. Please keep in touch (antoinettedempsey@            gory details, as he was a fellow Bob Anino Award
                                                                                                                                                                         UC Hastings College of the Law and graduated
one at the 10-year Reunion! Looking forward to           hotmail.com). If you need to contact me for more         winner with me at graduation 1990, and the
                                                                                                                                                                         this past May. I also passed the California Bar
the next one (=15th?). Let me know if you’re ever        information, please call (415) 848-6533.”                great new music faculty member there at Lowell.
                                                                                                                                                                         exam last year and am currently working as a real
heading out to Tokyo. Take care all. My e-mail is                                                                 Cheers to all!”
                                                                                                                                                                         estate attorney in the East Bay. I hope everyone is
cynthia.ikeda@ge.com.                                                                                                                                                    doing well and I am really looking forward to our
JENNIFER WONG GASKIN says “I am sorry                    1988                                                     1991                                                   10-year class reunion!”
to miss the gala and an opportunity to salute all        NARENDRA ‘WREN’ WALZER BALLARD
                                                                                                                  PAUL CHU reports “Been out of touch with so
of the wonderful teachers we were so privileged
to learn from. My husband John and I work and
                                                         greets “Hello all, I have been married for 11 years
                                                         now and I have a 7 year old daughter. I completed        many, hope all is well! Finished dental school at      1997
live in Redwood City as self-employed private            my Master’s degree in May and I am an Intensive          UOP in ‘02; finished post grad at Columbia in
                                                                                                                                                                         ORLANDO LEON posts “Still at Oracle. On
tutors, mostly for high-school students in math          Care Clinical Nurse Specialist at a hospital in          NYC in ‘03; completed my pediatric specialty
                                                                                                                                                                         January 14, 2006, I married my wonderful wife,
and science. We home school our five children,           Reno, Nevada. Prior to this I was an Intensive           training in da’ Bronx ‘05. Currently living in
                                                                                                                                                                         Rebecca Ng ’99. Email if you want to catch up:
who all have full and varied lives. I frequently see     Care RN for 9 years. We love the Reno area, the          Manhattan, in private practice in Westchester
Gonzo Jaquez ‘84 who is a fellow member of my            Sierras are beautiful, and it’s a great place to raise   County of New York, and also serve as Asst
church, and together we sang the Lowell Hymn             a family.”                                               Director of St. Barnabas Hospital’s pediatric den-
at a recent potluck--to the amazement of the rest
of the community.”                                       ERIK OLSEN shares “Still living in the City,
                                                                                                                  tal residency program. Love to hear from you all!!
                                                                                                                  Email me at - pc2086@columbia.edu”
                                                         but I’ve grown my hair long and I’ve taken up                                                                   JASMINE DEFIELD greets “Hi all, I want to say
                                                         surfing. I’ve been teaching French and math at           TODD SCHLENKE e-mails “After completing
                                                                                                                                                                         hi to folks from Class of ’98. I am living the ‘fast
1986                                                     Capuchino High School down in San Bruno for
                                                         ten great years. My partner, Anastasia, and I have
                                                                                                                  26th grade (stints at UC Berkeley, UT Austin,
                                                                                                                  UC Davis, Cornell University), I recently took a
                                                                                                                                                                         and furious’ life of a CPA in the Peninsula. Holler
                                                                                                                                                                         to Anna Lui ‘98 who is also a brilliant CPA living
MARIO TRUJILLO shares “I am still liv-                   a baby boy named Zane River born this February           job as Professor of Biology at Emory University
                                                                                                                                                                         it up at D&T! *Chuckle*”
ing and working in Los Angeles Working as a              and I’m LOVING being a father. Would love                in Atlanta. I study immune system evolution.
Deputy District Attorney with the LA County              to hear from other ‘88ers; hysterikolsen@qmail.          Get back to SF as often as possible. If you’re
District Attorney’s Office in the Hardcore Gang
Prosecution Unit. Hoping to reconnect with old
                                                         com”                                                     around Atlanta look me up - slinkynodrinky@
                                                                                                                  yahoo.com”                                             1999
friends and classmates at our 20th year reunion.         PATRICIA MCGUIRE KANAN states “Would                                                                            REBECCA NG shares “Hi all! Graduated
                                                         love to talk to some old friends!!”                      CRYSTAL STRINGER COHEN updates “I am
Any 1982-1986 LOLA members out there? ”                                                                           the Accounting Manager for a local government          from pharmacy school, got engaged in May ‘05
                                                         MARY DUCKETT cheers “Loving Life …                       agency in Sacramento. I am happily married o my        and married in Jan ‘06 to Orlando Leon ‘97!
KAY NAMBERUMAL SHETH sends “I am liv-                                                                                                                                    Completed a residency at Kaiser SF and staying
ing in Manhattan Beach with my husband Sam               Living in Contra Costa County working at                 husband Jerry for four years. We have a beautiful
                                                         Chevron. I have one son who is 12 and enjoys             daughter, named Melody, who turned 2 years old         on as a clinical pharmacist. Living in SF. Going to
and two daughters, Julia (7) and Sabrina (4).                                                                                                                            Cancun in June for our honeymoon! :) Looking
Looking forward to the 20th reunion.”                    sports. Like to hear from my Lowelite classmates         today. “
                                                         from ‘88. I am in contact with Erna Batiste-                                                                    forward to bumping into old friends around the
MARNY MARES DYER informs “We welcomed                    Comer ‘88, Lillian Speech Benjamin ‘88, and              MARIJANE FIEL LOPEZ-TAFF greets “Hi,                   city! Keep in touch: orlandoandrebecca@gmail.
the birth of our son, Jack, on March 13, 2006.           Sevaughn Banks ‘88. My hat goes off to my girl           everyone! It’s been a long time since ’91! I have      com”
Our daughter and son are thrilled to have a new          Sevaughn who is now teaching at SFSU and just            been keepin’ it real as a stay-at-home mom to
brother and we feel three times blessed. We still
live in San Jose, where my sister, Courtney Mares
                                                         finished up her studies for her PhD. She is my
                                                         role model.”
                                                                                                                  3 beautiful kids and a wonderful husband in
                                                                                                                  Houston, TX. I would love to hear from my long         2000
Jeffers ‘84, lives with her new husband after their                                                               lost buddies...especially Nancy Hom ’91 and            LAUREN DICKEY updates “Hi everyone! Since
fabulous Los Gatos wedding in July 2005.”                GEORGENE POULAKIDAS announces “I got                     April Arcilla ’91 ... watcha up to, girls?”            I graduated I received my bachelor’s degree in
                                                         married on September 24th to a wonderful Greek                                                                  speech and communications at San Francisco
                                                         man. It was definitely worth the wait! We ae liv-        HEATHER ROBISON TANNER discloses
                                                                                                                                                                         State University. In September, I will be starting
1987                                                     ing in San Diego and I am still working for Leap
                                                                                                                  “The family — husband, Carl, and kids, Josh (2)
                                                                                                                  and Natalie (1), just got back from Disneyworld        a masters program in Public Health at Emory
                                                                                                                                                                         University in Atlanta GA.”
ASTRID KENSINGER ALMKHLAAFY is now                                                                                and are moving to Pacifica. Thought I’d drop a
                                                         The CHRON’s “Datebook” section featured                  note to say hello. I’d love to hear from Lowell
living in London (after BA at Bryn Mawr, 12
years in Tokyo, and an MFA at the Rhode Island
School of Design), teaching in design universi-
                                                         Lemony Snicket, a.k.a. DANIEL HANDLER,
                                                         who has completed the 13th and final volume
                                                                                                                  alums — you can email me at tanneresq@yahoo.
                                                                                                                  com. I am entering my third year of practicing         2004
                                                         of the best-selling children’s books, A Series of        personal injury law and have started writing           LOUISE NG informs “Hey everyone! After
ties, married with a 2 year old amazing daughter
                                                         Unfortunate Events. The series has sold 51 million       again. Talk to you all soon!”                          spending two years at CCSF, I’m headed for
and would love to hear from you. stride@yahoo.
                                                         copies worldwide, appeared in 40 languages and                                                                  UC Riverside. Switched majors from Pre-Med
                                                         became the basis for a major Hollywood movie.
HEATHER SHANI e-mails “Hello everybody
– hope all is well with the class of 1987. After
                                                                                                                  1993                                                   to Business Admin. Will still be in SF until late
                                                                                                                                                                         September in between trips back and forth to So.

16.5 years with Bank of America, I’m much                1989                                                     HOON KIM After finishing working on the
                                                                                                                  Disney/Pixar film “Cars”, I’ve recently gotten
                                                                                                                                                                         Cal. Miss you all!”

happier working for the SF Water Department
– Liens and Collections – many people tell me
I was meant to be the mean lady who turns off
                                                         ALEXANDER CHAN comments “Employed
                                                         with Pacific, Gas & Electric Co. Worked with
                                                                                                                  married. I met my wife, Courtney Bergin, wile
                                                                                                                  working at Pixar. We look forward to living our        2006
your water or puts a lien on your house. I own           high school interns. Made me think of Lowell.            lives together in Oakland. Feel free to drop me a      A professional DVD was made of your 2006
a beautiful house in the city, still single with no      Happy Sesquicentennial.”                                 line at hoonkim@gmail.com                              graduation ceremony. Copies are now available
kids, and enjoy seeing my family and many of my          JASON CHU remarks “After being a FDA com-                                                                       ($35). Checks made payable to Andy Mogg and
high school friends. I look forward to our 20 year
(gosh that’s a lot) reunion. See you all there.”
                                                         pliance practice leader for IBM, it was nice to
                                                         have some extended time in San Francisco. I had          1995                                                   sent to Dancing Images, Studio 207, 530 East
                                                                                                                                                                         8th Street, Oakland, CA 94606. For info, call
                                                         been working form home as a Global Innovation            DAN CHAN says “Hello!” and updates “Dan                415 864-4466.
HUEY-LEVINE invites “Looking forward to the              program manager for IBM. But … it looks like             Chan, Graduate of SF Circus Center and Chavez
20th reunion next year! Congrats to Jerre ‘Jerry’        I will be criss-crossing the country and the Pond        Magic Studio, and his fiancé will be married on
Fall 2006                                                                       Lowell Alumni Association                                                                              Page 11

The Exuberant Betty Guy
           ueen Elizabeth was given one of       money, she and a friend went to Europe,          and other locations. Galleries, museums,
           her paintings when The Royals vis-    hostelling from the tip of Italy to the north    and libraries worldwide have displayed her
           ited San Francisco; John Steinbeck,   of Scotland painting watercolors.                artwork while commercial enterprises like
Gianni Versace, and Placido Domingo have             “People were poor in Europe in the           the Royal Viking Cruise Lines, the Stanford
owned her artwork; and last year, the UCSF       1950s, so having very little money myself        Court Hotel and the San Francisco Ballet
Faculty/Alumni House concluded a long-           was just fine. I spent the winter in Paris and   have commissioned her paintings.
time exhibit of her watercolors. In 1998 she     attended the Alliance Francaise. I showed            Queen Elizabeth received Betty’s artwork
painted the UCSF Founders Day invitations,       my paintings to my teacher and she gave me       as a gift from the Port of San Francisco when
which featured a view of the Medical Center      a treasured compliment, ‘You paint Paris as      she and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the
from the vantage point of Hugo Street.           if you were born here.’ My first exhibit was     city on their royal yacht, the Britannia, in
   At Lowell, her artistic talents were nur-     at the Gallerie Henri Tronche on Rue de La       the 1980s. The artist used to paint on com-
tured by beloved principal, Leroy Stephens.      Boetie, and I knew the joy of having my          mission for the Port, creating a series of
“He allowed me to leave school at midday         poster hang at the Café les Deux Magots.         watercolors of the embarcadero and other
with a pass from Miss Lacoste, Dean of Girls,    The showing received a good review and I         San Francisco scenes, one of which the Port
take the streetcar and transfer at Powell and    earned enough to stay in Paris a few months      gave the Queen. A letter from Buckingham
Market to the cable car, climb the Chestnut      longer.                                          Palace sent to the director of the Port reads,
St. hill, and go to the California School of         When I came home I went to Gump’s            “Thank you for the splendid painting by
Fine arts (now the Art Institute).”              where the watercolors I had done in Europe       Betty Guy… The picture will always awaken        seeking out and portraying beauty wherever
                                                 were displayed in their Gallery. Since then, I   some very happy memories of their stay in        she found it.
                                                 have been their longest continuing artist and    your lovely city.”                                  But it is the personality of Betty Guy
                                                 have survived eight directors.                       Although cityscapes are her forte, she has   that is the inspiration for this profile. The
                                                     My first museum exhibit of San Francisco     also enjoyed a long-standing relationship        exuberant octogenarian generates a vitality
                                                 scenes took place at the Palace of the Legion    with the San Francisco Opera as its company      that is remarkable. She epitomizes the esprit
                                                 of Honor. The museum opened for me on            artist, as the British would call it, painting   expressed by this poem found in a Boys
                                                 the evening of December 15th, 1961. Mr.          program covers and scenes from rehearsals.       High-Lowell publication from the 1940s:
                                                 Frankenstein of the S.F. Chronicle called it     In fact, Betty met many of her well-known           Age is a state of mind
                                                 ‘the most delightful show of the year.’”         patrons through her association with the            If to life you give your best
                                                     A friendship with John Steinbeck and         Opera. She knew Versace when he designed            And if in life you keep the zest
                                                 his wife, Elaine, came about when Betty          costumes for a production of Capriccio and          If love and friends are yours
                                                 was commissioned by Steinbeck’s editor           met Domingo during his many appearances             And like a meadowlark rising
                                                 to paint the author’s cottage in Bruton,         with the SF Opera. A series of watercolors          Your imagination soars
                                                 England as a surprise Christmas gift. She not    for the San Francisco Symphony’s program            Then no matter how the birthdays fly
                                                 only impressed them with the painting but        covers led to her Opera commissions.                No matter how the years go by
                                                 became friends with them as well. Thirty-five        A visit to Betty Guy’s 104-year old             You remain young at heart
                                                 years later she wrote a limited edition book     Victorian in Bernal Heights was a delight.          And are not old.
                                                 of her visits with the Steinbecks complete       It is nestled behind a weather-beaten white         Betty Guy personifies the spirit of those
John Steinbeck and Betty Guy                     with her sketches of the cottage and coun-       fence and a picturesque garden complete          lines, contagious perhaps, for as I left her
                                                 tryside and a picture that his wife, Elaine,     with a fountain and statuettes. The modest       home I felt a lilt in my step and like the
   After graduating from Lowell in 1938,         had taken of John and Betty. The Bodleian        frontage view is deceiving because the house     meadowlark, my spirits were rising.
Betty received a B.A. from SFSU and entered      Library at Oxford bought a copy.                 tumbles down the hill on three levels, with                                            — PAL
Cal for graduate work. She enrolled in art           Betty Guy has traveled throughout the        parlors, a music room, and a sunny studio
classes, used watercolors for the first time     world, sketching and painting everywhere         where the artist does her work, enhanced by         A collage of Betty Guy’s watercolors is dis-
and knew she was on her way to a career as       she goes. Her exhibit at UCSF included           a priceless view of the San Francisco skyline.   played in the Lowell library and her book “A
an artist.                                       watercolors of China, Chile, Venice, Alaska,     The house itself is a gallery of her etchings    Surprise for Steinbeck” is in the showcase of
   After a stint in New York working to save     Jerusalem, Salzburg, Katmandu, Istanbul          and watercolors embodying a lifetime of          publications by alumni authors.

The Honorable James Rosenthal ’49
Marine, Foreign Service Officer, Ambassador, Lecturer

         his profile of Jim Rosenthal begins         The country was in the midst of the                                                           Audrey Hepburn, and many other national
         at Lowell. His name first appears       Korean War when Jim graduated. Like many                                                          and international celebrities. Jim has been
         on the masthead of the The Lowell       young patriotic Americans he wished to                                                            an active board member of several Bay
as editor of the school’s student newspaper.     serve so he joined the Marine Corps. His                                                          Area community organizations, including
The highlights of each edition were found        stint in boot camp and later as a Marine offi-                                                    the University of San Francisco’s Center for
in his column called “Jems from Jim”. He is      cer made a lasting impression on him. Fifty                                                       the Pacific Rim, the World Affairs Council
also prominent in his ’F49 yearbook which        years later he was on the Board of Directors                                                      of Northern California, and the Marines
features his speech as class valedictorian.      of the Marine Memorial Club here in San                                                           Memorial Association in California.
    Jim pays special tribute to Lowell teach-    Francisco, and he and his wife, Britta, still                                                        Now in what he claims is “full retire-
ers Jack Patterson and Barbara Mensing.          enjoy the annual Marine Corps Birthday                                                            ment” he still lectures on international affairs
Journalism sponsor Mr. Patterson taught          Ball and other Club festivities.                                                                  and travels extensively, often as an in-flight
him newspaper-style writing but more                 He started his 34-year career with the                                                        expert to Africa, Southeast Asia, and India
importantly, trained him to manage the           U.S. State Department in 1956 and served                                                          on private jet trips around the world. He
talents of two dozen reporters. His English      at diplomatic posts in Asia and East Africa                                                       also leads tours to Vietnam where he spent
teacher, Miss Mensing, honed his writing         as well as in the Bureau of East Asian and                                                        so much of his diplomatic career.
skills that would stand him in good stead at     Pacific Affairs at the State Department.                                                             Since 1992, Jim has been serving another
Stanford and in the Foreign Service.                 Jim was political officer at the U.S.                                                         institution that helped develop his character
                                                 Embassy in Saigon, Vietnam from 1961 to                                                           during four of the most formative years of
                                                 1965; a member of the U.S. delegation to                                                          his life – Lowell High School. Just as the
                                                 the peace talks on Vietnam in Paris 1970-                                                         Marine Corps ethos earned his loyalty, so
Mr. Patterson taught him                         1972; and Director of Vietnam, Laos, and         (1972-1974), Malaysia (1977-1979), and the
                                                                                                  Philippines (1979-1982), then the nation’s
                                                                                                                                                   too, did the values of his high school alma
                                                 Cambodian affairs for the State Department                                                        mater. Notwithstanding his other obliga-
newspaper-style writing                          in Washington 1975-1977. (A picture in           largest overseas diplomatic post with 400        tions and flights to exotic parts of the world,
                                                 a book by journalist Stanley Karnow on           American and 1200 Filipino employees.            he has been a invaluable director serving on
  but more importantly,                          the Vietnam War, shows a bloody Jim as a            In addition to his diplomatic posts,          LAA committees that contribute to the wel-
                                                                                                  Jim studied French and Vietnamese lan-
 trained him to manage                           survivor of a car bomb going off outside his
                                                 office in the old embassy building in Saigon     guages at the Foreign Service Institute and
                                                                                                                                                   fare of the school. In 1998, he was alumni
                                                                                                                                                   advisor to his former paper, The Lowell,
                                                                                                  Latin American affairs at the National War
the talents of two dozen                         in 1965). He served as Chief of Staff of
                                                 the Woodcock Mission to Hanoi in 1977,           College, both in Washington, D.C. He
                                                                                                                                                   celebrating its centennial with a special edi-
                                                                                                                                                   tion and a banquet at the Westin St. Francis.
                                                                                                  also taught political science and interna-
       reporters…                                which was the first official U.S. Government
                                                 mission to Vietnam after the war was over        tional relations, and was named an Assistant
                                                                                                                                                   Currently, Jim is LAA vice-president bring-
                                                                                                                                                   ing his counsel and experience to the table as
Miss Mensing, honed his                          and was sent to initiate negotiations on the     Professor, as the State Department faculty
                                                                                                  member, at the U.S. Military Academy at
                                                                                                                                                   the directors chart the future of the alumni
                                                 key issue of Americans missing in action                                                          association and the school it represents.
writing skills that would                        in that country. He then was posted to the       West Point, New York.
                                                                                                     He retired from the Foreign Service in
                                                                                                                                                      His wife, Britta, is a native of Sweden
                                                 U.S. Embassy in Malaysia, helping oversee                                                         and worked at the Swedish Embassy in
stand him in good stead                          the region’s largest Vietnamese refugee pro-     1990 and returned home to San Francisco
                                                                                                  where he served as Executive Director of the
                                                                                                                                                   Washington prior to their marriage in 1958.
                                                 gram.                                                                                             They have three children, all of whom were
 at Stanford and in the                              Prior to serving as U.S. Ambassador          Commonwealth Club of California from             born abroad.
                                                 to the Republic of Guinea in West Africa         1990 until 1996. Among the personalities                                                 — PAL
     Foreign Service.                            from 1983 to 1986, he was Deputy Chief           he welcomed as speakers at the Club were
                                                 of Mission to the Central African Republic       Bill Clinton, Mikhael Borgachev, Bill Gates,
Page 12                                                                                 Lowell Alumni Association                                                                                      Fall 2006

   In Memoriam
1919                                                 health for many years. He was a third-generation
                                                     San Franciscan known affectionately as Heinie
                                                                                                           LEON G. KALIMOS, a WWII Great Generation
                                                                                                           veteran, manager of the San Francisco Ballet
                                                                                                                                                                 as City Attorney in El Cerrito. William was a
                                                                                                                                                                 member and president of the Board of the Contra
Stephen K. Whipple notified the LAA that             to his friends. The Judge was the nephew of San       in the 1950s and ‘60s, and a founding force of        Costa Jr. College District, 1959-1973.
BERNICE DONNELLY WOOD died at her                    Francisco Mayor (1911-1929) and California            Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, died May 2
                                                                                                                                                                 CAPT. ROBERT ALFRED BUSH, USNR,
home in Walnut Creek, June 2, 2006. She              Governor James “Sunny Jim” Rolph (1930-               at his home in San Rafael. His affiliations with
                                                                                                                                                                 a Great Generation WWII veteran, died last
was 105 years 8 months old. Bernice enjoyed          1933). Before WWII he was a founding partner          dancing and ballet were many: executive director
                                                                                                                                                                 August . He had a distinguished military career:
the Rossmoor Lowell Christmas luncheons very         of the admiralty law firm, Graham, James, and         of the San Francisco Ballet, 1956-1969, includ-
                                                                                                                                                                 Commander, USS Duffy and USS Cockrell;
much. Bernice’s Diploma of Graduation – June         Rolph.                                                ing international tours; Seattle’s classical ballet
                                                                                                                                                                 Berlin Crisis, 1961-1962; Commodore, Destroyer
27, 1919, her Commencement Issue of The                                                                    company, the Kansas City Ballet, and generally
                                                         During the War he served in the Pacific as                                                              Division 72 in Vietnam. Robert enjoyed stints
Lowell, her Class of June, 1919 Graduation                                                                 enjoyed a rich life associated with dancing. He
                                                     an officer in the Marine Corps and commanded                                                                as a police officer; Calif. Highway Patrol; and
Program, and a small Block L emblem were                                                                   is survived by his wife, Wana, a daughter, and a
                                                     Weapons Company, 28th Marines, Fifth Marine                                                                 field supervisor for the Calif. Public Utilities
donated to the Lowell archives. (It is because of                                                          grandson.
                                                     Division in the battle for Iwo Jima. His troops                                                             Commission. Capt. Bush was a Mason whose
such thoughtfulness that the rich heritage of our    participated in the taking of Mt. Suribachi result-                                                         lifelong Masonic activities defy description in this
school is documented and maintained. ED)             ing in the raising of the American flag on the        1936                                                  brief obituary. He was predeceased by his loving
                                                     summit. After the surrender of Japan, he served                                                             wife/classmate of 60 years, Annabelle Florence
1925                                                 as governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan.
                                                                                                           WILLIAM “BILL” WALLACE LEE, a third
                                                                                                           generation San Franciscan and a Stanford gradu-       Benson Bush ’36 and is survived by sons, Robert
                                                     In the Marine Corps, he attained the rank of          ate, died last May at his home in Walnut Creek.       and Roger.
                                                     Colonel.                                              A career business executive, he worked for the
graduate, died in San Mateo at the age of 99. He                                                                                                                 LOUIS E. FAMBRINI, a USF graduate (Summa
                                                         Returning to civilian life, he was appointed by   Marshall Steel Company in Oakland from 1948
enjoyed a long career in municipal finance at the                                                                                                                cum Laude), and a Great Generation WWII
                                                     Mayor George Christopher to serve on the Board        until the late 1960s. Subsequently he served
Bank of America. Mr. Prager was an avid out-                                                                                                                     veteran in the China-Burma-India Theater, died
                                                     of Supervisors, 1956-1961 and acting Mayor in         as the vice president of the Clearprint Paper
doorsman, story-teller, photographer, gardener,                                                                                                                  last July. He retired as treasurer of Royal Viking
                                                     April 1957. In 1967 Governor Ronald Reagan            Company in Emeryville until he retired in 1983.
and local historian. He was preceded in death                                                                                                                    Line in 1987 and CFO of Los Angeles Cruise
                                                     appointed him to the Superior Court Bench in          Mr. Lee was president of the Acalanes Union
by his wife, Francese. Lawrence will be missed                                                                                                                   Ship Terminals in 2003. Louis is survived by his
                                                     San Francisco. He served as presiding judge in        High School District in the early 1960s. At
by his sons Lawrence, Allan, and Thomas, and                                                                                                                     wife of 21 years, Janet, three children and seven
                                                     1976-1977 and retired in 1982.                        Lowell he as a member of Ben Neff ’s 1936 cham-
by an extended family of grandchildren, nieces                                                                                                                   grandchildren.
                                                         He was a member of the Crew when Lowell           pionship basketball team. William is survived by
and nephews.
                                                     “ruled the Bay” in the Thirties: “Another tiny
                                                     coxswain who eventually grew into a well-round-
                                                                                                           Peggy, his wife of 60 years, four children, eight
1926                                                 ed Superior Court Judge was Henry (Heinie)
                                                                                                           grandchildren and a great-grandson.
                                                                                                                                                                 CHARMIAN CHANDLER SOLINSKY, died
                                                     Rolph. He once had to be held up in rough water
UCB; died last July of a heart attack. He was 97
                                                     off the shoreline when the Sea Scout boat we were     1937                                                  last August at her home in Eureka. Attended
                                                                                                                                                                 UCB, Class of ’43. Charmian is survived by her
                                                     sailing to Sausalito turned over and Rolph was        MAJGEN. GEORGE S. PRUGH, USA, Ret.,
years old. Dr. Bettman went into residency at                                                                                                                    husband , Dean, a daughter, two sons and five
                                                     trapped under the sail. Lowell/Stanford football      B.A. UCB, J.D. Hastings College of the Law,
Stanford and ran a private ophthalmology prac-                                                                                                                   grandchildren.
                                                     star Larry Rouble managed to keep Henry’s head        World War II, Korean , and Vietnam War vet-
tice for about 30 years, at the same time teaching
                                                     above water until we were seen and picked up
at Stanford, UCSF, and California Pacific Medical
Center. He was renowned in the national and
                                                     by a Coast Guard vessel. We were taken aboard,
                                                                                                           eran, died last July at the age of 86. His studies
                                                                                                           at Law school were interrupted by WWII when
                                                     chilled but happy for hot coffee and pea jackets”.    he served in New Guinea and the Philippines.          PAUL LYNLY, a Great Generation WWII Navy
even international ophthalmology communities
                                                     - LAA Newsletter.                                     He resumed his studies in 1945 and accepted a         veteran, died, 1921-2006. He was a man of var-
for developing standards and ethics for doctors
                                                         Judge Rolph was predeceased by his wife of 57     commission in the Army. His first assignment          ied interests: a machinist, a professional dancer,
in the field. Dr. Bettman was predeceased by his
                                                     years, Barbara. He is survived by his son, Henry,     was to the Presidio, not far from where he spent      an oil company employee (Dacus Oil in S.F.,
wife of 65 years, Amy Herz and is survived by his
                                                     his daughter, Barbara and three grandsons.            part of his boyhood years playing baseball on         Blomquist Oil Service, and Conoco. Paul had
daughter, Dana, a son, Jerome, five grandchildren
and five great-grandchildren.                                                                              Marina district sandlots with Joe and Dom             two sons, Jim and John.
                                                     1934                                                  DiMaggio. During his military career, he had
                                                                                                                                                                 SUZANNE TOMLINSON HASTINGS died
1927                                                 JANE SCHEYER WILSON, a UCB gradu-
                                                                                                           stints in Asia, in Europe and at the Pentagon,
                                                                                                           including Staff Judge Advocate, US Military           last July at her home in Rohnert Park. She was
                                                     ate, died last February at the age of 89. She was     Assistance Command, Vietnam; Legal Advisor,           the wife of a career Naval officer in the Nuclear
DR. ARNOLD MANOR, Stanford Medical
                                                     the wife and co-worker of Robert R. Wilson,           US European Command, Paris and Stuttgart; and         Submarine Medical Corps. Suzanne is survived
School graduate, died after a long career devoted
                                                     Cornell Physicist, former director of the Cornell     Judge Advocate, US Army Europe, Heidelberg.           by four daughters and an extended family of
to medicine and community service. He was 95.
                                                     Laboratory of Nuclear Studies and of the Enrico       In 1969, upon Presidential nomination, he was         grandchildren.
Dr. Manor was a guiding force in developing
                                                     Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)      appointed the U.S. Army’s twenty-eight Judge
the hospital complex at Community Hospital
of the Monterey Peninsula. He practiced medi-
                                                     in Batavia, IL. Jane met her husband at Cal, and
                                                     they were married in 1940. She taught high
                                                                                                           Advocate General, 1971-1975.                          1941
cine from 1938-1981. Besides being a highly                                                                    Upon his retirement in 1975, MajGen.
                                                     school English at Los Alamos while her hus-                                                                 MARJORIE HILP RHODES, a Southern
regarded physician, he was active in community                                                             Prugh became a Hastings professor (Criminal
                                                     band worked on the Manhattan Project. After                                                                 California resident, died last January in Los
service: chair of the Monterey Urban Renewal                                                               Procedure) and general counsel until 1982. At
                                                     the National Accelerator Laboratory opened in                                                               Angeles. She and her husband, Ted, moved to
Agency; Monterey School Board, 1948-1954;                                                                  Lowell, General Prugh was ROTC Battalion
                                                     1967, the Lab’s “first Lady” became synonymous                                                              SoCal in 1965 where she entered into her new life
and a founding member, Planned Parenthood of                                                               Commander and a director of the Lowell Alumni
                                                     with its arts and cultural aspects, founding the                                                            including service on the Los Angeles Grand Jury.
Monterey County.                                                                                           Association. He is survived by his wife of 64
                                                     NAL’s Women’s Organization and the Fermilab                                                                 Marjorie was predeceased by Ted, her husband of
                                                                                                           years, Katherine, two daughters, five grandchil-
                                                     Art Series. Mrs. Wilson wrote and edited several                                                            43 years. She is survived by her three children and
1928                                                 publications, including contributions to the 1988
                                                                                                           dren, and three great-grandchildren. He was
                                                                                                           buried with full military honors at Arlington
                                                                                                                                                                 several grandchildren.
EVELYN DeCLAIRMONT STEELE, passed                    book, Standing by and Making Do: Women of             National Cemetery.                                    THEODORE (TED) I. COLEMAN, a UCB
away last August at the age of 95. She attended      Wartime in Los Alamos. Jane is buried in the cem-
                                                                                                                                                                 graduate and WWII Great Generation Army
                                                     etery on the Fermilab grounds, next to her hus-       Judge Mel Cohn ’33 wrote, “My brother STAN
Munson Business College and with her husband                                                                                                                     veteran, passed away at age 83. Mr. Coleman
                                                     band. She is survived by her three sons, Daniel,      COHN passed away on June 2, 2006. During his
Don Steele, formed a successful Public Relations                                                                                                                 was a longtime produce broker specializing in
                                                     Jonathan and Rand.                                    years at Lowell, he was a member of the Scroll &
firm representing many prominent S F. business-                                                                                                                  apples — “The Apple King” — with the W.M.
                                                                                                           L, worked on the Red and White and earned a
es. After WWII they played an important role in      DR. SELBY MOHR Jr., B.A. Stanford ’38;                                                                      Dickerson company for more than 40 years. He
                                                                                                           Block L as a member of the lightweight basketball
introducing numerous major Japanese businesses       M.D. Stanford Medical School ’42; WWII Great                                                                is survived by his wife of 58 years, Ruth, two
                                                                                                           and track teams. He subsequently graduated from
to the U.S. including Toshiba and Tokyo’s New        Generation veteran, Navy Medical Corps; died                                                                children and their families.
                                                                                                           the University of California in 1940 and during
Otani Hotel. Evelyn is survived by her son, Don      peacefully at home last August surrounded by his      his senior year was the Sports Editor of the Daily
Steele, Jr. and numerous grandchildren and great-
                                                     family. He had a private ophthalmologist prac-
                                                     tice at 450 Sutter for 47 years. He was surgeon
                                                                                                           Cal. He was a decorated Great Generation U.S.         1942
                                                                                                           Army veteran in WW II serving for four and
                                                     at Marshall Hale Memorial Hospital where he                                                                 PATRICIA FINN CARRUTHERS, a UCB
                                                                                                           a half years, two of which were overseas in the
1929                                                 served as chief of staff, diplomat of the American    ETO. He is survived by his wife of 64 years,
                                                                                                                                                                 graduate, died last July. She was active in
                                                                                                                                                                 numerous campus organizations and continued
                                                     Board of Ophthalmology and member of numer-           the former Felice Meyer ’37, a son, Tom, and
STEPHEN KNIGHT McGAFFEY of Lafayette                 ous other medical societies. Dr. Mohr is greatly                                                            her community service into adulthood in the
& Rossmoor, a fourth-generation Californian,                                                               two grandchildren. Two daughters, Marjorie and
                                                     missed by his beloved wife of 56 years, Marian                                                              Lafayette area. Patricia is survived by her hus-
Cal graduate and WWII Great Generation                                                                     Jacqueline predeceased him.
                                                     Buckley Mohr, three sons, a daughter, and six                                                               band of 55 years, Guy, three daughters and five
(ETO) veteran, died in October in Pleasant Hill.     grandchildren.                                                                                              grandchildren.
He enjoyed a career as sales manager of Western                                                            1938                                                  VALERIE (EDNA) M. LAGORIO, B.A. Lone
Kraft San Leandro which has since become
Weyerhauser Industries. Stephen is survived by       1935                                                  DR. BENJAMIN GROSS, B.A. UCB, M.D.                    Mountain College, M.A., Ph.D. Stanford, died
                                                                                                           UCSF, died last April at his home in Sebastopol.      March 7 at the age of 80. She enjoyed a teaching
his wife of 66 years, Gene Frances, two daugh-       MURIEL MORRISON ZINK the beloved pio-                 He had his own psychiatric practice in San            career in the English department of the University
ters, three grandchildren and five great-grand-      neer of Southern California Alcohol Treatment         Francisco and saw patients at clinics run by the      of Iowa where she was a scholar in the fields of
children.                                            Programs for Women, died of natural causes at         city. Dr. Gross taught classes on literature and      medieval studies, and Arthurian literature and
                                                     Saddleback Hospital in Laguna Woods last March.       psychology at SFSU and the Fromm Institute
1931                                                 She was 88. Her work as a program director and        at USF. Chess was his hobby. He won the U.S.
                                                                                                                                                                 mysticism. Professor Lagorio was the author
                                                                                                                                                                 of five books and numerous articles and book
                                                     counselor from 1969 to 1991 helped establish          amateur senior chess championship in 1989 and
Classmate Andrew Trice notified the LAA that                                                                                                                     reviews. In 1974 she founded the “14th Century
                                                     numerous California treatment programs and            taught a class on the psychology of chess. Dr.
DAVID TATSUNO, a track star at Lowell, has                                                                                                                       Mystics Newsletter,” which is now published as
                                                     facilities in Southern California. Countless num-     Gross is survived by his wife, Anita, a son, his
passed away.                                                                                                                                                     the “Mystics Quarterly”. She retired as a profes-
                                                     bers of women attribute their reclaimed mental        sister Ruth, and two grandchildren.                   sor emeritus in 1992. When she died, the flag
                                                     health and serenity to Muriel Zink’s work. She
1932                                                 enjoyed attending the SoCal Alumni Branch lun-        WILLIAM J. KRETZMER, JR., B.A. UCB,
                                                                                                                                                                 atop the Old Capitol at University of Iowa was
                                                                                                                                                                 lowered to half-staff in her memory. Dr. Lagorio
                                                     cheons. Survivors include her husband Russell C.      JD Boalt Hall, Berkeley, died May 23rd, at
JUDGE HENRY RENTON ROLPH, SR.,                                                                                                                                   is survived by her sister, Antoinette Robison ’40
                                                     Zink, two children, four grandchildren and two        age 86 in Roseville, CA. He enjoyed a distin-
Stanford U. and Stanford Law School, was                                                                                                                         of Santa Cruz, brother Anthony and four nieces
                                                     great-grandchildren.                                  guished legal career that included service on the
stricken suddenly in October after enjoying good                                                                                                                 and four nephews.
                                                                                                           Redevelopment Agency Board in Richmond and
Fall 2006                                                                                  Lowell Alumni Association                                                                                         Page 13

1943                                                   35-year career with Continental Can Company.
                                                       His avocations were golf (Cypress Point, Menlo
                                                                                                               in North Beach having represented much of the
                                                                                                               fishing fleet. The Special Olympics were of great      1954
The LAA has been notified of the passing               Country Club [Pres.]) and a love of good wine           importance to him and he spent many years on           WILLIAM BRUCE SHAFER, a USF gradu-
of SHIRLEY FRIEDRICHS AXELSON last                     (Pacific Union wine committee for 35 years). He         the Board of Directors. Mr. Martell was prede-         ate, passed away last August at the age of 70.
March at her home in Walnut Creek. She was a           is survived by his wife of 15 years, Dawn, four         ceased by his wife of 48 years, Patsy, and is sur-     He was an accomplished real estate assessor and
graduate of U.C. Berkeley. Shirley is survived by      children, six stepchildren, and 22 grandchildren.       vived by daughters, Laura and Samantha, three          appraiser, serving as chief assessor-recorder for
a daughter, a son, and four grandsons.                 Peter was preceded in death by his first wife,          grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.          Marin County, and deputy assessor for both SF
                                                       Elizabeth.                                                                                                     and San Mateo County. Bruce was a longtime
The LAA has learned that DR. WILLIAM                                                                           MARILYN WARDLAW RICH, CCSF/UCB,
                                                                                                               died peacefully at home in Redwood City, August        resident of Sausalito and spent the last 20 years in
(BILL) EPSTEIN, B.A. & Ph.D., Berkeley,
and a WWII Great Generation Army veteran,              1946                                                    19, 2006. She married Philip L. Rich ’46 in            Hillsborough. Mr. Shafer was preceded in death
                                                                                                                                                                      by his first wife, Sally. He will be greatly missed
has passed away. He was professor emeritus and         ROBERT M. LEVISON, a Stanford graduate,                 1951. Marilyn was an active club woman whose
                                                                                                               members will remember her warmth, hospitality,         by an extended family of nieces and nephews and
former chairman of the dermatology division at         Stanford Trustee, and WWII Great Generation
                                                                                                               intelligence, and sense of humor. After her chil-      numerous stepchildren.
UCSF. Dr. Epstein established UCSF’s melanoma          Navy veteran, passed away last February. He was
clinic for the study of AIDs-related symptoms.         an executive with the family insurance brokerage        dren were grown she started a successful book-
Among his innumerable public service contribu-
tions, he helped train many Japanese graduate
                                                       firm, Levison Brothers, which became Dinner             keeping business. Marilyn was preceded in death
                                                                                                               by her husband of 45 years. She is survived by five
                                                       Levison. Mr. Levison was a loyal Stanford man,
students, many of whom went on to dermatol-            serving as president of the board of Hillel and on      children and seven grandchildren.                      CAROLYN DAY PERKINS LAKIN, a UCB
ogy careers in the United States and abroad. The       the building committee for the new Ziff Center                                                                 graduate, passed away unexpectedly in Phoenix
emperor of Japan awarded him the Order of the                                                                                                                         last June. She enjoyed a career as an elementary
Rising Sun medal in 1996 for his contributions
                                                       for Jewish Life. He also volunteered extensively
                                                       with Bay Area Jewish community groups. Robert
                                                                                                               1949                                                   school teacher in San Francisco. Carolyn was
to the study of dermatology in that country. Dr.       is survived by his wife, Anne Lehmann ‘46, four         The LAA office has learned that MAUREEN                predeceased by her husband, John, Cmdr. Ret.
Epstein is survived by his wife, Joan, a daughter      children and nine grandchildren.                        FRANKEN TRANCHINA, a SFSU graduate,                    USN. She is survived by her son, Joseph, and an
and a son.                                                                                                     passed away at her home in Fremont.                    extended family of in-laws and loving friends.
                                                       Georganna S. Sugarman notified the LAA that
WILLIAM HAVEN LOWE, a CAL graduate                     her husband, WARREN A. SUGARMAN had                     ARLAN WONG, a businessman and entrepre-
and WWII Great Generation veteran, passed
away peacefully at his home surrounded by his
                                                       passed away. He was a third generation San              neur in property management, died last June in         1960
                                                       Franciscan.                                             San Francisco. He is survived by his loving wife,
family. He was an artist, poet, and an outdoors-                                                                                                                      STANLEY DENNIS RUBIN, died last June at
                                                                                                               Antonia, two children, and two grandchildren.
man. William was the husband of Katherine              GEORGE M. HICKOK, a Great Generation                                                                           the age of 64. He was known to all as “one of
Allen ‘46 for 57 years. He is survived by five         WWII veteran and a Cal graduate, died last              FRANKLIN WILLIAM STORTI, a SFSU                        the Rubin twins”. Stan loved football, baseball,
children and nine grandchildren.                       August. He enjoyed a varied business career as an       graduate and longtime professor of English at          and all sports, excelling in football which earned
                                                       independent grocer and a federal gov’t IRS agent.       Laney College (34 years), died last August. He         his induction into the Lowell Sports Foundation
1944                                                   Mr. Hickok is survived by his wife, Ida, a son
                                                       Stanley, two daughters, and three grandsons.
                                                                                                               was a Korean War veteran and a published poet
                                                                                                               and writer. Franklin is missed by his loving wife
                                                                                                                                                                      Hall of Fame. He and his twin brother, Steve, are
                                                                                                                                                                      the only brothers in Lowell’s football history to be
DR. WILLIS SCHAUPP, B.A. Stanford, M.D.                                                                        of 25 years, Georgia, two children, and three          named to the AAA All-City First Team the same
                                                       RAINER F. “BUMPS” BALDAUF, B.A. UCB,
Harvard, and a Great Generation Navy veteran,                                                                  grandchildren.                                         year (1959).
                                                       Cornell School of Hotel Management, and post-
died peacefully last April at the California Pacific   WWII Army duty in Germany (spoke fluent                 HORACE W. OREAR, a fourth-generation                   LLOYD L. BENNETT, a Marine Corps veteran,
Medical Center. He served two tours as a Naval         German), died last July. He was a noted restau-         Californian and Navy veteran, passed away last         died last June. He enjoyed a working career with
surgeon before beginning his civilian practice         rateur and kitchen designer that made him an            September. Howard attended Cal and was a               Safeway Food Stores. He settled in Jerome where
that included Chief Resident at the San Francisco      important figure in the NorCal culinary world           member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. He           he made his home for nearly 20 years, remaining
County Hospital. He devoted himself fully to his       for a generation. Mr. Baldauf was associated with       worked for and owned Ira W. Coburn, Inc.               a loyal 49er and Giant fan. Lloyd is survived by
profession and his patients for 55 years. He also      Trader Vic’s Restaurants for many years in SF,          Builders, S.F. “Bus” was a fifty-year member and       a brother and two sisters, two daughters, nine
taught medicine, earning the rank of Clinical          New York and Washington, DC. This included              past master, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Calif.      grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Professor of Surgery at UCB. Dr. Schaupp was           helping to create Senor Pico’s, the flagship restau-    Lodge No 1, Free and Accepted Masons of the
predeceased by his wife, Joan. He is survived by       rant for the newly renovated Ghiradelli Square.         State of California. He is survived by his wife of
five children and eleven grandchildren.                Among his favorite relaxations were sailing and         49 years, Grace, and two daughters.                    1964
PAUL PIERRE MARRACQ, a WWII Great                      skiing. He eventually opened his own restaurant,
                                                                                                                                                                      CAROL ANN RICHARDSON PAXTON, died
Generation veteran of the Army Air corps, died         Graff Zepplin, and embarked on a second career
peacefully last April. He was a third generation       as a restaurant kitchen designer. He took great         1950                                                   in Walnut Creek after a three-year battle with
                                                                                                                                                                      cancer. She was a longtime employee of Delta
San Francisco restaurateur, onetime owner of the       pride in working with young chefs and restaura-
                                                                                                               PHILIP L. FONG died peacefully last September          Dental. Carol was preceded in death by her
Circle Club at 19th and Valencia, and the Pine         teurs and their architects in helping them realize
                                                                                                               after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. He is sur-       husband, Roger. She will be greatly missed by an
Tree Restaurant in the city. Paul is survived by his   their dreams.
                                                                                                               vived by Sylvia, his loving wife of 48 years, two      extended family of in-laws and friends.
son, Richard.                                              “Bumps” was an avid swimmer and became
                                                                                                               daughters and four grandchildren. The family is
                                                       a “juvenile” member of the Olympic Club in
MARIE ALMA SEPPICH COE, of Modesto                                                                             thankful for loving care provided by Pathways
passed away in October at the age of 80 from nat-
                                                       1938, retaining his club membership throughout
                                                       his life. At Lowell he and his classmates were city
                                                                                                               Hospice and appreciates the thoughts and prayers       1965
ural causes. She had a successful career as owner                                                              of all.
                                                       champions. (w/Dave Mayer, Walter Mooromsky,                                                                    LAWRENCE L. MARKS passed away last
and broker of Coe Realty. Marie is survived by         Don Fisher, Bob Ransohoff, Jack Bordwell, et                                                                   August at his home on the Peninsula. He had a
three children and four grandchildren.                 al). He is also pictured in his yearbook as a Yell
                                                       leader. His college years at Cal found him on the
                                                                                                               1951                                                   long career in information technology, primarily
                                                                                                                                                                      as a systems programmer, but also acted as data
1945                                                   varsity water polo team which won the NCAA              JACQUELINE LOLA SAINSBURY SCHULER,                     center manager for a large mainframe vendor,
                                                       championship in 1949. As an alum, he was much           a Canada College graduate, passed away at her          including a stint as advisory systems engineer
Lowell High School has lost an alumnus of              sought after by his classmates where his restau-        Redwood City home last June. Her community             assigned to Taiwan. Lawrence is survived by his
extraordinary vision and boundless energy.             rateur experience was invaluable to the reunion         service included many years as a learning resource     wife, Marlane, and an extended family of friends
WARREN L. SIMMONS, a Cal graduate, died                planning committee.                                     aide in the Redwood City School District. She is       and relatives.
June 21, 2006, at Queen of the Valley Hospital             Donald Fisher ‘46 wrote, “I lost a good friend      survived by her husband, William, five children
in Napa surrounded by his family. His career           on July 23rd. Rainer “Bumps” Baldauf and I              and 11 grandchildren.
included diverse achievements: PanAm pilot;
entrepreneur - Pier 39, Chevys and Tia Maria
                                                       had known each other for 64 years and did a
                                                                                                               LOUISE ANN UTISS BUTCHART, a loyal
                                                       lot of things together, starting at Lowell in 1942
restaurants; cranberry producer in South America                                                               and active alumna, died last May. She was on the       MACHIKO ITO, died in June after a four-year
                                                       through college at U.C. Berkeley. We swam on
- CranChile; and Blue and Gold tour boats;                                                                     reunion committee for the first reunion (25th) of      battle with ovarian cancer. She attended CCSF
                                                       the Lowell swimming team from 1942 to 1946
among other business ventures.                                                                                 her 1951 class. Louise was overjoyed when her          and SFSU, studying kinesiology and special
                                                       and won the city championship each year. Bumps
    His most visible success, Pier 39, attests to                                                              daughter Lynn ’79 attended the “new” Lowell.           education. For the last 24 years she helped run
                                                       swam breaststroke. In 1945-46 we were yell lead-
his determination. Warren (with legal assistance                                                               We’ll miss her stories about the Old Lowell, espe-     AITOH with her family. AITOH is an importer
                                                       ers along with Warren Simmons. We entered
from attorney Sidney Rudy ’28) worked five                                                                     cially about the pep rallies in the courtyard of the   of origami paper and Japanese art materials.
                                                       Berkeley in the fall of 1946 and played water
years through the maze of government agencies to                                                               “old red brick school house”. (This writer remem-
                                                       polo. Bumps was an extremely good water polo
acquire permits to build the shop and restaurant                                                               bers Louise very well when she helped organize
complex on San Francisco’s northern waterfront,
                                                       player, helping our CAL team win the Pacific
                                                       Coast Conference Championship in 1949. He
                                                                                                               the first reunion of her class, circa 1976. PAL)       1975
which opened on schedule Oct. 4, 1978.                 was an accomplished skier and skied for U.C.                                                                   VIKKI EMILE NOBLE FRAZIER-WATKINS
    This writer remembers Warren’s visit to cam-
pus to talk to hundreds of students who had
                                                       from 1946 to 1951 becoming Captain his senior
                                                       year and coach the year after graduation. We
                                                                                                               1953                                                   was killed in an auto accident on August 3, 2006.
                                                                                                                                                                      She is the sister of Cyd Chemelle Noble Cox
shown an interest in weekend or summer jobs at         remained very close friends. He will be sorely          VALERIE VLAUTIN MADRIERES, a 23-year                   ’72. Vicki lived in San Francisco all her life and
the Pier. No doubt, he had plenty of Lowellite         missed by all who knew him.”                            employee of the Jefferson Union High School            was employed by the Westford Underwriting
company during his years of active management          Mr. Baldauf is survived by his wife, Bea, three chil-   District, died peacefully last May. She enjoyed        Managers as a Senior Claims Analyst. She is sur-
before selling in 1981.                                dren and their families, and his sister, Marianne.      traveling with her husband of 50 years, Jean.          vived by four children and two grandchildren.
    Lowell High School’s Head Yell Leader can                                                                  Valerie is survived by her husband, five children,
be seen in his 1944 Red and White whipping
up school spirit for the Poly game with the same
                                                       JOAN HARVEY GRANGER of Castro Valley
                                                       passed away last September. She enjoyed a success-
                                                                                                               and their extended families. Classmate Carol
                                                                                                               (Armstrong) Meyer ’53 writes, “Valerie and I
enthusiasm that was to make him owner of               ful career in the banking industry as a corporate
                                                                                                               have been best of friends since 2nd grade at St.       JANE PON TRAVIS, B.A. U.C. Santa Barbara;
one of the world’s largest cranberry operations.       underwriter: Wells Fargo Bank, Seafirst Mortgage                                                               J.D. UCLA; died of lung cancer last June at her
                                                                                                               Agnes grammar school. When it was time to
He also honed his tennis skills so that he was         Company and the Bank of America. Joan retired                                                                  home in the company of her husband, Monte
                                                                                                               decide which high school to attend, we both
men’s Silverado tennis champion for many, many         from her last employer, the First National Bank                                                                Travis ’70 and friends. She had practiced law for
                                                                                                               wanted to go to Lowell. We shared so many good
years.                                                 in 1996. She was predeceased by her husband,                                                                   over 20 years, as the law partner – and life partner
                                                                                                               times during those four years and remained good
    Mr. Simmons is survived by his wife, Caroline,     George (Scotty) Granger and is survived by three                                                               – of her husband at their own Pacific Heights
                                                                                                               friends during all our life experiences. She was
three sons, a daughter, stepchildren, and their        children and seven grandchildren.                                                                              firm, Travis & Pon. In 1988, Monte and Jane
                                                                                                               our group historian, always able to remember the
extended families.                                                                                             birthdays and ages of all our children and friends.    traveled through China on their own, the first
PETER HARRELL BLACK, a UCB gradu-                      1947                                                    Valerie was strong and positive through her ill-       of worldwide travels that would take them to the
ate (DKE fraternity), Stanford Grad School of                                                                  ness, and was able to enjoy her family and friends.    seven continents. Jane is survived by her husband
                                                       FRANK MARTELL, a SFSU graduate and a                                                                           and by her mother and sisters.
Business Executive Program, died at his home                                                                   She will always be “My Pal Val”.
                                                       Korean War veteran, passed away last July. He
in Atherton on August 13, 2006. He enjoyed a           enjoyed a long career in the insurance business                                                                             continued on page 14
Page 1                                                                                   Lowell Alumni Association                                                                              Fall 2006

                                                                                                              Science Programs to Benefit from
   In Memoriam                                                                                                2006 Annual Fund Drive
            continued from page 13                                                                                    lthough delayed by this year’s ses-
                                                      1987                                                            quicentennial festivities, our 2006
                                                                                                                      Annual Fund Campaign is now
1978                                                  ADAM ETHAN GOLDSTONE, one of the
                                                      most prominent DJs in New York, died suddenly           underway, with the goal of funding over
PHILIP KEITH ADAMS,, an Eagle Scout                   of a congenital heart defect while attending the        $150,000 in special projects geared to
and Annapolis graduate, Class of 1983, Marine         Burning Man Festival at Black Rock, NV. He              improving the quality of science education
Corps Infantry Officer, passed away last June.        attended the Tisch School of NYU. Adam spent            at Lowell.
Honorably discharged after five years of military     his adult life in the music industry, writing, creat-       Science education at Lowell enjoys a rich
service. MBA St. Mary’s college. Sales/marketing      ing, editing, playing and producing. He created         history, starting with the school’s found-
for the Mead Corporation. COO, In-Demand              his own music electronically and was known              ing in 1856 when the curriculum included
Executive Associates. He will be greatly missed by    internationally for his encyclopedic knowledge,         chemistry, physiology, astronomy, geology New lab tables purchased earlier this year by
an extended family of in-laws and friends.            especially of dance music. Adam is survived by          and botany. Since then, Lowell students the Lowell Alumni Association are a dramatic
                                                      his parents and three siblings.                         have been taught by a host of outstanding improvement over the furniture currently
ELLEN LEW, a SFSU graduate, died last August
                                                                                                              science teachers, with names like Dealtry, being used in some classrooms. Through the
after a 14-year battle with breast cancer. She
did various accounting jobs for Koret, Schlage        Lowell Staff                                            Appleby, Dahl, Jamison, Koenig, Becker, 2006 Annual Fund Campaign, we hope to
Lock Co. , Levi Strauss, Jewish Family Home,
                                                                                                              Murray, Reinosa, Cons, Hill, Swett, Shapiro equip two additional classrooms with the
                                                      FLOYD DADE, a beloved and highly-respected
and most recently at UCSF. Ellen was also an                                                                  and dozens more who have shared their same kind of tables.
                                                      school custodian and later an ass’t supervisor of
artist who lover watercolor painting. She was                                                                 passion for teaching with generations of
                                                      SFUSD school custodians during the 70’s and                                                            science and biotechnology, a promising first
an ardent S. F. Giants baseball fan and longtime      80’s, passed away peacefully last September. He
                                                                                                                                                             step in expanding science electives for today’s
season ticket holder. Her greatest joy was seeing     was a WWII Great Generation veteran, fight-                 And the results can be seen not only in
the downtown stadium built and biggest disap-         ing in the 761st Tank Battalion under General           the academic and professional careers of
                                                                                                                                                                 We invite you to support this year’s
pointment was not seeing the Giants win a World       George S. Patton. Floyd’s war reminiscences and         several hundred alumni scientists and phy-
                                                                                                                                                             campaign to help us continue to build upon
Series. Ellen is survived by her mother, Irene Lim,   days at Lowell were featured in a fall 2004 article     sicians, but also in the tens of thousands
                                                                                                                                                             Lowell’s strong foundation in science so
two sisters and their families.                       in the LAA newsletter. He is survived by his wife       of us who share a deeper understanding of
                                                                                                                                                             that we may aspire to reach new heights.
                                                      of 42 years, Edris Chun ‘64.                            how our world works. Our campaign goal
                                                                                                                                                             You should be receiving a solicitation letter
                                                                                                              is to build upon our solid foundation in
                                                                                                                                                             soon, but you can donate whenever you like
                                                                                                              science education by expanding our capac-
Andrew Kluger                                         medical care in our state. In its almost three
                                                      decades of operation, HAA’s medically trained
                                                                                                              ity to offer students more technologically
                                                                                                                                                             via mail or, using your Visa or MasterCard,
                                                                                                                                                             at www.lowellalumni.org/donate. Thank you
             continued from page 1                                                                            advanced experiments and developing the
                                                      flight crews have provided more than 36,000                                                            for your continued assistance in providing
                                                                                                              infrastructure to support student-designed
to address the desperate need of public and           island residents and visitors with emergency air                                                       Lowell students with an unparalleled aca-
                                                                                                              experiments. We are especially interested in
school libraries for educational materials and        transportation.                                                                                        demic experience!
                                                                                                              supporting new course offerings in marine
a constant supply of English literature. After            We are grateful for HAA’s efforts to assist the     Project                                                                              Goal
nearly four decades, BB USA has collected,            victims of Hurricane Katrina by traveling to            Chemistry:         Computer-based lab with data collection equipment             $27,000
stored, and shipped over four million books           New Orleans to provide technical and medical            Biology:           32 stereo microscopes and 32 compound microscopes             $27,000
to schools and libraries in 23 countries. Its         assistance to the hurricane victims. Mahalo for         Physics:           Lab equipment expansion and replacement                       $20,000
services have expanded to include health              serving as a true Ambassador of Aloha in assist-        Biotechnology: Additional lab start-up equipment                                 $20,000
educational programs for children, social             ing fellow Americans in need.                           Marine Science: Saltwater aquarium and related equipment                          $5,000
programs for senior citizens, a bookmobile                Please accept our wishes for a prosperous           General:           New lab benches and stools for two classrooms                 $36,000
for the City of Jerusalem, and computer and           and productive new year.                                General:           Digital whiteboard and other classroom technology              $6,000
media labs in underprivileged communities.                Aloha,                                              General:           Four new LCD projectors and carts                             $10,000
    Andrew is on the Board of Directors of                Similar testimonials were received from the         General:           Conference table and chairs                                    $4,000
Project Sunshine, a nonprofit organization            Senate and House of Representatives of the
that provides free programs and services,             State of Hawaii; Daniel K. Inouye and Daniel            TOTAL                                                                          $ 155,000

                                                                                                              Seniors Awarded More than
including arts and crafts, tutoring, entertain-       K. Akaka, U.S. Senators; Neil Abercrombie
ment and special events, dedicated to help-           and Ed Case, U.S. Congressmen; and Mayors
ing children and families cope with serious           Mufi Hannemann and Alan Arakawa.
    Volunteers are students, working profes-
sionals, artists, athletes and people of all
                                                          HAA’s response to natural disasters
                                                      reflects the philosophy of its CEO – offer
                                                      and supply medical or humanitarian assis-
                                                                                                              $50K in Alumni Scholarships
ages and backgrounds who want to brighten             tance wherever on earth it is needed. Hence,                    hey came to Lowell from the             academic merit and service to Lowell.
the lives of children in need. Approximately          HAA was there for survivors of the tsu-                         Tenderloin, Visitacion Valley, the          The selection process culminated in a
100,000 children and families are the ben-            nami disaster. Book Bank USA and HAA                            Richmond and Sunset districts, but      special reception and awards ceremony held
eficiaries of this program each year.                 combined to encourage stores, wholesalers               now you’ll find them scattered all across the   May 25th in the Lowell library, featuring
    The flagship endeavor that has propelled          and individuals to donate toys and stuffed              country. The latest group of alumni schol-      special remarks by Principal Paul Cheng and
Andrew Kluger into the public eye, at least           animals to young victims. Thanks to their               arship recipients represents an exciting and    an enthusiastic throng of alumni and stu-
in Hawaii, is his stewardship of Hawaii               collaborative efforts, thousands of these chil-         talented cross-section of the Lowell class of   dents, along with parents, faculty and other
Air Ambulance, a provider of aeromedical              dren received a very special gift.                      2006. Once again this year, Wendy Drefke        friends. The Lowell Alumni Association
emergency services to both residents and                  Hurricane Katrina brought a similar                 Shinbori ’68 and her scholarship committee      paid special tribute to Mr. Cheng’s success-
visitors of Hawaii, regardless of race, creed,        response from HAA, offering to provide                  had their work cut out for them as they sift-   ful tenure as principal by awarding a special
gender, nationality, religion, or ability to          much needed medical supplies as well as                 ed through an impressive number of schol-       scholarship in his name.
pay. Since 1978, HAA has proudly provided             other staples, such as food and blankets,               arship applications and then devoted two            Thanks to all of those who have sup-
over 37,000 emergency flights of critically ill       under the direction of the American Red                 full days to interviewing more than three       ported this important alumni program that
and injured patients – within the Hawaiian            Cross. Andrew Kluger personally led a                   dozen students. The committee weighed a         does so much to help so many of Lowell’s
Islands and to the mainland. The fleet of             Hawaii delegation to assess the medical                 variety of factors, including financial need,   most outstanding students!
five aircraft are staffed by qualified flight         needs, including aeromedical response, to               Student                           Scholarship/Award                      College
paramedics and nurses.                                the thousands impacted by Katrina. His
    A group of doctors pioneered the service          report to Governor Lingle prompted an                   Courtney Ball                             Shafer                         USF
but discovered that operating an airline was          assessment of Hawaii’s own capacity to deal             Harrison Chau                             Barsotti                       UC Berkeley
not like running a medical facility. They             with such extraordinary natural disasters.              Yulong Chen                               Masonek                        UC Berkeley
turned to the man with wide healthcare                    On 9/11, HAA made nineteen life flights             Daniel Chin                               Kappa Nu                       UC Berkeley
experience and asked him to take over. In             to New York to deliver blood, equipment                 Rodrigo Duran                             Chin
1997 Andrew Kluger assumed control of                 and supplies with hopes of saving the lives             Erica Edwards                             Channing                       USC
the air ambulance, and as CEO/Chairman                of people who were rescued. They were the               Anna Fryjoff-Hung                         Spangler                       UC Davis
of the Board, applied sound business prac-            only civilian aircraft escorted by a Phantom            Levi Gadye                                Dealtry                        Brown
tices that has continued to make the service          Navy fighter jet across the Pacific.                    Aric Guo                                  Dealtry                        UC Berkeley
an integral part of the state’s healthcare                In 2005 his peers in the Air Medical                Ellen Ho                                  Quan
system..                                              Services business showed their esteem for               Sendie Hudaya                             Dealtry                        UCLA
    Accolades have been showered upon                 Andrew when he was elected to a second                  Eric Huynh                                Dealtry/Ng                     UC Berkeley
HAA and its self-effacing CEO. In 2002, the           term on the AAMS (Assoc. of Air Medical                 Paul McNiel                               Yoshida
prestigious “Livingstone M.F. Wong, M.D.”             Services) Board of Directors for Region 1               Armen Mekhdjian                           Dealtry                        UC Berkeley
Lifetime Achievement Award was presented              (West Coast, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam).                     Constance “CJ” Mourning                   LAA/Paul Cheng                 Tufts
to HAA for its emergency medical services                 Andy says he’s getting close to retirement          Le Nguyen                                 Chin
in the State of Hawaii.                               when he will have more time to, “give back”             Christina Oatfield                        Dealtry                        UC Berkeley
     In 2005, Governor Linda Lingle and Lt.           as he put it. To this writer, it seems that his         Jessica Qu                                Chapman                        Yale
Gov. James R. “Duke” Aiona, Jr. wrote a               entire career has been one of giving – to the           Winnie Siu                                LAA                            UCLA
testimonial to Hawaii Air Ambulance on the            elderly, to underprivileged children, to trag-          Jia Wu                                    Barker                         MIT
occasion of its 27th anniversary:                     edy victims, and to those needing emergency             Calvin Yan                                Anino
    On behalf of the people of Hawai’i, we send       medical treatment                                       Dayu Yang                                 Levin                          Stanford
our congratulations to Hawai’i Air Ambulance,             Whether as SBP or CEO, the same big                 Julie Ye                                  Sherman                        Harvard
Inc. (HAA).                                           heart and boundless energy serve to improve             Jessica Yip                               Lucey                          U of Nevada
    It gives us pleasure to commend HAA for           the well-being of those whose lives he touch-           Ellen Yu                                  Shenson                        UC Berkeley
its efforts to enhance standards of emergency         es.                                       —PAL          Vicky Zhong                               Repp                           UCLA
Fall 2006                                                                        Lowell Alumni Association                                                                             Page 1

   leTTeRs To The ediToR
Dear Paul,                                        me captivated! I’m sorry I didn’t know           Dear Betty,                                      talk to the current students and teachers.
June 3, 2006                                      Edith Pence. She was quite a girl, woman,            Everything on earth has a life span, even    Everyone was friendly and positive and I
                                                  and Lowellite. I was part of the Leroy           the Lowell Club of Rossmoor. What a won-         was proud to be a part of this strong school
    Just a note to tell you how truly beauti-     Stevens, Gladys Lorigan, and “Spider”                                                             community. I know many people spent
ful your “Sesquicentennial Story” in the                                                           derful 10-year run the Club has had, add-
                                                  Monroe era.                                      ing to the luster of Lowell H.S.                 hours planning for this event and I want to
Spring 2006 newsletter is. I had big tears           Over the years, I’ve devoured your                                                             thank them very much.
well up for special memories. You did a                                                                I remember in the fall of 1996 how
                                                  center-page features on a wide variety of        proud the LAA directors were to learn that                                   Beth Alberts ‘82
masterful job.                                    Lowell subjects. I also enjoyed your previ-
                   Marie Righetti Weaver ‘35                                                       our Rossmoor schoolmates were forming
                                                  ous Lowell historical volume as well as the      an alumni branch. The initial attendance of      Terry,
                                                  1956 Centennial yearbook.                        65 alums was amazing. Kudos to Margaret              Thank you for the Spring 2006 Alumni
                                                     Awaiting your 150-year history with           Scholes Seabury, June Richardson Smirkahl,       Newsletter. My comments are about the
Dear Members of the Sesquicentennial              great anticipation. I have ordered a copy.
Committee,                                                                                         Don Wacks, et al, for getting it going.          reprint of a Lowell article in the Newsletter’
                                                  Again, congratulations on a memorable            The Steering Committee also included Bill            The article says Justice Breyer “admit-
June 5, 2006                                      S’06 newsletter.                                 Eckart, Leah Boehm, Eleanor McCullough           ted and denounced past mistakes the
    You really know how to give a party! As                                     Most sincerely,    Arnberg, and Betty Longland. Thanks to all       court has made, citing the internment of
an alum and teacher/counselor at Lowell                                         Lynne Ulm ‘48          What fun it was to attend the Xmas           Japanese citizens during WWII.” I think
for thirty years, I felt this Gala was for           (Thank you, Lynne, for your kind words.       luncheons with BobAnino, Leah Boehm,             Justice Breyer must have said Americans
me and others like me. It was a night to          Your sesquicentennial commemorative will be      and Cathy Brash. The Red & White ambi-           of Japanese ancestry, or possibly Japanese
remember! I have never felt so honored and        mailed in the spring.)                           ence of the clubroom and its guests left no      Americans (the Chronicle has him talking
valued. Every detail made this clear to me                                                         doubt it was a Lowell party.                     about Japanese Americans).
– the tribute wall, dinner, program, gift,        Dear Editor:                                         The Rossmoor Club was the pride of the           During World War II, 120,000 per-
and I confess to having taken a table rib-        7/2/2006                                         Board of Directors. The loyalty and enthu-       sons of Japanese ancestry in the United
bon home for my mother, Elena to see. Her             I was surprised to see the article on        siasm of its alumni were proof that students     States of America, two-thirds of whom
years at Lowell are some of the only memo-        Bert Horn in the latest newsletter. I went       can’t walk the halls of Lowell H.S. for four     were American citizens, the other one-
ries she has left.                                to Aptos, Lowell and then U.C. Berkeley          years without something happening to their       third excluded by law, along with all other
    Thanks you so much to all of you.             with him, and though we barely spoke, I          hearts as well as to their heads.                Asians, from becoming American citizens,
                                Most Sincerely,   admired him from afar. The main reason               On behalf of the entire LAA, thank you       were forced into American concentration
                               Joan Catelli ‘61   was because he drove a (1936?) Packard           and former members for your allegiance to        camps. So for the article to state Japanese
                                                  convertible coupe to Lowell every day. Not       your high school alma mater. Happy ses-          citizens creates a dreadfully wrong picture
                                                  until 1949 during my second year at Yale         quicentennial !!                                 which I think it is important to correct.
Dear Paul,                                        Medical School did I come upon a similar             Sincerely,                                       It happens that I, at that time a 3rd gen-
6/2/06                                            Packard which another “Yalie” had for sale                                       Paul A. Lucey    eration American child 4 years old, was one
                                                  ($300 !). I bought it and drove it on our                                        LAA ExecDir.     of those interned. It also happens that in
    Congratulations! A very lovely piece in                                                                                                         1955, I graduated from Lowell, in the same
this most recent edition of the LAA news-         honeymoon West and owned it through
                                                  medical school. Every time I drove that car      Hi Everyone                                      class as Stephen Breyer, whom I admire
letter. . . Although you don’t mention it in                                                                                                        greatly.
your reminiscences about Edith Pence, I           I recalled Bert and his magnificent chariot         I would like to express my personal
                                                  and the dreams the car inspired many eons        thanks to the Open-Day-on-Campus                                                    Thank you.
recall her fierce contest with Washington’s                                                                                                                         Joyce Imazeki Yamamoto ‘55
Principal, Otto Schmaelzie, each to assert        ago.                                             Committee . It was so much fun to be wel-
that his or her school is the best in the city                        Paul R. Bruch ’40, M.D.      comed back on campus as an alumna and
as measured by the number admitted to                                                              to feel free to explore the new building and
the B+ colleges – to Berkeley, in particular.
I didn’t know she had done something in
athletics – basketball, of all things, for one
as short as she.
                                                  Dear Paul and Terry,                             Claude Rosenberg
                                                                                                   continued from page 1
    I can appreciate your intense feelings for        The September 14th picnic will be the
Lowell as clearly evidenced in this piece.        last official gathering of the Rossmoor
                                                  Lowell Club. Declining membership and            nization devoted to enhanced philanthropy        the Louise and Claude,
I’m sure that many will read and cherish                                                           in America. In later years, Mr. Rosenberg        Jr. Library/Learning
your evocation of feelings they also have for     attendance caused the current board to
                                                  dissolve the club at the end of the year. It     has                                              Resource Center at S.
Lowell.                                                                                               spent most of his time at Newtithing ,        F. City College. A sport
                            Maury Englander       was a difficult decision because many of us,
                                                                                                   writing and speaking on philanthropy.            stadium at Burton H.S.
                                                  over the years, were able to make and renew
                                                                                                      That same year (1995), Dresdner Bank          in San Francisco will be named after him,
Dear Paul,                                        lasting friendships. With this in mind we
                                                                                                   AG, the second largest bank in Germany,          acknowledging his generosity. Children have
                                                  are closing the chapter on a high note.          announced an agreement to acquire RCM            long enjoyed the Rosenberg Early Childhood
    Sensational Spring ’06 Alumni newslet-                                            Sincerely,
ter. Your “Roots in Reality . . .” yarn held                                                       with its $26 billion investment portfolio.       Center at the Jewish Community Center in
                                                                      Betty Weaver Glazier, Sec.      One can only surmise the influence that       the city and the Rosenberg Émigré Center
                                                                                                   the research and writings of CR have had on      that helps immigrants, mostly Russian.
                                                                                                   the upsurge of philanthropy (e.g. Bill Gates,        The goodness of this man has earned
                         ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION                                                       Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, et al) in recent      him many accolades: Arbuckle Award for
                                                                                                   years. Suffice to say, Claude Rosenberg has      Management Excellence – Stanford Graduate
    We hope you enjoy reading this Newsletter. It is one of the services provided Lowell
                                                                                                   had a significant role in reevaluating the       School; Gold Spike Award – Stanford Alumni
 alums by their Alumni Association.
                                                                                                   “philanthropic conscience” that has always       Association; Tocqueville Award – United
    One of the small pleasures in publishing this paper is compiling the names of our
                                                                                                   been the pride of America.                       Way; Forrestal Award – AIMR; Outstanding
 annual contributors. They are tangible evidence to our volunteers that their efforts are
                                                                                                      To acknowledge the full range of news-        Philanthropist Award – Nat’l Society of
 appreciated. Many thanks!
                                                                                                   paper and magazine articles generated by         Fundraising Executives and numerous simi-
    If it was inconvenient earlier to respond to our annual appeal, do so now and give us
                                                                                                   Claude’s promotion of donor responsibility is    lar acknowledgements.
 the same satisfaction when we list your name in next Spring’s issue.
                                                                                                   beyond the scope of this brief profile. Scores       Claude is married to his wife of thirty-
                              ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION                                                  of feature articles nationwide responded         five years, Louise Jankelson ’51, and is the
                                                                                                   favorably to his leadership including The        grandfather of nine grandchildren. He con-
 Checks payable to and sent to:          LOWELL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION                                 New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,         tinues to be active at Newtithing, counseling
                                         PO Box 320009 • San Francisco, CA 94132                   The San Francisco Chronicle, Business Week,      people seeking guidelines for their charitable
 or donate now by credit card at:        www.lowellalumni.org/donate                               The Washington Post, Fortune Magazine, and       giving.
                                                                                                   similar national coverage.                           One of the joys of his retirement is
 $35_________$50_________$100________$250________$500________or more                                  Among his many philanthropic dona-            attending Stanford basketball games and
                                                                                                   tions, two of his best-known are the             shooting occasional baskets just as he did
 Name _____________________________________________ Class ____________
                                                                                                   Rosenberg Corporate Research Center at           when he was a Ben Neff hoopster.
                       (Include maiden name, if applicable)                   (Jan. or June)
                                                                                                   Stanford Graduate School of Business and                                               — PAL

 City _______________________________________State_______Zip__________

 Phone _______________________________E-mail _________________________
                                                                                                                                 MOVING ??????
                                                                                                                         Mail from the Lowell Alumni Association
 Keeping In Touch_____________________________________________________                                                         is not forwarded if you move.
 ___________________________________________________________________                                    Please keep your address current with the Lowell Alumni Association.
 ___________________________________________________________________                                    Either visit our website at www.LowellAlumni.org and put in your new
                                                                                                           address, or phone or write as soon as you know you are moving.
                                                                                                           415-759-7830 • PO Box 320009 San Francisco CA 94132-0009
Page 16                                                                       Lowell Alumni Association                                                                       Fall 2006

                                                                                           Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame
       Beautiful Lowell                                                                    To Honor Jerry Coleman
        sweatshirts are
                                                                                                   ongratulations are in order for Jerry        Outside of baseball, Coleman served
     available now by mail.                                                                        Coleman ’42 for having been select-
                                                                                                   ed by the Bay Area Sports Hall of
                                                                                                                                             in combat as a distinguished Marine pilot
                                                                                                                                             in World War II and Korea, earning two
                                                                                           Fame as one of their 2007 class of honorees.      Distinguished Flying Crosses, 13 Air Medals
   Dark red in sizes M, L and XL                                                           Coleman’s list of achievements in the sports      and three Navy Citations while flying 120
    Generous fit. Lowell logo left side.                                                   world includes recognition as American            missions. The U.S. Marine Corps Sports
                                                                                           League Rookie of the Year (1949), American        Hall of Fame enshrined Coleman in 2005.
       Made by Russell Athletic                                                            League All-Star and World Series MVP                 Coleman’s “classmates” for the Bay Area
     $35 (includes shipping and handling)                                                  (1950) during his tenure with the New York        Sports Hall of Fame ceremony are for-
                                                                                           Yankees. Jerry was a key member of the            mer 49er Jerry Rice, former Giant Will
           Please send check to                                                            New York Yankees dynasty that went to the         Clark and Stanford basketball sensation
        Lowell Alumni Association                                                          World Series six times in nine years (1949-       Jennifer Azzi. Jerry will be Lowell’s second
             PO Box 320009                        Lowell student Michael Beese, class      57). He received the Ford C. Frick Award          BASHOF inductee, joining basketball great
                                                  of 2010, wears his Lowell sweatshirt     from the National Baseball Hall of Fame in        Tom Meschery ’57. The induction banquet
      San Francisco, CA 94132-0009                with pride.                              2005 in recognition of his work as a baseball     will be held Thursday, April 26, 2007 at the
                                                                                           broadcaster, including 34 seasons with the        Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco.
                                                                                           San Diego Padres. In 2002, Coleman joined         For more information, visit www.bashof.org
                                                                                           the Lowell Sports Hall of Fame and has been       or call (415) 352-8830. Let’s make sure we
                                                                                           a consistently generous supporter of both         have a solid Lowell contingent at the dinner
             Lowell Alumni Association Annual Meeting                                      the Lowell Alumni Association and Lowell          to honor Jerry!
                                                                                           Sports Foundation for many years.
                   Thursday, January 4, 2007 • 7:00 pm
                                    Meyer Library
                                                                                           Help Support Lowell’s Literary Magazine
                                                                                               The latest issue of The Myriad, Lowell’s      copy, please send a check (made payable to
       An Illustrated History of Lowell High School                                        student-produced literary magazine is now         Lowell Alumni Association) in the amount
                                                                                           on sale, featuring nearly 60 pages of student     of $8 to Lowell Alumni Association, PO
                        1856–2006                                                          poetry, short stories and art. A Lowell tradi-    Box 320009, San Francisco, CA 94132. Be
                                                                                           tion for more than 30 years, The Myriad           sure to enclose a note explaining that you’re
                                                                                           is an excellent showcase for the creative         ordering The Myriad.

       n celebration of Lowell’s sesquicentennial, the Lowell Alumni Association is        talents of today’s students. To order your
       proud to announce the publication of the definitive history of the West’s oldest
       public high school, spanning Lowell’s colorful 150-year history.

                                      This keepsake hardcover book, to be published                                        Attention Parents
                                      in Spring, 2007, will offer:                               Help us ensure that your son or daughter receives this newsletter in a timely manner.
                                      • A complete narrative history of Lowell, from         If your child has a new permanent address, please let us know so that we can update our
                                      its 1856 founding as Union Grammar School              records. Contact us at (415) 759-7830 or, via e-mail, at lowellaa@lowellalumni.org.
                                      to today                                                   Thank you!

                                      • More than 300 pages, including nearly 150
                                      photos (many in color)
                                      • Complete histories of many Lowell activities,
                                      including music, drama, forensics, JROTC, etc.
                                      • Detailed accounts of the history of various
                                      Lowell sports, from football to swimming                          Lowell Alumni Association
                                                                                                             PO BOX 320009 • San Francisco, CA 94132
      An accompanying CD-ROM will provide several special features, including:
   • Complete graduation lists of every class from December, 1859, through June,
                                                                                                                                               Visit our website:
   • A listing of every Lowell faculty member
   • Special lists (student body presidents, editors of The Lowell, etc.)
                                                                                                                          for information about reunions, special events at
   • Selected images from the Lowell Alumni Association archives
                                                                                                                                      Lowell and alumni news
      This commemorative history is being sold for $50, including tax, shipping and
   handling. Just complete and return the order form below to take advantage of this                         Fall 2006 — Lowell Alumni Newsletter
   very special offer.

      If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us at
   (415) 759-7830 or lowellaa@lowellalumni.org.

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   High School 1856–2006.                                                                                                                                             Permit 7857
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   Enclosed is my check (made payable to Lowell Alumni Association) in the
   amount of $___________.

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