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  Spring 2008                                  FLORIDA-“The Gateway of the Americas ”              TM

Letter from the Chairman
           new name, an expanded agenda, and a newly        Florida FTAA, the promotion of a hemispheric

     A     energized effort to promote and build on
           FloridaÕs status as the ÒGateway of the
     AmericasªÓ Ð that is the message from Gateway
     Florida and its trustees. As the nationÕs economy
                                                            market for biofuels through the International
                                                            Biofuels Commission, and a portfolio of additional
                                                            international economic development projects that
                                                            bring prosperity to Florida. Ensuring that Florida
     enters into a period of uncertainty, Florida needs     stays on the forefront of the hemispheric trade
     to redouble its efforts to promote our unique          agenda is the common denominator in all of
     relationship with the growing economies of the         Gateway FloridaÕs work.
            Western Hemisphere.Ê New trade
              agreements with Peru and Central              Gateway Florida, through Florida FTAA, has
              America, and hopefully Colombia and           helped build momentum for the United StatesÕ 12
              Panama, give us the opportunity to            hemispheric bilateral free trade agreements,
              promote our trade ÒfranchiseÓ and bring       creating a contiguous chain of real estate from the
              more business and jobs to our state while     Bering Sea and Northern Alaska to Patagonia in
              promoting free markets and democracy          Southern Chile. We will continue to press our
              in our neighborhood.Ê                         Congress to do what is right and responsible and
                                                            to pass the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
             The figures speak for themselves.Ê Despite     along with the agreement with Panama.
             setbacks in nearly every other area of the
            economy, trade between Florida and the          Moreover, although we recognize that the original
            world, particularly the Americas, continues     FTAA (as envisioned upon its conception in 1994)
           to grow at an impressive rate.Ê In fact, South   must be delayed in the current political
          Florida trade increased by nearly 10% in          environment, Gateway Florida has led the effort
         2007, with four out of five of the stateÕs top     to bring life to new alternatives for economic
     trade partners located in Latin America and the        integration and free markets in the Americas.
     Caribbean.                                             Serious policy discussions will soon be heard about
                                                            the need to forge an alliance of hemispheric
     Gateway Florida will serve as the umbrella             partners built around the principles of free markets
     organization to continue the trade advocacy of         and democracy, an ÒAlliance for Hemispheric
                                            INDEX                Prosperity.Ó (This initiative was originally      New federal energy legislation mandates a
                                                                 advanced by former United States Trade            dramatic increase in the use of biofuels over the
Letter from the Chairman.............Page1                       Representative Robert Zoellick, who referred      course of the next 15 years. Florida stands to serve
                                                                 to it as an ÒAssociation of American Free         as the leader in the development of new
Letter from the President...............Page2
                                                                 Trade AgreementsÓ in his Wall Street Journal      technologies and the centerpiece of a hemispheric
Trade Equals Prosperity                                          article ÒHappily Ever AAFTA.Ó) The                marketplace for biofuels such as ethanol and
in the Americas................................Page3             ÒAssociationÓ or ÒAllianceÓ will serve to         biodiesel. Florida can lead the charge to lessen
                                                                 consolidate free trade gains and build the        our dependence on foreign oil imports and
President Bush Discusses
Free Trade Agreements
                                                                 foundation for a revitalized era of engagement    promote a cleaner environment, while at the same
in Miami...............................................Page4     between the countries of our                      time advancing economic development and energy
                                                                 hemisphere.ÊFurthermore, as Miami led the         security in our hemisphere, plus a list of benefits
Mission Statement...........................Page5                pack in securing endorsements for the FTAA        that goes on.ÊBy the way, this is good business,
Fueling Florida’s Future.................Page6
                                                                 Permanent Secretariat, we will work to ensure     for among these benefits are the investments and
                                                                 that the new alliance will have Florida as its    jobs that will be brought to Florida.
Open Letter to Congress from                                     operational center.Ê
Former Commanders of the U.S.                                                                                      Gateway Florida will support and partner with
Southern Command......................Page7                      Gateway Florida, through its partnership with     local, state, and international organizations to
Miami Working to Become                                          Governor CristÕs Administration and               promote economic engagement between Florida
Hemispheric Center of                                            Enterprise Florida, recognizes that there are     and the hemisphere through a variety of projects
Arbitration..........................................Page8       new avenues of engagement with our                summarized in the mission statement included
In the Spotlight..................................Page9
                                                                 neighbors in the region that promote              in this edition of ÒThe GatewayÓ (see page 5).
   Burt Landy Receives Award for                                 economic development and advance the goal
   Commitment to International                                   of improving the quality of life for Floridians   FloridaÕs ownership of the title ÒGateway of the
   Business                                                      and our partners in Latin America and the         AmericasªÓ through its registered trademark
                                                                 Caribbean.ÊPromoting partnerships to              means that we are the centerpiece of an
Promoting Economic Growth
and Prosperity Among                                             diversify our fuel supply and promote Ògreen      increasingly integrated economy in the region.
Marginalized Groups in                                           tradeÓ is a central pillar of our new and         Gateway Florida will work with our private and
Bolivia and Peru............................Page10               expanded mission.ÊGateway Florida will work       public partners throughout the state to ensure
                                                                 with Governor Crist and other stakeholders        that Florida holds that title and builds it into the
                                                                 to build public and private partnerships          future.
                                                                 promoting investment in renewable fuels,
                                                                 focusing on the development of a hemispheric
                                                                 and ultimately a global free marketplace in       Sincerely,
                                                                 clean, efficiently produced biofuels.             Ambassador Chuck Cobb

                           Letter from the President
                                                               t a time of economic uncertainty and heated         our economy and a stabilizing factor in our region.
                                                          A     electoral politics, it is inevitable that the
                                                                issue of trade will become part of the
                                                          discussion over economic policy. During periods
                                                                                                                   The countries showing significant economic
                                                                                                                   growth are also the ones that are becoming more
                                                                                                                   stable democracies. As of 2006, trade between
                                                          such as these, we need to become energized,              Chile and Florida had grown almost 135% since
                                                          creative, and carry our positive message forward.        the implementation of our free trade accord with
                                                           Gateway Florida is uniquely positioned to be an         that country. Furthermore, even in its early stages,
                                                                   advocate for FloridaÕs interests in             DR-CAFTA has already demonstrated that our
                                                                      promoting economic engagement with           long-standing trade relationship with Central
                                                                       our hemisphere and to help ensure           America and the Dominican Republic promises
                                                                       that we reap the continued and ever-        to become even more robust. Meanwhile, Peru Ð
                                                                        expanding benefits of our trade            as mentioned above Ð is beginning to show a
                                                                        partnerships.                              degree of sustained economic growth and political
                                                                        It is a testament to the effectiveness     stability. President GarciaÕs support for a strong
                                                                        of the StateÕs long-standing,              trading partnership with the United States and
                                                                        bipartisan support for free trade that     the region is a clear indicator that the rhetoric out
                                                                        the U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion              of some quarters in Latin America betrays the
                                                                        Agreement received overwhelming            reality Ð free markets are growing and trade flows
                                                                       support from our delegation in              have never been so high.
                                                                       Washington. The implementing
                                                                      legislation passed with the support of       Therefore, despite some of the complexities of the
    spring 2008

                                                                     both of FloridaÕs U.S. Senators and 22        current political situation in the U.S. and parts of
                                                          of our 25 House Members.                                 our hemisphere, business keeps growing on the
                                                                                                                   international front. Our challenge is to ensure
                                                          Our policymakers know what our business                  that Florida keeps its competitive edge as the
                                                          community has long known Ð trade is increasingly         ÒGateway of the Americas.Ó
                                                          becoming the most dynamic driver of growth in
the gateway
 Ambassador Cobb provides a summary of our new            Florida energy policy that seeks to move us away
 and expanded mission statement on the cover of           from our dependence on foreign oil and toward
 this issue, and you can find a full outline of the       more environmentally-sustainable sources of fuel.
 mission statement on page 5. The new mission
 is a combination of ambitious Ð if not audacious         Through our various projects and strategic
 Ð policy objectives. Primary among them is the           partnerships with statewide organizations like
 creation of a hemispheric alliance of free market        Enterprise Florida, Gateway Florida will continue
 democracies based right here in Miami. As                to promote the Florida Brand throughout the
 indicated, this framework ensures an eventual re-        hemisphere. Promoting trade and the ÒGatewayÓ
 engagement on the project of economic integration        brand will help to ensure the vitality of our
 in the Americas Ð while acknowledging that, for          economy and build the foundation for great things
 now, global and domestic obstacles stand in the          to come.
 way of a Free Trade Area of the Americas.

 In addition, promoting trade and cooperation in          Sincerely,
 areas such as bio-fuels, an objective of our current     Brian C. Dean
 governor and his predecessor, will be key to a

                                   Trade Equals Prosperity in the Americas
The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and               the fostering of democracy in the region. Speaking
the University of Miami s Center for                    on DR-CAFTA implementation, Villamil said that,
Hemispheric Policy hosted President George              although itÕs going slower than he would like, it
W. Bush on October 12, 2007 in an event to              will translate into the coming decadesÕ creation
advocate the passage of the pending free trade          of 130,000 new jobs and increase foreign direct
                                                        investment in the region.
agreements (FTAs) with Peru, Colombia, and
Panama. (For excerpts from President Bush s             Ambassador Simon
remarks, see page 4.)                                   Ferro, who served as
                                                        U.S. Ambassador to

P    receding the PresidentÕs free trade speech
     was a panel discussion on trade and
     prosperity in the Americas. Gateway
FloridaÕs Chairman, Ambassador Charles E.
                                                        Panama from 1999-
                                                        2001, noted that
                                                        although 96 percent of
                                                        Panamanian imports
Cobb, moderated the panel that brought together         already enjoy duty-free
Jorge L. Arrizurieta, Chairman of the International     access into the U.S.,
Policy Group of Akerman Senterfitt, Chairman of         Panama sees the U.S.-
the IDB Miami 2008 Host Committee, and                  Panama FTA as an
Gateway Florida Trustee; Brian C. Dean, Executive       instrument of social and economic Susan K. Purcell, Amb. Simon Ferro,
                                                                                                   and Jorge L. Arrizurieta
Director of Gateway Florida; Ambassador Simon           development. Panama, he said, wants
Ferro of Greenberg Traurig; Susan Kaufman               to be a gateway for trade and services within Latin
Purcell, Director of the University of Miami Center     America, much like Miami is for the Americas.
for Hemispheric Policy; and J. Antonio Villamil,        Ferro touted the U.S.-Panama FTA as a Òno-
Vice-Chairman of Gateway Florida and CEO of             brainer.Ó
the Washington Economics
Group.                                                                   Jorge L. Arrizurieta noted
                                    Villamil described                   that NAFTA has caused GDP to
Antonio Villamil began the          Colombia as the United               expand in the U.S. and Canada
discussion by focusing on the                                            and that Mexico has benefitted
important trade relationship        States true democratic               by the addition of 1.75 million
the U.S. shares with Colombia,                                           export-related jobs. In addition,
emphasizing the considerable        ally in the South, detailing         Arrizurieta argued that with Peru
economic benefits of a              the dynamism of its                  having experienced 60 months
Colombia FTA. Villamil                                                   of consecutive, consistent
described Colombia as the           private sector and                   economic growth, a failure to
United StatesÕ true democratic                                           pass the U.S.-Peru FTA would
ally in the South, detailing the    relaying to the audience             be a blow to this loyal, developing
dynamism of its private sector                                           southern neighbor.
and relaying to the audience        that Colombia, one of
that Colombia, one of FloridaÕs     Florida s top trading                Susan K. Purcell focused her
                                                                                                                                spring 2008

top trading partners, receives                                           comments beyond the economic
27 percent of its imports from      partners, receives 27                and financial advantages of the
the United States. He also                                               passage of these FTAs. ÒThe U.S.
underscored how critical in         percent of its imports from          has a very strong interest in
nature this agreement is for        the United States.                   strong neighbors,Ó Purcell said,
the U.S. in terms of national                                            noting that the U.S. has
security, geopolitics, and for                                                                                       the gateway
                                         supported investment, technology and new skills        Brian C. Dean rounded out the panel. Dean
                                         with and between neighbors of the region. Turning      emphasized the need to change the tone and tenor
                                         the immigration debate on its head, she aptly          of the debate surrounding trade and make a more
                                         noted that the immigration flows the U.S. is           concise and compelling case for free markets. He
                                         currently experiencing would subside if Latin          also indicated that the next stage of the trade
                                         Americans had economic opportunities for               agenda as it relates to the Americas will be an
                                         prosperity in their own country. ÒTrade provides       effort to establish an alliance of free market
                                         quality jobs,Ó Purcell stated, while also              democracies built around the twelve free trade
                                         commenting on the brain drain phenomenon               agreements between the United States and our
                                         afflicting Latin America. A benefit of the deal        partners in the region Ð with its headquarters in
                                         would be the stabilization of energy, commodities,     Miami.
                                         and raw materials the U.S. depends on its
                                         neighbors to provide.

                                              President Bush Discusses                          helped the Greater Miami economy grow at 6.7
                                                                                                percent in 2005 -- that's more than twice the
                                                Free Trade Agreements                           national average. And the unemployment rate
                                                                                                here has dropped to 4.1 percent -- that is below
                                                              in Miami                          the national average.Ó

                                                                                                ÒIn January 2001, America had free trade
                                                                                                agreements in force with just three countries.
                                                                                                       Now we have agreements in force with
                                                                                                         14 countries -- including seven in
                                                                                                         Latin America.Ó

                                                                                                            ÒThis May, my administration and
                                                                                                            Democratic leaders in Congress
                                                                                                             came together to forge a bipartisan
                                                                                                             consensus to consider these trade
                                                                                                             deals. And now it is the time to move
                                                                                                             forward with these pro-growth, pro-
                                                                                                              democracy agreements.Ó

                                                                                                             ÒIn a recent letter to congressional
                                                                                                             Democrats, former Secretary
                                                                                                             Shalala -- and I thank you for your
                                                                                                             leadership on this issue -- and
                                                                                                             dozens of her Democratic colleagues
                                                                                                             wrote this: "Latin America is up for
                                                                                                            grabs. We fully recognize that asking
                                                                                                            the United States Congress to vote
                                                                                                           on these trade agreements is
                                                                                                           politically charged. Nonetheless,
                                                                                                          rejecting these agreements would set
                                                                                                          back regional U.S. interests for a
           President George W. Bush                                                                      generation. We must not walk away
           at the Radisson Miami Hotel on Friday, Oct. 12,
           2007, where he gave a speech on the importance of trade.                                     now."
           Below find a few key excerpts from President BushÕs speech,
           the full text of which can be found at www.whitehouse.gov                            ÒColombia is home to 44 million potential
                                                                                                customers -- more than the population of Florida,
                                                                                                Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and North

                                 “M               ore exports support better and higher-
                                                  paying jobs -- and that's important for our
                                                  citizens to understand.Ó
                                                                                                Carolina put together. After years of hardship,
                                                                                                Colombia's economy is strong and growing --
                                                                                                with 6.8 percent expansion last year alone.Ó
                                        ÒIn Miami [É] you see the value of trade every          ÒAll of this will bring us closer to a world that
                                        day. This city is known as the "Gateway to the          lives in liberty, a world that grows in prosperity,
                                        Americas." Your openness to Latin America has           a world that trades in freedom. Here in our
                                        helped make this city a vibrant center of culture       hemisphere, that means an Americas where
  spring 2008

                                        and commerce and enterprise.Ó                           democratic nations work together to advance
                                                                                                peace and justice and security; where the
                                        ÒPeople who know something about Miami                  opportunity to succeed is as real in Lima as in
                                        understand the importance of trade to this city's       Los Angeles, in Bogota as in Boston; where the
                                        future. Last year, $72 billion in trade passed          opportunity for people to realize dreams is just
                                        through the Miami area -- and nearly half of it         as real in Panama City, Panama, as it is in
the gateway                             went to our neighbors in the south. That trade          Panama City, Florida.Ó (Laughter.)
                         Mission Statement
Gateway Florida, Inc. is the State of FloridaÕs new public-private
joint venture promoting FloridaÕs economic development through
connectivity to Latin America and the Caribbean. Building on
the work of Florida FTAA, Inc., Gateway Florida will work to
promote the ÒGateway of the AmericasªÓ franchise throughout
the hemisphere and in the United States.

Gateway Florida will serve as an umbrella organization that
supports several hemispheric economic development and quality
of life pillars for our citizens and neighbors.

Those pillars include:

¥ Advocating for an Alliance for Hemispheric Prosperity
  built around the free market democracies of the Americas,
  twelve of which have existing or pending bilateral free trade
  agreements with the United States; and bringing the
  headquarters of that organization to Florida, thus creating jobs
  and serving as the platform for hemispheric economic
¥ Promoting bilateral trade agreements between the United
  States and our friends in the region, with an immediate focus
  on the pending U.S.-Colombia and Panama trade agreements.
  Encouraging Congress to provide the Executive Branch with
  the authority it needs to enter into new agreements.
¥ Providing the institutional support to Florida FTAA, Inc. in its
  effort to secure the Permanent Secretariat of the FTAA,
  assuming an eventual reengagement of the FTAA framework.
¥ Promoting energy security and Ògreen tradeÓ in the
  Americas through the promotion of bio-fuels partnerships
  between FloridaÕs private and public sectors and our
  hemispheric partners.
¥ Placing Florida at the center of U.S.ÐBrazil global
  leadership in biofuels production and technology, consistent
  with Governor CristÕs leadership on the issue of climate change
  and his support for a strong Florida-Brazil partnership in the
  area of clean renewable fuels.
¥ Providing support and administration services to the
  Interamerican Ethanol Commission.
¥ Promoting FloridaÕs health care infrastructure throughout the
  Americas in order to increase the attractiveness of our state
  as a destination for medical treatment and therapy. Promoting
  Florida as the ÒWellness Center of the Americas.Ó
¥ Working with FloridaÕs legal community to make the state the
  hemispheric center for the resolution of trade disputes
  and commercial arbitration.
¥ Working with local, state, and international organizations Ð
  such as Enterprise Florida, Inc., the Florida Chamber of
  Commerce, Southcom, Council of the Americas, Center for
  Hemispheric Policy, etc. Ð to promote constructive
  engagement between Florida and the hemisphere.

Governor Charlie Crist and the mayors of several Florida counties
and cities have suggested that Gateway Florida be created in
order that Florida broaden its Western Hemisphere agenda.
The pillars mentioned above emphasize that the State of Florida,
its hemispheric-focused organizations, its international seaports,
                                                                           spring 2008

its international airports and its other hemisphere job-creators,
are all advancing FloridaÕs hemisphere agenda.

                                                                     the gateway
                                                                                                Fueling Florida’s Future
                                     Florida, the U.S.’s fourth most populous state                      waste to fuel. On many occasions Governor Crist
                                     (with 1,000 people moving there each day) is                        has reiterated that ÒFlorida companies [are]
                                     the nation’s third largest transportation fuels                     leading the way in bringing about alternative
                                     market. As of 2006, Floridians were using 8.6                       sources of energy while helping its citizens,
                                     billion gallons of gasoline per year, and                           businesses and economy[É], bring[ing] us one
                                     consumption is growing by 300 million gallons                       step closer to a cleaner environment and energy
                                     per year. One hundred percent of this gasoline                      independence.Ó With bipartisan support from
                                     is imported via ocean vessels, and the state has                    FloridaÕs congressional delegation, the federal
                                     1,800 miles of coastline. These factors                             energy bill passed late last year calls for ÒadvancedÓ
                                                                                                         sources of biofuels, which will benefit Florida
                                     combined leave Florida extremely vulnerable                         given that it is the biggest biomass state in the
                                     to disruptions in oil supply.                                       nation.
                                        n addition to concerns over the stateÕs energy
                                    I   needs in the case of hurricanes and other supply
                                        disruptions, the emerging consensus on the
                                     need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and
                                                                                                  As Governor Crist encourages an expansion of
                                                                                                  biofuels, he has supported a reduction in the 54-
                                                                                                                                            cent-a-gallon tariff on
                                                                                                                                                   imported ethanol. At
                                     diversify our fuel matrix have made it                                                                         a meeting at Sao
                                     imperative for the State of Florida to take                                                                    Paulo's Industry
                                     action. In coordination with our partner the                                                                    Federation (FIESP),
                                     Interamerican Ethanol Commission (IEC),                                                                         he stated that ÒWe
                                     Gateway Florida, Inc. will continue to work                                                                     [Florida] are a
                                     with Governor Crist and other public and                                                                       gateway [for ethanol
                                     private officials and organizations from                                                                       to the United States]
                                     throughout the state to assure that Florida                                                                   and we're all about
                                     develops sound solutions to these                                                                            reducing taxes.Ó
                                     environmental and energy issues.                                                                               There have also
                                                                                          Governor Crist joins Ingo Krieg (left),
                                                                                          President of Green Power Systems, and                     been discussions of
                                                        Governor CristÕs leadership in Alberto Grosso, President of Controlsud an E-10 mandate,
                                                         this area of policy has been International Group, to announce a funding which would require
                                                                                          agreement between GPS subsidiary
                                                         outstanding. Last July he Renewable Fuels of Tallahassee LLC and the that all gasoline be
                                                          signed three Executive Orders C o n t r o l s u d I n t e r n a t i o n a l G r o u p . mixed with ten
                                                          and two international                                                                     percent ethanol.
                                                          partnership agreements at the Indeed, FloridaÕs geographic proximity and
                                                         ÒServe to Preserve Florida Summit connectivity to the region provide the opportunity
                                                         on Global Climate Change,Ó setting for the state to establish a new policy of
                                                        forth ways the state can actively engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean
                                                       address global climate change and on environmental and energy issues. As FloridaÕs
                                                     other energy issues. In his 2008 State                                          trade, business, and
        Governor Charlie Crist signs a Memorandum of the State address,
        of Understanding with Governor JosŽ Serra of                                                                                 immigration flows with the
        the State of S‹o Paulo, Brazil, to enhance G o v e r n o r     C r i s t “Florida companies [are]                            region continue to increase,
        business and cultural exchange between the e m p h a s i z e d t h e
        two states.                                                                                                                  Gateway Florida will work
                                                     i m p o r t a n c e o f l e a d i n g t h e wa y i n                            tirelessly to ensure that
                                       alternative energy and FloridaÕs                                                              effective environmental
                                       capacity to be a leader in bringing about alternative                                         strategies in one place are not
                                       renewable fuels, stating ÒWe have sources of energy while                                     mitigated by a lack of attention
                                       the opportunity to enhance the                                                                in contiguous or nearby locales
                                       use of this cleaner fuel [ethanol], helping its citizens,                                     outside of FloridaÕs political
                                       while also providing a broader
                                       market for sugar cane and citrus          businesses                       a n d jurisdiction. Additionally,
                                                                                                                                     Latin America, particularly
                                       waste.Ó                                   economy[…], bring[ing] Brazil, has the potential to
                                                                                                                                     complement FloridaÕs
                                       In addition, Governor Crist has us one step closer to a                                       emerging renewable fuel
                                       put in a budget request this year
                                       of $200 million for green                 cleaner environment and production through imports,
                                                                                                                                     infrastructure investment and
                                       technologies; and over the past energy independence.”                                         technology transfer. Governor
                                       two years Florida has invested                                                                CristÕs leadership on climate
                                       over $50 million into ethanol                              change and renewable energy not only serves the
                                       production and research, with a significant portion interests of Florida, but also complements and
  spring 2008

                                       of this money going towards projects to convert supports our national energy and trade priorities.

the gateway
                     Open Letter to Congress
from Former Commanders of the U.S. Southern Command Supporting
        the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement

We are writing to urge your support for the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion
Agreement. This vital agreement will advance U.S. interests in Colombia, a
strategically located country that is arguably our closest ally in Latin America.
It will also underscore our deep commitment to stability and growth in the
strategically important Andean region, which depends on ColombiaÕs continued
progress as a resilient and democratic society.

ColombiaÕs transformation over the past decade is a triumph of brave and
principled Colombians. It is also a remarkable achievement of bipartisan U.S.
foreign policy. Violence has fallen to its lowest level in a generation, and 45,000
fighters have been demobilized as the countryÕs narco-guerrilla groups have lost
legitimacy. While drug-trafficking poses a continuing threat, ColombiaÕs leaders
have eliminated two-thirds of its opium production, and more than 500 traffickers
have been extradited during the Uribe administration Ñ by far the most extraditions
from any country to the United States.

ColombiaÕs economic resurgence has been a critical factor in its recent progress.
Robust investment has boosted economic growth and development. The creation
of new jobs has provided tens of thousands of Colombians with long-term
alternatives to narcotics trafficking or illegal immigration.

The U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement will build upon these recent
advances to enhance the long-term prospects for peace, stability, and development
in Colombia. Providing new incentives for investment and job creation, this
landmark accord will help ensure that Colombia stays on the path of economic
openness, the rule of law, and transparency.

It is in our national interest to help Colombia progress along the road toward
democratic consolidation and economic development. This trade agreement
will advance U.S. security and economic interests by forging a deeper partnership.
Finally, approving this agreement will meet our duty to stand shoulder-to-
shoulder with Colombians as they have stood by the United States as friends
and allies. For all of these reasons, we strongly urge Congress to approve the
U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement.


                                                                                            spring 2008

                                                                                      the gateway
                Miami Working to
                Become Hemispheric
                Center of Arbitration
                        Establishing Florida as a Hemispheric Center        MIAS will cooperate and work with
                        for International Commercial Arbitration            organizations such as the Interamerican Bar
                        would help build upon the states status as the      Association, the University of Miami Law
                         Gateway of the Americas and would                  School, the Florida Bar International Law
                        contribute to the economic development of the       Section, the Dade County Bar Association,
                        state. International arbitrations are held very     the Cuban American Bar Association and
                        often and result in the need for hotel rooms,       others. Projects will include establishing task
                        flights, and restaurants for involved parties. In
                        addition, local law firms are usually hired to      forces for individual projects, including
                        carry out arbitrations. It is important to note     awarding an annual international arbitration
                        that one of the main attractions of Florida as      prize, offering training programs, and co-
                        an international arbitration hub is that Florida    sponsoring conferences and seminars.
                        law permits non-Florida lawyers to conduct
                        international arbitrations in the state.

                              ith assistance from the Beacon Council,             It is important to note that
                       W      the Gateway Florida Arbitration
                              Committee has developed a comparative
                        cost survey to be used for the creation of a
                                                                                  one of the main attractions

                        Miami brochure. The survey compares direct                of    Florida         as     an
                        flights to various cities in Latin America from
                        Geneva, London, Madrid, New York, Paris                   international arbitration
                        and Miami; costs of court reporters,
                        interpretation, hotel rooms, and costs of                 hub is that Florida law
                        temporary office space and forensic accountant
                        fees. In terms of direct flights, no other city           permits non-Florida
                        could compare with Miami.

                        The Arbitration Committee, chaired by Burton              lawyers         to   conduct
                        Landy (featured in this issue on page 9), has
                        established the Miami International Arbitration           international arbitrations
  spring 2008

                        Society (MIAS) with a membership consisting
                        of law firms, independent professionals,                  in the state.
                        corporations, educators and associations.

the gateway
                                                     In the Spotlight

                                   Burt Landy Receives
                                              Award for
                                       to International
                              G   ateway Florida would like to sincerely thank
                                  one of our longest standing and most active
                           trustees, Mr. Burton Landy of Akerman Senterfitt,
                  for his involvement with our organization and his
commitment to our community. In addition, we would like to congratulate him
for being recognized for his outstanding leadership at the Greater Miami
Chamber of CommerceÕs First Annual South Florida International Business
Leadership Awards last November.

Landy was honored with the award ÒIndividual Commitment to International
BusinessÓ for his more than fifty years of commitment to counseling foreign
and U.S. firms and their investors, and for driving efforts to establish Miami
as a leading international trade and finance center. As explained in an article
by WorldCity magazine, Landy has Òhelped shape just about every major
international business association in the State.Ó

                          Among the posts and accomplishments for which
                          Mr. Landy was recognized are:

                          ¥ President, Inter-American Bar Association
                          ¥ Founding General Counsel, Florida International
                            Bankers Association
                          ¥ Chair, U.S.-Latin American Business Promotion
                            Advisory Council
                          ¥ Chair, Beacon Council
                          ¥ Chair, World Trade Center
                          ¥ Chair, Florida Council of International
                          ¥ Chair, Gateway Florida Committee on
                            International Arbitration
                          ¥ Chairman Emeritus, Akerman SenterfittÕs Global
                            Practice Group
                                                                                        spring 2008

                          ¥ Honorary Consul General to the Republic of Korea
                            in Miami
                          ¥ Awarded Order of the Rising Sun Medal by the
                            Emperor of Japan
                                                                                  the gateway
                                                        Promoting Economic
                                                       Growth and Prosperity
                                                        Among Marginalized
                                                        Groups in Bolivia and
                                                        The International Republican Institute (IRI)
                                                        received a grant from the U.S. Department of
                                                        State s Bureau of Educational and Cultural
                                                        Affairs to promote the entrepreneurial spirit
                                                        of marginalized groups (youth, women,
                Peruvian Delegation                     indigenous and Afro-descendants) in Bolivia
                                                        and Peru.

                                                             s part of this program, IRI brought a
                                                        A    delegation of five members from each
                                                             of the participating countries to the United
                                                        States to provide them with a firsthand look
                                                        at the dynamic nature of small business
                                                        development in the United States.

                                                        Gateway Florida had the pleasure of partnering
                                                        with IRI in late February to host a program
                                                        for this talented delegation during a one day
                                                        stop-over they made in Miami en route to
                                      Mercedes Bello
                                                        Washington, D.C. The group was comprised
                                                        of ambitious professionals from various
                                                        sectors, including an elementary school
                                                        director, a catering business owner, and
                                                        designers of silver jewelry, womenÕs
                                                        accessories, and decorative handicrafts.

                                                        The presenters Ð Luis Cuervo, Director, Latin
                                                        America & Carribean, Enterprise Florida, Inc.;
                                                        Mario Suarez, Export USA; Anne
                                                        Freedman, President of the Miami Chapter
                                                        of the National Association of Women
                                                        Business Owners; Carolyn Rose-Avila,
                                                        President, FAVACA; Mercedes Bello, Private
                                                        Consultant; Fernando Albareda, Trade
                                                        Commissioner, Consulate of Peru in Miami;
                                      Mario Suarez
                                                        and James Gagel, Attorney, Gagel Law Firm
                                                        Ð provided the group with a better sense of
                                                        the U.S. market, including how to export to
                                                        the U.S., the demands of the U.S. consumer,
  spring 2008

                                                        and potential business opportunities.

the gateway
      spring 2008

the gateway
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   Florida’s economic development through
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 franchise throughout the hemisphere and in
                 the United States.

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