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									Delivering for Scotland
How we’re working to grow
the visitor economy
Foreword                                                                                                         We’re working
                                                                                                                 for Scotland

            Jim Mather MSP,                                                                                      Take a snapshot of VisitScotland’s impact right now.
            Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism                                                          Somewhere, a B&B owner is posting a new star-grading
                                                                                                                 plaque; a waiter pours a malt for a US travel writer; a
           “Scotland is a nation with a wealth of assets. Our people, heritage and                               hotel fills with a single conference booking; and in dozens
                                                                                                                 of Information Centres, another visitor finds that they’d
            culture hold enormous value for us around the world, and we can be                                   like to stay a bit longer.
            proud of the ‘Team Scotland’ effort achieved in aligning those assets
            for the Homecoming year.                                                                             This and much more is happening because
                                                                                                                 every one of VisitScotland’s 900 staff across     Our areas
            The importance of the visitor economy to our future is recognised in         1
                                                                                         Delivering              the country knows that they work for Scotland.
            the Scottish Government’s Economic Strategy, Economic Recovery Plan,         for Scotland            The roles are diverse, but they share one
            the work of the enterprise agencies and through public sector support                                common goal: all of our work is designed
                                                                                         We’re working           to increase the contribution of tourism to
            for our museums, attractions and visitor facilities.                         for Scotland            the economy.
            VisitScotland will deliver the visitors by building on the success of
            Homecoming Scotland 2009 and working towards a landmark year                                         VisitScotland’s strategy is built to fit with
                                                                                                                 that of the Scottish Government: increasing
            in 2014 with the Ryder Cup and the Commonwealth Games.                                               sustainable economic growth. In practical
            Welcome to this insight into the work of VisitScotland: maximising                                   terms, this means attracting more visitors,
                                                                                                                 particularly during seasonal low periods,
            our assets to sell Scotland to the world.”                                                           and encouraging them to stay longer and
                                                                                                                 spend more.

            Philip Riddle OBE,                                                                                   We make this happen through close working
            Chief Executive, VisitScotland                                                                       relationships with the industry and other
                                                                                                                 partners in three core activities: marketing,
                                                                                                                 providing information and inspiration to
           “Scotland’s visitor economy has shown its mettle over the last year, under                            visitors and promoting quality.                      Highlands and Islands
            testing conditions. Tourism directly supports 200,000 jobs in every corner                                                                                Grampian
            of the country and its success is critical to Scotland’s future.                                     Ours is a national organisation that needs to        West Central Scotland
                                                                                                                 deliver locally. Spreading our teams in offices      East Central Scotland
            Few sectors have weathered the recession quite as well and shown such                                around Scotland and in a hundred VisitScotland       South of Scotland
            vigorous growth potential. Through this resilience, we have proved we’ve                             Information Centres means that we can stay
            got the strategy right, but we’ve also shown the dexterity for change.                               close to our customers.

            We have taken in-house and are now working
            with the industry to make it a world leader. A major evolution in our
            Quality Assurance schemes is also underway, with the same principle
            at its heart: listening to the needs of our businesses.                                              Our strategic priorities that deliver for Scotland

            At every stage of the customer journey, we are delivering for Scotland.”                             1   Marketing
                                                                                                                     Maximising the brand and
                                                                                                                     selling Scotland to the world
                                                                                                                 2   Information and inspiration
                                                                                                                     Inspiring visitors to do more, stay
                                                                                                                     longer and spend more in Scotland                                        growth
                                                                                                                                                                                              for Scotland
                                                                                                                 3   Quality
                                                                                                                     The drive for excellence to make Scotland
                                                                                                                     a must-visit, must-return destination
                        Working together to grow
                        the visitor economy

                        We sell Scotland to the world, bringing millions of
                        visitors and billions of pounds to the country. Advancing
                        on our successes means everyone joining the effort.
                        VisitScotland’s ability to leverage and stimulate
                        partnerships at every level, from international carriers
                                                                                       £1 million
                                                                                       VisitScotland Growth Fund for group marketing initiatives
                        to local group marketing projects, is fundamental to
                        our work in growing Scotland’s visitor economy.
                                                                                                              “VisitScotland’s market expertise
2                                                                                                              has played a vital role in our
Delivering                                                                                                     strategy development, and

                        £4 billion
for Scotland
                                                                                                               our joint campaign on Perfect
Working together                                                                                               Day 2009 exceeded all our
to grow the visitor                                                                                            expectations too. It feels like
                                                                                                               we’re part of the team.”
                        The visitor economy is worth over £4 billion to Scotland;                               Martin Reynolds
                                                                                                                Head of Marketing, Festivals Edinburgh
                        with £2.8 billion from the UK and £1.2 billion from overseas

                             200,000 jobs       9% of Scotland’s workforce
                                                                                        “The Highland Spring and VisitScotland

                        businesses working with VisitScotland
                                                                                         brands confer excellence upon each other
                                                                                         in a way which is salient and motivating
                                                                                         to consumers. Together, we have genuinely
                                                                                         established a means of creating more than
                                                                                         the sum of the parts.”
                         “VisitScotland’s US marketing                                   Sally Stanley
                          programme for Homecoming                                       Marketing Director, Highland Spring Ltd.
                          was impressive. It was a key
                          factor in ensuring Continental’s
                          year-round, non-stop service
                          to Scotland remained one
                          of our better performing
                          international routes.”
                          Vic Kerckhoff
                                                                                                            97% satisfaction
                                                                                                             In the latest Visitor Experience survey, 97% of interviewees
                          Director National Sales, Continental Airlines
                                                                                                             said they would recommend a holiday in Scotland to others
                        How the customer journey
                        delivers for Scotland

                        Desire for Scotland starts with us. We provide the ideas
                        for the perfect trip, the means to book it and the support
                        to the industry that will make it unforgettable – by which                       Our quality schemes give visitors
                        point, we’re already kindling that desire again. Here’s how                      confidence in booking their accommodation
                        VisitScotland delivers economic benefit at every stage of                        using They can book
                        the customer journey.                                                            various other elements of their trip through
                                                                                                         VisitScotland’s marketing partnerships with
                                                                                                         the major carriers and sites like Ticketmaster.

                        Look                                                                             Overseas, we operate an education
                                                                                                         programme called SCOTS – Specialist
Delivering              First-time visitors will start the journey by
                                                                                                         Counsellor on Travel to Scotland – which
for Scotland            coming into contact with VisitScotland’s
                                                                                                         turns travel agents around the world,

                        marketing material. This might be seeing
How the customer                                                                                         from the USA to China, into passionate
                        a TV or cinema advert, posters emblazoned
journey delivers                                                                                         salespeople for Scotland.
                        across London tube stations, an on-pack
for Scotland
                        promotion in the supermarket, or an overseas   visitor reading a colourful feature we have                                      Travel
                        secured in a glossy magazine. They will then
                        find information and inspiration in our                       Economic benefit   VisitScotland’s marketing teams maintain
                                                                                                         close partnerships with major carriers in
                        print and at
                                                                                      to Scotland        order that getting to Scotland is as easy
                                                                                                         as possible. As part of that effort, we bring
                                                                                                         the world travel industry to Scotland at our
                                                                                                         annual travel fair VisitScotland Expo, when
                                                                                                         up to 1,000 international decision-makers
                                                                                                         come to deal with Scottish suppliers.

                                                                                                         In 100 Information Centres and through
                                                                                                         outreach activity across Scotland, we
                                                                                                         provide information and inspiration to
                                                                                                         visitors in order that they see and do more,
                                                                                                         at once enriching their experience while
                                                                                                         increasing their spend. Meanwhile, our
                        Keep in touch                                                                    quality schemes drive up standards at
                                                                                                         each visitor ‘touch point’, including hotels,
                        This stage in our marketing strategy
                                                                                                         attractions, restaurants and tours.
                        nurtures loyalty into repeat visits through
                        a programme of postal mailers and
                        e-newsletters with tailored holiday ideas,
                        based on detailed UK & Ireland consumer
                        profiling. Overseas, close to a million
                        e-newsletters are issued monthly in nine
                        languages, with market-specific information
                        and travel offers. All of these drive traffic
                        online, where we offer more information
                        and inspiration.
                                                       size matters

                                                       We’re on Coca Cola bottles, Sony Pictures promotions and
                                                       Famous Grouse labels. We’ve worked with Sean Connery,
Winter White                                           Mike Myers and Sam Torrance. VisitScotland is a world
                                                       player because we invest £45 million in marketing
Delivered:                                             Scotland at home and overseas, buying us millions more
                                                       in support from A-list partners. It’s the company we keep

£64m                       7
                                                       and an increasingly intelligent strategy that allows us to
                                                       deliver the most for Scotland.

                                                       Brains matter too, and so our starting point           These values are the bedrock of our
                           for Scotland                                   .
                                                       is always research* It tells us what we need           marketing message, and you’ll see them
                                                       to know about the markets that will deliver            come through strongly in all of our campaign
                           Marketing:                  biggest return on our investment, who our              material, from the promotion of Rock Ness
The lead campaign in       size matters
                                                       customers are and what will attract them to            to the Home of Golf.
the UK & Ireland during       visit – and come back again.
the traditionally quiet                                                                                       The brand is robust and powerful, but
                                                       Annual investment of £1 million in consumer,           with the flexibility to support the broad
months from November                                   industry and market intelligence informs               variety of experiences available in Scotland.
2008 to March 2009                                     a strategy that is uncommon in its level of            It provides the thousands of businesses
delivered an additional                                sophistication. The quality of the strategy            and other partners across the country
                          *          is a major factor in leveraging £9 million             with one direction for marketing Scotland
£64 million to the         provides a huge             from partners for campaigns, £6 million                together, and it allows us to differentiate
Scottish economy.          resource of                 from local authorities for area promotion              our message to speak to all of our markets
                           VisitScotland and
                           partner research.           and £1 million from airlines.                          and sectors: in the UK & Ireland, overseas
                                                                                                              and in business tourism.
                           Detailed reports            Research has distilled our brand to three
                           cover national and          values people associate with Scotland:
                           regional statistics,        enduring, dramatic and human.
                           reports, economic
                           forecasting and
                           tourism trends.

                            And I think about you all the time…
                            VisitScotland’s TV and cinema ad campaigns are the most visible face of our
                            marketing activity, and thanks to the YouTube generation, have a long life and
                            avid fans around the world.
                            Tens of millions have been moved by the starry Homecoming ad, including
                            12 million in the UK. The seasonal ‘senses’ ads are also favourites for their
                            memorable theme music and ability to convey the ‘feeling’ of visiting Scotland.
                            They also work. The numbers of ABC1 adults reached by our five TV campaigns
                            in the UK during 2009 – Events & Festivals, Celebrate Scotland, Perfect Day,
                            Autumn and Winter – combines to total 66 million. In the case of the summer
                            Perfect Day ad, 13 million ABC1 adults saw the ad more than once.

                          Live it: marketing to                            Each of these campaigns penetrates the
                                                                                                                                               Who are we targeting?
                          the UK & Ireland                                 culture of our target customers. They see
                                                                                                                                               Research has given us a detailed understanding of 13 customer groups across the
                                                                           cinema and TV ads during their favourite
                                                                                                                                               UK and Ireland. In order to deliver the greatest possible return on our investment,
                          Our domestic marketing takes one of              shows, travel features in the papers and
                                                                                                                                               we focus our campaigns on the six ‘warmest’ groups – those already well disposed
                          the most sophisticated approaches you’ll         magazines they read, offers and competitions
                                                                                                                                               to coming here. These are the big six.
                          find anywhere.                                   on the websites they use and on-pack
                                                                           promotions on the products they buy from
                          Accounting for 83% of visitors, the UK is by     the supermarket.
                          far our biggest market. When you consider                                                        Affluent active     Well-travelled, mature experience seekers from Scotland and Northern England, the
 8                                                                                                                         devotees            highest spenders of all because they can afford the finer things in life – quality hotels,
                          that half of the people south of the border      Technology allows us to constantly
 Delivering               have never been to Scotland at all, then         stimulate and surprise them with fresh                              great food and drink – and they actively participate in activities, including golf. They are
 for Scotland             the scale of the potential becomes clear.        ideas. The e-mail they receive from us is                           Scotland aficionados, and they can visit at relatively short notice or plan a longer
                          Proximity, access and cultural affinity brings   tailored to each separate customer group,                           holiday, often mixing new experiences with beloved haunts.
 UK and Ireland           the Republic of Ireland within the domestic      which keeps our messages relevant and
                          strategy too.                                    nurtures their loyalty.                                                                                                     Affluent southern   High-achievers from London and the south, average age 49, who take several longer
                          The size of the market* on our doorstep          We are deepening this intelligence all the      explorers           breaks, when they can engage with people and culture, getting outdoors and off the
                          means that it is the most carefully              time. Research in Ireland last year has given                       beaten track. They already have Scottish connections through experience, friends or
                          researched. We profiled over 15,000              us new understanding of our target groups                           family, and they come back because it fulfils both emotional and practical needs.
                          consumers to develop a hit list of the           there. In 2010, we are refreshing the UK
                          customer groups that offer us the biggest        research to find out how the behaviour of
* UK & Ireland spend      return on our investment. This in-depth          our customer groups may have adjusted
 is worth £2.9 billion,                                                    during the recession.                           Mature devotees     Older couples from Scotland and Northern England of relatively low affluence, who
                          understanding of their lifestyles, interests
 69% of the total
 visitor economy.         and how they make their decisions allows                                                                             are committed to holidaying in Scotland – they spend more nights here than any other
                          us to design intelligent marketing campaigns     Domestic campaigns carry the brand                                  group. Traditional in outlook, they live happily without the internet. They will often tour
 This breaks down         that speak to those groups, offering the         message Live it. Visit Scotland.                                    with a caravan or arrange accommodation direct in a place they love.
 as £1.7 billion          kinds of experiences they are looking for
 from England,            on a Scotland holiday.
 £927 million
 from Scotland,
 £127 million from        Three main seasonal campaigns lead                                                               Younger domestic    Couples or young families from Northern England, aged 25-45, strong advocates
 Northern Ireland,        the charge:                                                                                      explorers           of UK holidays, but with limited disposable incomes. They like to tour, watch wildlife
 £76 million              > Perfect Day covers the main season                                                                                 and have cultural experiences, such as visiting museums. They will return to Scotland
 from Wales and             from late March to August                                                                                          because it allows them to be active and it is close by while still affording new experiences.
 £76 million from         > Capture an Autumn Moment builds
 the Republic
                            the shoulder months of September
 of Ireland.
                            and October
                          > Winter White grows the traditionally                                                           Busy                Successful professionals with a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude. They keep the same
                            low season from November to March.                                                             city-dwellers       pace on holiday, mixing outdoor pursuits with lapping up city culture. Scotland is high
                                                                                                                           (Ireland)           on their list, as there’s lots to do and explore, great events and they can catch up
                                                                                                                                               with friends or family.

                                                                                                                           Well-travelled      Older, successful couples and singles, living in the suburbs and happy to spend on
                                                                                                                           empty nesters       life’s little luxuries. They’ve bagged destinations overseas, but also have their haunts
                                                                                                                           (Ireland)           in the UK. Scotland is a familiar and convenient break for some, while those yet to
                                                                                                                                               visit are attracted by the wealth of activities and culture.
Perfect Day


The lead campaign
in the UK & Ireland
during the main season
from April to August
2009 delivered an
additional £24 million
to the Scottish economy.

                             Welcome to our life:                             Each month, e-newsletters are issued in
                             international marketing                          nine languages to almost a million Scotland
                                                                                                                               It’s the real thing:
                                                                              aficionados worldwide who have ‘opted in’        the Homecoming legacy
                             International visitors account for 17% of our    to receiving holiday ideas from us.
                             annual total, but they are big spenders: more                                                     A quick visit to YouTube will reveal six-figure
                             than 30% of our £4 billion tourism revenue       We work closely with carriers to keep            views for the Homecoming Scotland 2009
                                                                                                                               ‘Caledonia’ advert. Still more revealing are many
                             comes from overseas.                             improving access and drive up volume, and
                                                                                                                               of the comments posted from around the world
                                                                              we support the global travel trade* so that
                                                                                                                               by Scots, Scotland aficionados and those who
                             The brand legend Scotland – Welcome              the business of selling Scotland is as easy      just want to visit Scotland: proud, passionate
    12                       to our life plays on the authenticity of the     for them as possible. Our SCOTS education        and emotional.
    Delivering               Scottish cultural experience and the welcome     programme for travel agents has 4,500
    for Scotland                                                                                                               As a means of raising Scotland’s profile
                             that comes with it. World-famous icons such      enrolled in North America alone.
                                                                                                                               and giving the country a distinctive voice and
    Marketing:               as whisky, golf, Mackintosh and dramatic                                                          unique proposition in a crowded marketplace,
    international            Highland landscapes are writ large.              The SCOTS programme is also helping to           Homecoming was unprecedented. The ability
                                                                              grow emerging markets such as China,             of the campaign to stir the pride and confidence    As Homecoming Scotland 2009 has clearly          Japan, India and the Middle East. This is        of the world’s Scots has laid important groundwork
                             demonstrated, following in the footsteps of      supported by our close partnership with          that will bring dividends through VisitScotland’s
                             Scottish ancestors is a strong pull in North     VisitBritain in those territories, and product   international marketing well beyond the year itself.
                             America, and so promotion of ancestral           development trade missions, where Scottish       Homecoming stimulated buy-in from partners
                             tourism is a major part of our strategy there.   businesses meet the markets’ travel trade.       that we can now build into valuable relationships.
                             In Europe, activity stresses the appeal of car                                                    A major coup was scored with a tie-in with Coca
*     touring, golf and short breaks that combine                                                       Cola, arguably the biggest brand in the world,
    is our website for the                                                                                                     which produced a limited edition bottle for
                             city and countryside.
    overseas travel trade.                                                                                                     Homecoming – the kind of treatment normally
                                                                                                                               reserved for global events like the Olympics
    It includes news         Our European touring campaign runs all
                                                                                                                               or the World Cup.
    and fresh holiday        year round, combining a rich choice of
    ideas, itineraries,      detailed touring itineraries on various                                                           Another early indicator of the impact of
    practical advice         themes with a calendar that picks out the                                                         Homecoming is the success it sparked in
    on subjects                                                                                                                lasting, positive engagement with Scotland’s
                             seasonal highlights in every part of Scotland.
    from customs                                                                                                               diaspora. Homecoming marketing generated
    to insurance,            This campaign alone delivers £50 million in                                                       150,000 new visitor prospects, smashing the
    plus dozens of           economic benefit.                                                                                 50,000 target. It also allowed us to research
    commissionable                                                                                                             and draw together for the first time the most
    deals from                                                                                                                 comprehensive database of 2,400 Scots-interest
    Scottish suppliers.                                                                                                        groups around the world.
                                                                                                                               For the future of our international marketing
                                                                                                                               and particularly our work on ancestral tourism,
                                                                                                                               these still-growing databases will be a powerful
                                                                                                                               asset for the country.
European touring


Latest figures for the
annual campaign in
Europe for Scotland car
touring delivered an
additional £50 million
to the Scottish economy
from the French and
German markets alone.

                         Only in Scotland:                               In a marketplace where decisions can be                                     VisitScotland online                               The evolution of
                         business tourism                                based to a great extent on the infrastructure,                                                                                 VisitScotland has responded to the
                                                                         Scotland stands out from the rest in terms                         is a formidable online           increasingly blurred lines between
                         VisitScotland raises the profile of Scotland    of uniqueness and our traditions for hospitality                            presence, connecting five million users with       information and marketing by taking
                         as a destination for the business sector,       and innovation, which are embedded in the                                   11,000 businesses. It is a shop window for         the consumer website in-house.
                         effectively creating the environment for        unequivocal promise: Only in Scotland.                                      Scotland, meeting the needs of a worldwide
                         Scottish suppliers, including the city                                                                                      audience researching the extraordinary             Now that is part of
                         convention bureaux, to win business             Business tourism – key facts                                                diversity of experiences available.                the national tourism organisation, we are
                         that is vital to the economy.                   > In 2008, a total of 2.3 million business                                                                                     working with the industry across Scotland
 16                                                                        trips were made to Scotland                       17                      All of our activity has an online home.            on its evolution. The main outcomes will be
 Delivering              The sector is worth £723 million, around        > Business visitors spend on average                Delivering              Through TV and cinema advertising and              closer alignment with marketing campaigns
 for Scotland            18% of Scotland’s tourism revenues.               60% more per night than leisure visitors          for Scotland            other promotional activity, each of the            and the provision of a much richer source
                         Compared with leisure tourism, it is less       > The UK accounts for 77% of total                                          major seasonal advertising campaigns               of information than ever before.
 Marketing:                                                                                                                  Marketing:
 business tourism        seasonal and spend is much higher, with           expenditure                                       VisitScotland online    drives traffic online to niche sites – for
                         big events spread around the country.           > The USA is the largest international market,                              example, –            This will drive still more traffic to                                                     accounting for 17% of overseas business    each providing hundreds of inspirational , which in 2009, broke
                         Our Business Tourism Unit works with              tourism expenditure in the UK, followed                                   ideas for holidays during the period.              the 13 million mark for unique visits for
                         the industry to make sure that venues and         by 7% from Germany and 5% from France                                                                                        the first time.
                         services are top of the agenda for those        > Glasgow is ranked at no.33 in the world                                   A series of international gateway sites and
                          planning* business and association events        for delegate numbers                                                      e-brochures in a dozen languages addresses         Starting in 2010, the increasing visitor
                         in the UK and internationally.                                                                                              the needs of global markets, and we have           appetite for multi-media, user-generated
* convention                                                                                                                * visitscotland.         specialist sites that provide a vital element in   content and interactive mapping will mean                                                                                                               com/rugby
                         We also stimulate business from overseas                                                                                    the marketing mix for golf, adventure sports,      that the site develops to meet their needs.
 is our online                                                                                                               is typical of how
 resource for the        through our work with Scottish Development                                                          niche sites support     fishing, rugby,* cycling and many more.
 business tourism        International and GlobalScots, a network of                                                         marketing activity.                                                        Taking the site in-house also makes us
 sector.                 over 900 influential business leaders with                                                                                                                                     more fleet of foot. In an ever-changing
                         unrivalled access around the world.                                                                 As well as                                                                 online environment, the capability now
 The site provides                                                                                                           information on                                                             to undertake new kinds of work presents
 information on                                                                                                              the teams, fixtures,                                                        an exciting future for the ability of our
                         While the business sector has certainly
 venues, Scottish                                                                                                            news and events,
 suppliers and           been affected by the recession, Scotland                                                            the site promotes
                                                                                                                                                                                                        marketing to bring visitors to Scotland.
 support services,       has shown a healthy performance. In 2008,                                                           longer stays by
 plus our biannual       Scotland actually increased its market share                                                        providing player
 Scotland Means          of international association meetings in the                                                        video guides and
 Business workshop,      UK from 25% to 29%, and Edinburgh and                                                               itineraries, both
 which takes                                                                                                                 for fans and their
                         Glasgow remain second only to London, both
 meeting planners                                                                                                            travelling partners.
 to and around           improving their rankings in the cities table.
 the country.
                                                                                                              Information and inspiration:
                                                                                                              we’re coming to get you

                                                                                                              The business of selling Scotland doesn’t stop when the
                                                                                                              visitor arrives. It enters a whole new phase, where the
Relationship marketing                                                                                        scale of the opportunity for Scotland’s economy is almost
                                                                                                              immeasurable. Inspiring visitors to do more, stay longer
Delivered:                                                                                                    and spend more means enriching their experience at
                                                                                                              every turn – so we’re heading out to meet them.

£25m                                                                                19
                                                                                                              VisitScotland has effected a step change in
                                                                                                              the way information services are perceived
                                                                                                              and delivered: a shift from the idea that
                                                                                                              Information Centres are places for passive
                                                                                                                                                                    The Mountain Biking World Cup in Fort
                                                                                                                                                                    William, the MOBO Awards in Glasgow
                                                                                                                                                                    and the Open Golf at Turnberry are just a few
                                                                                                                                                                    of the 52 locations and 70 days of outreach
                                                                                    for Scotland
                                                                                                              information collection to places of proactive         activity undertaken throughout last year.
                                                                                    Information and           and dynamic inspiration.
Latest figures for the                                                               inspiration: we’re                                                              Using a branded VisitScotland double-decker
                                                                                    coming to get you
ongoing relationship                                                                                          Working with businesses, partners, staff              bus and the inflatable VisitScotland Dome,
marketing programme                                                            and visitors themselves, we researched the            we have made ourselves an integral part
                                                                                                              needs of today’s increasingly independent             of these environments, pulling visitors in,
in the UK & Ireland                                                                                           visitors and the kind of services they would          entertaining families with games and
delivered an additional                                                                                       value. What we learned now informs the                giveaways, while giving the adults ideas and
£25 million to the                                                                                            changing environment of our Information               special offers for other things they can see
                                                                                   * Outreach                 Centres and a new outreach strategy that              and do in the area and around Scotland.
Scottish economy.                                                                    in Wales                 takes us across Scotland to wherever
                                                                                    In 2010, the              the visitors are – wherever we can have               By connecting visitors with businesses
                                                                                    strategy will             the greatest impact on the economy.                   in this way, outreach activity across the

                                                                                    develop outside                                                                  country* will deliver an additional £10 million
                                                                                    Scotland for the
                                                                                    first time.                Outreach                                              for the Scottish economy.
                                                                                                              Major events and other high-footfall
                                                                                    In addition to major      locations, such as popular attractions and
                                                                                    events in Scotland,       shopping areas, present a previously untapped

                                                                                    the team will             resource for the economy. Here we can
                                                                                    undertake activity        access thousands of residents and visitors
                                                                                    in Wales, when it
                                                                                    hosts the Ryder           alike, who are not immediately inclined to
                                                                                    Cup in October.           seek out a local Information Centre.

                                                                                    The outreach team MOBO-lises
                                                                                    The 2009 MOBO Awards brought massive worldwide attention to Glasgow
                                                                                    and a whole new audience on to the city streets, so VisitScotland took the
                                                                                    Dome into George Square for two days.
                                                                                    Dome DJs pulled the crowds, while the VisitScotland team engaged one-to-one,
                                                                                    giving them souvenir eco-bags (pictured, right) and gathering consumer data
                                                                                    through competition entries for gig tickets – 95% of the competition entrants
                                                                                    opted in to receive our information on Scotland.
             Edinburgh Castle, The National Gallery of Scotland, The Scott Monum    The giveaway bags included a series of special offers for local attractions,
                                                                                    restaurants and bars, and directed interest towards the Capture an Autumn
                                                                                    Moment campaign website, where visitors could greatly expand on their
                                                                                    ideas for days out in Scotland.
                           Information and inspiration

                           Keeping the marketing promise                          As well as encouraging repeat visits by
                           The shift towards proactively inspiring                enhancing the experience, the Information
                                                                                                                                      Outreach in action:
                           visitors blurs the lines between information           Centre staff also feed back into the customer       T is for tipping your hat
                           and marketing. Both our outreach activity              journey by gathering the consumer data that
                           and the work of the network of Information             is used to keep in touch with visitors once         In partnership with Perth & Kinross Council,
                           Centres therefore establish a clear link to our        they have left.                                     we took the VisitScotland Dome to T in the Park
                                                                                                                                      to introduce the thousands of revellers to some
                           seasonal marketing campaigns, effectively
                                                                                                                                      of the other great experiences they could have
                           fulfilling the promise.                                Delivering these services across Scotland
                                                                                                                                      during the summer.
                                                                                  is a team effort. VisitScotland provides the
20                         This means that a visitor who has come to              strategic framework, the training, the expertise    We used Bluetooth technology to send messages
Delivering                 Scotland on the strength of, for example,                                                                  to visitors’ mobile phones, telling them about the
                                                                                  and the marketing, but it would not be possible
for Scotland                                                                                                                          various attractions at the Dome and luring them
                           a Winter White ad campaign or magazine                 without the partnerships with local authorities
                                                                                                                                      with competition prizes. Once there, they could
                           article, will also see that Winter White               and other organisations in each area.               then try out an inflatable snowboard simulator
Information and
inspiration                messaging when they step through the                                                                       and watch plasma screen presentations on
                           doors of an Information Centre. They’ll                We are always exploring ways to pool                Perthshire and a BAFTA Scotland film on free-      see it in campaign-specific displays, retail           resources with other partners wherever we           climbing Ben Nevis.
                           promotions and in offers for local businesses.         can achieve the greatest possible return on         Our outreach team engaged with the crowds,
                                                                                  investment while providing a better service         gathering thousands of new contacts for the
                           Five million human touches                             for visitors. This year, for example, a new         database while distributing information on
                           The most important marketing tool in the               partnership with Calmac in Tobermory will           Perthshire and summer events in Scotland.
                           arsenal is the team of advisors. Over five             mean that the town will have a year-round           Branded straw cowboy hat giveaways then spread
                           million visits a year are made to our network          Information Centre for the first time, benefiting   the message across the event, achieving wider
                           of 100 VisitScotland Information Centres               both visitors and local businesses.                 coverage on the BBC, The Drum and the NME.
                           across the country. That’s five million
                           opportunities to directly influence, face to
                           face, the experience of our visitors. If only a
                           fraction is inspired to stay longer, see more,
                           attend an extra event or use one more local
                           business, it still represents a giant impact on
                           the local and national economies.

First for rebranding: Fort William
Vividly bringing the campaigns to life in Information Centres is one of the
aims behind the long term programme of rebranding the network, begun
at Easter 2009 with the opening of the new centre in Fort William.
Fort William is the first to wear the new name branding ‘VisitScotland
Information Centre’, which replaces the former ‘Tourist Information’ brand.
The new name establishes a more cohesive link with pre-arrival marketing
and the rest of the national tourism agency’s activity.
It is also the first to realise the outcomes of the research process, reflected
in new interior design, internet access, plasma screen displays, improved
layout and zoning and increased opportunities for businesses to promote
themselves to visitors.
                                                       economic growth through excellence

                                                       Imagine: if just ten percent of our visitors were to spend
                                                       the same as the average visitor to Switzerland, we would
Celebrate Scotland                                     see a payday of an extra £550 million for the Scottish
                                                       economy. Unleashing that potential means championing
Delivered:                                             quality, and VisitScotland is working with the industry to
                                                       ensure that our reputation delivers for Scotland.

£19m                        23
                                                       Visitors vote with their feet. Their choice of
                                                       destinations today is enormous, and so the
                                                       drive for quality is crucial if Scotland is to be
                                                       a must-visit, must-return destination. Quality
                                                                                                             As well as the direct benefit to the visitor,
                                                                                                             this work levers £56 million in capital
                                                                                                             investment by the industry every year
                                                                                                             to improve the Scottish tourism product.
                            for Scotland
                                                       must be one of the values that set us apart.
                            Quality: economic                                                                Our quality strategy has won the respect
The campaign to launch      growth through             Our six Quality Assurance schemes and                 of visitors, the industry and our peers, and
Homecoming Scotland                                    20 Welcome schemes give visitors confidence           has consistently led the way for quality
2009, focusing on Burns      in choosing their accommodation, restaurants,         development at home and abroad.
                                                       attractions and the broad variety of
Night events, delivered                                experiences they have during their stay.
an additional £19 million
to the Scottish economy.                               A team of 39 quality advisors works with
                                                       businesses to assess the visitor experience
                                                       and offer consultancy and advice, tapping
                                                       into VisitScotland research and passing
                                                       on the latest thinking in travel trends.
                                                       Fundamentally, their job is to connect
                                                       businesses with visitors by making
                                                       quality the link.

                            World leader: quality by VisitScotland
                            VisitScotland’s accommodation scheme model has now been adopted by the
                            rest of the UK and by the AA as the industry standard. The Green Tourism
                            Business Scheme, co-developed by VisitScotland, has also since gone UK-wide.
                            Our schemes have a higher level of industry participation than in England and
                            Wales, covering 70% of all Scottish tourism businesses and 90% of visitor
                            attractions. Increasingly, trade associations, such as ‘Scotland’s Best B&Bs’,
                            are making accreditation a condition of membership.
                            Our team also sells quality consultancy to other national tourist boards.
                            We have successfully exported the model to other countries, including
                            South Africa and Namibia.
                           Quality                                                                                                    Measuring

                           Listening to businesses                                  Beyond the stars                                  VisitScotland invests in measuring the        The results figures are conservative.
                           Getting the schemes right and keeping                    VisitScotland’s work doesn’t stop at              effectiveness of selected marketing           The evaluation only includes short breaks
                           them in step with changes in visitor                     grading establishments. We also co-ordinate       campaigns.                                    and holidays – not day trips – and it is based
                           behaviour means that our dialogue is a                   the National Tourism Signposting strategy –                                                     on conversion studies; that is, analysing
                           two-way street. As well as investing in                  brown road signs – and lend a strong voice        The sheer scale of our diverse activity,      behaviour of visitors who have received
                           consumer research, we also pay close                     on quality issues, including gaining support      however, means that the evaluation figures    our marketing communications as well
                           attention to feedback from the industry                  from partners to influence curriculum             highlighted in this document represent only   as visitors who have directly responded
                           on the effectiveness of the schemes in                   development and promote tourism as                part of VisitScotland’s impact.               to VisitScotland promotions.
                           wowing customers and growing their                       a career.
24                         business.                                                                                                  We invest in measuring our marketing in       This means that it does not include the
Delivering                                                                          In Glasgow, we manage a partnership of            order to make sure we get the best value      considerable impact of awareness-raising
for Scotland               This feedback has been one of the                        public and private sector organisations for       for money in the future. We measure each      activity such as print, poster, TV or cinema
                           driving forces behind developments in                    the Glasgow Tourism Service Initiative, a         of our seasonal leisure campaigns in the      advertising or activity with travel partners
                           the schemes. In the last year, for example,              five-year project to raise standards of quality   UK & Ireland, while overseas, mainly due      such as Stena Line or easyJet.
                           we have introduced an evolution on the                   at every touch point in the visitor experience    to the cost involved, we instead measure      established star-grading system for serviced             and increase tourism employment by an             campaigns on a rotational basis.
                           accommodation providers in the shape                     additional 9,000 jobs.
                           of a new ‘Gold Star’ award.                                                                                The methodology has been independently
                                                                                    Since 1992, our Scottish Thistle Awards           audited to make sure it is robust. It only
                           In each star band, the Gold Star plaque                  have celebrated excellence in the industry        measures the additional economic impact
                           rewards the top one percent on the basis                 in categories including service, green            of each campaign, taking care not to
                           of exceptional service standards, and so                 tourism and innovation. Shortlisted entries       include business that would have reached
                           gives them a new way to distinguish their                attract enormous media coverage around            Scotland anyway.
                           product from their peers and market their                the country, and the winners benefit from a
                           business more effectively. For other                     new confidence and morale for their staff as
                           businesses, where previously they may                    well as a new distinction for their marketing.
                           have been unable to progress to the next
                           star grading for infrastructural reasons,
                           it provides a fresh incentive to drive
                           up standards.

Future approach
Close consultation with the industry has now begun in shaping the future
of our approach to quality.
The review process is a long term one, but we have set the clear objective
of increasing industry participation in our quality schemes. There are currently
11,000 businesses working with VisitScotland on quality; addressing the
remaining 30% of the industry has enormous potential for growth, as
thousands more take active steps to invest in excellence.
Ultimately, the review will ensure VisitScotland’s work on quality is an integral
part of the wider policy framework, establishing a resolute link between
investment and the growth of the visitor economy in Scotland.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Designed and produced by Tayburn
Our awards:
and the winner is... Scotland

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Marketing Society Star Awards 2009
Brand Company of the Year Award and Promotional Excellence Award.

Institute of Sales Promotion (ISP) Awards 2009
Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for Winter White campaign.

Direct Marketing Association Awards 2009
Silver Awards for VisitScotland’s Relationship Marketing Programme.

Marketing Excellence Awards
Best Brand 2008.

Scottish Marketing Excellence Award
for Marketing Achievement (Large Enterprise) – 2006.

Aaron D. Cushman/Society of American Travel Writers Award
for Excellence in Travel-related Public Relations – 2006.

Chartered Institute of Public Relations Awards 2006
PR Team of the Year and Best Integrated Campaign for The Da Vinci Code.

British Association of Communicators
Business Award of Excellence – Best Use of Interactive Media – 2006.

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