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									                    How to Back Up your Call History

Backup call history may assist you follow no matter what
number you called or phoned you. You are able to keep the
data in your records or used to establish or verify the

A few smart phones accept applications useable by the producer that allows to
download a replicate of the date of the invitation. On the iPhone, you are able to
pilot direct to / var/mobile/library/kalhistori / booklet and keep a copy of the file
call_history.db. Android phones have been a application program that you are able
to download the history of aid calls.

Agree with your phone help supplier to attend if they extend the option of backup
service call history. Can make other services online, such as skidik for BlackBerry,
back selections for the date of the invitation and the message.

You are able to as well apply an USB cable that is sympathetic with your call and
your phone software to bring back the date of the invitation to your computer. Refer
to your phone drug user guide or adjoin the maker to chance stepwise book of
instructions about however to apply the USB cable.

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