CHS letter by zCcBpI7


									Dear Czech Heritage Society members,

   Dobrý den! My name is Lida Cope. I grew up in a small Moravian town of Klenovice near
   Prostějov & Olomouc in the Czech Republic. At present I live in North Carolina and teach at East
   Carolina University in Greenville. In 1997, I spent some time in Texas interviewing Texans of
   Czech descent to better understand the role of the heritage language and culture in your daily
   lives. I might have had spoken with some of you then! I had a great deal of help from the
   generous, hospitable people of “Czech Texas” for which I am very grateful. Thanks to much kind
   assistance, I collected more than 250 questionnaires on the language, culture, and attitudes of
   Texas Czechs. This year I’m trying to gain more up-to-date information in order to compare the
   state of the Texas Czech community “then and now”, some ten years later. I’ve also asked for
   participation via Našinec, the Texas Czech Heritage and Culture Center’s Office & Library in La
   Grange, and other means.

   Dear reader, if you are willing to fill out a questionnaire on your experience with and in the
   Texas Czech culture, or know somebody who might, please complete the form. Also, feel free to
   write, email, or call so I can send you an electronic or paper copy. I will gladly cover the postage
   for any mailed questionnaires. In addition, paper copies should be distributed at the next state
   CHS meeting.

   While I need to collect some biographical information from you for research purposes, all
   participants will remain anonymous in any published results. I will share the results with you via
   the CHS website and/or newsletter, the TCHCC Newsletter, Věstník, and Našinec. Here is how
   to contact me: Lida Cope, 707 Addington Dr., Winterville, NC 28590; email;; phone (252) 321-6945.

   Thank you very much & Moc Vám děkuji!!!

   Lida (Dutkova) Cope

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