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									                                              Newsletter                     OCTOBER 2012 | VOLUME THREE, ISSUE TEN

It’s coming soon!                                                                    Raising up e
Taste of Mission Sunday!                                                             Next Generation
Put ***November 18*** on your calendars and get ready!                               Every time a baby is born we witness a miracle of
The Sunday before Thanksgiving, the entire church will pour out of CCS and           God’s handiwork! God takes nine months to
into the community to share and show the love of Jesus - ‘mobilized to               intricately form each life with unique and
move on mission’ together !                                                          purposeful design. As a church we want to do all
                                                                                     we can to see parents get vision to partner with
  ➡ Over 700 hours of ministry in 1 day!
                                                                                     God in seeing His purposes unfold in each child’s
  ➡ Over 20 different locations throughout Vineland and Millville
  ➡ From nursing homes to community centers to the U-Sell Fleamarket !
  ➡ From door-to-door prayer to praise posters; THANKSgiving boxes and               As a Pastors
     appreciation cards !                                                            Team, we have
                                                                                     laid out what
                                 Whatever God has given you to use for His
                                                                                     we are calling
                                 glory—your words, hands, voice, creativity,
                                                                                     “The Milestone Pathway”. These are 8 essential
                                 musical ability, heart of prayer, a listening
                                                                                     milestones that parents can walk their children
                                 ear, a testimony of triumph—there is a
                                                                                     through to aid them in becoming the men and
                                 place for everyone. “Let ALL that has
                                                                                     women of God that He has designed them to be:
                                 breath praise the Lord !” This is a time to
                                 step out and see what God will do through           Milestone #1: Parent Dedication/Child Dedication
                                 your willingness and yielding to Him. If
                                 you have never experienced serving others           Milestone #2: Coming Under Authority
                                 in Jesus’ name, this is a great place to            Milestone #3: Faith Commitment
                                 start ! This is also a prime opportunity to
                                                                                     Milestone #4: Preparing for Adolescence
                                 invite a co-worker or neighbor to serve
with you; encourage your child to invite a friend! Make that phone call or           Milestone #5: Commitment to Purity
contact today so you can have their response when it’s time to sign up and           Milestone #6: Life Changing Identification
serve together! Let YOUR Taste of Mission begin now.                                               with Christ
                        Key TOM Sunday Dates:                                        Milestone #7: Passage to Adulthood
      10/14 List of ministry sites in your bulletin. Pray about your role!
                                                                                     Milestone #8: Preparing to Leave Home
      10/21, 10/28 & 11/4 Sign ups and questions in the Cafe
      11/18 Taste of Mission Sunday!!!                                               These milestones represent important stages of
Remember to sign up for your ministry site quickly. Many teams have                  development in a child’s life that can be
limited space. Once you have selected where you will serve, we will contact          celebrated along the way!
you with the name of your site leader and important details so you will be
prepared. Sites that are especially designed for young children will be              Please join us in praying that God would use the
marked on the sign up poster. Youth ages 12 and under must have a                    upcoming “Parent Summit” as a time for this kind
guardian or adult accompany them. Please feel free to contact either Jessica         of vision to be planted in our parents. May God
LeBlanc or Matthew Rudd with any questions in advance.                               use the households of this church to be part of
[localmissions@LFAchurch.org]                                                        raising up the next generation to love and follow

                                       Living Faith Alliance Church
                              OFFICES                                                           GATHERINGS
           1987 South Lincoln Avenue • Vineland, NJ 08361             SUNDAY SERVICES: 8:30 /10:30 am • WEDNESDAY CLASSES: 6:30 pm
                856-696-3444 • www.LFAChurch.org                    Cumberland Christian School 1100 W. Sherman Ave. Vineland, NJ 08360
                                                                   God Sightings
                                                                                       “Throughout FPU, I learned a lot about myself, my
   God desires our worship, He commands it, and He is                                  habits and areas of struggle, but also about God's
   worthy of our worship. For those simple reasons, over                               heart and His desire to give me financial peace
   these next months, we want to learn to worship God                                  and freedom so I can be a good steward of His
   better. Keep in mind our order of worship is different                               blessings and resources and also practice
   for this series of messages, with the teaching time                                 generous giving.”
   beginning within the first 15 minutes of service. So
   please come prepared, come on time, and come
   focused on worshipping God.                                                                             w I saw/
                                                                                       revolutionized ho
                                                                   “This class really                 ht into ALL the
                                                                                      . I gained insig
     Oct. 14: Prepared worship                                     managed money                              en budget
                                                                                           ow! I have a writt
                                                                   m  yths I believed! W                 for financial
     Oct. 21: God-style worship                                                       e by it! I prayed
                                                                    now and also liv                   to LFA. Amen! I ha
                                                                                           ought FPU
                                                                    wi sdom and God br                     on Baby St ep 1
      Oct. 28: Heart-felt worship                                                        though I am still
                                                                    peace now, even                    w and I am not
                                                                                          ve a plan no
      Nov. 4:     Public worship                                    (save $1,000). I ha                  finances.”
                                                                     reactive, but proactive with my
      Nov. 18: Consistent worship
     Nov. 25: Life-changing worship                                              “We have seen the value and
                                                                                                                benefit of more sincere
                                                                                 budgeting. The greatest vict
                                                                                                              ory for us was to end all cre
                                                                                 card accounts - for good!”                                 dit

                                                       on           “At the start of FPU my wife and I had a car
           “We are managing to feed our family of four                                  left on it. By creating a unified
                                                   involving        with over $8,000
           $75/week. Making bread ourselves and                                                                      ing as
                                                     cool and       budget through the budget committee meet
           the kids in the shopping experience. Very                                   reorganized our money and paid
                                                  down debt.”       FPU teaches, we
           allowing us to free more money to pay                                                                      ks FPU
                                                                    our car off two days before FPU ended! Than
                                                          we        for teaching us   how money and relationships can
           “My wife and I were going out to dinner when
           realized we had only $17 in our entertain
                                                     ment           work together towards freedom.”
           envelope.  So, we rented a movie at RedBox and had
           dinner at home. We both enjoyed our even
           together and we did not feel cheated.”

                                                                        Step Studies
How Can I Influence Change in My Life?
I will be glad to answer this one. You + God + Community + Certain environment under leadership = A Celebrate Recovery
Step Study. That's right! A CR Step Study group offers the elements where you can address issues in your life (hurts, hang ups,
and habits), and you learn to follow Jesus as He heals you and grows you. Join us each Monday at 6:30pm at Lincoln Avenue,
ages 19 and up, gender-based groups. For details email us at Celebraterecovery@lfachurch.org or call us at 856.362.4405.
Treasure Seekers!                                         LFA’s Global Focus:
                                     by Jessica LeBlanc
                                                          NCA Updates
It’s been a joy interacting with your children over
the past weeks! The value of Treasure Seekers goes        NCA stands for North and Central Asia,
beyond a weekly Sunday morning Celebration.               the region that LFA has targeted to
                                                          strategically impact with the Gospel.
In my heart, I know the children we nurture now will
be THE TEENAGE YOUTH GROUP to come. When you              GREEN MOUNTAINS
send your children to Treasure Seekers during             From the team leaders: “We are at an increasingly critical point as a team in our need
second service, your                                      for another couple/family to join this team in pushing back the darkness. Many
support team                                              expatriate workers who have lived and served here for years tell us they have yet to
expands! We water                                         build a solid friendship with anyone. Though outwardly friendly, there is a definite
the seeds you sow —                                       wall around hearts. Pray for relational and spiritual breakthroughs." These next few
teach them about                                          months are critical for our team as we develop vision and strategy for the future. Pray
WORSHIP and equip                                         for the Father's clear guidance in the process and in important meetings.
your child with
                                                          TEA HOUSE
spiritual tools that                                      Pray that Phil will have a smooth transition and fruitful year teaching at a local
stay with them into                                       university. Working in legitimate spheres of business or education is vital to a
adolescence and beyond!                                   credible presence in this country. May the relationships built with staff and students
THIS MONTH                                                be ones that the Lord uses both in short- and long-term opportunities to build the
                                                          Kingdom. Pray that the Tea House team may find culturally relevant ways to be salt
✓ We have emphasized bringing their Bibles and
  looking up scripture!                                   and light, with sensitivity to the key issues of shame and honor in the country. Pray
                                                          for guidance from the Holy Spirit who wants to do amazing things in and through the
✓ We had 46 treasure seekers at the combined              team here.
  service- and 41 the following week!
                                                          CENTRAL ASIAN WORK IN RUSSIA
✓ Families are using their weekly handout to              Praise God for the four events that took place for Central Asians in Moscow, August
  reinforce the lesson with their child!                  6–9, in partnership with a Western Pennsylvania District short-term team. Nearly 80
                                                          people came to two evenings of free medical check-ups and two evenings of free
✓ Children are learning to articulate their worship to    clothing distribution. Many good conversations took place as needs were met. All
  Jesus — in THEIR own words!                             who attended received Christian literature in their native language.

If you would like to sit in on a Sunday to visit          Beginning September 23, Russian, English and computer classes will be offered in
Treasure Seekers, we’d love to have you!                  partnership with others in the city who work among Central Asians. The classes will
                                                          allow for students to Skype calls to home and participate in seminars addressing
We can accommodate 2 extra parents each Sunday.           legal questions and cultural issues pertaining to life in Russia. Please pray for the
You can contact me to share any thoughts or praise        Holy Spirit to work in the lives of these people who need to know that there is a Savior
stories from your child! Call Jessica LeBlanc at          who died for their sins and rose from the dead to give them eternal life.
609.501.1636 or email

Parent Summit                                                        8AM - 2:30PM

     Saturday, October 13th
     Cumberland Christian School
     ★ Hear Pastor Nate and Pastor Greg challenge us to be
          intentional at training our children
     ★ Attend two breakout sessions specific to Milestones
          that your children/youth are getting ready to enter.
     ★ Let your infants to 6th graders attend the Kids Camp
          that same day.

    Call the church office or register online today!
2012 Church Heal                                               Survey:
You asked some good questions in the Church Health Survey.
Here’s an answer to one of the frequent ones:

Who will replace Erik and Mark as Youth Pastor and
Worship Pastor? Are any of the other pastors
leaving? How is Children's Ministry going to continue
with Frank retiring?
                                                                                                              Frank & Kim Medio
We have been working hard to reorganize and prioritize throughout 2012. Some changes                           Sundays 4:30 pm
you’ve already heard about are Diego moving to full time as Pastor of Healing &                                 609.567.1324
Restoration. With Frank retiring this fall from Children's Ministry, Sharon is increasing her              frankmed@comcast.net
hours to include Frank’s responsibility in Children’s Ministry.

To be clear, no-one else on the Pastor’s Team is leaving. To the contrary, Matthew Rudd, who               Dave & Connie Jones
                                                                                                             Sundays 1:00 pm
has been our Administrator, has begun to fulfill a new role as the Sunday Program &                             856.327.4845
Communications Pastor. This shift in his role will fill Mark’s previous role of Worship Pastor             spikettejns@yahoo.com
as well as solidify some initiatives we have to increase the effectiveness of our
communication, something we heard repeated in the survey. Greg Hill, as Executive Pastor,               Pittsgrove (Ken & Eileen Hill)
will be overseeing the administrative responsibilities.                                                        Sundays 4:30 pm
We are also actively interviewing for a new Youth & Connections Pastor and anticipate                  pittsgrove.pastorate@gmail.com
having someone in place this fall. All of these changes are moving us toward stability on
the Pastors Team. A team that will lead disciples to discover and treasure Jesus, follow                    Harry & Val Behrens
Jesus into every area of Life, and to go, reveal Jesus. Please be praying for your Pastors.                  Sundays 5:00 pm

            Financial Update                                                                              hbehrens4@comcast.net

                                                                                                        Young Adults (Dom Baruffi)
            Thank you, Cheerful Givers! It             Please remember your financial                        Sundays 7:00 pm
           is through your generous gifts              contributions can be given Sunday                      570.575.4851
        that we continue to grow and                   morning during service, via our website          dominickbaruffi@gmail.com
   spread the word of Jesus Christ                     [lfachurch.org], or by mail/drop off at
   throughout our local community and the              LFAC Lincoln Avenue.
                                                                                                              Hap & Sue Hyson
   world.                                                                                                  Wednesdays 6:30 pm
                               YTD August Projection          YTD August Actual        Difference
            General Fund   $                 471,154      $             462,094    $         (9,060)

           Missions Fund   $                   40,385     $               28,693   $       (11,692)         Larry & Leslie Baruffi
                                                                                                            Wednesdays 7:00 pm
           Building Fund                       —          $               15,748            —                   856.691.9211

                                                                                                         Fenimore Group (Ed Gove)
                                                                                                             Saturdays 5:30 pm

                                                                                                           Mark & Lisa Gebhardt
                                                                                                            Thursdays 6:00 pm

                                                                                                              Greg & Angie Hill
                                                                                                              Sundays 4:00 pm

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