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					L           Handling                              Communicating                             Measurement and                         Modelling
    Pupils explore information      Pupils use ICT to work with text, images and          Pupils recognise that many
    from various sources,           sound to help them share their ideas.                 everyday devices respond to
    showing they know that                                                                signals and commands.
1   information exists in           Pupils talk about their use of ICT.
    different forms.                                                                      Pupils make choices when
                                                                                          using such devices to
                                                                                          produce different outcomes.
    Pupils use IT to organise       Pupils use IT to help them generate, amend and        Pupils plan and give             Pupils use ICT to explore what
    and classify information        record their work.                                    instructions to make             happens in real or imaginary
    and to present their                                                                  things happen and                situations.
    findings.                       Pupils talk about their experiences of ICT both       describe the effects.
2                                   inside and outside school.
    Pupils enter, save and
    retrieve work.                  Pupils share ideas in different forms, including,
                                    text, tables, images and sound

    Pupils use ICT to save          Pupils use ICT to generate, develop, organise         Pupils use sequences of          Pupils make appropriate
    information and to find and     and present their work.                               instructions to control          choices when using ICT-based
    use appropriate stored                                                                devices and achieve specific     models or simulations to help
3   information, following          Pupils share and exchange ideas with others.          outcomes.                        them find out and solve
    straightforward lines of        Pupils describe their use of ICT and its use                                           problems.
    enquiry.                        outside school.
    Pupils understand the           Pupils add to, amend and combine different            Pupils use IT systems to         Pupils use IT-based models and
    need for care in framing        forms of information from a variety of sources.       control events in a              simulations to explore patterns
    questions when collecting,                                                            predetermined manner and         and relationships, and make
    finding and interrogating       Pupils compare their use of ICT with other            to sense physical data.          predictions about the
    information.                    methods and with its use outside school.                                               consequences of their
    Pupils interpret their          Pupils use ICT to present information in different
    findings, question              forms and show they are aware of the intended
    plausibility and recognise      audience and the need for quality in their
    that poor-quality information   presentations.
4   leads to unreliable results.
                                    Pupils exchange information and ideas with
                                    others in a variety of ways, including using email.

    Pupils select the               Pupils use IT to structure, refine and present        Pupils create sequences of       Pupils explore the effects of
    information they need for       information in different forms and styles for         instructions to control events   changing the variables in an
    different purposes, check       specific purposes and audiences.                      and understand the need to       ICT-based model.
    its accuracy and organise it                                                          be precise when framing
    in a form suitable for          Pupils exchange information and ideas with            and sequencing instructions.
    processing.                     others in a variety of ways, including e-mail.
                                                                                          Pupils understand how ICT
5                                   Pupils discuss their knowledge and experience         devices with sensors can be
                                    of using ICT and their observations of its use        used to monitor and
                                    outside school.                                       measure external events.

                                    Pupils assess the use of ICT in their work and
                                    are able to reflect critically in order to make
                                    improvements in subsequent work.

     Pupils use complex lines of    Pupils present their ideas in a variety of ways       Pupils develop, try out and      Pupils use ICT-based models to
    enquiry to test hypotheses.     and show a clear sense of audience.                   refine sequences of              make predictions and vary the
                                                                                          instructions to monitor,         rules within the models.
                                    Pupils discuss the impact of ICT on society.          measure and control
6                                                                                         events, and show efficiency      They assess the validity of
                                    Pupils develop and refine their work to enhance       in framing these instructions.   these models by comparing
                                    its quality, using information from a range of                                         their behaviour with information
                                    sources.                                                                               from other sources.

    Pupils select and use           Pupils combine information from a variety of          Pupils use ICT to measure,
    information systems suited      ICT-based and other sources for presentation to       record and analyse physical
    to their work in a variety of   different audiences.                                  variables and control
    contexts, translating                                                                 events.
    enquiries expressed in          Pupils take part in informed discussions about
    ordinary language into the      the use of ICT and its impact on society              Pupils design ICT-based
7   form required by the                                                                  models and procedures with
    system.                         Pupils consider the benefits and limitations of       variables and control events.
                                    ICT tools and information sources and of the
    Pupils identify the             results they produce, and they use these results
    advantages and limitations      to inform future judgements about the quality of
    of different information-       their work.
    handling applications.
    They design successful          They take part in informed discussions about the      Pupils design and
    ways to collect and prepare     social, economic, political, legal, ethical and       implement systems for
    information for processing.     moral issues raised by ICT.                           others to use.

8                                   Pupils independently select appropriate               When developing systems
                                    information sources and ICT tools for specific        that respond to events,
                                    tasks, taking into account ease of use and            pupils make appropriate use
                                    suitability.                                          of feedback.

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