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27 march 1513: what better day than palm Sunday for the lord to grace us with
such a finding. Mr. Charles V. Will not be sorry he picked me Ponce De Leon
to go and explore the island of bimini , with full jurisdiction might I add, because
I, along with my men, have also found new land!! While looking out from the bow
I and my men spotted the cost of this amazing new land. At the sight of this land
I wanted to jump ship and swim to it but I refrain. I will name this land .
Pascua De Florda. We are looking forward to searching this land, No doubt
filled with hostile natives and strange foreign bests , but we shall overcome them .
Whoever resists us will be silenced for we are the greater humans. We will soon
be on that land exploring and calming it for Spain!

                                                    Ponce De Leon.
30 March 1513: my mind is playing tricks on me. Making the land look farther
and farther away. I do not know how much patience I have left , I pray the lord
will give me more for I have fantasized about jumping off this ship and swimming
to the shore. Thank the lord I have refrained, however sitting in my office day
after day being silently tortured by the thought of someone other than us getting to
this land before us. I must remember I am not the only being on this ship that has
become ridden with impatience. My men have become all but hostile with
anxiousness. Everything about this island is tempting drawing us in. one part of
my mind is telling me that iff I step foot on that land I will die. Do I push this
feeling aside or let these thoughts get the better of me?

                                                             Ponce De Leon

  Ponce de leon dyed after being attacked by natives on the cost of florda

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