Muscle power (Moving muscles) by hamada1331


									Moving muscles

Muscle power                                                             Stamina
                                                                         If you have stamina, you
                                                                         can keep going for a long
The more you use your muscles,the                                        time without getting tired.
                                                                         Exercise that makes you feel
better they get. Active games and                                        out of breath, like running,
exercise make your muscles larger,                                       improves your stamina.
stronger, and more flexible. They also
help you keep going without tiring.
                                          When you’re flexible,
                                          your joints and muscles can
                                          move freely and your body
                                          can bend and straighten
                                          easily. Exercise that
                                          stretches your body, such
                                          as gymnastics or dancing,
                                          improves your flexibility.

This contortionist has made her body
more flexible by doing exercises that                              Pushing, pulling, and lifting make
stretch her back.
                                                                   your muscles bigger and stronger.
                                                                   Bodybuilders lift heavy weights over
                                                                   and over again until their muscles
                                                                   are enormous.

                                                                  You  need strong muscles
                                                                    to win a tu
                                                                                   an expert ...
                                                                                   on how your heart
                                                                                   works, pages 50-51
                                                                                    on healthy food,
                                                                                    pages 106-107

                                  What happens to muscles if you don’t exercise?
                                                                            Muscle power
                           Muscle food                                  Ways to keep fit
                           To build strong muscles,                     Exercise is very good for
                           you need a type of food                      your health. As well as
                           called protein. Meat,                        making your muscles
                           fish, beans, milk, and                       bigger, it strengthens
                           eggs are rich in protein.                    your heart and lungs.
                           Most vegetables                                     Walking to school, or
                           don’t contain much                                  going out for walks, builds
                                                                               strength and stamina.

                                                                               Football is great for
Body heat                                                                      improving your flexibility
This picture shows the                                                         and strength.
heat of a man’s body.            Chicken                                       Swimming strengthens
Muscles make heat when                                    Egg                  your heart muscle and
they work hard, which is                                                       builds stamina.
why exercise makes you                                          Beans
hot. On cold                                                                   Cycling strengthens your
                                  Fish is a very                               leg muscles and builds
days, your                        good source of                               up stamina.
muscles try                       protein.
to warm                                                                        Dancing keeps your
you up by                                                                      body supple and helps
shivering.                                                                     build strength.

                                They get small and weak.                                                29

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