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					  s t.   M a r y ’ s U n i v e r s i t y   |   s c h o o L o f L aw     Spring 2012

What’s       St. Mary’s on the Bench:                    M a s t e r o f L aw s
InsIde:      Two Groundbreaking Federal Judges           On Trend and On the Rise
A nOTe FROM THe deAn
Dear Fellow Graduates,

As we’ve showcased on the cover, the Fourth Court of Appeals was recently on campus hearing oral arguments

in our Courtroom. This is one example of the innovative learning and networking experiences we strive to

provide our students; another example is the clinical programs directed by Associate Dean Ana Novoa. Her

dedication to the program is paying off with exciting opportunities for students, such as Meghan Kempf, a

                                    third-year student chosen for the selective Equal Justice Works Fellowship

                                    sponsored by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation. This is the first time

                                    a St. Mary’s law student has been selected. For her fellowship, Meghan

                                    will spend the next two years at Family Violence Prevention Services as a

                                    domestic violence litigation attorney.

                                    As you will read in this issue, I visited India this semester related to our

                                    evolving LL.M. program. I’ve also traveled around the state visiting new

                                    Law Alumni Association chapters in Laredo and El Paso, which are in

                                    addition to our new San Antonio chapter. If you haven’t already, I encourage

                                    you to join your local chapter and get to know our new Director of Alumni

                                    Relations and Development Collanne Bramblett West ( J.D. ’10).

                                    For those who may not have heard, the St. Mary’s University Board of

                                    Trustees in February appointed Thomas Mengler, J.D., as the University’s

                                    13th president. While he will not be officially on board until June 1, Tom

has already visited the St. Mary’s campus several times, getting to know the people and traditions of our great

University. A double graduate of the University of Texas (masters in philosophy and juris doctor), Tom currently

serves as Dean of the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, where he also holds the Ryan

Chair in Law. Please join me in both congratulating and welcoming Tom Mengler and his family to St. Mary’s.

Enjoy reading Law Notes, come back to St. Mary’s often and keep up the good work in your lives and



Charles E. Cantú ( J.D. ’64)

Dean and South Texas Distinguished Professor of Law
   St. Mary’s on the Bench: Two Groundbreaking Federal Judges
     Hawaii’s Longest-serving Judge to step down                                          A Leader in Laredo
          This summer, U.S. District Court Judge David Alan Ezra ( J.D. ’72),                   The St. Mary’s School of Law is proud to claim one of the
      will take senior status at the age of 65. In his almost 25-year career as             country’s newest federal judge as one of its own. Marina Garcia
                                    a federal judge, Ezra logged many firsts in                                          Marmolejo ( J.D. ’96) was nominated
                                    his home state of Hawaii.                                                            to the U.S. District Court by President
                                        He was nominated to the U.S.                                                     Barack Obama and confirmed in June
                                    District Court for the District of Hawaii                                            2011.
                                    by President Ronald Reagan and was                                                       Marmolejo was born in Nueva
                                    confirmed in 1998 as the youngest federal                                            Laredo, Mexico, and became a U.S.
                                    judge in the state’s history. Now, he is the                                         citizen in 1995. She graduated cum
                                    longest-serving active federal judge in state                                        laude from St. Mary’s University
                                    history. He was the first from Hawaii to                                             School of Law in 1996. While at
                                    serve as president of the Ninth Circuit                                              St. Mary’s, she was an associate editor
U.s. District court Judge           U.S. District Judges Association, and the       Marina Garcia Marmolejo’s            of the St. Mary’s Law Journal and
David alan ezra (J.D.               first and only Hawaii judge to be elected a     (J.D. ’96) appointment               concurrently earned a master’s degree
’72), the longest-serving           member of the Judicial Conference of the        to the federal bench was             in international relations.
active federal judge in             United States.                                  celebrated in March at the               Before joining the federal bench,
hawaii’s history, spoke at              Ezra grew up in Hawaii, attended            kickoff reception of the Laredo      Marmolejo was a partner in the
a st. Mary’s school of Law                                                          chapter of the st. Mary’s Law
                                    Chaminade University (then called                                                    firm of Reid Collins & Tsai LLP in
commencement in 2010.                                                               alumni association.
                                    Chaminade College) and the University of                                             Austin. Prior to private practice, she
      Hawaii, before coming to the mainland to graduate magna cum laude                     was a federal prosecutor and public defender, beginning her legal
      with a bachelor’s of business administration degree from St. Mary’s                   career as an assistant federal public defender in the Western
      University. He then graduated first in his class at St. Mary’s School of              and Southern Districts of Texas. She prosecuted hundreds of
      Law.                                                                                  public corruption, money laundering, illegal narcotics and human
          After his military service, Ezra began his legal career as a partner              trafficking as an assistant U.S. attorney.
      in the firm of Anthony, Hoddick, Reinwald & O’Connor in 1976,                             Utilizing her unique skill set as a native Spanish speaker and a
      focusing on construction litigation, and in 1980, he formed Ezra,                     sharp prosecutor, she often worked with witnesses and clients in
      O’Connor, Moon & Tam. Since 1978, he has taught courses in Legal                      foreign countries in preparation for U.S. litigation. She frequently
      Remedies and Federal Courts at the University of Hawaii.                              taught trial advocacy skills to foreign prosecutors and agents
          A nationally respected judge, Ezra has worked in several other                    on behalf of the Department of Justice’s Office of Overseas
      districts with the permission of the Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit                 Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training.
      and the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Currently, Ezra is the                   At age 29, she prosecuted a complex corruption case against
      vice president of the U.S. Federal Judges Association. As Senior U.S.                 several Laredo public officials and their family members in a five-
      District Judge, Ezra will travel to other districts in need of experienced            week jury trial that resulted in unanimous guilty verdicts against
      federal judges and have more power in selecting the cases he oversees.                all defendants. For her work on that case and several other public
          In Hawaii, he has ruled over some of the state’s most controversial               corruption cases, Marmolejo was honored by the Executive Office
      cases including a fishing case brought by Earthjustice Legal Defense                  of the Department of Justice with one of its most prestigious
      Fund on behalf of the Center for Marine Conservation and Turtle                       awards, the Attorney General’s Director’s Award for Superior
      Island Restoration Network against the National Marine Fisheries                      Performance.
      Service. The plaintiffs charged the agency with violating the National                    Among her many recognitions, she was named to Hispanic
      Environmental Policy Act by not protecting endangered sea turtles                     Business’s 100 Influential-Thought Leaders 2010 list, Immigration
      from long line fishing, which was killing turtles. Ezra ruled for                     and Customs Enforcement’s 2007 Outstanding Service Award,
      the plaintiffs and was in turn picketed by the fishing industry. On                   Drug Enforcement Administration’s 2006 Outstanding Service
      the docket for this fall, he has a high profile death penalty trial                   Award and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Recognition of
      involving the parents of a murdered 5-year-old. Hawaii has no capital                 Outstanding Prosecutorial Skills 2006.
      punishment law in place which might increase the drama in this case.

                                                                                                                                                 law notes | p.1
                  Master of Laws:   on trend
                                    on the rise

                                    Sometimes staying on the
                                    cutting edge of legal
                                    education means taking a
                                    fresh look at programs that
                                    have been around for a while.
                                    Along that line, the School
                                    of Law has begun revamping
                                    a sometimes overlooked, but
                                    important, sector of the law
                                    school: the Masters of Laws
                                    Program (LL.M.).

                                        This February, School of Law Dean Charles
                                    Cantú traveled with Winston Erevelles,
                                    Ph.D., Dean of St. Mary’s School of Science,
                                    Engineering and Technology, and Preyal Shah
                                    ( J.D. ’08), Associate Director of Academic and
                                    Student Affairs, on a diplomatic tour of India to
                                    explore the school’s options in recruiting Indian
                                    students to study at St. Mary’s in the Masters of
                                    Laws Program.
                                        “India offers an exciting opportunity for us,”
                                    Cantú said. “More Indian students are taking jobs
                                    with American companies doing business in India
                                    than ever before. This requires more knowledge
                                    of our legal systems and how they work. These
                                    students are looking to study in the U.S., and
                                    we would like to encourage them to come here
                                    to St. Mary’s. We have not reached out to this
                                    market before, and I’d like to change that.”
                                        Cantú most recently broadened the School
                                    of Law’s borders by creating the Institute on
                                    Chinese Law and Business in Bejing, which

p.2 | law notes
       right: Cantú speaks to law school
                  faculty in New Delhi.
               beloW: Indian law school
           students discuss St. Mary’s with
                      Cantú in Hyderabad.

starts its third year this summer. And              “A stronger LL.M. program will be              both public and private international law as
while he has experience navigating the           mutually beneficial to all involved,” agreed      well as a number of comparative courses. The
complex waters of international educational      Chenglin Liu, Co-director of St. Mary’s           American Legal Studies option is designed
partnerships, doing educational bidding with     LL.M. Programs and Professor of Law.              for graduates of foreign law schools to
India is a complicated business. American        “Students who have already completed a            enhance their understanding of the American
administrators must do some meeting-and-         law school education have experience and          legal system.
greeting of Indian officials and diplomats to    knowledge that enriches the classroom                 Many graduates of LL. M. programs have
pave the way for schools to be considered an     environment and can be mentors to students        different goals than those earning a juris
acceptable destination and for visas to become   in earlier phases of their legal careers.         doctor. International students generally study
approved. That is what Cantú, Erevelles and      International students have a new perspective     here and return to their native country to
Shah were doing in India in February—            that is invaluable in the classroom setting.”     practice. Most American students earning
touring universities and law schools, meeting       Many American law schools offer LL.M.          master of laws degrees are concentrating on a
dignitaries and even participating in a press    programs in specialties such as Global Health     specialty or planning an academic career.
conference.                                      Law, Taxation and Regulation, Family Law              St. Mary’s law school faculty also has
   This was part of the preparation and          or Intellectual Property Law. In some schools     approved a new International Criminal Law
refurbishment of the LL.M. Program,              LL.M. degrees do not require a specialization,    program. It is under review by the American
consistent with St. Mary’s Vision 2012, which    but students must take as many as 26 hours of     Bar Association and once it is approved, it
calls for both expanding the borders of the      legal courses. Currently, St. Mary’s offers two   will be the third LL.M. degree option and
University and advancing academic quality        LL.M. degrees on either a full-time or part-      headed by Robert Summers, Professor of Law,
and innovation.                                  time basis: International and Comparative         Co-director of St. Mary’s LL.M. Program
   “By putting more emphasis on the LL.M.        Law and American Legal Studies.                   and Co-chair of the International Legal
Program, we are opening new doors for our           The International and Comparative Law          Studies Program.
law school and our students,” Cantú said. “We    program is designed primarily for U.S. or             As St. Mary’s prepares to double—or
have a lot to offer students from India and      foreign-trained attorneys who already have a      even triple—the size of the program, which
China and in return, they have a lot to offer    law degree and want specialized training. This    currently has 14 students, much must be done
our students.”                                   program includes a comprehensive offering of      behind the scenes, from allocating faculty
                                                                                                    advisers to adding courses.
                                                                                                        For international students, the law school
                                                                                                    locates housing and strives to provide
                                                                                                    social outlets and peer groups to ease their
                                                                                                    transition, lower their stress and better their
                                                                                                    educational experience.
                                                                                                        “We are working to get organized for
                                                                                                    an influx of new students,” Liu said. “This
                                                                                                    is different than adding 15 new first-year
                                                                                                    students or transfers, where we have had
                                                                                                    those provisions in place for years. The needs
                                                                                                    of LL.M. students are more taxing on our
                                                                                                    faculty and staff. They need more mentoring.
                                                                                                    We provide that, and many times, we also
                                                                                                    need to provide the basics of living in a new
        By putting More eMphasis on the LL.M. Program, we are                                       country.” ■
        openinG new Doors for our law school and our students.”
                                                                         - Dean charles cantú

                                                                                                                                        law notes | p.3
         CAMPUs BRIeFs

                                                                                                          process to daily life, including a live mock
                                                                                                          trial competition.
                                                                                                              As part of the symposium, the Chicano
                                                                                                          Civil Rights Banquet celebrated the life
                                                                                                          and work of the late José A. Cárdenas,
                                                                                                          Ed. D., with the Lifetime Achievement
                                                                                                          Award. Cárdenas, whose groundbreaking
                                                                                                          educational theories were instrumental in
                                                                                                          many Chicano civil rights cases, argued
                                                                                                          before the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Courts
                                                                                                          of Appeal and District Courts throughout
                                                                                                          the Southwest, including the landmark case
                                                                                                          of Keyes v. School District No. 1.
                                                                                                              Additionally, the Intercultural
                                                                                                          Development Research Association was
                                                                                                          given the Chicano Civil Rights Award.

                                                                                                          Bar foundation
                                                                                                          adds professor
                                                                                                              St. Mary’s Professor of Law Bernard D.
                                                                                                          Reams Jr., Ph.D., was recently elected to
                                                                                                          membership in the Texas Bar Foundation.
          st. Mary’s faculty aLi members from back left: robert hu, ph.D.; Gerald reamey;                 One of the highest honors that can be given
          Michael ariens; Bernard reams, ph.D.; front: vincent Johnson; cantú; David schlueter;           to a member of the State Bar of Texas, less
          and colin Marks.                                                                                than one percent of Texas attorneys are
                                                                                                          invited to be Texas Bar Foundation Fellows.
                                                                                                          Nominations are based on outstanding
         aLi elects new Members                          litigation. Marks earned his bachelor’s degree
                                                         from the University of Missouri and his juris    contributions to the legal profession and a
                                                         doctor from the University of Houston Law        commitment to the community.
            St. Mary’s School of Law professors
                                                         Center.                                              Reams is Co-director of the St. Mary’s
         Robert H. Hu, Ph.D, and Colin P. Marks,
                                                             Other St. Mary’s law faculty who are         Institute of World Legal Problems, a guest
         and graduate Kathryn A. Stephens ( J.D.
                                                         ALI members are Michael Ariens, Vincent          professor at Leopold-Franzens University of
         ’04), a partner in the San Antonio law firm
                                                         Johnson, Geary Reamey, Bernard Reams Jr.,        Innsbruck, Austria, and a visiting research
         Clemens & Spencer, have been elected
                                                         and David Schlueter. St. Mary’s graduates        fellow at the Max Planck Institute for
         to membership in the American Law
                                                         who are members of ALI are Dean Charles          Foreign and International Private Law in
         Institute (ALI). Widely considered the most
                                                         E. Cantú, Texas Supreme Court Justice Paul       Hamburg, Germany. He is a member of the
         prestigious law reform organization in the
                                                         Green, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals           American Law Institute, the American Bar
         United States, ALI generates scholarly work
                                                         Judge Barbara Hervey, Fulbright & Jaworski       Foundation, the American Society of Law,
         to clarify and modernize the law. This year,
                                                         LLP partner Robert Newman, Michael S.            Medicine and Ethics, and the Order of the
         52 new members were elected, raising its
                                                         Goodrich, partner at the firm of Goodrich        Coif.
         membership to 4,330.
                                                         Postnikoff Albertson & Petrocchi LLP, and            Reams, who also has degrees from
            Hu is a professor, Director of the
                                                         former Chief Justice of the Second Court         Lynchburg College and Drexel University,
         St. Mary’s Sarita Kenedy East Law Library
                                                         of Appeals and partner at Kelly Hart &           earned his juris doctor at the University of
         and Co-director of the Institute of Chinese
                                                         Hallman John Hill Cayce Jr. ( J.D. ’82).         Kansas and his doctorate at Saint Louis
         Law and Business. He specializes in library
                                                                                                          University. He is an expert in medical
         information management and Chinese
                                                                                                          jurisprudence and bioethics, as well as
         intellectual property law. Hu earned degrees
         from Beijing University and the University
                                                         10th Minority pre-Law                            education law and policy.
         of Illinois. He joined the St. Mary’s School    symposium held
         of Law faculty in 2005.
                                                            The School of Law and the Center
                                                                                                          west new alumni Director
            Marks specializes in commercial and
         corporate law, teaching and writing on          for Latina/o Legal Studies held the 10th            Collanne Bramblett West ( J.D. ’10) has
         commercial law, contracts and business          Minority Pre-Law Symposium for high              joined the School of Law as Director of
         associations. Marks came to St. Mary’s in       school and college students this March.          Alumni Relations and Development. She is
         2006 from the Houston firm Baker Botts,         About 300 students from across the state         a dual graduate of St. Mary’s, earning her
         where he concentrated on commercial             spent a day on campus learning about the         Bachelor of Arts degree in 2006 as well as
                                                         law school experience from the application       her juris doctor.

p.4 | law notes
the fourth court of appeals heard oral arguments in two cases on campus this spring (as seen on the cover). pictured here are the
fourth court Justices with the 12 finalists for the alma L. Lopez woman in Law Leadership award, which was won by adriane Meneses,
an evening student who is currently the top student of her class.

    West worked as a briefing attorney for the
Hon. Marialyn Barnard ( J.D. ’92), Fourth Court
                                                     free cLe series for alumni                         sponsored by the Offices of Career Services and
                                                                                                        Alumni Relations and Development as a service
of Appeals. During law school, she served on the        St. Mary’s is offering a new Alumni             to alumni. Visit the School of Law’s website at
editorial board of the St. Mary’s Law Journal as     CLE Webinar Series. The series will include to register.
Symposium Editor, and was a member of the            quarterly webinars available to alumni to watch
Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity. She also interned
for the Hon. Edward C. Prado, U.S. Court of
                                                     free of charge from their offices or homes on
                                                     their lunch hours.
                                                                                                        cantú honored
Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The El Paso native       The first session was held recently and         by Marianists
comes from a line of St. Mary’s School of Law        presented by Juliana Ashley ( J.D. ’91), a
graduates including her parents, the Hon. Mary       professional coach. The next webinar, Inside the      This semester, St. Mary’s University
Anne Bramblett ( J.D. ’81) and Coll Bramblett        Mind of an Appellate Justice, will be presented    honored Dean Charles E. Cantú ( J.D. ’64)
( J.D. ’80), grandfather C.R. Kit Bramblett ( J.D.   by the Hon. Phylis Speedlin ( J.D. ’83) and is     with the 2012 Marianist Heritage Award.
’75) as well as her husband, Christopher West        scheduled for April 24. It has been approved for   The award has been given since 1981 and is
( J.D. ’10).                                         one hour of CLE credit. The webinar series is      awarded to individuals who embody Marianist
                                                                                                        characteristics, express interest in Marianist
                                                                                                        Heritage, and put this knowledge into practice
                                                                                                        in their community.
                                                                                                           The Rev. Rudy Vela, S.M., D.Min., Vice
                                                                                                        President for Mission and Identity, said that
                                                                                                        Cantú embodies the Marianist characteristics
                                                                                                        of educating in family spirit, educating for
                                                                                                        formation in faith, educating for justice and
                                                                                                        peace and educating for adaptation and
                                                                                                        change. He noted that Cantu’s impact on the
                                                                                                        community and in the classroom is evident.
                                                                                                        For example, the Class of 1997 honored him
                                                                                                        for providing them with excellent teaching and
                                                                                                        a spirit of involvement in law ministry service
                                                                                                        programs with a scholarship in his honor. ■

ron herrmann’s (J.D. ’59) portrait now hangs on the school of Law’s wall of honor. pictured
from left are wife Karen herrmann, ron herrmann, assistant Dean al hartman (J.D. ’73),
Dean cantu and Herrmann's daughter emilie petty (J.D. ’08).

                                                                                                                                          law notes | p.5
        KUdOs & CLAss nOTes
        ’60                                                   ’79                                                 has been named to the san antonio women’s
                                                                                                                  hall of fame.
        edward V. dylla, J.d., san antonio, finished the      Peter e. Hosey, J.d., san antonio, a partner with
        2011 san antonio rock ‘n’ roll half Marathon,         Jackson walker LLp, has been named to the San       Laura surovic, J.d., and her husband, Gregory,
        his fourth consecutive, in 2:11:47.                   Antonio Business Journal outstanding Lawyers        san antonio, were promoted to the ranks of
                                                              list.                                               Lady commander and Knight commander in
        Frank R. southers, LL.B., austin, has published                                                           the equestrian order of the holy sepulchre of
        his first novel, The Grievance Committee – Book       ’80                                                 Jerusalem, a catholic chivalric order dedicated
        One.                                                  denise Voigt Crawford, J.d., austin, has been       to supporting the church in the holy Land.
                                                              named the M.D. anderson public service visiting
        ’67                                                   professor of Law at texas tech University school    ’84
        Frank Herrera Jr., J.d., and his wife, cecilia        of Law.                                             Patricia Hubert Booth, J.d., corpus christi, was
        elizondo-herrera, san antonio, were invested                                                              invested with the rank of Lady into the equestrian
        with the ranks of Knight and Lady into the            J. Thomas Rhodes III, J.d., san antonio, received   order of the holy sepulchre of Jerusalem, a
        equestrian order of the holy sepulchre of             the pat Maloney sr. courage award from the          catholic chivalric order dedicated to supporting
        Jerusalem, a catholic chivalric order dedicated       san antonio trial Lawyers association and was       the church in the holy Land.
        to supporting the church in the holy Land.            named the Medical Malpractice Lawyer of the
                                                              year by the 2012 Best Lawyers San Antonio           J. Matthew dow, J.d., austin, managing partner
        ’70                                                   legal directory.                                    of the austin office of Jackson walker LLp, has
        Thomas M. Braniff, J.d., houston, has been                                                                been named to the Best Lawyers in America
        appointed by Gov. rick perry to the Joint interim     ’81                                                 2012 legal directory.
        committee to study seacoast territory insurance.      Patrick B. Tobin, J.d., san antonio, a partner at
                                                              Jackson walker LLp, has been named to the Best      ’86
        edward M. Johnson, J.d., san antonio, has been        Lawyers in America 2012 legal directory.            Michael L. dinnin, J.d., flower Mound, has
        named chairman of the american anti-cancer                                                                joined andrews Kurth LLp as a partner in the
        institute’s advisory Board.                           ’82                                                 firm’s Dallas office.
                                                              Mary M. Thomas, J.d., san antonio, was
        ’72                                                   promoted to the rank of Lady Grand cross in         Christopher M. Flood, J.d., houston, and John T.
        The Hon. david A. ezra, J.d., honolulu, hawaii,       the equestrian order of the holy sepulchre of       Flood, J.d. ’90, corpus christi, were selected for
        a judge of the United states District court for the   Jerusalem, a catholic chivalric order dedicated     the 2011 Texas Super Lawyers list of the state’s
        District of hawaii, will retire at the end of June.   to supporting the church in the holy Land.          top attorneys. they are partners in flood &
        Judge ezra, who is the longest-serving active                                                             flood, along with their brother charles.
        federal judge in hawaii’s history, was appointed      ’83
        to the court in 1988 and served as chief Judge        The Hon. Barbara Hanson nellermoe, J.d., san        Mary T. Green, J.d., san antonio, was named
        from 1999 to 2005.                                    antonio, judge of the texas 45th District court,    prosecutor of the year by the texas District and
                                                                                                                  county attorneys association. Green has been
        Richard G. Thomas, J.d., richardson, a partner
        at thomas, feldman & wilshusen LLp in Dallas,
        has been selected as a fellow of the american
        college of construction Lawyers.

        Joe edd Boaz, J.d., anson, has been appointed
        by Gov. rick perry as District attorney of the
        259th Judicial District in Jones and shackelford

        The Hon. Robert e. Corlew III, J.d., Milton, tenn.,
        has been elected to a two-year term as a director
        of the international association of Lions clubs.

        Jon R. Ray, J.d. san antonio, a shareholder
        with cox smith Matthews incorporated, was a
        2011 San Antonio Business Journal outstanding
        Lawyer awards honoree in the field of energy
                                                               texas state Bar president Bob Black presented the Bastrop county Bar association and its president
                                                               David M. collins (J.D. ’04), center, with a resolution honoring volunteer efforts after the Bastrop
                                                               wildfires, which included free legal clinics for a two-month period, staffed by local attorneys and
        ’78                                                    attorneys from across central texas. During the first seven days, more than 200 families and
        Lawrence A. Waks, J.d., austin, a partner at           individuals were assisted by the clinics, with more than 400 helped by the time the emergency
        Jackson walker LLp, has been named to the Best         declaration was signed, and more than 1,000 helped by the time the clinics were closed. the
        Lawyers in America 2012 legal directory.               austin county Bar association and its president David chamberlain (J.D. ’78) and central texas
                                                               wildfire League response team co-chairs Karin crump (J.D. ’97) and David courreges (J.D. ’05)
                                                               were also honored with resolutions.

p.6 | law notes
                                                                                  LAA president’s Corner
                                                                                   by David Courreges, LAA President

                                                                                       Welcome to spring at the School of Law. Flowers are blooming,
an assistant district attorney in the   ’92                                        the weather is warmer, and Fiesta Oyster Bake is well on its way
Bexar county District attorney’s
                                        The Hon. Laura Lee Parker, J.d.,           to overtaking campus. There are also a few law student-specific
office for 25 years.
                                        san antonio, judge of the texas            benchmarks that signal the start of spring: 1L moot court
’87                                     386th District court, has been             competitions, finals preparation and the frantic search for summer
                                        appointed by Gov. rick perry to the        employment. As the spring moves forward and quickly gives
The Hon. Carol Villarreal Bush,         texas Juvenile Justice Board.
J.d., waxahachie, county Judge                                                     way to summer, student dread of moot court briefs and finals will
of ellis county, has been appointed                                                be left behind; however,for many, the worry of securing summer
by Gov. rick perry to the texas         ’94                                        employment will not.
Juvenile Justice Board.                                                                Their worry is valid, not because of the task, but because
                                        Alison J. Logan, J.d., corpus
                                        christi, is chief of the litigation        of the increased importance of hands-on legal education. In a
’88                                                                                former lifetime, budding young lawyers commonly entered into
                                        division of the city of corpus
elizabeth Caples Rogers, J.d.,          christi city attorney’s office.            apprenticeships that allowed them to learn local law, customs and
austin, is chief privacy officer for
                                                                                   practices while under the watchful eye of mentors. Though the
the texas comptroller of public         david s. Morales, J.d., austin,
                                                                                   concept is not extinct, it is becoming significantly less common.
                                        is general counsel to the texas
                                                                                   Today’s young lawyers—whether they enter the practice of law as
                                        Governor’s office.
’89                                                                                firm associates, government attorneys or solo practitioners—are
Michael B. Clark, J.d., Bergheim,       Charlotte P. Youchem, J.d., corpus         expected to hit the ground running in an exercise of survival. This
senior vice president and General       christi, is a senior city attorney with    practice makes pre-graduation internships and clerkships more
counsel for the scooter store,          the city of corpus christi.                important now than ever.
was a 2011 San Antonio Business                                                        One of the many missions of the Law Alumni Association is to
Journal outstanding Lawyer              ’95                                        assist our current students and recent graduates in acclimating to
awards honoree in the field of          Yvonne M. Acosta, R.n., J.d.,              the legal community. To date, we have attempted to accomplish this
General counsel.                        el paso, a registered nurse and            through networking opportunities for both students and alumni,
                                        licensed attorney, is executive
Lt. Col. Michael d. Harbart, J.d.,                                                 sponsorships of student events and support of our local chapters.
                                        nursing officer for operations and
hattiesburg, Miss., was promoted        innovation at the University of texas      Though I am proud of the strides we have taken, with today’s job
to lieutenant colonel in the United     at el paso college of nursing.             climate we need to do more, and we need your help.
states air force reserve. an                                                           So how can you help?
attorney in the general counsel’s       Thomas L. McCracken, J.d.,                     You know the answer. Hire St. Mary’s law students. See the
office at stennis space center, he      Meridian, Miss., is an associate           stack of papers in the corner? A summer intern would be more than
is an assistant judge advocate at       vice president at citizens national
columbus air force Base.                                                           happy to organize them for you. Find yourself spending more time
                                                                                   filing documents with the Clerk’s Office than doing substantive
’90                                     ’96                                        work? A summer law clerk would be happy to file that motion for
Grace G. Kunde, J.d., seguin, has                                                  you. Need a simple document prepared? You bet they can help!
                                        Burton d. Brillhart, J.d., Dallas,
been re-elected as chair of the         has been elected a member of                   As Professor Wayne Scott famously says at the
Guadalupe-Blanco river authority,       McGlinchey stafford pLLc.                  conclusion of each class: “What questions do you
which provides stewardship for                                                     have?”
water resources in 10 central           J. Marty Truss, J.d., san antonio,             Cost? If you ask a law student, it is the experience, not the pay
texas counties.                         a shareholder with cox smith               that is needed. The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act does require
                                        Matthews incorporated, was a               that individuals, including interns and clerks, be paid a minimum
Lt. Col. Karen A. Pike, J.d., san       2011 San Antonio Business Journal
antonio, who recently graduated                                                    wage for work performed in the private sector. Current minimum
                                        outstanding Lawyer awards
from the U.s. army war college          honoree in the field of Litigation.        wage $7.25. That is less than the cost of a dry-cleaned suit and close
correspondence course, is a staff                                                  to the price of coffee.
judge advocate with the Medical         ’98                                            Why a St. Mary’s law student? Your law degree is an investment.
readiness training command.                                                        The more you cultivate that investment, the more it is worth. By
                                        elliott s. Cappuccio, J.d., san
                                        antonio, a partner with pulman             hiring St. Mary’s law students, you are helping ensure a bright
Kimberly M. Pankonin, J.d.,
omaha, neb., has been appointed         cappuccio pullen and Benson LLp,           future for them, as well as the law school. You are also increasing the
by Gov. Dave heineman as a              was a 2011 San Antonio Business            value of the parchment hanging on your wall.
judge in the 4th Judicial District of   Journal outstanding Lawyer                     How do I find a law clerk? Contact the Law School
nebraska.                               awards honoree in the field of
                                                                                   Career Services Office at 210-436-3546. Through the leadership of
                                                                                   Assistant Dean Faye Bracey, Suzanne Patrick and Alicia Mendoza,
The Hon. dibrell W. Waldrip, J.d.,
new Braunfels, judge of the texas       ’00                                        the office assists our current students and graduates in finding
433rd District court, has been          elizabeth C. Boddy, J.d., san              opportunities in a challenging legal market. They will be happy to
appointed by Gov. rick perry to         antonio, an attorney with Drought,         assist you in getting in touch with potential summer clerks.
the Governor’s criminal Justice         Drought & Bobbit, is a 2011 San                Have more questions? Feel free to contact me at any time at
advisory council.                       Antonio Business Journal “40      or 512-467-6060. As always, thank you for
                                        Under 40” honoree.                         your time and your dedication to the St. Mary’s University School
                                                                                   of Law.

                                                                                                                                      law notes | p.7
      in MeMORIAM
     1940s                                                    Heath C. Poole, J.d., college station, is   ’10
                                                              a partner at hoelscher, Lipsey, elmore      Joseph B. Baucum, J.d., san antonio,
     don F. Tobin, LL.B. ’44, died June 28, 2011.             & poole pc.                                 is an attorney with Upton, Mickits &
                                                                                                          heymann LLp.
                                                              R. Tate Gorman, J.d., Dallas, has been      sarah B. Blackstone, J.d., san antonio,
     Roland A. eisenhauer, LL.B. ’48, died Jan. 4, 2012.      named a partner at thompson coe             is an attorney with Upton, Mickits &
                                                              cousins & irons LLp.                        heymann LLp.

     1940s                                                    John P. Jennings, J.d., san antonio,        Joshua J. Caldwell, J.d., Brownsville,
                                                              has been named a partner at fulbright       is a briefing attorney with the texas
     Charles e. Biery, LL.B.’42, died Jan. 4, 2012.           & Jaworski LLp.                             thirteenth court of appeals.

                                                              ’02                                         Fernando d. Gireud, J.d., el paso, is
     1950s                                                    Rebecca A. Copeland, J.d., honolulu,        an associate with Mounce, Green,
                                                              hawaii, has been named chair of             Myers, safi, paxson, Galatzan pc.
     Frank P. Christian, LL.B. ’56, died Jan. 5, 2012.
                                                              the hawaii state Bar association’s
     William R. davis, LL.B. ’58, died sept. 26, 2011.        appellate section and has started           Cathryn Anne Ibarra, J.d., austin, is a
                                                              a five-year term on the city and            program attorney for the Legal services
                                                                                                          support Division of the state Bar of
     1960s                                                    county of honolulu’s Zoning Board of
                                                              appeals.                                    texas.

     stanley R. Baker, J.d. ’69, died July 26, 2011.                                                      Carolyn Rangel, J.d., san antonio, is
     Jeffrey M. Morehouse, J.d. ’69, died sept. 6, 2011.                                                  an associate counsel with travelers
                                                              nancy H.F. Chang, LL.M., Beijing,           insurance.
     Juan Rocha Jr., J.d. ’69, died oct. 24, 2011.            people’s republic of china, is an
     Robert H. spicer, J.d. ’67, Boerne, died March 5,        associate with Mayer Brown JsM.             Collanne Bramblett West, J.d., san
     2012.                                                                                                antonio, is Director of Law alumni
                                                              ’04                                         relations and Development at
     John R. Taylor, LL.B. ’65, albuquerque, n.M., died
                                                              M. Alexander nava, J.d., san antonio,       st. Mary’s University.
     March 2, 2012.                                           a partner in allan nava & Glander
                                                              pLLc, has been named vice chairman          ’11
     1970s                                                    of the port of san antonio Board of
                                                                                                           Preston J. dugas III, J.d., fort worth,
                                                                                                          has been named by his peers as a
     Paul s. Kendall, J.d. ’73, died Dec. 14, 2011.                                                       “fort worth top attorney” in an annual
                                                              ’07                                         survey conducted by Fort Worth, Texas
     elvis G. schulze, J.d.’73, died sept. 23, 2011.
                                                              Katherine A. Tapley, J.d., san antonio,     magazine.
     Roger e. Henderson, J.d. ’75, died nov. 17, 2011.        an associate with fulbright & Jaworski
     Henry s. Meyer, J.d. ’75, died april 1, 2011.            LLp, is a 2011 San Antonio Business         Maria Carmen Garcia, J.d., Killeen,
                                                              Journal “40 Under 40” honoree.              has opened a solo practice.
     John F. Guerra, J.d. ’77, died May 10, 2011.
     William H. Johnson III, J.d. ’78, died Jan. 30, 2012.    ’08                                         Lane Greer, J.d., austin, is an associate
                                                                                                          in the health care practice Group of
     James B. Parks Jr., J.d. ’78, died feb. 19, 2012.        Michael d. denuccio, J.d., san
                                                                                                          Brown Mccarroll LLp.
     Thomas K. Robinson, J.d. ’78, died aug. 27, 2011.        antonio, is an associate with winstead
     Linda Fay Jenkins, J.d. ’79, died oct. 15, 2011.                                                     Lesley C. Paniszczyn, J.d., corpus
                                                                                                          christi, is an attorney with the Law
                                                              Laura G. Jacobs, J.d., austin, is an
                                                                                                          offices of thomas J. henry. ■
                                                              attorney with the texas Legal services
     1980s                                                    center.
     donald F. Killingsworth, J.d.’81, died Dec. 13, 2011.    ’09
                                                              Rebecca J. Carrillo, J.d., san antonio,
     1990s                                                    along with Robert J. Hayes Jr., J.d.
                                                              ’06, and Agatha L. Rode, J.d. ’09, has
     Ralph e. Williamson, J.d. ’96, died sept. 21, 2011.      formed the law firm hayes, rode &
                                                              carrillo pLLc.

     2000s                                                    Robby d. Chapman, J.d., austin, is an
                                                              assistant city attorney with the city of
     elaine M. Ferguson, J.d. ’00, died sept. 21, 2011.       cedar park.
     shelly M. siegfried, J.d. ’03, died Jan. 30, 2012.   ■

p.8 | law notes
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