Growing up (Life cycle) by hamada1331


									 Life cycle

 Growing up                                                            What can you do?
                                                                       Do you realize how much
                                                                       work goes into learning
 As a child, you learn to walk and                                     all these amazing skills?
 talk, run and jump, go to the toilet
 alone, eat with cutlery, read and                                                   Shoelaces: At six years
                                                                                     old, most children can do
 write, and even make friends!                                                       up their own shoelaces.

                                                  Making friends                     Riding a bike: At seven,
                                                  By five years old,                 many children can ride a
                                                                                     two-wheeled bike.
                                                  children can
                                                  form friendships
                                                                                     Reading: Some children
                                                  and play                           learn to read at four, some
                                                  together. They                     at five, and some at six!
                                                  start to care
                                                  what other                         Writing: You should
                                                  people think                       write fairly clearly by
                                                                                     the time you are seven.
                                                  of them.
                                                           feature                r er..
                                                      o ur        s be
                                                                      co m e c lea
                                           a y,

               r baby fat me                                             There’s still plenty

         ou                       lt s a w                               of time to play

       y                                                                 after school

      You’re learning
      new skills such
                                   still and
      as skipping.
                                   thinking are
                                   skills too.

 Age 4-5                          Age 5-6                               Age 7-10
 By this age, a child can speak   It’s time to learn to read,           Boys and girls like different
 clearly in basic sentences,      write, do sums, and maybe             things at this age so they
 and knows many thousands         even start playing a musical          have more friends of their
      of words.                   instrument.                           own sex.
                                                  Why do you grow?
                                                                            Growing up

Hair is here!
During puberty both boys and girls
get more hair on their bodies. Boys
also start to grow hair on their faces
and may start to shave.

                   o r e like yo


                        Times when you
                        grow fast are
                        called growth

                                         During adolescence, your
                                         thoughts and feelings
                                         change as much as your

                                         What’s next?
                                         The time when you are more
Age 11-13                                than a child but not quite grown
Your body is about to start
growing very fast again. Boys
                                         up is called adolescence. Your
have their growth spurt a year           body changes a huge amount,
or two later than girls.                 which is known as puberty.
              Growth hormone, a chemical produced by your pituitary gland.          103

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