From mouth to stomach (Digestive system) by hamada1331


									Digestive system

                                     From mouth
                                     to stomach
                                     You start digesting food the moment
                                     you bite into it. As your teeth tear
                                     the food apart, enzymes in your spit
                                     begin to attack it chemically. By the
                                     time it reaches your stomach, your
                                               meal is unrecognizable.

                                                        Get a grip
                                                          Your tongue is a super
                                                           strong, flexible
                                                            bundle of muscle
                                                            that pushes food
 Seen close up,                                             against your
  your tongue is
  covered by tiny
                                                           teeth as you
 bumps and stalks
       that make its
                                                          chew. It has a
     surface rough to                                   rough surface
         improve its grip.
                                                      for good grip.

                                                  Mouth watering
                                                  The slimy liquid in
                                                  your mouth is saliva.
                                                  It moistens food to
                                                  make it easier to
                                                  chew and swallow.
                                                  Saliva also contains
                                                  an enzyme that
                                                  breaks down starch,
                                                  one of the main
                                                  ingredients in bread,
                                                  rice, and pasta.
        Tongue               Uvula
                                 What is the scientific name for burping?
                                                From mouth to stomach
                          This flap shuts
                          off your nose
                          when you

                          This flap closes      Tongue
                          your windpipe
                          as you swallow.

                                                 Swallowing is a reflex action, which
                  When your stomach is
                  empty, its stretchy wall
                                             means it happens automatically without
                  is full of folds.          you having to think about it. When your
                                                   tongue pushes food to the back of
                                                           the mouth, the swallowing
                                                                        reflex begins.

                                                                       Stretchy stomach
                                                                        Your stomach has
                                                                         a very stretchy
                                                                         wall so that it can
                                                                         expand to hold
                                                                         big meals. Glands
                                                                        in the wall make
                                                                       acid and enzymes
                                                                     that start digesting
                                                                   protein in meat.

Down the tube                                  Food leaves your
                                               stomach through a
Swallowed food gets pushed                     small ring
down a muscular tube called                    of muscle.
the oesophagus. The muscles
work so well that you would
still be able to swallow if you
were standing on your head.

                                                       Stomach action
                                                       Your stomach’s wall is made of
                                                       muscles that squeeze in ripples
                                                       to churn food about. When the
                                                       food is ready to leave, the
                                                       muscles squirt it out.
                                                              Eructation.                 87

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