Fairly hairy (Skin, nails, and hair) by hamada1331


									Skin, nails,     and   hair

                                                       Fairly hairy

                                                       Hair is mostly made of keratin, just

                              ir gr
                                                       like skin and nails. You have about

                                                       100 thousand hairs on your head
                                                       and millions more on your body.

                                       for u
                                                                                             Hair close up

                                            p to seven
                                                                                               Each hair is covered with
                                                                                                scales that overlap like
                                                                                                roof tiles. This makes
                                                                                                the hair strong and
                                                                                                protects it. Hair is dead
                                                                                              tissue, which is why it
                                                                                             doesn’t hurt to cut it.
                               years befo

                                                              What’s your hair like?
                                                              Hair grows out of tiny pockets or follicles.
                                                              The shape of these pockets controls
                                                              whether hair is straight, wavy, or curly.
                                         re it fa

                                                                    Like moulds, follicles               Slightly curvy

                                                                    shape each strand                    follicles produce
                                                    s out

                                                                    of hair. Straight hair               wavy strands
                                                                    grows out of straight                of hair.

 Head hair
 Lots of body heat escapes from
 your head, so the hair there is
   long and thick to keep your
        brain warm. Fine hairs
            cover every other
             part of you except
            the palms of your
           hands, soles of your
          feet, and your lips.
                   How many hairs do you lose from your head every day?
                                                                                     Fairly hairy
    Smooth surface                                           Colour chart
 Some men lose their
   hair as they grow                                         Hair, like skin, gets
    older. In fact, the                                      its colour from a
      hair still grows,                                      chemical called
 but it is shorter and                                       melanin. If you have
falls out more easily.
    A few people are                                         no melanin in your
   born without any                                          hair, it will be white –
      hair at all – not                                      if you have lots, it
      even eyelashes.                                        will be jet black.
                                    When you’re cold, tiny muscles
                                    pull your body hair upright so it
                                    forms a fuzzy layer to keep warmth in.
                                    When the muscles pull, they make little
                                    ridges called goose pimples.

                                                              Goose pimple

          Follicles that are very
          swirly in shape
          produce tightly curled

                                                                             Good food
                                                                           If your head is itchy, you
                                                                   may have head lice. These creatures
                                                                   cling to your hair and suck blood
                                                                   from your scalp. When you play
                                                                   with friends, the lice crawl from one
                                                                   head to another. These fussy bugs
                                                                   like clean heads best.
                                                About 100.                                           73

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