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 Express yourself
 Your face helps you communicate by showing how
 you feel. All over the world, people use the same
 facial expressions to show
 the six main emotions.

                    Surprise makes
                    you gasp for breath
                                                            When you’re surprised,
                                                            your eyebrows shoot
                                                      up, your eyes open wide,
                                                       and your jaw drops. Some
                    because the hormone
                    adrenaline makes your
                                                        people clap the side of
                    lungs work faster.                    their face or cover their
                                                           mouth as well.

 1     Happy
       In a genuine smile,
       the eyes crease and the
 cheeks rise. A smile means
 the same thing whether you
                                                                 Grumpy or angry
                                                                  people sometimes
                                                                    look red around the

 live in the Sahara desert
 or Amazon rainforest.

                                            3    Angry
                                                 An angry person’s eyebrows
                                                 move down, their eyes narrow,
                                            and their mouth closes tightly. They
                                            might also glare without blinking.
116                                          How many facial expression
                                                    are there?
                                                                               Express yourself
                                               Baby face
                                               Babies communicate                     Become
                                               with their faces                     an expert...
                                               before they learn                     on how babies
                                               to talk. They smile,                     develop,
                                               frown, and show all                   pages 100-101
                                               the main emotions.

Babies learn to mirror their parents’ smiles
from a very early age.
                                                                  5       Afraid
                                                                          Fear raises the eyelids, making
                                                                          the eyes look white. The mouth
                                                                        opens wide in horror, and blood
                                                                          may drain from the face,
                                                                         making the skin pale.

4     Sad
      In an unhappy
      face, the mouth
droops, the inner ends
of the eyebrows go up,                                                   6     Disgusted
                                                                               Wrinkles across the nose
                                                                               and narrow eyes are signs
and wrinkles appear                                                      of disgust. The sight of disgust
above the nose.                                                          in someone’s face can make
Powerful feelings                                                                  you feel disgusted too.
of sadness also
make people

          Babies can’t help crying
          when they’re sad, but older
          people may hide their tears.

                                                                      About 7000.                     117

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