Balancing act Brain and senses

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					Brain          and      senses

Balancing act
As well as hearing, ears
help you balance. Sensors
in your ears work with
                                 The three
those in your eyes,           semi-circular
                          canals deal with
muscles, joints, and feet         balance.

to let your brain know
your body’s position.               hole

Keeping track
Deep inside your ear are three
tiny tubes filled with fluid. They
detect the movements your body
is making and let your brain
know about them.

One tube is for forward and
backward movements, another
for up and down, and the
third for side to side                                         Watch your step!
                                                               Keeping your balance
                                                               while walking along
                                                               a narrow wall takes
                                                               a lot of concentration.
                                                               You are responding
                                                               to information coming
                                                               from your eyes,
                                                               muscles, and ears
                                                               at the same time.

   A jelly-like knob floats in                        The movements travel
     each tube. Inside it are                         along the hairs, through
  sensitive hairs that detect                         a nerve, to the brain.
                                 Can astronauts learn to balance in space?
                                                                                                                          Balancing act
                                                                                    Motion sickness
                                                                                 Travelling in a car,
                                                                                  boat, or plane can
                                                                             make you feel ill. Your
                                                                                 eyes tell your brain
                                                                                 that you’re staying
                                                                             still in the vehicle, but
                                                                              your body says it can
                                                                                feel movement. This
The more you

                                                                                    confusion is what
                                                                                        causes motion

                                                                               n   is the bos
                                                                          b rai                   s.

                                                        Basically, yo

                                                                                                            Muscle messages
                                                                                                            When you move, sensors in your
                                                                                                            muscles send messages to your
                                                                                                            brain. If a movement isn’t going
            e the be

                                                                                                            right, your brain will make you
                                                                                                           do things differently.
                                                                                                         The brain

                                                                                                                        g et i o i t
                    tter you will be at balancing.

                                                                                                                            First make
                                                                                                                       sure there is nothing
                                                                                                                      unsafe nearby for you
                                                                                                                     to crash into. Then spin
                                                                                                                         round and round
                                                                                                                        and make yourself
                                                                                                                             feel dizzy.

                                                     Why do you feel dizzy?
                                                     The liquid in the tubes of your ear is like water in a cup.
                                                     When you spin, it continues to slosh around for a while
                                                     even after you’ve stopped. Your brain gets confused about
                                                     which way round you are, and you feel dizzy as a result.
                                                                                   Yes, but it can take a couple of days to learn how.          47

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