Allergies Fighting disease by hamada1331


									Fighting disease

Allergies                                                  Allergens
                                                           A substance that
                                                           triggers an allergy is
An allergy happens when your body                          called an allergen.
mistakes a harmless substance for
a germ and overreacts to it. Food,                                  Wasp stings can kill
                                                                    people who are allergic
plants, dust, pets, and many other                                  to them.

substances can cause allergies.                                     Antibiotic medicines can
                                                                    give allergic people a rash
                                                                    on the skin.
                            Who gets allergies?
                            If you grow up in a large               Hair and skin from pets
                                                                    can cause an allergy very
                            family or on a farm, your               similar to hayfever.
                            immune system will get
                                                                    Moulds grow in damp
                            lots of practice against                places. Their powdery
                            germs. Some experts think               spores can cause asthma.

                            this makes you less likely              Biological washing
                            to get allergies.                       powder can cause a
                                                                    skin reaction.

Dust mites are related
                                                         Dust mites
to spiders and have                                       Millions of these tiny beasts,
eight legs.                                                       which are smaller
                                                                   than full stops, live
                                                                     in your home. They
                                                                        feed on dead
                                                                          skin. Their
                                                                             faeces are a
                                                                             major cause
                                                                             of asthma.


                         What’s the most common type of allergy?

    Poison ivy

           Poison ivy
Skin allergies                                                       A very common cause
If you touch a                                                       of allergy is a powdery
thing you’re                                                         dust called pollen which
allergic to,                                                         is made by flowers.
itchy red                                                            Pollen floats through
spots may                                                            the air and enters our
appear on                                                            bodies as we breathe.
your skin.
Poison ivy
plants, make-up,
jewellery, and clothes
                                     Skin allergies cause
can cause skin allergies.            itchy red spots that
                                     can look just like a
                                     nettle rash.
Food allergies
Foods that cause                          Peanuts can be
allergies include                         deadly to                                             Hayfever can make
                                          people with
                                                                                                your eyes swollen,
strawberries, nuts,                       a nut allergy           People who are allergic       watery, and red.
seafood, and eggs.                                            to pollen have hayfever.
These can give                                                  When they breathe in
an allergic                                                 lots of pollen, their noses
person a skin                                                   run and their eyes get
rash, a runny                                                  sore. Hayfever is worst
nose, a sore                                                     in spring and summer,
mouth, nausea,                                                when grass flowers release
and diarrhoea.                                               lots of pollen into the air.
                    Inhalers squirt out
                  medicine in a spray,
                  helping people with
                   asthma to breathe.

    People with asthma can
    find it hard to breathe.
  Their chests feel tight and
   their breathing becomes
   wheezy. Asthma can be
    caused by an allergy to
    dust mites, cat hairs, or
    other substances in air.
                                                               Hayfever.                                             81

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