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					Lungs      and   breathing

Air bags
We have to breathe all the
time in order to supply our
bodies with oxygen and
to get rid of carbon                                                                                 This flap shuts
                                                                                                     when you eat so
dioxide. We use our                                                                                  food can’t
                                                                                                     go down your
lungs to do this.                                                                                    windpipe.

                     Prepare the air                             You breathe in
                                                                 through your The air travels down
                                                                 nose or mouth.
     Before the air reaches your lungs it                                          your windpipe.

       travels through your mouth and
         nose and then goes down your                          Each lung is a
            windpipe. It gets warm and                         spongy maze of
                  damp on its journey.

                       When you breathe
                       in, your lungs stretch
                       out and take in lots
                       of air.

                                                                                     T  he diaphragm is
In and out                                                                           l ike a          e.
Your ribs and diaphragm help you to             When you breathe
breathe. Your lungs fill with air when          out your lungs
                                                squash down forcing          The muscle under your
you raise your ribcage, then empty out          all the air out.             lungs is called the
when you lower it. A muscle called the                                       diaphragm.It moves up
    diaphragm helps you do this.                                             and down as you
                             How many breaths do you take in a day?
                                                                          Air bags
                             A helping hand                       Curiosity quiz
                             Some newborn babies
                             have trouble breathing.              Take a look through
                             They are put into an               these images related to
                             enclosed cradle called              breathing. You should
                             an incubator. Extra                be able to find them all
                             oxygen is pumped into
                             the incubator for them.             in the next few pages.
The view from the
bottom of your
                           Air from your mouth
                            and nose enters your
                             windpipe, which
                             goes down your
                              throat into your
                              chest. Then it splits
                             into two passages –
                            one for each lung.
                                    The alveoli are
                                    surrounded by tiny
                                    blood capillaries to take
                                    the oxygen round the

                    Air sacs
                    Your lungs are full of tunnels
                    ending in tiny air sacs called
                    alveoli. Here, oxygen from the
                    air passes into your blood. Your
                    blood carries oxygen around
                    every part of your body.
                               About 23,000.                                          61

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