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CBRN_20100330_lores by wuzhenguang


									L-3 global security & engineering solutions
 cH e m i c A L , B i o L o g i c A L , r A D i o L o g i c A L , A n D nuc L e A r
     (cB r n ) c o n s e q u e n ce m A n A g e m e n t e x P e r t i s e

cBrn model Application and Development
l-3 Global security & Engineering solutions (l-3 Gs&Es) is the primary developer of the
Hazard Prediction and assessment capability (HPac) software tool suite, which was developed
for the Defense threat reduction agency (Dtra). HPac is currently the U.s. Department of
Defense’s primary chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (cBrn) operational modeling
and simulation tool suite. Global solutions is also a major contributor to the Joint Efforts model
(JEm), the U.s. Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) Program of record for cBrn modeling. HPac
has the following capabilities:

 • Fast running. HPac can estimate hazards from cBrn events in several minutes.
 • Forward Deployable. HPac runs on standard laptops and may be used without an internet
 • operationally suitable. HPac is capable of supporting emergency responders and analysts
    with the same tool.

H PA c tr a n s p o r t a n d D i s p e r s i o n
l-3 Gs&Es’ second-order closure integrated Gaussian Puff (sciPUFF) is the transport and
dispersion engine for HPac. l-3 Gs&Es developed and continues to improve the sciPUFF model,
which is the leading-edge transport and dispersion model in use today. sciPUFF has the following
 • Physics-based and validated for both near- and far-term events
 • mass consistent wind fields (mc sciPUFF) tool to provide canopy
    estimation for urban areas
 • cBrn hazard transport and dispersion
 • computational efficiency achieved through an adaptive grid
 • integrated with next-generation urban models

         c 3i s r   >   government services         > am&m    >   ElEctronic systEms
                L-3 global security & engineering solutions
                 cH e m i c A L , B i o L o g i c A L , r A D i o L o g i c A L , A n D nuc L e A r
                     (cB r n ) c o n s e q u e n ce m A n A g e m e n t e x P e r t i s e

                urban modeling
                l-3 Gs&Es’ urban modeling tools were used to support the 2002 olympic Games in salt lake city,
                Ut, and have been used by the DoD in recent operations. additionally, l-3 Gs&Es is developing
                tools to assist cBrn consequence management within urban environments. this includes:
                 • integrating an urban dispersion model into HPac
                 • Developing physics-based operational urban
                     models for operational use with current
                 • Using next-generation cBrn tools for
                     operational support

                operational support
                l-3 Gs&Es personnel have supported the U.s.
                Government during recent conflicts, exercises, and
                high-profile public events, such as:
                 • 2000 Presidential inauguration
                    – Deployed urban tools
                    – Provided training and 24-hour support
                 • toPoFF 2000 and y2K
                    – trained and cleared personnel
                    – Provided 24-hour expert support
                 • air strike targeting
                    – Provided support for allied Force
                    – Provided support for Desert Fox
                 • olympic Games in atlanta, Ga; sydney, australia; and
                     salt lake city, Ut
                    – Provided support from planning through execution                                          For more information, please
                 • cBrn training                                                                                contact:
                    – Provided monthly courses for Dtra
                                                                                                                l-3 Global security & Engineering solutions
                                                                                                                3750 centerview Drive
                                                                                                                chantilly, Va 20151

                L-3. Headquartered in new york city, l-3 communications is a prime contractor in aircraft modernization and
                maintenance, c3isr (command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) systems and
                government services. l-3 is also a leading provider of high technology products, subsystems and systems.

                this material is l-3 Gs&Es general capabilities information and does not contain any controlled technical data as defined
                within the international traffic in arms regulations (itar) or Export administration regulations (Ear).


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