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									                      How A Single Parent Can Save Money?

Being a single parent is a huge responsibility and is no easy task. You have to maintain a home,
take care of your children and their needs and take care of yourself all on your own. As a single
parent, you need to be able to not just manage your time wisely but more importantly, you need
to be able to budget your financial expenses sensibly. Money is the problem single parents
usually encounter. They are usually scared of an untoward and unfortunate event happening,
they cannot go impulse buying and they cannot just do and go whatever and wherever they
wish because their financial savings will be threatened. Listed below are some of the money
saving tips for single parents that can help make their lives a bit easier.

1. Always Act on Your Priorities and Never Based on Your Impulse

When you need to go shopping for you and your child, always remember the things that you
only need to buy, moreover, always take the time to weigh the things which are more important.
As a single parent, you should know how important money it is, thus, you should spend it as
frugally as possible. Prioritizing is very important, these priorities are normally the food, home,
clothes and education.

2. Consider Shopping Elsewhere

When you are a single parent, you will always look for ways on how to save without sacrificing
your own needs as well. Of course, you will also need clothes, appliances and other furniture,
however, try considering visiting thrift stores which can let you save more money. This saved
money can be used for other expenses that you will need. Moreover, always be on the lookout
for the best deals and sales and take advantage of them. This will also help in improving your
free credit scores provided by the three main credit bureaus because your tendency to be
engaged in debt will decrease.

3. Opt for the Different Transportation Modes

Whenever possible, opt to use the public transportation. Try relocating to a neighbourhood
which is near to your work place and is accessible to a lot of stores and malls to avoid taking out
your car every time you need to go out. This will save you from spending a lot on your car
insurance, maintenance costs and gas expenses.

If relocating and public transportation are not options, always maximize your trips and make the
most out of them. Try completing all your tasks in one trip, to avoid spending more on your gas

4. Public Resources are Meant for People’s Needs

Using public resources can be huge money savers. Resources such as parks and museums
can help you save on your leisure expenses. Moreover, public libraries, parks and movie renting
stores are some of the resources that you can hook your children up with to provide them with a
healthy entertainment.
5. Bulk Buying - Spending More to Save More

This is also one of the options single parents can consider. Buying thing that are on sale and
are in bulk like groceries and toiletries can get you big discounts. Furthermore, only consider
buying things that you run out of easily.

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