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Siri gives iPhone 4S sass - PhysOrg


iPhone 4S Apple introduced a touch-screen smart phone to replace the iPhone 4 to become the fifth-generation iPhone Let's talk iPhone new conference held in the United States, California, in October 2011, Apple released this runiOS 5, the new generation of the iPhone. iPhone 4S in terms of hardware and software have been greatly improved, the new siri intelligent voice assistant and iCloud cloud services, hardware, equipped with Apple A5 dual-core processor, the front with a 3.5-inch IPS hard glass screen with a resolution of 960 � 640 pixel back-illuminated lens up to 800 million pixels. iPhone 4S divided into black and white, signed a two-year contract with the carrier, 16GB sells for $ 199, 32GB $ 299, 64GB $ 399.

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