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Consumer Choice
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independent lab test
results of the
iPhone 4S
      REPORT by Jenny Harrow

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The latest incarnation of the iPhone, the    and wirelessly. Using iCloud you can        results.
4S, was launched in early October this       synchronise photos, bookmarks and                The 8MP camera produces great
year to slight disappointment from those     your calendar, but not videos. You can      photos and videos that are of improved
expecting an iPhone 5. Having said that,     also synchronise Outlook contacts via       quality compared to the iPhone 4. It
the Choice Buy iPhone 4S is clearly one      iCloud or Gmail contacts via iTunes.        includes a new custom lens, a larger
of the best phones Consumer Choice has                                                   f/2.4 aperture and an advanced hybrid
ever tested. The main criticism we had of    Siri                                        IR filter that produces sharper, brighter
the iPhone 4 was the reception issues,       The iPhone 4S also comes with a very        and more accurate images. New
which significantly the 4S doesn’t suffer    nice ‘personal assistant’ called “Siri’.    features in the Camera and Photos apps
from thanks to a redesigned antenna. It      Siri is able to recognize speech and also   give you instant access to the camera
is still very expensive and can be bought    understand semantics. This means            right from the lock screen, and you can
from the apple website for €599 for          that if you ask ‘Do I need an umbrella      also use the volume-up button to quickly
the 16GB version, €699 for the 32GB or       tomorrow’ it delivers the weather           snap a photo.
€799 for the 64GB version and comes in       forecast for tomorrow. If you ask ‘Where         The video sound quality is also
black or white. The new iPhone 4S isn’t      is Los Angeles?’ Siri says, ‘Here is Los    better than its predecessor. The sound
hugely different to the iPhone 4 and if      Angeles’ and shows it on Google maps.       quality with the delivered headphones
you already own the previous version         ‘I love you’ delivers funny answers like    is great as you would expect from Apple.
you can upgrade the software to iOS 5. It    ‘you can't’, or ‘all you need is love and   It’s also incredibly easy to connect to the
is available on all the major Irish mobile   an iPhone’. "What's the meaning of life’    internet and the Safari web browser is
phone networks.                              delivers ‘42’. It is possible to dictate    great.
                                             messages or emails using Siri but not
iCloud                                       to open programs or create contacts.
Externally, the new iPhone 4S looks          However, it currently lacks information     Handset: 
identical to the iPhone 4. But inside        on Ireland so can’t guide you if you’re     Calling and SMS: 
the phone the new OS has changed             looking for local shops or services yet.    Ease of use: 
quite a lot of things. iCloud is a set of                                                Camera: 
free cloud services that work with your      The test results                            Video: 
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC to       Apple says ‘it just works’ and this is a    Music: 
automatically and wirelessly store your      really easy phone to use. The layout of     Email: 
content in iCloud and push it to all your    the menus and interface are intuitive to    Internet: 
devices. The idea is that when content       use and the touchscreen is incredibly       Score: 77%
changes on one device, all your other        responsive. Battery life is also better
devices are updated automatically            than the iPhone 4 according to our test     Star ratings are out of five.

444     www.thecai.ie                                                                                       December 2011/January 2012

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