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					                                    School Wellness News
                                   Volume 1, Issue 2              March 2006

Distribute Copies to:
                                   Making It Happen! School Nutrition Success Stories
•   Superintendent
•   Principal                      As schools write their Well-   School success stories are      6.   Use fundraising activities and
•   School Food Service            ness Policy Plans, a very      divided into six chapters            rewards that support student
                                   good resource to help guide    based on the primary ap-             health.
•   Teacher Break Room
                                   nutrition policy is Making     proach used to promote
                                   It Happen! School Nutri-       healthy eating, although in     Making It Happen! gives exam-
                                   tion Success Stories, pub-     most cases schools used more    ples of schools that made more
Included in Issue                  lished by the Federal Gov-     than one of the following ap-   healthful foods and beverages
                                   ernment. Copies can be         proaches:                       available, including:
Recess Before Lunch        2       obtained from the USDA                                         • Water
                                   Team Nutrition Web site:       1.   Establish nutrition stan-
                                                                                                 •     100% fruit juices
Promote National           2                dards for competitive
                                                                                                 •     Milk
Nutrition Month                                                        foods.
                                   A key insight from Making                                     •     Cheese
Feature Broccoli as the    3       It Happen! is that stu-        2.   Influence food and bever- •     Yogurt
“Havest of the Month”              dents will buy and con-             age contracts.            •     Fresh fruits and vegetables
                                   sume healthful foods                                          •     Vegetables and dip
Cafeteria Recipe Corner    3       and beverages– and             3.   Make more healthful       •     Vegetables salads
                                   schools can make money              foods and beverages       •     Fruit salads
Fun Broccoli Activities    3       from selling healthful              available.                •     Whole grain breads
                                   options. Note that of the                                     •     Bagels
Parent Newsletter          4       17 schools and school dis-
                                                                  4.   Adopt marketing tech-     •     Trail mix
                                   tricts that reported income         niques to promote
                                   data, 12 increased their            healthful choices.         At the same time they removed
                                   revenue as a result of the                                     items such as candy, soft drinks,
                                   changes and four reported      5.   Limit student access to    sweetened drinks, fried chips,
Included in Upcoming               no change.                          competitive foods.         deep-fried foods, and snack cakes.
•   What’s new in School
•   Nutrition education ideas      MN Action for Healthy Kids Wellness Policy
    for classrooms
                                   Videoconference—March 23rd
•   Farm to school programs
    including school gardening     AFHK MN is hosting a vid-       The conference is sched-          St Cloud: Midtown Square;
    projects                       eoconference to provide         uled for 12:30 to 4 pm with       3400 First Street North;
                                   more information to assist      the following District and        Suite 305
•   School physical activity                                       State Health Department
    initiatives to get kids mov-   with wellness policy devel-                                       Duluth: Gov. Service Ctr;
                                   opment. The conference          offices:
    ing                                                                                              320 W Second St.; Rm 703
                                   will include looking at         Bemidji: 705—5th Street
•   Recipes and serving ideas                                                                        Rochester: 2116 Campus
                                   model policies currently in     NW, Suite A
    for school food service
                                                                                                     Dr. SE, Conf Rm 7
                                   place, discussion on chal-
                                                                   Fergus Falls: Building
                                   lenges and strategies for                                         St Paul: call for sites
•   Parent articles to use in                                      No.4A; East Drive
    school newsletters             overcoming them.                                                  For more info call 612/384-
                                                                   Marshall: 1400 East Lyon
Page 2                                                                                                     School Wellness News

Recess before Lunch—Make the Move in Elementary Schools
Why recess before lunch?                       Why do students eat better when            An NFSMI study found that when
                                               recess is before lunch?                    recess was before lunch, students
•   Students waste less food.
                                             Students who go to recess after lunch        ...
•   Students consumer more food and nutri-
                                             are often thinking ahead to recess and • Ate 24% more food by weight.
                                             rush to finish their lunch rather than
•   Students behave better on the play-      taking the time to eat a well-balanced • Wasted 30% less food by
    ground, in the cafeteria, and in the     meal. When students go to lunch be-            weight.
    classroom. Students eat at a more lei-   fore recess, the National Food Service    • Consumed 35% more calcium.
    surely pace because the cafeteria atmos- ice Management Institute notes, “The
    phere is more relaxed.                   lunch (these students) do consume         • Consumed 13% more Vit.A
                                             tends to consist of high-protein and      The National Food Service Management
•   Students are ready to learn upon re-
                                             high-fat foods, such as the entrée. If    Institute. “Relationships of Meal and
    turning to the classroom immediately                                               Recess Schedules to Plate Waste in Ele-
                                             students have already participated in
    after lunch so less instruction time is                                            mentary Schools.” 2003.
                                             recess, they still eat their entrée, but
                                             will also eat more foods containing
•   The students perform better in the                                                Source: Child and Adult Nutrition
                                             calcium and vitamins, such as milk,
    classroom because of increased nutrient vegetables, and fruits” (“Insight,”       Services, South Dakota Depart-
    intake and focused attention.                                                     ment of Education.
                                             Spring 2004.)

Promote National Nutrition Month ® - Hold a Nutrition Fair in your School

                                                                                      Game Booth
March is National Nutrition Month ®.      match up foods with the appropriate
The American Dietetic Association’s       serving sizes.                              Assign older grades to design and
theme for 2006 is Step Up to Nutri-                                                   man a nutrition/fitness game booth.
                                          Guess the Protein
tion & Health. Your school may                                                        Food Shelf Donation
want to consider holding an annual        Have a jar filled with dried beans and
                                          ask “How many ounces of meat does it        Create a special booth for food shelf
Nutrition and Fitness Fair during
                                          equal?”                                     donations. Have kids bring in a non-
                                                                                      perishable food or donate coins to help
Nutrition and Fitness Fair Ideas          Obstacle Course
                                                                                      prevent hunger. During March, all
Eating the Rainbow                        Use a “Go for the Whole Grains” theme       donations to Food Shelves are doubled
                                          in your obstacle course design.             in Minnesota.
Use “Eating the Rainbow” as a theme
and provide examples of colorful fruit    Dance Game Video                            Community Partner Booths
and vegetables in meals and snacks.        Set up a Dance Video Game like             Invite community partners to provide
Offer a sample of an unusual fruit or     “Dance Dance Revolution” for kids to        an interactive booth: PTA, Public
vegetable to taste test.                  try technology led fitness.                 Health, County Extension, Medical
Voting booth                                                                                 Centers, Fitness Centers,
                                          Power Panther Appear-
                                                                                             Farmer’s Market, Community
Ask participants to vote for their fa-    ance
                                                                                             Action Organization.
vorite vegetable or fruit. Post a tally   Promote USDA’s Eat
board and record votes. Use a vegeta-     Smart.Play Cam-
ble or fruit theme for booth decora-      paign. Check out the Eat                           Check out for
tions.                                    Smart.Play site at                         a National Nutrition Month ®
Sizing It Up Display                                              quiz, Teacher’s guide, and
                                          eatsmartplayhard for free                          other game ideas.
Set up a display with food models and
                                          materials and a “Power
household items to represent food por-
                                          Panther” costume for loan
tion sizes. Let participants try to
                                          to schools.
Volume 1, Issue 2            March 2006                                                                                          Page 3

Feature Broccoli as the “Harvest of the Month”
Broccoli is the featured vegetable for          •     Ounce per ounce, as much calcium         Serve it Healthy with Broccoli:
the March “Harvest of the Month.”                     as milk. Calcium is essential for        1.   Serve raw broccoli with low-fat dip.
Broccoli is a super star food packed                  The growth and maintenance of
with nutrients. One cup of raw broc-                  healthy bones and teeth.                 2.   Dice and toss raw broccoli in a
coli provides:                                                                                      salad.
                                                •     Several important phytochemicals,
•      More than                                      including beta-carotene, to boost the    3.   Serve with low-fat cheese sauce
       130% of the                                    enzymes in our bodies that detoxify           over steamed broccoli.
       Daily Value                                    and prevent the formation of cancer-     4.   Serve broccoli in pita sandwiches.
       for Vitamin                                    causing carcinogens.
                                                                                               5.   Add broccoli and other vegetables
       C, promoting
                                                •     A source of Vitamin A, potassium,             to soups, pastas, and casserole
       healing and a
                                                      folate, iron and soluble fiber, which         dishes.
       healthy im-
                                                      aid in everything from vision and
       mune system.
                                                      growth to circulation and digestion.

School Food Service Recipe Corner: Broccoli Salad
Serving Size : 1/2 cup                              Instructions                              Recipe Source: USDA
                                                                                              Meal Pattern: Vegetable
(Quantity)Yield : 50                                1. Wash broccoli. Cut heads into           Broccoli Produce Tips:
                                                      florets. Dice stems.
Ingredients                                                                                    •    Store broccoli unwashed in
                                                    2. Combine lowfat mayonnaise,                   an open plastic bag in the
                                                      sugar, vinegar, and milk. Mix                 refrigerator.
•      6 lbs. 12 ozs. Fresh broccoli                  well. Add to diced broccoli.
                                                                                               •    Cook broccoli by steaming,
•      2 lbs. Lowfat Mayonnaise                     3. Add raisins, walnuts                         microwaving or stir-frying.
•      1 lb. Sugar                                    (optional), and onions (optional)             Boiling causes some of the
                                                      to broccoli mixture. Stir to coat
•      1/4 cup White vinegar                          all pieces with dressing.
                                                                                                    vitamins and minerals to be
•      1/4 cup Lowfat milk                          4. Chill before serving. (For best
•      2 lbs. 6 ozs. Raisins                                                                   •    Cooked broccoli should be
                                                      results, chill for at least 2 hours
                                                                                                    tender enough to pierce, and
•      1 lb. Walnuts, chopped (optional)              before serving.)                              still remain crisp and bright
•      6 ozs. Red onions, sliced (optional)                                                         green in color.

Cafeteria Fun with Broccoli Activities
            Broccoli Brain-Buster                                        Broccoli Facts:
Make green table tents to put on tables.                                 People worldwide are eating over 940 percent more broc-
                                                                         coli today than 25 years ago.
1.      Broccoli is dark green. This means it is
       very high in _________.                                           Today, the average person in the United States eats 4.5
                                                                         pounds of broccoli each year.
     A.) water    B.) air   C.) nutrients   D.) green particles
                                                                         Broccoli is one of the most popular garden vegetables,
2. Broccoli provides________________.
                                                                         mostly because it is very easy to grow.
     A.) fiber   B.) calcium C.) Vitamin C      D.) all three
                                                                         Broccoli is one of the few vegetables that are available
3. Which state grows the most broccoli for the United States?            year-round that is grown in the US.
     A.) California    B.) Texas C.) Ohio     D.)Florida                 Broccoli is also known as the “Crown Jewel of Nutrition”
                                               Answers:C,D,A             because it is rich in vitamins and minerals.
                                                                         Source: California Harvest of the Month Program
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Teens and Family Responsibilities (Article for use in Parent Newsletters)
Most parents want their teenager to         are on their own.                            through on the consequences is the
share household tasks such as clean-                                                     key.
ing, washing the car, or meal prepara-
tion. They want to teach their teen-        Although there are many advantages
ager about family responsibilities by       to teens helping with family responsi-       It is safe to say that teens’ household
having them help with these house-          bility, it is often difficult to get coop-   activities and responsibilities help
hold tasks.                                 erative, cheerful help from reluctant        them to explore the general world of
                                            teens. Communication among all fam-          work, develop helping behaviors, and
                                            ily members is the key to the success        grow toward independence. Involving
There are many advantages to having         of having teens help with household          teens in household tasks provides
teens help with household tasks.            tasks. Involve the teen in the decision      families an opportunity for communi-
Teens learn about their role in the         making process. Rather than telling          cation, problem solving, role model-
family. They can see the results of         them what they should do, ask them           ing, discussion of gender roles, and
what happens when they do not follow        what they would be willing to do. An-        potential reduction of family stress.
through with their responsibilities.        other option would be to provide them
As teens become older, they can add         with a list of tasks that need to be
responsibilities that help them de-         completed and have them pick out             Prepared by Ellie McCann, Family
velop a sense of independence and           what they would like to do, such as the      Relations Specialist
self-reliance, such as meal planning,       meal planning, shopping, table setting,      Source: Positive Parenting of Teens.
shopping and preparation.                   cooking, or clean-up. Short, once-a-         University of Minnesota Extension
                                            week family meetings are extremely           Service. 1999.
An important benefit of teens helping
with household responsibility is that
it teaches them skills they will need       Finally, don’t force the issue. If the
when they have an apartment or              teen refuses to fulfill their responsibil-
house of their own. If teens are given      ity, calmly explain that there will be
the responsibility for meal planning        no privileges (car usage, friends over,
and preparation at home, they will          computer usage, etc.) until after the
know how to do these tasks when they        work is done. Again, following

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