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									IT Service Management Software – Gearing up for Global Challenges

The aggressiveness competitive business environment has given rise to expansion of business and globalization.
Further with increase in customer base, enterprises are also challenged to meet in the demands of a variety of
customers. Enterprises thus make use of the innovations in technology for a continuous upgrading of IT
infrastructure. However, with major investments in IT, enterprises also face further challenges.

These include the ability to deliver quality IT services aligned to business goals, improved service efficiency
within budge limitations, maximum return-on-investment and the ability to synchronize people, process and
technology. However, to overcome these challenges the enterprises moved away from a technology oriented IT
management to a more service-oriented one.

In an attempt to bring this change, enterprises have realised the value of managing IT along the business
necessities. Business houses, irrespective of the size tend to look towards managed IT service providers to
handle the organizational requirements with the help of effective IT service management software. However, a
successful IT service management solution will ensure a business driven method ensuring quality, agility and
performance. IT service management refers to the management of information technology (IT) systems, and
provides a work flow based configurable global platform for implementing ITSM processes across multiple
organizations and geographic locations . Being process-focused this solution takes into account process
improvement frameworks and methodologies.

IT service management tools being a web-based software ensures that service providers can codelessly
 configure as per the requirements of business verticals. Further, this software provides enterprises with
numerous ITSM application through a single solution and i includes Service Request , Incident management,
Problem and Change Management. Nevertheless the software being anywhere-anytime IT Service
Management tools solution, this has a number of features that are available as built-in application for the
software development life cycle.

With multiple input methods, this software maintains entity relations across different applications and
facilitates process automation of the built-in applications. Further, being completely web-based software, this
enables global access without any other client software. With global standards of ITIL compliance and
implementing highly demanding escalation policies to enforce business rules this maintains an automated
work flow process .

The IT Service management software that work behind secure firewalls is complete with majority of tools,
real-time dashboard for analytic reports. The user-friendly drag-and-drop configuration of the software
allows enterprises to create their own applications. This can easily integrate with external best-of-breed tools
from third party vendors as well as with other internal tools to create a seamless ecosystem

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