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									Mobile Gaming Asia: Market and Forecast
Analysis, 2nd Edition
Mobile gaming is a key value-added service (VAS) application in the Asian market where growth is expect
at 19.8% CAGR to 2017 reaching at total of USD $17.4 billion.

Mobile Gaming Asia: Market and Forecast Analysis, Second Edition is must have research for anyone
focused on mobile gaming and/or VAS applications in Asia. This report represents a comprehensive
analysis of mobile gaming opportunities in Asia. It provides insights into the mobile gaming business and
analysis of current limitations, challenges, and opportunities. The report evaluates current and future
mobile gaming technologies, new media and its dynamics with mobile gaming business. The report
includes mobile game development companies, key mobile gaming business drivers, global and Asian
gaming business prospects, prospects by country and mobile network operator.

The report provides 2012 - 2017 market value projections for Asia-Pacific (APAC), Southeast Asia (SEA),
Central Asia (CEA), South Asia (SEA), and the Middle East (ME) regions. This includes projections for
each region for Standalone vs. MMG vs. Social vs. Location Gamer and Micro Transaction Player

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Report Details:
Published: October 2012
No. of Pages: 260
Price: Single User License – US$1995        Corporate User License – US$4995

The research also addresses various demand drivers/factors including: Asian mobile gaming
demographic analysis, Asian mobile gamers game-play behavior, game-play preference and projection
analysis. Additionally, the report provides a comparative analysis of Asian mobile gaming
demography/preferences including: Male vs. Female, Casual vs. Core, "Freemium" vs. Premium, Social
vs. Traditional, Tablet vs. Mobile, Smartphone vs. Web Enabled vs. Standard Phone, Regular vs.
Irregular, Time and Money Spending dynamics.

Our 2012 Edition of Mobile Gaming Asia: Market and Forecast Analysis further expands upon the
first edition to add the following:

       Key opinions from C-level executives
       Analysis of 61 Asian network operators
      Mobile gaming prospect analysis for 27 countries
      Analysis of 27 Asia based mobile game developer/publishers
      Cases studies focusing of 11 Asian mobile gaming market launches
      Current market data and projection analysis with accompanying charts

Key Findings:

      MMG games will be the highest share by 34% of total Mobile Games in Asia by 2017
      60% mobile games in Asia will be hyper localized and 80% mobile games will be free to
      Across the mobile gaming ecosystem, spending on virtual economy/in-game transactions
       increase from current 20% to 52% level by 2017
      The Asian mobile gaming market is expected to grow by 19.8% CAGR through 2017 reaching
       USD $17.4 billion representing 50% of total global value
      Among the five regions studied (Asia-Pacific, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia), and the
       Middle East), South Asia, APAC will be top market value player
      Among 48 countries, Japan will be hold top position reaching USD $5 billion market cap by 2017
       but Bahrain will have the highest CAGR growth by 81.14%

Target Audience:

      Game Portal Companies
      Mobile Network Operators
      Game Exporter / Importers
      Social Media Service Provider
      Mobile Handset Manufacturers
      Mobile Application Developers
      Location-based Service Providers
      Brand/Product/Service Advertiser
      Game Distributors and Aggregators
      M-commerce Application Developers
      Mobile / Online Gambling Companies
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