Global Market Analysis and Forecast of Wearable Computing Devices

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					Global Market Analysis and Forecast of
Wearable Computing Devices
 Wearable systems include sensors for detecting physiological changes and often include the capability of
real-time and continuous recording. Most sensors embedded into wearable systems are placed at
specific body locations. Examples include motion sensors or monitors used to track the movements of
body segments, which are often in direct contact with the skin. Sensors may also be placed within
clothing and other person objects. Some wearable computing devices are intended for mass market
consumer usage. Google Glasses, which provides a virtual reality experience, is one such example.

Wearable computing is one of the next frontiers in ICT and represents a substantial market opportunity for
the semiconductor industry, consumer electronics companies, M2M companies, wireless communications
companies, and next generation application developers. In the fitness area alone, Mind Commerce
forecasts a $350M opportunity by 2017.

This report evaluates developments in the market for wearable computing, growth drivers, market
challenges, and revenue forecast.

Target Audience:

       Augmented Reality application developers
       Semiconductor and micro computer suppliers
       Sports clothing and general apparel industries
       Mobile and wireless communications device suppliers
       Healthcare industry including remote health monitoring
       Mobile/wireless network operators and service providers
       Next generation application developers and content providers
       Consumer electronics merchandisers and application providers

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