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					                                Special Education Research & Development: Supporting
                                Educational Excellence for Children and Youth with Disabilities

                                                                                            Michigan State Profile
The developmental, academic, and lifelong success of the nation’s 7 million
children and youth with disabilities relies on innovative research and                The National Center for Special
development. Educators and parents alike depend on the availability of                Education Research Funded Projects in
evidence-based strategies to support early intervention and special educational       Michigan:
needs of children with disabilities.
                                                                                           Currently, 2 NCSER grants are underway
Furthermore, to implement the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and              in various education institutions in
the Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind, educators are             Michigan, totaling $2.9 Million.
required by law to utilize scientifically based strategies and interventions. NCSER
research provides educators with the tools needed to meet these requirements.              Since 2006, 3 grants have been
Without this research, the field does not improve and children and youth feel the          awarded to various education
impact.                                                                                    institutions totaling $3.4 Million.

SPECIAL EDUCATION RESEARCH: DRIVING INNOVATION                                        Education Institutions in Michigan
                                                                                      Receiving NCSER Funding:
Since its inception in 2004, the National Center for Special Education Research
(NCSER) within the U.S. Department of Education - Institute for Education                  -     University of Michigan (1)
Sciences has supported over 260 research projects totaling over $440 million,              -     Western Michigan University (2)
thereby providing the special education community with a better understanding
                                                                                      Topics Researched with NCSER Funding
of how children with disabilities learn, the effectiveness of strategies and
                                                                                      in Michigan Include:
interventions, and how to assess their knowledge and skills.
                                                                                           -     Developing and testing a series of
NCSER funded grants have supported improved outcomes for children and youth
                                                                                                 working memory interventions for
with disabilities and have built a wealth of information in many areas including:
                                                                                                 elementary school-aged children
       Early intervention and early childhood special education;                                with attention-deficit hyperactivity
       Mathematics, reading, writing, and language development;                                 disorder
       Behavioral interventions;
                                                                                           -     Determining the predictive and
       Teacher quality;
                                                                                                 criterion validity of the Test of
       Autism;
                                                                                                 Integrated Language and Literacy
       Transition strategies to post-secondary education and career; and                        Skills and whether the measure
       Technology.                                                                              produces profiles of students with
                                                                                                 language or learning problems that
                                                                                                 deviate from those of their typically
In fiscal year 2011, federal funding for special education research was cut by                   developing peers
28%, leaving this program inadequately funded to fully achieve its mission.
Educators and early interventionists rely on research findings by NCSER to                 -     Developing an intervention to be
expand and enhance their knowledge, understanding, and services for children                     used with children with disabilities
and youth with disabilities.                                                                     who engage in severe problem
                                                                                                 behavior, such as aggression, self-
At a minimum, restoring NCSER funding to $71 million will help ensure special                    injury, and chronic noncompliance
   education research and development continues to address the needs of
                                                                                      This summary includes only NCSER grants that were
 children, families and educators. Although to truly address these needs, an
                                                                                      directly awarded to institutions in this state. Institutions
                         increase in funding is needed.                               in this state may also collaborate on other NCSER grants.

               Council for Exceptional Children ▪ www.cec.sped.org ▪ June 2012

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