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									Tiny Trapeze
 What is Tiny Trapeze? (8 min – explain approach hands-on interactive – remember to pass out handout) o Look and Taste (Here’s some tiny trapeze. I’d like you to look at the different products, pay attention to the appearance of the food and the packaging, and then taste them and quickly write down something that stands out to you. There are no right or wrong answers, this is just an exercise to get you engaged.  What stands out to you? _______pause____________ (Would someone like to share what stands out to them. Anyone else?) o Compare to Conventional products (Here are some conventional products. I’d like you to look at them, and even taste them to see the difference between the conventional and the T.T. Once again, please right down 1 difference that you see between the T.T. and the conventional products).

 What is a difference that you see or taste? _____pause______ (let’s share our thoughts. Could someone tell me one difference that you noticed between the conventional and tiny trapeze). o Tiny Trapeze’s Principals (So what accounts for these differences? T.T. has three principals that captures their approach to candy making – Quickly read 3 principals).  Unique and unexpected flavors (Let’s go back to these three principals, starting with the first, did anyone have a unique or unexpected flavor?)  The very best natural and organic ingredients (Let’s each take a pair of products and compare the ingredients list. Do you see the huge difference in ingredient standards?)  Unrivaled taste (Does everyone agree that there’s a real difference in the taste?)

 How Is Tiny Trapeze Different from Conventional (2 min. as we’ve already seen there’s a big difference between T.T. and conventional candies. Besides the 3 principals, what else might account for the difference – Read the differences) o All-natural and organic ingredients (As we saw earlier, T.T. only uses all-natural and organic ingredients) o Handmade – (Many of their candies are made by hand, for example the marshmallows are handmade and handcut). o Vintage Machinery (T.T. uses vintage machinery to produce it’s candies). o TASTE! (They just taste better!)  What can you do with Tiny Trapeze (Besides eating their products straight out of the package you can do lots of fun things with T.T. products). o Smores! (Have a gourmet smore by combining chocolate, a T.T. marshmallow, and a T.T. graham cracker).

o Topping (Use their candies to top ice cream sundaes, or make fun toppings for brownies or bars). o Fudge (the marshmallows make excellent fudge)  A statement from Tiny Trapeze (To close this training, I’d like to read you a statement from T.T., then I’d like each person think about that statement, and write down what that statements means to you think about . When you answer this question, you could also think about how T.T’s mission relates to your own core values). o Our products are part of our lifestyle and an extension of who we are. We believe in the importance of real food and simple and small indulgences as a way to bring pleasure to life, promoting healthy eating and living, and feeding kids right. o What does this statement mean to you? ____________pause_________________ ________ (Any questions) The last thing that I have for you is a learning log. In the blank

next to Tiny Trapeze please write something that you will remember and share with other customers and team members.

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