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					Action Plan For WaterMan St. In-Store Educator Overall Objective: Train the Waterman Store Team into the Best Trained Team in the Region
30 Days:  Get to know the Waterman TMs and learn their individual training needs  Establish a Training/Career File for each TM o Include individual goals and needs for each TM  Meet one-on-one with the Team Leaders and get their input regarding trainings  Use WFMU to train myself on all necessary classes (e.g. Good Organics Trainer module).  Set-up a clear and dependable training process o Regular classes on specific days o Schedules 3-4 weeks in advance 60 Days:  Generate grass-roots interest and excitement amongst TMs for training opportunities (In-store and Regional)  All new hires are oriented quickly and in a timely fashion  Be fully familiar with all relevant materials and polices  Document expectations and needs for the Waterman ISE program. o Review these expectations and needs with Store Team Leadership  Use expectations and needs to create a time-line of goals for the Waterman ISE program  Set up training resource library 90 Days:  Support Regional Programs  Establish 100% Participation for basic training classes o Customer Service o Sanitation o Good Organics o Safety  Create community training courses o Training courses, especially product knowledge, that can be announced to the community, and open to team members and customers  Work with individual teams to ensure sufficiently qualified trainers

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