How To Tests Diabetes By Some Household Instrument by sharifbd16


									How To Tests Diabetes By Some Household
 Some household tests can be carried out by making use of Benedict’s solution are
possible. The solution when heated with urine containing glucose gives yellow, green, or
red precipitate which indicates the severity of diabetes. Ready kits are also available in
the market for diagnosis of diabetes.

 Alternative, stripes are also available for determining the amount of glucose and acetone
in urine.These is easier to use since they do not involve heating but only dipping them in
the urine. However, the may be expensive, which is their only drawback.

  Clinically the glucose tolerance test is carried out to see the blood glucose profile and
the amount of glucose in urine when large amounts of glucose are administered orally.

  Generally 1.75 g glucose per kilogram body weight is administered orally and glucose
levels of blood at 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes are observed and sugar in urine is also
checked at the same intervals.

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