Internet_Resources_for_Efficient_Searching by zhouwenjuan


									Internet Resources for Efficient Searching

For teachers SBISD’s award-winning Library
Resources page. A guru with wonderful resources. Lists of search engines by Bernie
Dodge. Blocked by some firewalls, but still could be useful. Ways to integrate technology into

For use with students The Four Nets for Better Searching (in
Google). An interactive Flash mini-lesson,for younger
kids too. Blue Web’n has research links for
secondary subjects.

For parents To spark family discussion of Internet usage
at home. An alternative contract. Nice sites by a nice mom.

Free publications, online and traditonal Lots of free resources; sign up for notification of new
info. Not free to join but many good ideas. Subscribe for free monthly magazine. Sign up online for free newsletter. Scroll down
the main page. Sign up to receive an email about frontpage stories
nationwide. Sign up for daily “cool sites” and tips.

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