Supervisor Learning Commitment

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					For attendees at the WHF/HAD locations

TM NAME/TM ID (print)______________________________________________

I would like to attend the Supervisor Certificate Series of classes.
I have been in my position for ______________________(months/years). I understand that going to all the classes in the series is mandatory, and that not showing up for a class is treated as a “no show” for a scheduled shift, with subsequent disciplinary action. I understand that if I cannot attend a class here, that I have the option of taking the class at the Cambridge Regional Office, and that it is my responsibility to communicate my attendance issues to my ISE. I promise I will arrive at the class location at least 10 minutes prior to the class start time, so I am ready to learn at 10 am. I will make time within 2 days after each class to review the materials and commit to at least one change in the way I work to try out and practice what I’ve learned. If I have ideas about a better way the material could be taught, I will share it with my ISE and/or the class teacher.

My series class dates and subjects are:
Supervisor Certificate Program

Wednesdays from 10 am to 1 pm, West Hartford, CT Store
Date May 02 May 16 May 09 May 23 Class Moving into Supervision Authority through Communication Understanding Reports Dealing with Difficult People

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