Social Studies Review Sheet by pptfiles


									                          Social Studies Review Sheet
                               Exam on Culture
                                   Ms. Cooper

Materials in your binder:
Your Culture Web and the elements listed
Your Inspiration Culture Web
The reading packets:
      What is Culture?
      How Does Culture Work?
Your Cornell notes from each packet
My vocabulary sheets with all 17 culture words defined (from the reading)
The American Slurp and the homework questions
The Araboolies and the class review sheet (to be completed next week)
Cultural Borrowing reading and homework questions.
Review sheet questions and answers
Your index cards for each vocabulary word with definitions and pictures

Vocabulary Words and Concepts:
  1. Culture
  2. Culture Traits
  3. Ethnocentrism
  4. Enculturation
  5. Acculturation
  6. Norms
  7. Mores
  8. Folkways
  9. Laws
  11. Dynamic
  12. Invention
  13. Innovation
  14. Cultural Diffusion
  15. Subculture
  16. Non-material culture
  17. Material Culture
  18. Technology
  19. Culture Puzzle
  20. Geography

   How to Prepare for the Test:
   1. Organize all your notes in your binder making certain that you have all the
      materials you need. Check with me if there is something missing.
   2. Study the 17 vocabulary words – make sure that you can give examples for
      each. (Your examples may be from real life experiences or reading
   3. Use your index cards to test yourself on the vocabulary. Let your pictures
      help you to understand the words, not memorize them.
   4. Use the A-Z worksheets to test yourself on the different concepts (I have
      extra copies on the back table – all the time!)
   5. Test yourself using the Cornell Notes format.

Concepts to focus on:
  1. Review the culture web and understand (not memorized) the various traits
     that fall under each one.
  2. Be able to give examples of each trait and how it might be different from
     one culture to another.
  3. Understand how culture is like a ‘puzzle’ and what happens if one of the
     pieces falls apart or gets weak.
  4. Understand how the geography of any place affects parts of the culture and
     be able to give examples.
  5. Understand ALL the vocabulary words and be prepared to give real life

Sample Questions:
  1. How is culture like a puzzle? Explain and give and example of what
     happens when a government becomes weak. What other elements are
     affected? How?
  2. What is a folkway and give an example of a folkway in this culture.
  3. Cultures are dynamic. Give three ways a culture might change.
  4. What does the story of the blue jeans tell us about cultural diffusion?
  5. How is a mores different from a folkway?
  6. Describe the teenage culture and why it is a sub-culture of the American
  7. What is the difference between an invention and an innovation? Give an
     example of each.
  8. What culture word(s) can best be used to describe the story of the All
     American Slurp? Of Cultural Borrowing? Of The Aaraboolies?

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