Kiseki Matcha - The green wonder

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					Kiseki Matcha - The green wonder

More than 850 years ago the incredible health benfits of Matcha were discovered by
Buddhist Zen Monks. In Japan, this developed into a unique art of growing and
processing tea. Unlike with all other known types of tea, only the most tender green tea
leaves of the first spring harvest are ground, with the help of specially designed granite
stone mills, into the finest powder - Matcha!

Nature has created a work of art with matcha, which in terms of multitude and balance
of healthy ingredients cannot be compared to anything else. In particular, the extremely
high content of antioxidants and the variety of additional micro-and macronutrients as
well as the balance of caffeine and L-Theanine are unique in this composition. Matcha is
the only tea in the world that is consumed as a „Whole“ - The tea leaf itself in powder
form is blended with water and completely consumed. Thus, all available nutrients are
absorbed directly by the body.

Kiseki Matcha is invigorating, without irritating. Among the outstanding, health-
promoting effects are: stress reduction, weight management, strengthening of the
immune system / heart, circulation, regulation of blood pressure / digestion,
detoxification, anti-aging and performance enhancement.

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