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									                             ST. JOHN’S COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL PROFILE

St. John’s College High School is an independent college preparatory day school located in Washington,
D.C. Since it’s founding in 1851, St. John’s has based its philosophy in the Catholic and De La Salle Christian
Brothers traditions. As a Catholic school, St. John’s requires courses in Religion and stresses the significance
of traditional human and spiritual values as goals of a strong education and the foundation of life. St. John’s
is committed to an education in justice and peace, a process based on human dignity that aims at growth
in the social responsibility of each student. As a college preparatory school, St. John’s focuses its curriculum
on substantial courses in the disciplines of English, mathematics, science, foreign languages, social studies
and the fine arts. The academic demands our young men and women experience help prepare them for
what will be expected of them in the future.

St. John’s enrolls a student body that is ethnically and economically diverse. The student population of 1046
students is drawn from many communities in the Washington metropolitan area; a number of international
students are welcomed each year as well. The ethnic breakdown of the student body is as follows:
Caucasian, 55%; African American, 28%; Hispanic, 8%; Asian, 4%; other, 5%. Currently there are 260 students
in the ninth grade; 278 in the tenth grade; 240 in the eleventh grade; and 268 in the twelfth grade. The
average class size is twenty-three students. Admission to St. John’s is selective; approximately thirty-six
percent of our students receive some form of financial assistance. There are 84 faculty members, 70% of
whom hold a master’s degree or higher.

As a school dedicated to teaching students the values of St. John Baptist de La Salle, each student
participates in community service projects. Many students work through their home communities and
churches, while many others choose to serve through school-sponsored trips conducted during spring
vacation and the summer months. Students must complete 90 hours of service to earn a diploma.

Students at St. John’s must take 7 credits freshman year, a minimum of 6.5 sophomore and junior years, and
a minimum of 6.0 senior year. All students write a five page research paper in each English class senior year.
Any student who does not complete this assignment with a grade of C or better must repeat the class in
summer school before receiving a diploma. The Benilde Program is a program for students with diagnosed
learning differences. Students in this program attend regular classes and participate fully in the co-curricular
life of the school, but have scheduled time for assistance and skill building. These students are not grouped
together in one class, but are dispersed in their grade. The De La Salle Scholars Program is a four-year
academic program that provides opportunities for in-depth study, small group discussion, and
interdisciplinary, independent and experiential learning.

Requirements for Graduation:
  Religion 4 years           Laboratory Science      3 years         Mathematics            3 years
  English  4 years           Social Studies          3 years         Modern Language        2 years

Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors (Hn) courses are available in the following subjects:

AP 2 Dimensional Des. AP English                     Honors Algebra II              Honors Church History
AP 3 Dimensional Des. AP Environmental Science       Honors Algebra I/ Geometry     Honors English 9
AP Biology            AP European History            Honors American Literature     Honors French 4
AP Calculus AB/BC     AP Government                  Honors Anatomy/Physiology      Honors Pre-Calculus
AP Chemistry          AP History of Art              Honors Biology                 Honors Scripture
AP Computer Science AP Physics B and C               Honors British Literature      Honors Spanish 4
AP Drawing Portfolio AP Spanish                      Honors Calculus                Honors World Literature
                      AP US History                  Honors Chemistry
Students may only take three (3) AP classes each academic year. If a student wishes to take four (4) AP
classes they must obtain permission from the principal. All AP students must have departmental approval
and an overall GPA of 3.0 in order to qualify for the class.

There are two semesters in the St. John’s academic year. The final grade earned for a course is the average
of the two semester grades. Semester grades are determined using the following formula: Quarter 1 (40%) +
Quarter 2 (40%) + Semester Exam (20%). The following scale is used to determine letter grades:

A Excellent 100-90                      C+       Average       79-75                       F       Failure   Below 65
B+ Very Good 89-85                      C        Below Average 74-70                       W      Withdrawn No credit
B Good       84-80                      D        Passing       69-65                        I     Incomplete No credit

Students must repeat a class in which they earned an F for their final grade in the class. Students are also
eligible to repeat a class in summer school for improvement if they have earned a grade of D. In each
case, regardless of the letter grade that the student receives in the summer school class, they only earn one
additional quality point in their GPA.

It is the policy of St. John’s not to rank its students. We feel that a single determination of rank within a class
would not be representative of our students’ abilities and achievements. All classes are counted in the
calculation of the grade point average. The GPA noted on the transcript is a weighted average; one
quality point is added for each AP or Honors class.

Founded in 1915, St. John’s Honor Unit with Distinction is one of the nation’s oldest, largest, and most
prestigious JROTC programs, consistently winning top honors. The United States Congress funds the program,
with goals of developing leadership, citizenship, self-confidence, and discipline. In addition to regular
classroom instruction, cadets participate in regional and national competitions as members of Raiders, the
Drill and Marksmanship Club and Color Guard. The Regiment participates in many high-profile events each
year, such as the annual Cherry Blossom Parade. Thirty-two percent of the students participate in the JROTC

                                                   RECENT COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES

American U                               Columbia U                              Georgetown U                              C of Mary Washington
Amherst C                                Cornell U                               George Washington U                       Maryland Inst C of Art
Auburn U                                 Dartmouth C                             Georgia I of Tech                         Marymount U
Barnard C                                Davis & Elkins C                        Goucher C                                 Mass. Maritime A
Barry U                                  Denison U                               Hampton U                                 McDaniel C
Bates C                                  Dickinson C                             Hofstra U                                 McGill U
Boston C                                 Drexel U                                Howard U                                  Miami U
Boston U                                 Duke U                                  Indiana U, Bloomington                    Morehouse C
Bowdoin College                          Duquesne U                              Ithaca C                                  Mount St. Mary’s U
Brown U                                  East Carolina U                         James Madison U                           New York U
Bucknell U                               Elon U                                  Johns Hopkins U                           North Carolina A & T
Carlow C                                 Embry-Riddle                            Lafayette C                               North Carolina State U
Carnegie Mellon U                        Aeronautical U                          LaSalle U                                 Northeastern U
Case Western Reserve                     Emory U                                 Lehigh U                                  Oberlin C
Catholic U of America                    Fairfield U                             Loyola C in Maryland                      Ohio State U
Clemson U                                Fordham U                               Loyola U of Chicago                       Old Dominion U
Coastal Carolina U                       Franklin & Marshall U                   Loyola U, New Orleans                     Parsons S of Design
C of Charleston                          Gettysburg C                            Lynchburg C                               Pennsylvania State U
C of William & Mary                      George Mason U                          Marshall U                                Princeton U

 It is the policy of St. John’s not to provide information, or respond to inquiries, regarding a student’s disciplinary record. St. John’s subscribes to
                                                  the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice.
Rensselaer Polytechnic I
Rice U
Roanoke C
Rutgers U
Salisbury U
Santa Clara U
Seton Hall U
Spelman C
St. John’s C
St. John’s U
St. Joseph’s U
St. Louis U
St. Mary’s C of
St. Vincent’s C
Stanford U
Stevens I of Technology
Sweet Briar C
Syracuse U
Temple U
Trinity C
Towson U
Tulane U
U S Air Force A
U S Coast Guard A
U S Military A
U S Naval A
U of Colorado, Boulder
U of Delaware
U of Dayton
U of Florida
U of Georgia
U of Maryland
          College Park
          Baltimore Cty.
U of Mass-Amherst
U of Miami
U of Michigan
U of North Carolina
          Chapel Hill
U of Notre Dame
U of Pennsylvania
U of Pittsburgh
U of Richmond
U of Scranton
U of South Carolina
U of Southern California
U of Tampa
U of Tennessee
U of Virginia
Vanderbilt U
Villanova U
Virginia Polytechnic I
Wake Forest U
Washington C
Washington U in St.
West Virginia U
Xavier U-Ohio
Yale U

It is the policy of St. John’s not to provide information, or respond to inquiries, regarding a student’s disciplinary record. St. John’s subscribes to the
                                                    NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice.

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