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Wonderful Ideas on Office
Interior Products
   Offices are the places where, we spend a major part of our day. It’s a place where you
    have to concentrate and deliver. The environment of the office a critical point to be
    kept in mind while designing any office. If the environment and the ambience of the
    office are healthy and cozy, this will result into a better employee experience and
    enhance their productivity.

   While designing your office, it is very important that the design is according to the
    kind of business you are into. As in, if you are into engineering products, you can keep
    your office interiors subtle. But, if you are into entertainment, you got to have a funky
    office that is vibrant and colorful. Here are a few wonderful ideas on office interior

   LIGHTS – Lighting and ventilation tops the priority list when thinking about office
    décor. Proper light and ventilation activates the environments and gives a feeling of
    freshness all the time. Also, proper lighting in office helps the employees to work
    without stressing their eyes. So, every desk should have ample lighting. Place
    windows and doors in a way that they support cross ventilation and provide ample of
    light to every corner of the interior products. Sunlight also helps the environment free
    from bacteria.
   FURNTIURE - Another important aspect of office décor is furniture. Be it the desk or the chairs,
    care should be taken that the desk are at a convenient height making it comfortable for the
    employees to work. Chairs according me play a very important role. Good quality chairs to help
    the employees maintain a good posture and avoid back problems is a necessity. Go for furniture
    that suits your theme of office and the wall colors. Either match the wall colors of go for contrast.
    If the theme is contemporary, go for contemporary furniture.

   PAINTING AND PICTURES – The color of the walls depend on the theme of the office. You could
    go for vibrant colors, or subtle colors or a blend of both. Make sure that the colors don’t make the
    environment dull; in turn they should add vibrancy and freshness to the whole ambience. The
    Employees should feel good and active. Even the pictures matter a lot. I personally feel the
    pictures should be motivating. There could be beautiful motivational quotes, which encourage
    your team members.

   PLANTS – Ornamental plants, are a must have in offices, as they add life to the whole
    atmosphere. Plants soothe the senses and activate you creativity also.

   So, have a cool office and increase the productivity of your team and ultimately profit yourself.
Steel Buildings – The Ultimate
   One of the most versatile construction materials, steel is actually an alloy of iron and
    carbon. The unique characteristics of steel make it more favorable than any other
    material. It’s in demand because of its robust physical properties that include
    strength, flexibility and durability. Steel buildings are cost effective also and reduce
    the use of construction material and labour, also. The best thing is steel building
    require no maintenance at all, one time investment and lifetime benefits.

   Also, steel framed structures provide safeguard from various natural and man made
    calamities like fire, tornados, earthquakes and floods. Moreover, conventional
    materials like wood are prone to decay and termite attacks while iron is prone to
    corrosion. What more, steel is secure for mother earth also as it is 100% recycle-able.

   Further, when it comes to the most vital factor viz. security, steel building take
    brownie points there also. Steel framed buildings have bolt and screw connections.
    As compared to the conventional building materials like wood steel building have
    more secure fastenings and are said to be the safest of all. The reason being wooden
    structures are held together with nails and they do not have any kind of lock systems,
    while steel has a locking system. Also, with the passage of time, wooden structures
    tend to become weak while steel remains strong even then.
   Steel framed buildings have a long life span as compared to other conventional materials of
    construction as they are light in weight and the strength to weight ratio of steel is known to be the
    highest. Due to its light weight, it can be engineered to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes in a
    better way.

   Again, the dimensional stability of steel is unique. It is not prone to shrinkage, expansion, twisting
    or warping, thus securing the building for a long period of time and avoiding costly repair or
    maintenance work.

   Owing to such physical characteristics and features, steel has is demand today. All the builders
    and developers are choosing steel for construction purposes mostly for commercial construction
    and industrial constructions. Whether it is warehouses, sports or leisure building complexes or
    workshops or even training centres, barns, sheds, stores, etc. , due to the numerous benefits of
    steel doors, it is considered to be a smarter alternative to conventional building materials .

   Therefore, if you are planning to build any residential or commercial structure, steel framed
    structures would definitely be a good business move in terms of quality, strength, flexibility,
    security and going green also.

Description: it is very important that the design is according to the kind of business you are into. As in, if you are into engineering products, you can keep your office interiors subtle.