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Computer Network Support (Glossary Definition) (Slides)

VIEWS: 13 PAGES: 18 SUMMARY SLIDES: Computer network support usually includes designing and installing the network, software support, and crash recovery in case something goes wrong. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.

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  Network Support
    (Glossary Definition)

  Courtesy of the
  Managed Computer Consulting Glossaru
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 Setting Up
 Your Network
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 Making Sure that
 All of Your Software
 is Compatible,
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 And Establishing a
 Plan of Action for
 System Recovery
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 Are All Necessary
 to Get the Most Out
 of Your Network
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The Most Important
Computer Network
Support Services is
Installing Servers
and Other Hardware
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   When You First
   Get Started
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 Keeping Everything
 Up to Date on a
 Single Computer
 can be a Pain,
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 But Doing so
 Across a Corporate
 Network Requires
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 From Computer
 Network Support
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    System Recovery
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   If Your System
   Crashes, Calling
   in Computer
   Network Support
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  Is One of the
  First Steps
  You will Take
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 What Kind of
 Computer Network
 Support Have
 You Received?
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