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   As we all know CT scanning is Computed Tomography
    Imaging Techniques wherein a X-ray with many x-rays
    builds up a cross sections of the organ or tissue of your
    body. CT scanners are used to do CT scanning and are used
    in almost all major diagnostic centers and hospitals. CT
    Scanners scan the different tissues of the body which
    includes the blood vessels, the soft tissues and the bones
    also. The clarity with which CT scanners delhi can
    determine the exact size as well as dimensions of any kind
    of tumors, blood clots, blood vessels and bone defects is
    really commendable. CT scanners produce 3D images of
    internal structures with the help of various scans.

   CT Scanner works on the fundamentals of an X-ray. Just
    like the X-ray beams create a profile of various strengths
    when they are made to be passed through the body. The
    difference between conventional scanning and CT Scanning
    is the usage of computers.
   A CT scanner has the shape of a ring. It has a table attached to it. The
    patient sleeps on the Scanner and is taken inside the ring for scanning.
    There is a movable ring on the edge of the scanner which holds all the
    detectors and even the x-ray tube. In the scanning process, the movable
    ring revolves round the patient and emits x-ray beams from all angles and
    that pass through the body of the patient into the relevant detectors
    which again associate to information to every part of the body. This
    complete information is to be compiled into one image of the particular
    slice. A slice is when the movable ring completes a 360 degree rotation.
    The images produced by the slices have amazing clarity and hence these
    CT scanners are used in detecting various illness associated with the
    lungs, kidneys, heart, head, liver, lungs, etc., but to name a few.
    For undergoing a CT Scan with the help of the Scanner, the patients have
    to remove all their accessories on their body like watches, ornaments,
    hats, glasses, belts etc., and have to wear only a gown provided to them
    by the hospital or the diagnostic centre. The patients has to inform the
    doctor in advance in case he has any type of allergy to the iodine that is
    used in CT scanning processes. Even, if a lady who thinks that she may be
    or is pregnant should notify it to the doctor in advance.

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