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Bridal Guide

 SunHorse Weddings   Isla Mujeres, Mexico
           Bridal Guide Contents

3    Contact Page
4    Wedding Planning Timeline
6    Accommodation Recommendations
8    General Tips
10   Welcome Gift Bag Options
11   Ceremony Text
15   General Q & A
18   Terms & Conditions

Contact Page

SunHorse Weddings contact information: (official website) (photo site)

Please check the page often. We upload photos after every wedding so there will be some
fresh ideas regularly. (email)

Phone numbers:

Toll free in the USA: (888) 631-4272

If in Mexico: (044-998) 203-6830 (dial this number from a landline phone, i.e your hotel reception)

Mailing Address in U.S.

302 6th Street SW Suite 204, Kasson, MN 55944

Mailing Address in Mexico

Tiffany Lanier, Atras de Boxito, Casa Naranja, Isla Mujeres, Q. Roo, Mexico, 77400

Thank you for trusting us with your wedding planning. Email or call us anytime with questions,
concerns, ideas, pictures of flowers and ideas, anything that comes to mind or if you just need
someone to talk to. We are here to help! We are not just your wedding coordinator, but also your
friends. We look forward to helping you create a magical tropical wedding that you and your guests
will be talking about for years to come.

Tiffany Lanier
Tiffany Lanier

Wedding Coordinator/Owner

Wedding Planning Timeline
Now that you have chosen your wedding date, your wedding coordinator and went through the
preliminary options, hopefully you have also completed the following:
—    Announced your engagement
—    Worked on finalizing the guest list
—     Discussed the budget & decided on who is responsible to pay what part of the wedding as well
    as the weekend festivities, such as the welcoming/rehearsal dinner and sunset/snorkel cruise.
—    Decided on the ceremony & reception location
—    Discussed the menu & bar options
—    Discussed music and entertainment options
—    Reviewed the photographer and videographer options
—    Researched hotels and/or travel coordinators
—    Choose your wedding party
—     Developed your wedding website (highly suggested for destination weddings. We recommend:

* At anytime during your planning, please email us any ideas you come across in magazines, websites,
   photos, etc.

6 Months Before:
—      Order & mail out your Save The Date cards (we recommend to included travel
    coordinator/hotel information, wedding website address, and passport information. Note: After
    Jan 1st, 2007 everyone coming into Mexico will need a passport)
—    Book your trip & honeymoon plans
—    Choose brides dress and bridesmaid’s dresses

3 Months Before:
—    Decide on events you will host, date and time (i.e. snorkel trip, welcoming dinner, honeymoon
—     Call your coordinator to confirm the events, locations, times and details so you can design your
    invitations and Schedule of Events.
—      Order invitations & mail out (we recommend to include the schedule of events so guests can
    plan their travel dates accordingly). Please have the RSVP date 6 weeks prior to the wedding. The
    final guest count is due at our 30 day phone meeting.
—    If getting legally married in Mexico, apply for your apostilles (ask us if you have questions)
—    Choose grooms/groomsmen's attire
—    Shop for the rings

—    Order passports, if you do not already have them
—    If you are adding the Can-Do Isla Mujeres Map in your gift bags or if you will be sending the
    RSVP’d guests a packet including the map, then order maps at

1 Month Before:
—    Have a phone meeting with your SunHorse coordinator to confirm details:
      o     Final head count
      o    Finalize flower order (with bouquet photos), cake flavor and design selection, and food
          and bar options
      o     Second wedding payment due
—     Mail or email (or put on your website) the Schedule of Events to the RSVP’ed guests with a map
    of the island and/or the “Insiders Guide to Isla Mujeres” (contact us if you need another copy of
    the Guide)
—      Discuss seating for the reception. If you would like assigned tables/seats, please get the table
    layout from your coordinator and email her a spreadsheet of which guests will be sitting at which
—    Start writing your vows (if you chose to say personal vows during your ceremony)
—     If getting legally married in the US or Canada, apply for your marriage license at your county
    court house.
—      If getting legally married in Mexico, scan and email your apostilles and birth certificates to Also, complete the Legal Wedding Form and email to us.
—    Final dress fitting and alterations
—     Burn a CD (or download songs to an iPod) of your first dance, father/daughter dance, and other
    songs you would like
—    Send your engagement photo and wedding announcement to your local newspapers
—      Purchase any gift bag items, guest gifts, decorations, cake knife, guest book & pen, toasting
    glasses, etc. (make sure to appoint someone in charge of making sure these items get back to your
    home from Mexico)

Before Departure:
—    Get travelers checks and cash for trip (remember that the gratuity for the dinner(s) must be in
—    Final payment due to SunHorse Weddings (unless paying in cash on Isla Mujeres)
—     If you are planning to pay for any large purchases in Mexico with a credit card, please contact
    your card issuer and let them know about your travels and that there will be a large purchase.
—    Verify pre-wedding meeting and rehearsal appointment times with your coordinator
—    Purchase last minute items to pack
—    Have a drycleaner or professional packer pack the wedding dress in a carry-on bag (if desired)
—    Try to relax and delegate tasks if needed. Enjoy your trip!

Accommodation Recommendations
Travel Coordinator - We know it is very difficult to keep track of your guests travel plans. To help
   keep your sanity we recommend having one travel agent to coordinate your whole groups travel.
   This allows everyone in the group a better package price, a better chance of staying in the same
   hotel or at least in hotels close to each other and it gives the bride easy access to who has booked,
   who has not, where everyone is staying, when they are coming in, etc. Many past brides have used but you can find your own local travel agent. Just make sure they have
   stayed on the island before. There are also a few rental agents on the island that can help you with
   accommodation-only service:

We at SunHorse Weddings do not arrange travel, but we are happy to recommend some
accommodations on the island for you and your guests. If you find a hotel or rental house not on this
list, just ask us and will give our personal opinion about the establishment. These are just our personal

Downtown Hotels
Posada del Mar medium class establishment with rooms ranging from $60-110/night. Two blocks
from North Beach across from it’s own beach situated on the bay, it is a family owned and operated
hotel complete with restaurant, bar, pool, and playground. Family friendly. Can accommodate your
whole wedding group. Close to everything downtown, good customer service, basic rooms and
grounds. Website:

Maria del Mar – also medium class (although we like the Castle Rooms) with rooms ranging from
$70-120/night. This hotel is a bit father away from the hustle of downtown (still an easy walk), but is
directly on North Beach and has one of the most popular beach bars. It is large enough to
accommodate most guest and budgets. Website:

Media Luna – a bit more expensive, but smaller hotel. Room rates are $40-200/night. This hotel is
on the windy side of the island (East) but still downtown. It does not have a restaurant/bar, but has
nice pool area. Many guests recommend it due to the quite atmosphere. It is directly next door to
Hotel Secreto. Website:

Na Balam – a high-end hotel with basic pool and restaurant/bar located on North Beach across from
the Avalon Reef Hotel. Beach has eroded drastically since Hurricane Wilma. Very rustic (no TV or
phones and one community computer to check email). Have heard mixed reviews about the value.
We suggest to check Website:

NautiBeach Condos – Two bedroom condos ranging from $95-235/night. Great for families with
children or couples who want to share a condominium. All units come with a kitchen, living room,

balcony, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Large pool and restaurant/bar directly on North Beach. Two
blocks away from Posada del Mar Hotel. Great value. Website:

Ixchel Condos – Ranging from $260-425/night, they are new two bedroom condos. Directly on North
Beach close to Maria del Mar Hotel. We do not know much about the guest satisfaction due to the
newness. Very clean and hip. Agent website:

Non-Downtown Hotels

Villa Rolandi – Located on Sac Bajo (about a 5 minute drive from downtown). This is a boutique
hotel and is great for the night of the wedding and/honeymoon or guests who want higher class
accommodations away from downtown. Full-service. Will need to rent a golf cart or pay taxi’s to get
downtown (~$6 ea. way). Prices range from $290-450/night. Website:

Casa de los Suenos – Located on the South side of the island close to Punta Sur. This is an exclusive
boutique hotel/spa with prices ranging from $300-500/night. Perfect for the honeymoon or for a day
spa with your maids of honor. They also have a great restaurant by the water for small groups.

Rental Houses
Casa Mimosa – Best house available in our opinion. Five bedroom house, located on Sac Bajo
directly next door to Zama Beach Club, includes two kitchens, five bathrooms, two living rooms,
large pool, on-site maintenance/chef-for-hire and very friendly house dog (a mini-poodle, “Alfredo”).
Great house to also have the wedding or Welcoming Dinner. Prices range start at $1200/night, but are
negotiable via the owners. Website:

Casa Sol del Sol – Located on the airport strip (which is on the extreme south end of downtown), this
house has two private units upstairs as well as the two bedrooms in the main house. It has a pool and
full kitchen available. Prices vary. Website:

Casa de las Olas – Between Casa Sol del Sol and Casa Flamboyan. A spacious 2 bedroom apartment
available on the upper level with jacuzzi and roof top patio with great views. Website:

Casa Flamboyan – Just one house away from Casa Sol del Sol. Has wireless internet connection,
kitchens, a pool and roof-top patio. Prices vary depending on room(s). Website:

Casa Bonita de Isla – This rental house is located on the south end of the island on the Cancun-side.
This house is a good option if you would like to have the wedding at a rental house and then have a
catered dinner or dinner at Casa O’s Restaurant (up to 50 people). This house has a nice outdoor
kitchen and a pool next-door at the condos (also available at The
downside is that there is no beach here, only a gardens area to have the wedding. Website:

General Tips
Remember that buying beach/summer attire in the winter is sometimes difficult depending on where
  you live. Try to remember to buy summer clothes, swimsuits, and sandals in the summer or you
   can order online.

When deciding on a wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dresses consider choosing informal dresses or
  sundresses in light fabrics such as organza or chiffon. Lightweight linen suits are popular for the
  guys. Please keep in mind that you will be packing these dresses/suits in your suitcase, so you
  might want to buy wrinkle resistant fabrics or have your drycleaner pack it for you and/or pack a
  travel iron or steamer

While you are looking through bridal magazines or getting ideas from your friends and family, please
  write down the ideas or tear the photos out from the magazines that you like. We are very open to
  new decorating ideas and we will try to do anything as long as we have access to the appropriate
  materials to work with. Just scan and email your ideas to us and we will keep them in your file.

On January 1st, 2007 everyone will be required to have a passport to enter Mexico. After the
  wedding, you can mail your passport with your marriage license into a passport agency and they
  will change your last name free of charge.

Remember to pack your guest book and pen, cake knife, toasting glasses, cake topper, etc. You can
   use our toasting glasses and cake knife if desired. Please delegate one person to bring those items
   back on the night of the wedding.

Electrical outlets are standard 2 prong outlets. If you are bringing something requiring a 3 prong
   outlet, you will want to bring an adapter and possibly a small surge protector.

If you have more than 20 guests, consider having assigned seating for the reception dinner. You can
    either assign everyone a specific seat or just the specific table. This helps to elevate confusion
    when guests are looking for where they should be sitting. Guests actually expect this and welcome
    it. A popular thing to do is tie the name tag around a pair of personalized maracas with a satin
    ribbon that matches the color scheme of your wedding or you can just have cards printed and we
    can put them in the napkins at each place setting. We are also happy to help make this easier by
    creating custom menus ($2/each) with the guests name on the top or we can frame a table
    assignment ($2/page) and put it on the card table. Just send us a list of guests and which table you
    would like them to sit at. We will provide you a table diagram if needed.

Guest Gifts - Many brides ask for ideas on what to get for their guests to show their appreciation for
   making the trip down to Isla Mujeres for the wedding. Here are some ideas that we have seen. Of
   course we are available to help you with these or any ideas you may have:

   Gift bags given to guests upon arrival to the island – Mesh beach bags are available for purchase
       on the island that can be filled with bottled water, chap stick, snacks, blow up rafts , travel size
       items (all can be bought in Mexico), a schedule of events, welcome letter, personalized can
       coolies, personalized tee shirts, etc. If you would prefer, we can buy and assemble the bags
       before you arrive to the island so there is little work for you. For prices, see the Welcoming
       Bag page below.

    Personalized maracas – a pair of maracas can be personalized with your names, the wedding date
       and “Isla Mujeres, Mexico”. You can hand them out during the Welcoming Dinner or they
       can be used as place cards at the reception dinner. We can also personalize ceramic fish,
       iguanas, turtles, finger bowls… just about any handmade Mexican craft you can find here in

Host an Event—As with guest gifts, events are a great way to show your appreciation and it provides a
  casual atmosphere for your guests to get to know each other.

    Welcoming Dinner – many couples have a Welcoming Dinner (as opposed to a rehearsal
      dinner) to welcome their guests to the island and introduce everyone to each other. This
      dinner is usually very low-key and may be more of a cocktail reception or a buffet dinner
      rather than a formal dinner. Please see the “Welcome Reception Options” Guide for more

    Host a snorkel trip or sunset cruise. We can help you hire a charter boat for your private party
      on the water. The sunset cruise can be in place of the welcoming dinner if desired. We can
      coordinate a 3 hour sunset snorkel cruise for $35/person and includes pop, water, beer,
      snacks, snorkel equipment and a guide for up to 90 people.

    Host a honeymoon brunch the morning after the wedding. This can be at your rental home or an
      establishment in town.

Welcome Bag Ideas
The items listed below we can purchase for you
and have them waiting here on Isla Mujeres for      Here are some examples of bags we have
you. You can assemble them or we can assemble       assembled:
your bags for an additional $3/each. We can also
deliver the bags to your guest hotel rooms for an   Welcome to Mexico
additional $3/bag.
                                                    One pair of Maracas
                                                    Assorted Mexican Candy
 — Mesh Beach Bag (assorted colors): $5             Chili–lime Peanuts
 — Regular size bottle of Water: $2                 2 bottles of water
 — Two packets of Alka-Selzer: $2                   Handcrafted Mexican fingerbowl
 — 20ct. Tylenol: $4                                Disposable underwater camera
 — 20ct. Advil: $4                                  Can of bug spray
 — Chapstick: $4                                    1 bottle of hot sauce
 — Sunscreen (any SPF): $12
 — Small can of bug spray (Autan): $3               Mexican Fiesta :
 — Inflatable raft or beach ball: $3                2 packets of Alka-Selzer
 — Small bottle of hot sauce: $3                    2 shot glasses
 — Assorted snacks (chips, nuts, candies,           One bottle of Tequila
   granola bars, etc.): $3/three snacks             2 inflatable rafts
 — Small bottle of Tequila: $7                      Assorted Mexican nuts & candies
 — Isla Mujeres shot glass: $4                      1 pair of Maracas
 — Pair of Maracas: $4                              One bottle of hot sauce
 — Hand crafted Mexican fingerbowl, fish,
   iguana, or sun: $4                               Relaxing /Romantic
 — Two wash cloths (any color): $4                  2 wash cloths
 — Disposable camera: $8                            Round shower luffa
 — Underwater camera: $12                           Spa soap
 — Sarong: $10                                      Small bottle of body lotion
 — Mexican blanket: $25                             A scented candle with matches
                                                    2 bottles of water
                                                    2 gourmet cookies

Ceremony Text (used if you will not be bringing your own minister)
This is only the proponed ceremony text. You are free to customize it as you see fit. You can add
readings, songs, poems, words, write your own vows, make it your own. This is just a copy of the most
popular ceremony from the local minister.

“Who gives this woman to this man?” (Brides parents say “We do”. Everyone is seated.)

“We are coming together today here at this beautiful place to celebrate the wedding of ………. and
........... We thank all our family and friends who have come to be part of this very special event and
we are enjoying having everybody here today.

There are moments in our lives that are ruled not so much by time but by the heart. In this
celebration of love, I am going to ask all of you now to go to your hearts and open them wide and
raise your spirits high as we come with our full presence to honor .......... and ………. as they join
together as partners in life.”

**General words about marriage**

”Each Union that is created out of the right intentions gives rise to the ability to experience life fuller
and more richer not only for the two in union but as well as for their surroundings, family and friends.

Two people coming together in alignment with their beliefs and faiths willing to share and create a
common future makes marriage not a ceremony but an ongoing commitment and process. Each day
of the rest of your lives you will make choices. You will choose weather to be kind and patient with
each other. You will choose weather to find fault or
weather to be forgiving. It is only through commitment that you can discover true intimacy in which
hidden parts of yourselves are permitted to come forth, find acceptance, and help you become whole.

.......... and .........., nothing is easier to say these words, nothing is harder than living them day after
day. What you promise today you need to renew and re-decide tomorrow and each day that stretches
out before you. All of us know you are in love, but beyond the warmth and glow, the excitement and
romance what is love really? Real love is caring as much for the welfare and happiness of your
marriage partner as about your own. Real love is liberating. It sets you free to become your best self.
Real love is not total absorbed in each other but looking outward together in the same direction.

Marriage is the promise made and kept between two people with intentions of trusting, supporting
and loving each other. This will help you to grow as individuals as well as a couple and allows you to
see the other as your soul sees them - as beautiful and powerful spirits.”

**Sand Ceremony OR Flower Unity Ceremony**

Sand Ceremony:
“Now let as all witness how .......... and .......... evoke virtues of marriage into their relationship and
future together.”

*the two of you will be filling a bottle with four different colors of sand *

RED < FIRE > we ask for love and passion for this union

BLUE< WATER > Share your emotions, laugh and cry together

GREEN< EARTH> we ask for abundance and prosperity

WHITE<AIR> communicate with compassion and understanding


Flower Unity Ceremony:

Now let as all witness how .......... and .......... evoke virtues of marriage into their relationship and
future together.

*the two of you will each have 4 stems of flowers in your vase. As the minister states each virtue, you
will put one stem into the middle vase thereby joining all of your flowers into one bouquet*

Stem #1: We ask for love and passion for this union

Stem #2: Share your emotions, laugh and cry together

Stem #3: We ask for abundance and prosperity

Stem #4: Communicate with compassion and understanding

**Ceremony of Union**

”True partnership is only achieved by separate and whole beings who retain their individuality even as
they unite.
We ask God to bless and protect this union.”

Note - you can write personal vows or you can choose this one:

(The two of you face each other and repeat after me)
………./……….., you are the love of my life.
I cherish your friendship and companionship.
I promise to respect, honor and love you all the days of my life.
As fortune may smile, as challenges may come,
I will be the shoulder you can lean on and the rock that stands by you
I will take care of you and love you all the days of my life.

**Ring Exchange**

“Please place the two rings inside the shell on the altar.” (The two of you will hold the shell in your
palm and the minister will bless the rings with her palm over the shell. You will then put the shell
back on the table and take your spouses ring in your hand.)

“Please repeat after me” (while putting the ring on your partner’s finger):
“As this ring has no end, nor has my love for you.”

”May these rings be blessed as a symbol of this Unity, may these two find the love in each other for
that all people long, may they always return to each other in their togetherness and may they establish
a home together in which many will find a friend there.

.......... and .........., it is in loving relationships that we find out what the meaning of existence is about.
Marriage is the most meaningful of loving relationships. Such a state of love does not start with a
public ceremony, but with you saying yes to each other it binds you together in a sacred relationship.
When your love is secure and you are secure in your love, you are then free to see the preciousness
of people behind their masks and to see the sunsets, the star filled nights, the movement of the waves
upon the beach with brilliant new perspective.

You have shared this moment and promises with family and friends as a symbol of loving each other.
You have formed your own Union in friendship and respect for one another and in love. Therefore,
it is my honor and with great pleasure I present you as husband and wife.”


**Flower Offering to the Sea** (optional)

In honor of the past which brought us all here, to give thanks for the blessings of the present and to
invoke more abundance of love and blessings for the future we will give an offering of flowers to the

(Everyone will take petals or flowers from the basket and walk to the waters edge or dock and line up
on the edge)

As we send these flowers on their journey we are honoring .......... and ..........‘s
journey together through life.

Apache Blessing
Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter to the other .
Now you will feel no cold , for each of you will be warmth for the other.
Now there will be no loneliness, for each other of you will be companion
for the other.
Now you are two persons but there is only one life before you.
May beauty surround you both in your journey ahead and through all the
years .
May happiness be your companion and your days together be good and long
upon the earth.

(Everyone with throw the flowers into the water)

Seal your union again with a kiss.


General Q & A
Q: If we are having our wedding at Zama Beach Club, how do we get our guests there? Can we rent a
bus or a shuttle?

A: Unfortunately we can not rent a bus or shuttle due to the taxi union restrictions on bringing outside
transportation to the island. The best way to travel to the wedding site is either renting a golf cart or
taking a taxi. The taxi fare to Zama Beach Club from downtown is $55 pesos (approximately $6.00).
Guests can ask have the front desk call for a taxi about 45 minutes prior to the wedding start. At the
end of the night, we will have taxis available to bring your guests back downtown. Please be aware that
the taxi fares increase to $8.00 after midnight. Some couples have offered to pay for their guests’ taxi
fare at the end of the night. In this case, we will hire a door man ($30 extra) to pay the taxis as they
leave. Please let us know if you are interested in providing this service.

Q: Can we bring our own ceremony officiant/photographer/musician?

A: Of course you can. We understand if you would like a family member to perform for your
wedding or if you have a friend who is a photographer or musician. We will accommodate any way we
can. Just let us know. If you will bring your own officiant, we will reduce the package price by $250.

Q: Can I mail things to you to reduce the amount I am bringing down in my luggage?

A: Unfortunately there is no good way to mail boxes into Mexico. It is very costly for international
shipping and they will most likely add tax (which in some cases costs more than the value of the
contents of the package). We suggest asking friends or family members to transport your goodies.
You can for sure mail a copy of the invitation, Save the Date, color swatches, or other letter sized
items. Our mailing address is on page 2 of this guide.

Q: We don’t want to bring a large amount of cash with us into Mexico, what do you recommend?

A: Here are a couple options to keep cash to a minimum:

—     You can pay SunHorse Weddings in full before you arrive by using PayPal or a wire transfer for
    all events coordinated by SunHorse Weddings. You can also pay us directly for any tips given to
    service providers. We would be happy to distribute them for you.

—    You can bring travelers checks and cash them at the local bank on Isla Mujeres when you arrive.
    The bank will allow you to cash $1000us per day.

—     You can pull cash from the local ATM machines once you arrive (you can withdraw up to your
    pre-set daily limit). You can also get a $1000 cash advance from your credit/debit card at the bank.
    Make sure to have your passport with you. See the bank manager at HSBC.

Q: Am I expected to pay for the travel or arrangements of our guests?

A: Not at all! If you want to pay for certain people, that is fine, but it is not expected.

Q: When do we need to let you know the details of what we want (like the flower colors, band, etc.)?

A: When we booked, we went through and made a preliminary list of wants. SunHorse Weddings
went ahead and scheduled those items. If you would like to cancel any of those items, please let us
know as soon as possible. The final head count, flower order, cake order, menu options, pre-wedding
events, etc will need to be finalized at our 30-45 day prior phone meeting. All changes and additions
will be reflected in the final two payments. If you make decisions along the way, please email us your
ideas and photos and we will add them to you file.

Q: We owe two more payments within 30 days of the wedding. We would like to pay a little as we go
to spread out the expense. Is that ok?

A: Of course, you can make a payment anytime. Just let us know when and how much you will be
sending and we will record the payment on your file.

Q: What are your suggestions for a honeymoon?

A: Many couples have decided to save on airfare and honeymoon in the Riviera Maya instead of
flying to another destination. There are plenty of places in Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and
some lesser known places available that will prove to be great places for a honeymoon. Here are
some suggestions:
—     Ikal del Mar – If you want to splurge on the honeymoon:
—    Royal Hideaway Playacar – an all-inclusive, larger property with all you need close to Playa del
—    Secrets Resort –

Q: What is the appropriate amount to tip?

A: As with all tipping etiquette, the following is meant only as a guideline. With the exception of the
food and beverage, you are free to give more or less depending on your level of satisfaction.
Minister: $30us
Musicians: 10%
Photographer/Videographer: 5-10% depending on the price of the package
Personal services (i.e. hair dresser, manicurist, massage therapist, etc): 10%
Charter boat: 10%
Fire dancers and other performers: 10%
Food and beverage: 15%
Wedding Coordinator: Please use your own discretion. A tip is not required, but is always

We suggest that you put the tips in envelopes prior to the event to elevate any hassle on the day of.
We are also happy to distribute the tips for you.

Terms & Conditions
As mentioned on the Price List. If we have a wedding contract already in place then the terms of the
contract will take priority.

Payment Terms:

Thank you for sending us your deposit. This guarantees your wedding date and allows SunHorse
Weddings to start booking the wedding site, musicians, photographer, etc.

Payment due dates

Based on tentative “Total to SunHorse Weddings” on the price list spreadsheet.

Booking amount

Remaining amount in halves:

1st 1/2 due 30 days before wedding date

Remaining 2nd 1/2 due one week prior to wedding

* You can add or subtract items from the price list as needed up until 30 days prior to the wedding.
The subsequent scheduled payment will reflect any changes made.

* Prices are subject to change if the client upgrades or adds services (i.e. changing from a musician
from Isla Mujeres to one from Cancun) as per the then current vendor fees.

Payments may be made via the following options

Direct Deposit: Think Federal Credit Union, Rochester, MN - Name: SunHorse Weddings, Tiffany
Lanier, Account #: 3000500600000, Tracking #: 291975465 (please email us for the wire transfer
instructions if you prefer this method of payment)

Credit Card: - Account:

Note: There will be a 3% Service Fee for this option to offset the PayPal services fees incurred.

Check: 2 options:

   1. Pay check through e-Check option. Note: You must have a PayPal account set up
       with a verified checking account.

   2. Mail check directly to our bank in Minnesota. Please email us for instructions and bank

Dispute Resolution:

SunHorse Weddings will refund any amount paid for services not provided due to any reason. If
client is dissatisfied with the quality of service provided by any vendor, the client is to contact Tiffany
Lanier at immediately. SunHorse Weddings will take appropriate
action to remedy the situation. All refunds owed to the client will be refunded to the client no later
than 60 days following the date of dispute resolution.

Cancellation Policy

If the couple cancels 90+ days prior to the wedding, then the deposit will be returned less $500 plus
any non-refundable deposits that were paid on the couple’s behalf (i.e site fee deposits, service
provider deposits). A refund will be sent to the couple within 60 days of cancellation.

If the couple cancels within 30 days of the wedding date the deposit is forfeited and the second
payment will be returned minus any non-refundable deposits that were paid on the couple’s behalf (i.e
site fee deposits, service provider deposits). A refund will be sent within 60 days of cancellation.

Inclement Weather/Acts of God Clause

Hurricane season is July-November. You are taking a risk by planning your wedding during these
months. In the case of a hurricane hitting Isla Mujeres 30+ days before your wedding, an assessment
will be made and you will be advised of your options. In most cases, your wedding will not be affected
due to the rapid response from the local people to rebuild.

If a hurricane hits within 30 days of your wedding, the below options are available. SunHorse
Weddings will work very closely with you in the event of a hurricane to choose an option that is right
for you and your guests.

1. Continue with the wedding plans (providing the island has power and there is little damage)

2. Continue with the wedding plans but change the location (possibly to Playa del Carmen/Tulum
area) providing that your guests can receive refunds on rooms and everyone can make a smooth

3. Postpone the wedding to another date later in the season (December-May)

4. Cancel the wedding. In the event that you cancel the wedding, the deposit is forfeited and you will
receive your second payment refund minus any deposits, payments or operating costs that were

Rain/Windy/Inclement Weather:
Rain/Windy/Inclement Weather Hurricane season is also the rainy season. Outside of hurricane
season, the rain usually only lasts an hour or less. By having an outdoor wedding, you are in danger of
being effected by inclement weather. SunHorse Weddings is not responsible for inclement weather,
but we will have a Plan B just in case it does happen. We will do our best to decorate exactly as
planned, however some things may have to be altered accordingly (i.e. not using votive candles if it is
too windy or bringing the ceremony inside the palapa in case of rain)

In the event that it rains or is windy on the day of your wedding, SunHorse Weddings reserve the

right to revise the wedding and décor plans to ensure that everyone is dry and comfortable while
adhering as closely as possible to the original plans.

    We look forward to helping you create your dream beach wedding!!!


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