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MARCH 2007

In-Store Education Update
Our store focus for March has been Good Organics. Here are some helpful facts and fun trivia to remember about Organics.  Organic Farming o No sewage sludge (eww…) o No genetically modified organisms o Persistent pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides are not allowed o Farmers do have some allowed pesticides o No antibiotics, or growth hormones o Animals must be feed organic feed Organic Products o No irraditation o No synthetic preservatives o No genetically modified organisms The USDA Organic Rule went into effect in 2002 We are a Certified Organic Grocery, audited by Quality Assurance International (QAI) If customers are wondering why organic products are more expensive, here are some reasons o Organic food production is often on a small scale o Organic food production is more labor and management intensive o Organic certification is an added cost o Organic agriculture does not receive government subsidies

What About Other Chocolates in Our Store?
When it comes to other brands of chocolate in our stores, it is important to us that we source products from companies that do not utilize ingredients or cocoa harvested using questionable or unethical labor practices. Much of the chocolate we carry is from cocoa harvested in Central and South America, and the companies whose chocolate we sell are very upfront about their labor practices and sourcing. Some of the most common brands you’ll see at Whole Foods Market that have submitted verification of ethical labor practices and sourcing include: Chocolove, Scharffen Berger, El Rey, Valrhona, Green & Blacks, and Dagoba – just to name a few. If you are concerned about a specific brand, we encourage you to contact the manufacturer directly.
This information came to us from Jessie Walker, WFM Customer Communications Specialist


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Next Month:
In April our Store-Wide focus will be Sanitation! All perishable teams that are audited by Steritech will have the opportunity to compete with each other to see which team can post the best improvement in Steritech scores. We will be looking at changes between Q3 and Q2

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