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					WFM Waterman St. Newsletter
April 2007

In-Store Education Update
Sanitation and Good Organics
So what’s the big deal with Sanitation? Besides the obvious points of health and cleanliness, there’s one more thing we need to consider – Good Organics.  We are audited each year by QAI (Quality Assurance International). o Each year QAI re-certifies us as a Certified Organic Grocer o This process is Pass/Fail. We either pass, or we fail. o Our last QAI audit found many sanitation problems. o If we failed a QAI audit, QAI will report us to the USDA, and the USDA will make a public announcement and WFM would be investigated. Sanitation and Good Organics. What’s the connection? o Every time a TM switches from non-organic to organic prep or production, certain steps must be taken. o All surfaces, tools, etc. must be fully cleaned and sanitized. o The sanitation step must be logged o If quats are used (we use quats in our region), then the quats must be tested to ensure the right concentration o Before organic product contacts a sanitized surface, the surface must also be tested to ensure that all quats are gone.

A note about Transfats
From the March newsletter: "The way to determine whether or not the trans fats are naturally occurring is to look at the ingredients section of the label—if no hydrogenated oils are listed, then the trans fats are not added, but occur naturally."

Just to clarify, we do not have added hydrogenated oils in any products in our stores. Therefore, any transfats listed would be naturally occuring.

Department Training Audits:
Beginning next week, I will be auditing the training program for each team. I’ll start with Bakery and progressively visit each team. In general, I’ll be spending 2-3 weeks with each team. For several hours a day, I’ll work along side Team Members and I’ll observing and participating in the team’s training process (for example, I might ask a TM to train me on the slicer in Prep Foods). During these audits, I’ll be looking for 3 major things 1)Consistency in training Is every TM hearing the same message? 2)Documentation and Materials What written materials does the team have to help TMs learn new tasks? 3)Equal training opportunities Are newly hired TMs (with the same job description) trained on the same tasks, or are some TMs trained only on certain things? For example, a TM that learns the opening shift procedures but not closing procedures.


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