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Auspicious Incident – Packet.doc


									Auspicious Incident – Packet 12
Questions by Ezequiel Berdichevsky, Paul Litvak, Matt Lafer, Ben Heller


1.After being given permission, this man gave his famous Oetenbach addresses, which include The Clarity
and Certainty of the Word of God, and the brilliant polemic On Meat, which was truly a cut above other
similar meat-related treatises. A dispute regarding the necessity of infant baptism led to his 1527 Tricks of
the Catabaptists. His version of the confession is the Fidei Ratio, while his Exposition of the Faith tried to
enlist the sympathy of Francis I to his cause. His attempts failed and during the resultant Second War of the
Kappel, he was killed in battle. He is best known for his theses, elucidated with Johann Eck, and his
participation at the Colloquy of Marburg with Martin Luther. FTP, identify this author of Commentary on
True and False Religion and Zurich Protestant reformer.
          Answer: Huldrych Zwingli

2.Lancelot Brown was called in to redesign the garden grounds, this changed the original look planned by
Henry Wise in imitation of Andre le Notre’s Versailles gardens. It contains a famous China Anteroom, the
Long Library, and the Willis Organ. Its Great Hall is decorated by James Thornhill’s ceiling fresco honors
the exploits of its first resident. While the North Front was designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor, it is John
Van Brugh who is usually credited as its architect. FTP identify this residence near Woodstock, built over a
period of 19 years, and given as a gift to celebrate John Churchill, the Duke of Malborough, for his defeat
of the Comte de Tallard at a namesake 1704 battle.
         Answer: Blenheim Palace

3.His first research occurred during a potato famine and an epidemic of typhus, which he named. Before
the age of 25, he successfully refuted the humoral theory of “dyscrasias” and “crases” which had prevented
physicians from attempting surgery on localized lesions. He discovered the amino acids tyrosine and
leucine. An anti-Darwinian, he frequently quarreled with his most famous student, Ernst Haeckel, when he
wasn’t discovering such things as fibrinogen, leukemia, and myelin, and naming things such as ischemia,
neuroglia, and sarcomas. FTP, name this pathologist who showed that all cells arise from pre-existing cells
in his book Cell Pathology.
          Answer: Rudolf Karl Ludwig Virchow

4.Albert Einstein picked The Death Ship as the book he would take to a desert island. In it this author
introduced the character of Gerard Gales, who also appears in the novels The Cotton Pickers, and The
Bridge in the Jungle. His first work was published in the magazine The Brickburner as The Honorable Miss
S. and he also wrote a trilogy about Mexico’s history, starting with The Carreta. His novel about the greed
of Curtin, Howard, and Dobbs was made into a movie by John Huston. Some people think he was Jack
London or Ambrose Bierce, but he was probably Ret Marut or a German revolutionary named Hal Croves.
FTP, identify this mysterious author of The Treasure of Sierra Madre.
         Answer: B. Traven

5.The first description of the idea can be found in an Essay on the External Corn Trade by Robert Torrens
in 1815. This concept often does not inform policy decisions, as it leads to what Schumpeter calls “the
process of creative destruction.” Another argument against it is the principle of “infant industry”, that
burgeoning production requires protection in order eventually utilize this principle. When it is not being
followed, the world is not operating on its production possibilities curve, and therefore nations should not
be self sufficient. Stating that each nation should produce the product that minimizes total opportunity cost,
this is FTP, what principle most famously argued by David Ricardo.
          Answer: comparative advantage

6.This operation was initiated at 6:17am on November 8 when the order to “play ball” was issued. An hour
later the USS Ranger deployed her first fighter strike and in the initial fray 5 American and 7 French planes
were shot down. Because his flagship Primauguet was being repaired, Vichy Admiral Gervais de Lafond
raised his flag over the super destroyer Milan. The USS Massachusetts was the first battleship to open fire
on Casablanca. The Vichy fleet was crippled and a sortie several days later failed to disrupt the landing of
American troops under the command of Eisenhower. The French surrender on November 11 let to Hitler’s
occupation of the rest of France. For 10 points, identify the code name for the US invasion of North Africa
in 1942.
         Answer: Operation Torch (I suppose some sort of prompt would be nice if someone answered
“the Allied invasion of North Africa”)

7.It is unable to resolve the fact that all neutrinos have left-handed chirality while anti-neutrinos are right-
handed in nature, and it makes little sense when applied to quantum mechanics. Taking electromagnetism
to be the curvature of the fourth dimension of space, as gravity is of the third dimension in general
relativity, one of its namesakes theorized that this dimension is undetectable due to being curled up within a
very small radius, making it a precursor to modern string theory. FTP, name this theory which attempted to
unify gravity and electromagnetism, one of the earliest examples of a grand unification theory, named for
two mathematicians.
          Answer: Kaluza-Klein theory

8.The author of this poem injects himself into various historical events. In one, he imagines himself being
stabbed in the face by umbrellas by Belgians. In another, he imagines himself as a boy in Belostok, whose
mother is being beaten by a clerk. The poet uses the phrase “the river ice is breaking” to describe the
demise of another character. Those scenes include the persecution of Dreyfus and the capture of Anne
Frank. In the end, he imagines the ringing of the “internationale” and his own blood mingled with that of
the Jews. FTP, identify this poem written about the lack of a monument at a mass grave, by Yevgeny
         Answer: Babi Yar

9.The death of Osman Steele, a deputy sheriff of Delaware County, raised the stakes in this affair and led to
the arrest of 98 men and the building of a new jail at Delhi. Ira Harris and Horace Greeley supported the
opposition to the government during this event that is recounted in Christman’s Tin Horns and Calico.
Silas Wright attempted to solve the crisis through legislation and the militia but John Young replaced him
as governor and a new constitution that banned perpetual leases on the old Dutch patroonships was passed
in 1846. For 10 points, name this “war” that resulted from attempts by descendants of Stephen Van
Renssalaer to collect back rent.
          Answer: Antirent War or Helderberg War

10.The m-type of this compound is twice as common as its other isomers and is the least important
commercially, although small amounts of it are used to create isophthalic acid, and some of its second and
third derivatives are used in the production of styrene. The p-type is oxidized to terephthalic acid or DMT,
both of which are intermediates in the production of polyesters. Ethylbenzene is also sometimes considered
an isomer of it. FTP, identify these aromatic carbon compounds with chemical formula C8H10.
          Answer: xylene

11.This name alternately identifies a highly skilled artisan who was saved from Daedalus’ jealousy by
being turned into a partridge.* It also names a gift given by Zeus to Europa after he kidnapped her. This
gift passed on to Minos who had him circle his island three times each day while throwing stones at
intruders and burning them with his white- hot embrace. This vigilance ended after Medea charmed the
single nail out of his ankle at which point this bronze man bled to death. FTP identify this giant guardian of
Crete created by Hephaestus.
          Answer: Talos or Talus *(accept Perdix before the star)

12.This author’s mother died when she was trampled by a runaway cow. His plays include The Miracle-
Merchant, and The Watched Pot, written with Cyril Maude. He wrote a historical study, The Rise of the
Russian Empire, based on Gibbon, which was panned. His novel When William Came imagines what
would happen if the German emperor conquered England. He is known for collections like The Square Egg
and the Toys of Peace, and his most famous characters are Reginald and Clovis. His pseudonym comes
from the name of the cupbearer in The Rubiyat. FTP, identify this English short story writer of “The Open
Window”, “Sredni Vashtar,” and “Tobermory.”
         Answer: Saki also accept H H Munro
13.It was first performed by John Kirkpatrick at New York’s Town Hall in 1939, twenty years after its
publication along side the composer’s essays about completing this work. The four-note motto of
Beethoven’s 5th Symphony emerges throughout the work-- particularly in the peaceful third section that
describes one of Bronson’s brood playing a piano given to her by Sophia Thoreau. With a scherzo in the
second section that aims to evoke “the fantastical adventures” of Hawthorne, and a final section about
waking up at Walden pond. FTP identify this 4 part work for piano that begins with the “Emerson”
movement a work by Charles Ives.
         Answer: Concord Sonata

14.Its successes included in the Callias Peace and Cimon’s victory at the Eurymedon river. In its later
period, this institution imposed a cleruchy at Andros, and Pericles settled Cheronesus in 447 BC. After the
disastrous Egyptian expedition, its treasury was moved to Athens, although Athenian power continued to
spread in Greece. FTP, identify this Greek confederacy against the Persians formed around 478 BC, and
named for the sacred island which was its headquarters.
          Answer: Delian league

15.It ends with the heroes escaping from the house of Whachum and Sidrophel, a pair of astrologers.
During his first battle he encounters Crowdero, the peg-legged fiddler, and Orsin, the angry bear baiter,
When he puts the fiddler’s one good leg in the stocks he is attacked from behind by Trulla , a powerful
woman, and arrested. This occurs in the first part of the poem, that like the two others sections is written in
octosyllabic couplets with a deliberately cumbersome rhyme scheme. It features a sectarian squire named
Ralpho who accompanies the titular Presbysterian knight as they go “a kerneling.” FTP identify this satire
begun in the 1660s by Samuel Butler.
         Answer: Hudibras

16.The outer walls of these structures are composed of mannan, glucan, chitosan, and chitin, and are well-
protected from predators despite only being .2 micrometers thick. They communicate to other areas of the
organism by a process called cytoplasmic streaming, which is propelled by the contractile protein
actomyosin. A cluster of them is called a mycelium, and they are not present in lower organisms such as
yeasts which instead reproduce exclusively through budding. FTP, name these filaments, examples of
which include mycorrhizae, which serve as structural support and as a method of sexual reproduction in
         Answer: hyphae

17.The first two major problems it was used on was a version of the Piece-wise Parabolic Method, and the
N-body problem. It is the middle ground between systems like CMS or the nCube, and NOW, or networks
of workstations. Developed in 1993 by Thomas Sterling and Donald Becker, popular libraries to utilize it
include PVM, and MPI, or message passing interface. The first one built utilized DX4 processors and 10
megabit Ethernet, but current ones, like the Linux NetworkX, at the Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory, are some of the most powerful computers in the world. FTP, identify this standard in
networking computers and using them to solve parallel programming problems, named for the man that
slew the beast Grendel.
         Answer: Beowulf

18.According to Alberic of Troisfontaines, the wealthy merchants, William Porcus and Hugo Ferreus,
offered free passage to the group in question, but in reality were content to sell the participants into slavery.
Its first leader traveled to St. Denys where he claimed that Christ had told him what to do, soon sheep were
bowing in front of him and he produced a letter for the King. Stephen of Cloyes’ example was followed by
Nicholas of Cologne, and between them they convinced over 50,000 persons to march to the
Mediterranean, which would part and allow them to enter the Holy Land. FTP identify this 1212
movement of young people that came in between the Fourth and the Fifth Crusades.
            Answer: Children’s Crusade

19.He has been identified as the nameless Old Man who leads the three men to treasure in Chaucer’s
Pardoner’s Tale. He is also the subject of a series of etchings by Gustave Dore. John Galsworthy’s “A
Simple Tale” concerns him, as does O Henry’s , “A Door of Unrest. “ Percy Shelley’s poem about him is
subtitled the “Victim of the Eternal Avenger”, and he is also the subject of Mary Shelley’s The Mortal
Immortal. First described in Roger of Wendover’s Flores Historiarum, he is a shoemaker who did lot let
Christ lean on his house during his carrying of the Cross. FTP, identify this legendary Jew named
Ahasverus who is doomed to walk the earth eternally.
          Answer: The Wandering Jew

20.The dialogue discusses the nature of physics and describes time as the moving image of eternity. The
author argues that just as a physical triangle approximates the ideal form of the triangle, the universe is only
an shifting approximation of the ideal universe. The first part recaps the first five books of the Republic
after Socrates asks to be entertained because of the amusement he provided the night before. It also
describes four kinds of creatures in the universe: heavenly gods, winged things, water and land creatures. It
also characterizes the Demiurge and how this craftsman God created the universe. FTP, identify this
Platonic dialogue featuring Hemocrates, which is often paired with Critias, which discusses the war
between the Athenians and the kingdom of Atlantis.
          Answer: Timaeus


1.FTPE answer these questions about the Talmud:
1.One part of the Talmud is the Mishnah, which was compiled by this man in the 3rd century.
Answer: Judah ha-Nasi or Judah the Prince
2.The Talmud is generally considered to consist of both statements of the laws as well as moralistic stories
about biblical or rabbinical figures. Name the term for either of these.
Answer: Aggadah or Halacha
3.There is one set of Mishna without a corresponding Gemara. It is this set of chapters at the end of
Nezikin. It begins with the lineage from Moses to the Rabbis and describes the sayings of the Rabbis.
Answer: Pirkei Avotb also accept Ethics of Our Fathers

2.Identify the following about a friend of Cecil Rhodes FTPE:
1.Popularly known as “Dr. Jim” this Prime Minister of the Cape Colony is probably best known for his
namesake attempt at overthrowing the Transvaal Republic on Dec. 29, 1895, with 500 mounted men.
Answer: Leander Starr Jameson
2.Part of the problem with Jameson’s unsuccessful raid was that the promised aid of these non-Afrikaner
immigrants in Johannesburg did not materialize.
Answer: Uitlanders
3.This was the site at which Jameson and his men were defeated and he was captured, at which point he
was sent to do 15 months in prison.
Answer: Krugersdorp

3.FTPE identify the following about an English writer who Adam and Subash positively jizz over:
1.This Georgian poet is the author of collections like Whipperginny, and Over the Brazier, and also novels
like My Head My Head! Being the History of Elisha, and They Hanged My Saintly Billy.
Answer: Robert Graves
2.Name the autobiography of Robert Graves where he discusses his horrific childhood and his even more
horrific time in World War I.
Answer: Goodbye to All That
3.This controversial 1947 study by Graves emphasized the feminine role in religion and also argued that the
poet gets inspiration from the primitive moon deity.
Answer: The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth

4.Answer the following about polarizing light FTPE:
(10) This law states that the maximum polarization of a light ray incident on a transparent medium occurs
when the refracted ray and reflected ray make an angle of 90 degrees.
Answer: Brewster’s law
(10) This is the term for a material in which two opposite polarizations occur at different speeds. A thin
slab of this material can be used to change the polarization of light.
Answer: dichroic material
(10) Two pieces of dichroic materials with different axis directions can be used to create one of these
devices, which are used in the field of quantum cryptography to encode messages as patterns of light.
Answer: Wollaston prism

5.FTPE identify these collections of poetry by Pablo Neruda:
1.This collection of early poems contains “The Light Wraps You” and “Body of A Woman”, but its most
famous poem begins “The memory of you emerges from the night around me.”
Answer: 20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair
2.This 1933 work, a three-volume cycle of poems is generally considered to be a work of magical realism.
Containing poems like “Ritual of My Legs”, the collection marks his response to political upheaval as a
consul in Asia.
Answer: Residence on Earth
3.While in exile, Neruda published this 1950 collection of 340 poems. Describing Latin American history
from a Marxist point of view, the most famous poem in this collection is “The Heights of Macchu Picchu”
Answer: Canto General

6.Answer the following about some similar named decrees FTPE:
1.Probably the most famous example of this law was invoked in 1713 by the Holy Roman emperor Charles
VI; it allowed the Habsburg lands to descend as an integral whole without partition.
Answer: Pragmatic Sanction
2.This Spanish King invoked the Pragmatic Sanction in 1830 to insure that his daughter Isabella II would
inherit the crown after his death.
Answer: Ferdinand VII
3.In 1483 Charles VII of France issued the Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges approving the Council of
Basel’s Sacrosancta decreebut restricting the power of the pope. It was ultimately superseded by this 1516
agreement between Francis I and Pope Leo X.
Answer: Concordat of Bologna

7.Answer the following about ethers, FTSNOP:
(5) Ethers are characterized by an oxygen atom linked to two atoms of this element.
Answer: carbon
(10) This most common method of producing ethers involves the reaction of a metal with an alcohol, which
produces an alkoxide ion and hydrogen gas. The alkoxide is then reacted with an alkyl halide to form the
Answer: Williamson ether synthesis
 (15) This is the term for a cyclic ether in which oxygen is in a three-member ring called an oxirane. They
are much more reactive then regular ethers due to ring strain.
Answer: epoxides

8.Identify the following contemporary women authors from works FTPE:
1.Zombie; Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang; The Garden of Earthly Delights; and By the North Gate
Answer: Joyce Carol Oates
2.a biography of Arnold Bennet; The Garrick Year; The Waterfall; A Summer Bird Cage; and The Seven
Answer: Margaret Drabble
3.The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye; The Biographer’s Tale; Angels and Insects; The Matisse Stories; and
Answer: Antonia Susan Byatt

9.FSTNOP, identify the following about a sociologist:
5 - The student of Henri Saint Simon, he is most famous for his Course in Positive Philosophy.
Answer: Auguste Comte
5 – Comte posited this theory of historical development, going from theological to metaphysical and finally
to positive.
Answer: law of three stages
10 – Following his death, there was a schism among the positivists, and this man, the literary executor of
Comte, was the leader of the orthodoxy.
Answer: Pierre Laffitte
10 – The doctrines of positivism have much in common with this doctrine about the non existence of
universals outside the mind. One proponent of it was William of Ockham.
Answer: nominalism

10.Answer the following concerning a man who influenced the tides with his cock FTPE:
1.He teamed with the men of Lindsey but eventually betrayed them at Easter. Aided by Wulfstan, his
victory at Ashingdon or Assandun guaranteed him a foothold in England and after the death of Edmund II
Ironside in 1016 he became King.
Answer: Canute the first or the great
2.After being converted to Christianity by Poppo in 960 this son of Gorm the Old and father of Sveyn
Forkbeard unified all of Denmark after erecting the jelling stone. He was Canute’s grandfather.
Answer: Harald Bluetooth
3.After Ethelred massacred the Danes on St. Brice’s Day in 1002 this famous Viking, whom Canute would
later make the chief of East Anglia, declared vengeance on the English and really meant it.
Answer: Thorkell the Tall or just Thorkell

11.Answer the following about paradoxes in mathematics, FTPE:
(10) Ending Frege’s attempt at creating a consistent set of mathematical axioms, it is realized by
considering the set of all sets which are not members of themselves. A set of this type would then be a
member of itself if and only if it is not a member of itself.
Answer: Russell’s Paradox
(10) The so-called paradox involving the title building allows an infinite number of people to move into an
infinite number of already occupied rooms without removing anyone from a room.
Answer: Hilbert hotel paradox (prompt on Hilbert)
(10) This topological paradox shows that a sphere can be cut into five pieces and reassembled to form two
spheres of the same size and shape as the original sphere.
Answer: Banach-Tarski paradox

12.FTPE identify these Italian authors of the 19th century:
1.This grandson of Beccaria and proponent of Italian unification is the author of the poem The
Proclamation of Rimini, but he is more famous for novels like The Count of Carmagnola and The
Answer: Alessandro Manzoni
2.This Romantic poet wrote about a failed love affair in To His Lady. Among his other poetic works are
The Calm After the Storm, and The Broom, or Flower of the Wasteland.
Answer: Giacomo Leopardi
3.This poet wrote the epistolary novel The Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis and his most famous work is the
patriotic blank verse Of the Sepulchers.
Answer: Ugo Foscolo

13.Identify these demons from world myth FTPE:
1.Able to assume animal shapes this Arab demon of the desert robs graves and feeds on the flesh of the
dead or on young children.
Answer: ghoul or ghul
2.These evil spirits, usually appearing in the shape of a dog or bird, are the eternal enemies of Vishnu and
their most famous member is Ravana.
Answer: raksha or rakshasa
3.These Japanese creatures look like humans but have three eyes, huge mouths, and sharp nails, they fly
around and seize the souls of the wicked on their deathbed.
Answer: oni
14.Answer the following about a Native American leader FTPE:
1.His decision to defy government orders to vacate tribal villages and fertile fields along the Rock River in
Illinois resulted in a namesake war in 1832.
Answer: Black Hawk or Makataimeshekiakiak
2.Black Hawk rival for command of the Sauk and Fox Indians came from this rival chief who was
cultivated by US officials to support their agenda.
Answer: Keokuk
3.Illinois governor John Reynolds called out the militia and with aid from federal troops and Sioux warriors
this force under General Henry Atkinson destroyed Black Hawk at this site.
Answer: Bad Axe River

15.FTPE answer these questions about David Hume, the author of Scotticisms, a collection of Scottish
1.Hume is best known for this monumental three volume work, Volume 1 was called “Of the
Understanding”, Volume 2 “Of the Passions” and Volume 3 “Of Morals.”
Answer: A Treatise of Human Nature
2.This section of Hume’s An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding is a critique of supernatural
claims and was a major challenge to religion beliefs in the 18 th and 19th century.
Answer: On Miracles
3.This famous argument of Hume is the distinction between relations of ideas and matters of fact. It
contains elements of the more refined distinctions between necessary, contingent, analytic, synthetic, and a
priori and a posteriori.
Answer: Hume’s Fork

16.Identify the following works by Joseph Conrad from descriptions 5-5-10-10:
1.5: Singleton’s prediction about the title figure becomes all too true when during a powerful gale Donkin
tries to incite the crew into a mutiny.
Answer: The Nigger of the Narcissus
2.5: Decoud kills himself after being deposited on a deserted island by the title character who has
absconded to Viola’s house in Sulaco with the silver stolen from Charles Gould.
Answer: Nostromo
3.10: This 1913 novel brought Conrad his first popular success and focused on the story of Flora de Barral,
daughter of a crooked financier, who falls in love with a sailor.
Answer: Chance
4.10: In this story, the first mate Jukes is sent to collect money from the 200 Chinese passengers on the boat
Nan-Shan, meanwhile Captain MacWhirr guides the boat through a violent storm.
Answer: Typhoon

17.Identify these artists of Mexico from clues FTPE:
1.This Spanish-born Mexican artist composed carefully crafted surrealistic scenes suffused with her love of
art, science, and magic which can be seen in works like Creation of the Birds, To the Happiness of Women,
and Useless Science, The Alchemist.
Answer: Remedios Varo
2.In My Birth she paints herself emerging from a gaping vagina, while The Little Deer superimposes her
famous visage on a woodland animal, but this two time wife of Diego Rivera is probably best known for
her other self-portraits with Birds and Monkeys.
Answer: Frida Kahlo
3.Ok, she’s not really Mexican but she died there and her ashes were spread over Mt. Popocatepetl. A
favorite of Madonna’s this Polish art deco painter drew really cool pictures that contrasted powerful bodies
against modern cityscapes in works like Adam and Eve, Portrait of Marjorie Ferry, and Self-Portrait in a
Green Bugatti.
Answer: Tamara De Lempicka

18.Identify the following about an evolutionary concept, FTPE:
(10) This is a unit of culture, such as an idea, story, or custom, passed from one generation to another
through imitation or teaching; it has been called the cultural equivalent of a gene.
Answer: meme
(10) This author coined the term gene in his book The Selfish Gene.
Answer: Richard Dawkins
(10) This quack and author of the book “Test Your Psychic Powers” recently wrote on the subject of
memes in her introductory text, The Meme Machine.
Answer: Susan Blackmore

19.Identify the composers of these waltzes (and possible other works) 5-5-10-10:
1.Tales from the Vienna Woods and From the Blue Danube
Answer: Johann Strauss the Younger
2. Noble and Sentimental Waltzes and, though it’s not a waltz, Rhapsodie Espagnole
Answer: Maurice Ravel
3. Estudiantina and The Skaters
Answer: Emil Waldteufel
4.Valse Triste and, though it’s not a waltz, the string quartet Voces Intimae
Answer: Jean Sibellius

20.Answer the following about British Columbia, FTPE:
(10) This strait with an average width of 14 miles separates the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state
from Vancouver island, stretching from Cape Flattery in the west to Puget Sound in the east.
Answer: Juan de Fuca strait
(10) This other strait separates Vancouver Island from the southwest coast of British Columbia and receives
the Fraser river. It is separated from the Queen Charlotte strait in the north by a group of islands.
Answer: Strait of Georgia
(10) This small strait connects the Juan de Fuca and Georgia straits and separates Vancouver Island from
Saturna island and the San Juan islands of the United States.
Answer: Haro Strait

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