Texas Businesses Celebrate Growth by ClickCorp


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									                                       Texas Businesses Celebrate Growth
                 Thanks to Click4Corp, many local businesses thrive and grow in a tough economy.

Plano, TX – A web development and search engine optimization company has grown local businesses in the Texas
area. Click4Corp has been designing and maintaining company websites for years, and their show clearly in all their
projects. This is reflected by the increase in sales for many local businesses that have used Click4Corp, and these
companies in turn have high praise for the company.
Southwest Professional Auto Glass is one such company. Since enlisting the aid of Click4Corp, SWP Auto Glass has
seen an increase in sales. One of the reasons for this increase is the additional amount of people that are made
aware of their services. A measure of success for a website is how many people visit it per day, or how many hits it
generates. The more hits a website gets, the more people talk about the company. This creates something similar
to a snowball rolling down a mountain. One person sees the website, and tells a friend about it. That friend tells a
couple of other people about it, who in turn, tell a couple more people about it.

Click4Corp actively maintains websites, ensuring that people will continue returning day after day. Without a
constant flow of traffic, or timely updates, websites become outdated and irrelevant. Click4Corp’s goal is not to
create a momentary increase in sales, but to provide long term growth for the companies who invest in them.

A Weekend Mover (a Texas-based moving company) is a perfect example of how Click4Corp works. Since launching
their website, A Weekend Mover has seen an increase in website traffic, which has resulted in an increase in sales.
They attribute this success to the efforts of Click4Corp.

Click4Corp is based out of Plano, Texas. As such, they have done a lot of work for local businesses. Many of these
businesses have had to move or expand to accommodate their increases in sales. Click4Corp’s overall goal is to
help businesses flourish in their market, whether it’s locally or globally.

All Quest Pest Control is another strong example of a growing local business. Before Click4Corp created their
website, their business was steady, but nothing incredible. Since the website launch, All Quest has been constantly
busy. The chances of pest infestations going up dramatically enough to create a much higher demand for pest
control is fairly unlikely. It is easy to see the real reason for the increase in business. More people are aware of All
Quest Pest Control’s services. As such, more people are talking about and recommending them to friends.

So what is search engine optimization and how has it helped these businesses to grow exactly? Put simply, search
engine optimization, or SEO, is the science behind pushing a business to the top of a search page. For example, a
local search for pest control in the Dallas area will include All Quest among the top results. Most people select
their service provider from one of the top names on the search list, so being among these is the optimum place for
a business to find themselves. The bottom line is that expanding business through the Internet is effective and
simple with Click4Corp.

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