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									TGV – Summer time

What is new in France in September ? That’s the question most visitors will have on their lips
during their vacation in Europe. September is equal to summer, which in turn equals to
holidays and without any mystery to farniente. That’s also the month when there are several
events to attend, and the best period to visit several destinations.

Then how to visit most of France and attend the best events in no time without ruining
yourself. The plane ? nah, that would ruin the spirit of holidays with its endless queues,
check ins etc. The obvious answer is the train! And France has one of the world most
advanced high speed trains – The TGV.

So here is how the TGV is going to be a major player in allowing a traveller to visit France.
Starting from Paris, travellers can reach the French Riviera in less than 4 hours by the TGV.
Beautiful and picturesque towns like St Raphael, Cannes, Nice and Antibes are basked in a
bright and sunny atmosphere at this period of the year. The sea will be warm, the nature at
its best and the atmosphere relaxing. The TGV connects all the cities of the French Riviera
and can also to be used to reach Marseille, one of the most popular French cities.

The TGV has changed the way people travel in France. Widely used by the locals and by
foreigners, it is synonymous of comfort, affordability and relaxation. While on board the TGV
to the south of France, travellers can admire the passing landscape and thus get a close look
at the French countryside.

Art lovers who have come by the TGV to Nice in September will be able to assist a free
exhibition on Henri Matisse : Le ciel découpé at the Matisse Museum in Nice (up to the 23rd
of September 2012).

Those who have an interest for sailing vessels can attend the exhibition held at the
Archaeological museum of Nice city and ending on the 30th of September 2012, to
discover ancient sailing crafts from the Phoenician, Greek and Etruscan eras, before taking
the TGV back to Paris.

Great news for travellers! The travel in first class on board the TGV promotion is going to be
on sale from the 11th September to the 25th September. Travel dates are between the 14th
September and the 21st October.

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