Free e-Book offered by Clinical Psychological Services to Assist 2012 Doomsday Religious Addicts by AkashSharma15


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									Free e-Book offered by Clinical Psychological Services to Assist 2012 Doomsday
Religious Addicts
Free e-Book, "Hidden Bible Taboos" is Offered by Clinical Psychological Services, LLC to Assist 2012
Doomsday Religious Addicts and Family Members.

Honolulu, HI, October 09, 2012 -- With the soon approach of December 21, 2012, and recent news
media putting fear into viewers regarding the end of the world, some religious people have already
started doing bizarre things such as building compounds, hording food, and stock piling weapons. In an
effort to assist those that may be developing the maladaptive symptoms and behaviors of religious
addiction, Clinical Psychological Services, LLC is offering a free e-book, “Hidden Bible Taboos Forbidden
by Organized Christianity.”

Dr. James Slobodzien, author of this recently published book stated that, "If you are concerned about a
family member, friend or even a co-worker that seems to be getting too fanatical about their religion
and they appear to be developing some maladaptive symptoms and behaviors, you may want to freely
download this e-book up until December 21, 2012, to become more aware of what some psychologists
are calling “Religious Addiction and Religious Extortion.”

This article anthology systematically integrates - ancient religious mythologies; archeological mysteries;
scientific and historical facts; and End Time prophecies to reveal some hidden TABOOS of the Bible. This
compilation of independent articles indirectly provides a historical overview of the ancient world that
leads up to the time of Jesus and the Early Church, and reveals some taboos related to sex, drugs,
violence and racism. For example, one hidden Bible taboo believed and practiced by the Apostles was
that it was forbidden for any minister of God to accept money for doing God’s work (Acts 8: 17-22).
There were no paid professional Christians in the Early Church for the first 300 years. This all changed in
the fourth century when the Roman Emperor - Constantine appointed 1800 Catholic Bishops and started
paying them a government stipend to work for the Roman Church. Are you a victim of religious
extortion? This timely e-book points towards a theme question to consider: Was the "Organized Religion
of Christianity" a planned evil conspiracy to destroy the Early "Christian Home" Church, and establish in
its place a pseudo (fake) powerless dead religion?

This anthology of spiritual and religious articles, will help you to understand how evil entered our world;
how man created religions, and how the Early Christian community developed "The Way" to follow God
apart from organized religions. This book makes the case that authentic Christianity is not a religion that
is practiced on Sundays, but it is a lifestyle that can be chosen to live on a daily basis within our very own
family home churches. It reviews how Jesus taught "The Way" to live to the Apostles, and their lives
reflected "The Way" of God that is revealed in our New Testament Bible.

Dr. Slobodzien is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, and his
credentials include a Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology. In addition, he holds a Doctorate of
Ministry degree, and has over 25 years of public service and mental health experience primarily working
in the fields of alcohol, substance abuse and "Poly-behavioral" addictions in hospital, court and
correctional settings. For a limited time (Monday, October 7, 2012 through Friday, December 21, 2012)
an electronic book version of “Hidden Bible Taboos Forbidden By Organized Christianity,” will be
available to the public as a free download at Smashwords at:

For more information contact:

James Slobodzien

Clinical Pychological Services

(808) 255-4831

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